Miss Jacks.. PART 3

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Miss Jacks.. PART 3
Miss Jacks Part 3

.It had only been a month since my encounter at Harrogate ,where I had been taken to a rural farmhouse and had been wanked and sucked off by two women .
Namely Miss Jacks and a doctor Margaret. A plain clothes police woman had watched, sitting in a chair legs crossed with her skirt up high exposing her suspenders and stocking tops.

I just could not get the experience out of my mind, the smell of the women and their perfume. Try as I did I could not shake it off. I was jacking off frequently every day.

In the end I hatched a plan i had saved a lot of money. So told my aunt that I was going on a working holiday. was not sure when I would return.
My aunt did not even ask where it was obvious that she was pleased as she now saw me as a liability.

So next morning I headed for Harrogate and booked into a cheap bed and breakfast place for a week.

Next morning was a Wednesday I knew that Miss Jacks on that day would go and have her hair done and do her shopping. So strolled past her just before she went in to the hair dressers salon. I made sure she saw me as we passed and to be sure said good morning.

She looked at me I and could see she recognized me instantly, but she pretended not to know me, that was fine by me and what I expected.
Having established that she had seen me, and where she was.

I now headed for the Majestic Hotel. I knew the place like the back of my hand so going through the back gardens into the rear entry for staff. I had no problem getting a pass key from the chamber maids keyboard.

Then up to the top floor via rear staff and service lift. Along the corridor nor far from the life, there was her room just like before. A little brass plate at the side saying Miss Jacks Head Receptionist.
Now out of my back pack I took out the prepared package. This contained filthy pictures and pornography, also a personal letter say how.
I had enjoyed looking at her legs and again having been into her lingerie draw had enjoyed smelling her stockings /underwear.
I continued to say their attempt to correct me sexually was a joke and had failed dismally, as I was a male oversexed nympho maniac.
I wrote a lot more and finished with it wasn’t a bad try as I did not think about sex for at least two days, but still a joke as I had the last laugh at their expense and was not sorry.
I signed this letter even giving the address of my bed and breakfast house..

I then let myself out of the room herd the lift coming up so quickly took the back stairs down.
I replace the pass key, and was soon out and on the street.

Next I headed for Doctor Margaret’s practice. I booked in with the receptionist then sat in the waiting room. I did not have long to wait, of course she recognized me straight away.

Saying what are you doing here. I thought you had been punished and were long gone we have never had anyone come back.
Well that’s just it you see Doctor as you all failed. You especially the correction was dismal to say the least you failed to analyze me properly and totally underestimated my sexual stamina and endurance.

I was able to hold back a little all the time. Sure I was made to cum off a lot much more than the average male but for me a mere drop in the ocean.

Really she answered it would seem that I did underestimate you. I then handed her a package that I had prepared for her similar to the one left in Miss Jacks room. This package contained filthy/obscene pictures.
In the letter I said that I had liked looking at her legs and tight green skirt especially when getting wanked by her, but that I had been in control all the time.

I went on to say the whole thing was a joke, and had just dropped by to let them know I had the last laugh on them all.
As I had been talking she had been slowly going though he contents of the package, She did not show as much reaction as what I had expected.

She then looked straight at me, saying you stupid boy you don’t realize what sort of people you are playing with. Its not a game to me its not a game.

You said you again broke into Miss Jacks room at the hotel and left a similar package to this.
Do you have any idea what will happen to you now.

You need to walk away now I am warning you as you are young impulsive and rather naive as to the powers you are playing with.

I will try and reverse this situation as……… Just then her phone rang. It was Miss Jacks I heard Doctor Margaret say yes he is here with me now.

After some time Doctor Margaret put the phone down. Directly looking at me she said well you naughty boy you have done it this time, no turning back now.

Needles to say police detective Jan Holm has been advised. Now I want you back here tomorrow after my patents have gone at 6pm.
This time I will give you a thorough examination, you can be sure of that non of us will make the same mistake twice.

Being young and stupid I was elated I still wore my grammar school blazer school tie and long grey trousers and I looked a lot younger than my eighteen years.

Next day I was at Doctor Margaret’s practice on the dot at 6 pm. She let me in and it was obvious that her receptionist was now gone.

Go through and strip completely she said without wasting any time. I did so and as be fore she weighed me checked respiration ect blood pressure on and on seemingly different tests.
Finally she took out a note pad and switched on a recorder.

Now questions she said how often do you masturbate the truth this time.?
Usually at least six times a day sometimes more eight or ten.

Do you masturbate at night also when in bed.?

Yes a lot I said usually five or more time till I fall asleep..

Early morning she continued?.

Yes I said especially then probably nine or ten times before I get up.

Now how much do you discharge .each time would you say equivalent to filling an egg cup tea spoon.?

Nearer to filling an egg cup I answered.

Is this discharge constant at each orgasm or does it thin after a few orgasms.?

No its constant I said always a lot thick and creamy. In fact the stains on my underwear and sheets used to annoy my aunt.

So your aunt would have no hesitation in singing a document authorizing further sexual modification. ?

No if fact she would be very pleased to do so I answered.

During your masturbation is it hard all the time.?

Yes I said sometimes it gets harder after a few times almost painful.

How long can you hold back for if you try even under intense manipulation.?

Usually I can up to 50 minutes or more but its harder to hold back with women showing their stocking tops legs in black nylons.

Are you referring to your last correction administered by us. Did we make you spurt quicker and more than usual. ?

Most definitely I answered.

Apart from masturbating what experiences have you had
.For example ever had you cock deep in a women’s or girls cunt.?

No apart from being sucked and my bottom fucked when last corrected by you and Miss Jacks, none. Although I did once use a tube that I took from a washing machine.
It had a suction end that went over end of tap. I attached this to my cock with thin rope, it was hidden under my shirt.

Then I would watch collage and office girls and such on the other end of tube .I found this a bit awkward , so reverted to making a hole in my trouser pockets, so as play with my self and watch more discretely.

What excites other than that.?

Every thing really especially short tight skirts black stockings high heels legs. Breasts a little but it’s the legs I like.

What about makeup perfume.

Yes I like both I said.

Did you realize that you would make the perfect school girl ?, the doctor now said.

Someone once said that, but I can not remember who or where.

Do you think you would like to be one dress in all those nice cloths. You are much too pretty to be a boy even your hair long thick shining blond hair .Grown a little longer could be plaited.
Your feminine side is very strong.?

Actually I did once cross dress and found it excited me, but never followed through as I did not want my aunt to know I had been dressing in her cloths.

Alright now I want your balls on this scale good now I will take measurements of them.
Yes very ripe nice and plump the cock also very suitable quite thick and a good 10″ most suitable.
Now sign these papers she said that’s it at the bottom.

What are they all for I asked after signing and initialing six papers.

Forms of consent that you agree and understand all that has been said that you agree to correction you are to get and that all you have said is true.

That’s cool I said flippantly .

Ok said the doctor I now have enough thank you for at least being honest this time.

.Despite your superior staying power stamina multiple and repetitive orgasm ability. Unfortunately you are out of your depth in well over you head.

.Did it not occur to you that there are women that make your abilities pale in comparison .

I can tell you now one such woman has been called on. She is going to break you ,slowly.
You will get to see her soon enough. She is looking forward to it and hopes you last a long time.
She is a well known horse breeder has her own stables .Rides in all the events. A beautiful lady tall and has a hard firm body from daily gym work.

She is know to have and use fucking machines as no man can satisfy her. She is also a sadist. In riding circles she is known as lady Samantha.

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