Mrs. Lucyna Contd. history.

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Mrs. Lucyna Contd. history.
I woke up early in the morning, happy. Quickly ran into the room Mrs. Lucyna to it in accordance
with her desire to awaken. She was lying on a bed, covered with a blanket gently, but not enveloped her beautiful breasts. I leaned over her and began to gently stroke her legs mouth going straight to her nice and warm and fragrant Pussy. When I arrived there already started drilling in dziurce language, and the same went hands on her gorgeous breasts. She always pretended to be asleep, gave me in this way to understand that I have to do better than that. Our bodies understand each other without words. I began to stroke her body my cock wandering straight into her mouth. When I got there she opened her mouth slightly so that I could get inside, enough to fill a few moves her mouth with my milk. At the moment she opened her eyes she swallowed the contents of the mouth, smiled and hugged me to her.
When we woke up I remembered that according to what was said before leaving parents today have come to us my cousin Anne. It was not good news. Asked Mrs. Lucina of the Anne arrives, and she said to me that it was only to be called until tomorrow because that is the school have any question or something like that. The message was great. I immediately felt that the world is beautiful.
After breakfast, Mrs. Lucy asked whether we are still in school lessons because she wanted me to go with her shopping, and then to her friend’s birthday and I wanted to drop by for a cup of coffee with the wishes.
I answered truthfully that all assessments are already issued and not have to go to school, nothing will happen. She was happy, a little overwhelmed at home, and at that time I checked on the net post.
After about an hour she said we were going to the store.
We went to the mall, Mrs. Lucyna done shopping, also bought flowers and a bottle of wine for you Kate.
Then we went to Mrs. Kate. It was a very pretty woman about 38y.o., with beautiful breasts and shapely legs. As it turned out she was lonely. She offered something to drink, Mrs. Lucy with Ms. Kate began to talk, and I was sitting on the other side staring at the two women and admiring their breasts.
After a while, Mrs. Barry smiled and said she was probably bored, so I went to her office and pogral itself on compiling.
Just as she did so. I fired up my favorite little game. After some time the Lord grew louder, the room next door could hear laughter and loud comments. When I went there I found out that Ms. Lucy and Kasia upily perhaps a little wine. They began to laugh at stupid everything and everyone. Miss Lucy called me and asked if I like you Kate. I was terribly embarrassed that question, but I said that, yes, and Mrs. Lucy said that Kasia can not please me because I did not have a shaved pussy.
Hearing these words, I was shocked. I did not know what to do or what to say. I smiled only. Mrs. Barry asked if it was true that I like a woman with bare pussy. I said yes. So it is: Lucynka said that you can shave cipeczke nice and should be dealt with later, what do you say? I felt that for the moment my cockerel snatch pants excite me. How do you want it you can demonstrate it. At this time, Mrs. Lucy said she was sure I do that Mrs. Kate and she’s happy He looked and began to caress his finger pussy and the other hand cycuszka.
Kasia brought the razor and shaving cream bowl with hot water and said, let’s see what you can do. When she had said immediately rushed to her slit, I could not believe that for a second woman let me take care of her pussy.
Gently I began to massage her pussy, I covered it with cream and started to shave. Then he washed away entire pussy with water and gently began to lick her. Liked the two ladies because for moments Mrs. Lucy came to me and took up my cock sticking out. I kissed both Lord, until at some point they started to caress each other. I was very surprised when I saw it. And they began to laugh at me, saying that they are so in love forever. Then Mrs. Barry grabbed my ass and said that I had put his cock into her slit. I dreamed about it. So far as Mrs. Lucy would not let me do that and suddenly have the opportunity to fly Ms. Kate. I looked at Mrs. Lucyna, but she only smiled so eagerly sat down to nudge Ms. Kate. Well it was a pleasure, after a while, I heard a familiar voice, not enough small zboczku, now lucy fuck. As soon as I jumped in Ms. lucy, but when I came out to explode, she grabbed my cock in his hand and walked across his chest. Gushed like never before dousing her entire breast. Kasia immediately began to lick her tits. Dupeczka thrusting out when I saw it as soon as my cock was ready for action again, jumped from behind the Lady Kate. The only moaned and started shooting with my ass, still licking Mrs. Lucina.
Moments later lowered her onto her back, and she just said, rubbing his hand, well, well. I really can massage and shave.
Due to the fact that the two ladies were the alcohol, and I do not have a driving license and decided to stay the night. Cdn.

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