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My biggest regret.

My name Clair Andrews I’m 42 years of age and have a son of 16 years Kevin,
I have been married for over 20 years to Tom but we are currently separated due to my husband having an affair with one of our friend’s wife,
My son still see’s his father every week so we do talk when he come’s,

I think he would like us to get back together as he tells me the affair is now over,
I still cannot forgive him for what he has done but we are working on it,
My son would love us to get back together and be a family again.

Before the affair our lives were great and sex with my husband was amazing he always attended to my needs my son was born out of love so you can understand why I was hurt,
It all started when we use to get together as a group of friends every weekend
We would all meet up and go out for a drink and a meal together,

I did not suspect what my husband was getting up too with one of our friends I always thought he never wanted anyone other than me I always looked after myself dressed smart and at 42 was always told I looked a lot younger,

“So why did he cheat on me, only he knows why,

We have been separated for 2 months and I still love my husband but I’m finding it hard to forgive him,
I keep myself busy with my job and my son so have no time to find anyone or even want too,
Although I do miss the sex and the company of a Tom.

I work at my son’s school as an assistant for the head my best friend Pam
We have worked together for over 15years and share everything together,
It was Pam who suggested we have a girly night out to cheer ourselves up
Pam said she wanted try a new bar and restaurant in town so I agreed to go Kevin was staying at his dads for the weekend,

I decided that I would treat myself to a new dress and a nice pair of shoes
Why not go the whole way and purchase some sexy underwear as well so I went shopping,
Kevin’s dad came and picked him up and we spoke for a while he told me how much he missed me and so wanted to get back together,
I told him I wasn’t ready but to have a nice time with Kevin,

I decided to take a shower we were meeting at eight I wanted to try on my new purchases before going out I wanted to make sure I hadn’t gone over the top getting dressed up and looking like a desperate woman,

How wrong was I looking in the mirror I have to say I did look and feel like a very sexy woman and my heel shoes looked amazing I felt so good about myself,

I got a taxi into town as I arrived I looked for Pam who had already booked a table on making my way over to the table I noticed I was being watched as I passed the bar there was this young man staring at me I couldn’t help thinking that it had been a long time since I had attracted male attention and one so young
I did feel good about this it made me feel that I could still turn heads even at 42,

As I took my seat with Pam I couldn’t help noticing that this young man kept looking and smiling at me I did smile back to him,
I was curious as to why he kept looking at me perhaps he like the more mature woman,
As the night was coming to an end having had a real nice time,
I told Pam that I was going up to the bar to pay the bill and would see her at work on Monday her husband Pete was picking her up,

As I got to the bar to pay the young man who had been eying me up all night had disappeared I was a little disappointed then all of a sudden as I turned to go he was stood in front of me,

Hi looking for me I’m Ryan and you are

“Err as he made me jump not expecting him to be there I stuttered my name is Clair

Well Clair I think you are a very attractive woman and can I buy you a drink before you go,

“No I’m a fine thanks

The night is still young just one drink with me before you go,

Ok I thought why not what harm could it do he was so good looking,

“Just one then I must go,

White wine please and we sat down at the bar he started to say he was sorry for starring all night at me which I found rather charming he then told me that he found me so attractive and asked me if I was single,

“No I’m married and have a son of 16,

Again he piled the charm on by saying that I look far too young to have a son that age,
Boy was this guy making me feel like a woman again with his charm,

As it was getting late I told him I must go home and at that he moved towards me moving my hair to the side and gently placed a kiss upon my neck,

I couldn’t move I was powerless to stop him and I don’t know why he then placed his hand on my leg and slowly moved it up my dress at this point I regained my control move his hand away and told him I had to leave as it was wrong,

Just as I was about to get up he whispered in my ear (Clair are you wet)?
I couldn’t answer him I was shocked no one had ever said anything like that to me before he pushed a piece of paper into my hand and said ring me I want to see you again,

As I made my exit I had butterflies in my stomach I was excited by what had just happened,
On the way home in the taxi I looked at the piece of paper still in my hand and felt a little guilty that I had allowed another man to kiss and put his hand on my leg and one so young my body was shaking with excitement,

As I got into bed I couldn’t help thinking what if I hadn’t stopped him when I did where would it have gone I closed my eyes I imagined him putting his hand between my legs and touching me as I pushed my fingers into my self that night I had the most fantastic orgasm thinking about what would have happened if I had decided to let this young man carry on,

The next morning I felt so guilty and threw the paper away, Later in the day I couldn’t help thinking about the piece of paper so I retrived it and thought as my husband cheated on me perhaps I would feel better if I did it to him,

What an earth was I thinking how could I do something like this to Tom,
Then I thought its only a drink what harm could it do so I decided to ring him
As the phone started to ring I bottled it and put it down,
Then my phone rang as I picked it up it was Ryan I glad you called me I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night,

Ryan I will go out for a drink with you but that is all agree?

What ever you say Clair shall we say eight at the same bar tonight,

“Ok see you then.

Oh my god what have I just done what was I thinking I know he’s going to want more than just a drink I will need to control the situation,

As the time was getting near I showered and put on my sexy underwear and a black pencil skirt with a white blouse and of course heels which made my legs look long and sexy boy did I look good and felt good I put on my coat and took a taxi into town to the bar,

As I entered I could see Ryan sitting at the bar I walked over to him and he kissed me on the cheek and said let’s sit over there in the corner shall we,
As I removed my coat he said Wow Clair you look amazing and so sexy, this made me feel good he knew just what to say to make you feel special,
As we talked through the evening he had moved a little closer to me and had his arm around my shoulder,

Then completely out off the blue he kissed me on the lips I froze and couldn’t move I then reacted by kissing him back and he moved his hand onto my leg again and gently moved it upwards towards my now wet panties I was powerless to stop him as I felt his fingers probing me Oh my god it feel so good he was trying to move my panties to one side so he could push his fingers inside I was now so wet I didn’t want him not to stop
I had lost total control as I tried to push his hand away,

Then he stopped and said I want you to take your panties off and give them to me,
I did as he asked and removed my panties he pushed them to his face then put them into his pocket stood up took my hand and lead me outside,
We made our way up the ally behind the bar he then pushed me up against the wall,
He dropped to his knees and run his hands up my thighs pushing my skirt up at the same time,
He then buried his face between my legs and started to probe me with his tong he was making me so wet I begged him to stop but it just made him do it more,
The feeling was just amazing I was so wet,
I so wanted him to make me cum I had lost all my inhabitations,

He then stood up turned me around making me face the wall I herd him unzip his pants he then push his hard cock straight into me and started to fuck me
I started to scream for him to do it harder fuck me harder I screamed Oh’ shit Oh’ shit “Oh shit “Holy fuck I was about to cum Oh’ shit I’m Cumming don’t stop now I was completely at his mercy,

I didn’t want him to stop it felt so good being fucked by him I hadn’t had sex for over two months he continued to fuck me until I couldn’t stop my self having an massive orgasm again I screamed Oh’ my god I cumin again as I felt him explode inside me we were both shattered after the intense sex we had just had,

I composed myself as we quickly left the ally and went back inside the bar,
I could not believe what I had just done cheating on Tom it felt so good to have sex in the ally way,

Ryan told me that he want me to go with him to his place I thought why not I would have done anything to have sex again whatever he wanted to do to me
I didn’t care this young man was a stud and I was going to enjoy every minute of it what ever the outcome,

As we got into the taxi he started to kiss me while putting his hand between my legs I opened them so he could feel my wetness I’m sure the taxi driver had a good view of what we were doing but I didn’t care it made it more exciting knowing your being watched,

As we arrived we took the lift and as the doors shut he started to undo the buttons on my blouse and squeezed my breasts while kissing my neck,
As we got in his flat he pulled me over to the window and started to take my clothes off,

I was now standing completely naked for all to see he quickly removed his clothes and pushed me up against the glass and entered me and started to fuck me “Oh my god I felt as if the whole world could see my naked body being fucked the excitement was making me so wet it wasn’t long before I was cum,

I can’t remember how many times he made me cum that night but we ended up in the bedroom and he was still fucked me in the morning before I got dressed and left to go home,

“What a stud,

As I got home I felt so guilty about what I had done with Ryan, but it was a night of pure sex and pleasure my biggest regret was I hadn’t done it sooner I now know why Tom had strayed it was all about the excitement and sex,
Perhaps we can get back together and try something different so both of us don’t stray again,

I never made contact with Ryan again after that night even though he did try to ring me a couple of times I think he got the message when I never answered
As for Tom lets say we are trying to rebuild our life together as for the future we will have to wait and see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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