My Sister’s Visit Part 4

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My Sister’s Visit Part 4
I had known Mike for some years, we were good friends and wank buddies. He was a few years younger than me and was more than happy to help Val and the twins for a few days.
I had given Val the heads up on the drive over and she assured me that she would be ok until she could find more permanent accommodation and I did reiterate that my door was always open.
We arrived at Mikes house and the girls looked good in their free-flowing summer dresses, I dread to think what they had on underneath!, me and Ryan were just in shorts and tee shirts as it was another very warm day.
Mike had told us to go around the back as he may not hear the door if he was in the garden so that is what we did and sure enough Mike was out soaking up the sun, my first reaction was ‘FFS Mike’ as he laid there on a sun lounger in just a pair of skimpy shorts but then when I heard the girls both mumble an ‘Mmm’ under there breath my attitude changed and I have to say that Mike does have a good body.
“Hello Mate” I said as we all came into view, Mike jumped up off the lounger apologising for his lack of clothes, Val smiled at him and in a pleasant voice and looking down at his groin told him not to worry.
We all pulled up a chair and Mike went and got some beers, it was good that Nancy sat opposite me and she had no issue distracting me with the way she was sitting, she knows my weakness and took great pleasure in teasing me with views up her dress while keeping a close eye on how it was affecting me down below.
We all sat and chatted and then Mike suggested that he shows us around, obviously I had seen the inside of his house but the others hadn’t so we went inside, lounge through to the kitchen and the downstairs loo and then me and Mike stood at the foot of the stairs while the other three went up, we looked at each other and then watched closely at the nice view in front of us. Nancy had pink panties on and Val had a black thong and the way they both wiggled told me they knew we were looking.
He showed the spare room with a double bed and then the main room with a king size bed saying that we would work out the sleeping arrangements later should they decide to stay.
Ryan and Nancy seemed happy and it was obvious that Mike and Val were hitting it off, she always did like younger men so maybe, just maybe!!
Everybody seemed to get on fine and Val decided to give it a go and see how they get along living together and I was instructed to take Ryan and Nancy back to collect their things while Val stayed with Mike to discuss the finer details, ‘to get fucked’ more likely but good on them and I was happy to help.
“Take your time Mate” Mike said to me with a wink so I knew exactly what was going to happen and with Nancy acting like she is on heat it might happen to me too.
The drive it only 10 minutes but I told the twins that we would give them a couple of hours and they were happy with that, in fact they even asked, no begged me to allow them both to visit and of course I told them it would be great to see them at any time.
I decided to take a quick shower while the twins sorted out their stuff and when I returned to my bedroom totally naked Nancy was laying on my bed on her back with her head hanging at the foot, she had her eyes closed like she was meditating or something, she heard me walk in and smiled at me as I approached the bed.
My bed is quite low and she looked so sexy laying there in her short summer dress that I knelt down at the foot of my bed and started to slap my cock against her face, “Mmm” she said softly and as she reached up to hold my cock her dress rose up showing off her tight pink panties. As her soft hands enveloped my cock she guided it into her mouth and started to suck the soft head and it wasn’t long before the blood rushed south and my cock hardened.
Her head was at the right angle for me to push in and slide down her tight throat, she gagged slightly as my balls banged against her face and I lent down and managed to get her buttons undone and open up her dress, what a lovely sight as she lay on the bed, her little titties exposed and her nipples erect as she sucked on my throbbing cock.
I reached forward and putting my hands under her arse I pulled her up so that I could get my face between her legs, her body quivered as my tongue made contact with her clit through the fabric of her panties, this was a great 69 position and her moans got louder as her panties got wetter and it was only when I felt a tongue searching for my arsehole that I realised that Ryan had entered the room and had got behind me and started playing with my arse.
The feeling of his hot tongue up my arse and my cock buried deep in Nancy’s warm mouth was electric and when Ryan positioned himself up close I felt his stiff cock running up and down my wet crack.
Ryan found the spot and as he pushed himself into me my cock was forced further down his sisters throat and she gagged with the surprise but soon regained her composure as her brother started to fuck my arse which was in itself such a wonderful feeling being the meat in a sandwich.
With my balls banging Nancy’s face and Ryan’s balls banging against my arse it wasn’t long before I felt my cock start to pulsate and with my face pressed tight between Nancy’s legs I emptied my seed straight down her throat and my moans were loud which seemed to spur Ryan on as I felt his hot cum fill me from behind, ”Wow!” I shouted as Ryan pulled out of me with his cum dripping down my leg and Nancy reached back pulling me on top of her face and I felt her tongue bury itself deep into my dripping arse as she lapped up her brothers cum, my face still buried in her wet panty clad pussy.
Ryan looked on amazed at his sister’s tongue lapped up the cum seeping out of my arse, “Wow!” he said as I started to ride his sister’s face letting her feed on his excess boy juice.
Nancy did a great job of cleaning up even putting Ryan’s cock in her mouth and sucking up the remainder, she certainly had a liking for cum which I found interesting at such a young age.
Time was cracking on and we got ourselves together to make the short journey back to Mikes house where we found Mike and Val enjoying the sunshine.
Mike was still in his little shorts and Val was sitting in her bra and panties as they sipped a few cans of beer, it was obvious that they were hitting it off as Mike still had a semi and I could see the wet patch on his shorts and Val certainly looked happy.
“Hi Guys” Val said as we approached and told the twins to run the bags up to the spare room and they disappeared into the house.
I sat down admiring the beaming smile on Val’s face as Mike ran inside to check the twins were ok and had a quick chat with my sister to make sure she was happy with the arrangements and judging by the look on her face and the wetness of her panties I think she was in heaven, I was happy for her as it would give her a change of scenery while she got her head sorted out.
Mike returned saying that he had set up the TV in the twins room and they were happy and guessing by the semi hard on hidden in his shorts I think he was pretty happy too, he smiled as he took his seat.
“So how long have you two known each other?” Val asked inquisitively which made me have to think about it as it had been quite a while, “Um, about 10 years or so” I answered rather sheepishly hoping that Mike would back me up which he did,
“How did you meet?” she asked and now I had to be careful what I said so I looked across at Mike for approval to tell my sister the truth, he nodded, “Go ahead Frank, tell the story” he said with a grin.
I proceeded to tell my sister that we met in a public toilet in town, “OMG!, Really?” she asked with wide grin on her face, “Oh do tell what happened” she said looking interested, Mike just laughed.
I told her that I stood at the urinals having a pee when Mike came in and stood next to me, we were both doing our business and I happened to look down at Mikes holding his cock and have to say that it was a nice cock. He noticed me looking and then he looked down at my cock and I was pulling the skin right back shaking the drips off and realizing that he was looking my cock started to get hard and as I stared at his cock with his fingers pulling the skin right back the same thing was happening to him and before long we were both standing at the urinal with huge erections.
“Wow!” said Val, “What happened next”..
He turned towards me and reached out and took hold of my cock and slowly started to wank me and I did the same to him, it just seemed natural and it was nice holding his cock and we just stood there wanking each other off, when we had both cum we left the toilets and exchanged numbers, we have been mates ever since.
Val looked intrigued and far from shocked, “So do you still wank each other now?” she asked grinning like a Cheshire cat, Mike looked across at me smiling, “That and more” he said laughing.
“Awesome” Val said amazed, “two guys sucking cock is so hot” she said licking her lips in a very seductive way which was having an effect under my shorts and I looked across at Mike and he had seen it, “Stand up Frank” he said and Val’s eyes widened as I stood up and my bulge had become apparent.
Mike lent forward and grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them to the ground allowing my stiffening cock to spring out and with his hands around the bare cheeks of my arse he pulled me closer to him and started to lick the tip of my cock before putting the swelling head into his mouth.
Val pulled her chair up to get a closer view as my cock got solid and disappeared into Mikes mouth, Val reached out and grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them as Mike got to work on my cock, running his tongue up and down the shaft before taking it back in his mouth sucking hard and when Val reached around with her other hand I felt her fingers probing for my arsehole, ‘OMG!’ I thought as I felt her fingers penetrate me and if I wasn’t close before I was certainly close now and with Val looking on I felt my hot seed shoot into Mikes mouth, “OMG!, YESS!” I shouted as he frantically tried to swallow and as Val squeezed every last drop out of my balls Mike sucked every last drop out of my cock.

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