My Wife My Mommie part-3

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My Wife My Mommie part-3
“Doctor I have just a few questions before we leave,” Ann
said. “How does he feel at the moment? Will he ever be able to be
function as ‘normal’ male again? If I were to say “Tom’s Home”,
what will happen?”

Without knowing it Ann had said the magic words “Tom’s Home”
Immediately Tami became aware of his state of dress and tried to
cover himself up. He looked down and saw that he was not only wet,
but was dressed in only Pink rubber panties and WET diapers. He
also saw the pink pacifier in his wife’s hand.
“Please Ann, can I take off these rubber panties and wet
diapers, ….PLEASE????? I can’t go out like this!!! Please?????”
Tami stated in a very docile manner.

Both women smiled at each other when Dr. More said, “I think
you answered part of your own question Mrs. Meyer.”

“Tami Likes Being A Baby” Ann said.

Immediately Tami didn’t bother to cover himself and lowered
his head for Ann to put the pink ribbon with the pacifier around
his neck. She place the pacifier in Tami’s mouth and he fervently
started to suck on it.

“Tami, why don’t you go into the waiting room and play with
some of the toys while I talk with your Mommie. There are cute
little girl dollies for you to play with,” Dr. More said smiling.

Tami looked at his Mommie and was given a node of approval,
and without reservation, waddled down the hall in his pink rubber
panties and wet diapers sucking on his pacifier.

Ann looked at Dr. More and said “What happens if someone comes
into your waiting room?”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Meyer, the door is locked and the only one
in the waiting room at the moment is Robin and his Mother. He too
is a big baby, but his mother usually gives him the command, Robin
is a Baby, when she brings him here for his check up. He actually
thinks he is a two year old baby girl. Lets go watch…..”

Ann and Dr. More went to the window at the reception desk to
observe. Even though there were many dollies to play with, the two
babies sat on the floor pulling and tugging and fighting at one of
the dolls just like ‘two year old’s’. Robin started to cry as Tami
won the tug of war with the doll. He crawled over to his mother and
put his head in her lap. His mother soothed his broken ego by
stroking his ear. Within moments, Robin was sleeping like a baby.

Robin was dressed in an adorable, very short, yellow party
dress, with rows and rows of dainty white lace around the skirt and
sleeves, a full petticoat to accent the dress, and to help display
the fact that he too had thick diapers and yellow rubber panties,
white ankle stockings with yellow lace trim and pink flowers, and
white mary jane shoes. His hair was rather long and he had a yellow
ribbon tied in big bow on the top of his head. He looked simply

Robin woke up when Dr. More called both ladies over and asked
them to put both babies in a very humiliating situation. Ann was
to say “Tom’s Home” and Robin’s Mother would say “Bob’s Home”.

Both ladies said their commands and both babies didn’t know
where to go or what to do to the amusement of the ladies. Tami,
realizing his state of dress, threw the doll down and tried to hide
behind a chair. Robin on the other hand couldn’t get his dress down
far enough to hide his rubber panties. Both babies just stared at
one another, again, to the amusement of the ladies.

Both babies quieted as soon as they were issued there
respective commands, “Tami likes being a baby” and “Robin is a
baby”. Tami immediately sat down in the corner and put his pacifier
in his mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Robin, crawled over to the
toys and picked up an entirely different doll, not the one they had
fought over.

Both ladies seemed to get great pleasure in there two infants.
It was learned that they did not live far apart, and they promised
to call each other and keep in contact. Notes were exchange between
the two, Robin’s Mother giving Tami’s Mother many many suggestions.

Tami’s mother called Tami back to the examination room to
finish getting dressed while Robin was taken to another room with
his mother and Dr. More for his check-up. Ann talked baby talk to
Tami while she dressed him for his outing home. She had not driven
to the doctors office, but had taken a cab so that she would be
able to drive ‘baby’ tami home. He put his pants on over the balky,
and now very wet, diapers and rubber pants. She helped him put on
his shirt, socks and shoes. Ann let Tami keep the pacifier in his
mouth for the trip home.

Ann opened the door of the doctors office to leave with Tami
right on her heels. It was late in the evening, but there were
still many people in and about the halls. Most of them just smiled
at Ann and Tami as they walked to the car, Tami with his very
thick, very obvious diapers, and sucking on his pacifier.

Not to many accidents happened on the way home because of the
stares to Tami sitting in the back seat, looking out the window and
sucking on his pink pacifier.

He was happy, very happy, to be a sissy baby at last. He
couldn’t wait to get home. It was very humiliating to have people
look and stare at such a big sissy baby, but Tami loved every
moment. Maybe he a Robin would become good friends.

Tami was on his way home from the doctors office where
the doctor
had just given him several hypnotic suggestions, from being a
complete baby to being himself with only a ‘want’ to be babied.
Even with the humiliation of being goggled at by each passerby, he
could not help himself and continued sucking on the pink pacifier
his wife had put around his neck with a pink ribbon. Ann had given
him the command “Tami likes being a baby”. He was totally aware of
what he was doing, knowing that he was 43 year old man, but could
not refrain from acting like a 2 year old. “My god”, he thought,
“how could see put me through this. I can’t even ask her not to.
I don’t have the will to do it. I know this isn’t the norm, but I
don’t want to stop either. What did I get myself into.”

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