Seduced by a gay college boy..

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Seduced by a gay college boy..
This is a story I had to write. A story I had to tell and to share. I had never been with another guy before. I won’t lie though, I had thought about it before, even masturabted to the thought of it. But never dared to try, nerves and the negative stereotypes that I grew up with prevented it. Then I was approached by a young man named Steven.

Times have changed I guess, he was so forward and bold. He was not embarrassed at all to ask me out and handed me his phone number written on a small piece of paper. I was alittle shocked, but flattered to be honest. First and his boldness, his openness about being gay and his interest in me, such an older man.

I thought about him and his offer for days before sending him a text. I figured I had nothing to lose, I could always just delete his number if I changed my mind. I was curious though.

”Just to be clear” he texted back, “this is all yours if you want it.” Attached was the photo I posted here. My jaw dropped! So forward, but fuck, so hot too! I stared at the photo, I mean, who wouldn’t! I felt my cock swell.

”Lick me and fuck me!” My eyes widened when I read his words. I wanted him.

I don’t know why he was so interested in me, and I didn’t want to question it. Nervous, I texted back that I would love to meet him sometime. He texted back for me to come over now!

He had an apartment near his college campus. With my heart pounding, I drove there and knocked on his door. All I could think about was that picture. That tight little ass in the air.

Lust, desire and nature began to take over. He was flirty and a tease. I think he knew I was a little nervous and he liked it. I think he liked having this lustful power of me. Knowing I had never done this before, he enjoyed my uncomfortable, but building desire.

I wanted him badly. I moved close to him and held his waist. I was so much bigger than him and probably a hundred pounds heavier. I pulled him close and held his face in my hand. Having him look up at me, I kissed him on the lips. He through his arms around me and kissed my back. The tables were now turned it seemed, he couldn’t hide his submissive side any longer.

He moaned softly and eagerly accepted my tongue in his mouth. His hands caressed me and my hands found his cute, little ass. We stood like that for several minutes and even though we still had our clothes on, I rubbed my hard on against him, grinding my erection, heightening the moment.

I began to pull at his pants, pushing them down until I felt his bare cheeks in my hands. Steven moaned and seemed to melt against me. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me!” he said. It was too much to take. I pushed him down on his bed and pressed my face between his ass cheeks and tasted his sweet, tight little hole. Now I was the one moaning!

I gripped his cheeks with my hands, pulling him wide open, I ran my tongue along his hairless opening. My lust was boiling over! I lowered my pants, I didn’t even wait to take them off. I couldn’t wait. I spit in my hand and rubbed it on my cock before pressing my hard cock’s head against his saliva lubed asshole. I pushed it into him.

”Ohh, yes” Steven moaned. I pushed my cock deeper into him. His tight little asshole wrapped around me, warm and wonderful. Holding his slim hips, I moved in and out of him, slowly at first, then building… faster and harder. The only sounds now were his moans and my grunts.

I fucked him as hard as I could. I pounded into him and gripped and squeezed his waist, I squeezed and slapped his cheeks. I harder I fucked him the louder he moaned.

He began to bark orders, he wanted it harder, he loved it.

”Yes, yes, fuck me!” “Cum in my ass!” “Fuck my cum out of me!” I was panting and grunting. “Who was using who?”

I felt my orgasm building, nearing the point of no return. I gripped his hips tight with my hands and trembled as I began to release my cum deep inside him. Wave after wonderful wave, I filled his eager, tight hole and he yelled out, “Yes, yes!”

I collapsed onto my back next to him and he did too. Breathing hard and smiling, I looked over at him. Surprised, I saw his cum covered hand gently caressing his wet and sticky, cum covered cock. He had came also.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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