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I would like to begin by saying BLKICE2U. He is a member of xHamster whom I befriended long ago. We finally hooked up and met at my house. I recommend before meeting anybody to get to know them and what they are expecting. Educate yourself, I guess is what I’m saying. Be careful!

We texted back and forth prior to meeting. He was stressed, I was stressed. He was very cautious and probably scared a bit. I know that I was. I didn’t think he would show up… he thought I would not be there. It was nice to know that at least both of us were nervous.

Well he did show up, and I was there. He knocked and my heart began to race. I was even more nervous now. I hesitated for a second to gather myself then I opened my door and let him in. We stood there looking at each other for a minute or so. He was a handsome black man and I wasn’t disappointed, but I sure was nervous. He eventually commented that I looked more nervous than he did. I was!

After sitting and chatting for a bit we started touching each other. He liked what he saw, i had worn sheer to the waist black pantyhose and red spiked high heels just as he had asked…i added a short front button dress and He made that known by kissing my lipps and leggs. I started wondering if he’d like his dick sucked. I began rubbing his dick through his pants and it got hard quickly. It may have been hard before I started. I don’t know… I was still very nervous. He told me he wanted to jump in the shower to cleanup… he had just come from working out. While he was in the shower all I could think about was how much I wanted his black dick in my mouth.

When he got out of the shower and dried off, he jumped under the blanket quickly. The room was very cool. I sat on the bed and pulled the blanket up to get access to his dick and I began sucking him like I love to do. I licked it, I sucked it, and I slide my lipps up and down his dick, once in a while trying to touch his balls on my chin. He must have liked it… he was moaning and commenting on how good I suck dick. That made me suck it better. Damn, sucking dick feels good and it is so much more rewarding when a black man appreciates it.

I asked him if he would like to stick it in me. He responded with “Do you want me to”? Of course I said yes, I did. I opened a condom and rolled in down over his dick… it was fucking hard as a rock. He got up off of the bed and stood behind me as I bent over the edge of the bed. I had already pre-lubed my asshole in preparation for getting fucked. I didn’t know it would happen for sure, but I wanted to be ready in case. He asked me not to take off my pantyhose… I said they were crotchless… I ripped them wider and he bent me over and began to slide his hard dick into my ass. He was pushing hard trying to get it in. It was so tight, but he was persistent. I was thinking when his dick gets in past the head this is going to feel really good. He pushed and I arched by ass up a little and his dick slide all the way into me. OMG, I thought that it was going to feel good, but seriously, it felt fucking amazing.

He grabbed my hips and slide his dick in and out of my ass. Slowly at first, then he began going faster. OMG that felt so fucking good. It’s hard to explain how good it felt. I couldn’t move my body, my eyes were rolling back in my head. He started really fucking me hard. I could feel his balls hitting my ass. He fucked me so hard that the bed slid across the room until the wall stopped it, and he just kept fucking me. Finally… the fucking a have been waiting for.

It felt so good that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I asked him to stop so I could give him a blowjob. He took the condom off and I started sucking his dick again. I wanted to make this man cumm so bad. He had amazing stamina, I wasn’t going to make him cumm yet. He had other plans.

He pushed me back on the bed and went down on me. I wasn’t prepared for that. I didn’t think I would even like that, but he wanted to fulfill his fantasy too. Who was I to deny him that? He sucked on me for a minute or two. It felt really good. I told him to stop and fuck me again. He put another condom on, bent me over the bed again, and proceeded to give me an amazing ass fucking that I will never forget. It felt so good. I came very close to blacking out. I didn’t cum, but it felt so fucking good. I was dripping precumm all the time he was fucking me. Did I mention that it felt fucking good?

We stopped fucking. I wanted him to cumm for me, but not while fucking me. I wanted to suck him off… all the way.

He took of the condom and asked “Do you want me to cum”? I said yes I do, very much. He stood in front of me and said get down in front of me. He started jerking off while I cupped his balls. He grabbed my head a couple of times and jammed his dick all the way down my throat, to the point where I gagged a little. I didn’t mind it. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and asked him to cum in my mouth. I started jerking him off while I was licking his dick. I wanted to feel his hot load on my lips and tongue. He was getting close… as he was jerking off I was encouraging him to shoot his cumm on my face. I could tell he was getting close. I could see he was ready to explode. He pushed his dick against my tongue and lips and shot his load. It went in my mouth, all over my pretty red lips, down my chin and all over my dress. I let it all run out of my mouth and down between my small tits. OMG, what a load of cum he gave me. It was a nice warm load of cumm that tasted good. I thanked him for his cumm. Mm, what a good boy he was.

So during that time with him I experienced sucking a nice black dick, having oral performed on me, getting fucked really well, and a very nice facial cumm shot… just like in the movies. It was a good night. He made me feel like a real woman.

I didn’t have time to take any pictures ;-(

I was just content getting the good fucking I asked for… finally!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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