The name of the game is Innocence

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The name of the game is Innocence
This is not a sex story but a tale about a game me and my friend Jess use to play called Innocence. The purpose of the game is to get a friend to push their limits and revel themselves pretending to be none the wiser to a designated person known as the receiver.

The rules of the game are as follows:
1. Only play innocence in a controlled environment
2. Never put yourself in any danger
3. Never play innocence were people may get offended
4. Always choose your receiver carefully

If you decide to play innocence you do so under your responsibility and do not blame anyone else in regards to the consequences.
Before I go in to details I will let you know a bit about Jess. I first met Jess was at university, she was really loud and bubbly but we immediately connected. From then we became really close friends and got to know each other really well. One thing I noticed about Jess was that she was always very sex minded and loved making rude jokes and talking about sex, one day she introduced me to a game called Innocence, I was nervous at first but soon loved it.

Here are three occasions of the times Jess and I have played Innocence.

The l first time we played we were in a sauna, Jess had entered a day time TV competition and won a day for two at a spa. When we arrived there it was quiet and there was this really nerdy bloke that we use to know in school but he didn’t seem to recognize us. He was at the gym and was walking into the sauna. It was quiet and we decided to play innocence. Jess stayed outside showering as I went in, he was sat down and I was drying myself with my towel, little did I know my nipple was poking out of my bikini. I sat down across from him and lowered my towel pretending to be oblivious had no idea how he would react but he was always shy. It was obvious he saw it and was trying to hide the lump developing in his swimmers I tried making small talk just so he would have to look at me. I then pretended to scratch my side inadvertently exposing more of my boob. After about two minutes my friend walked in pretending to be another member. She sat down and said oh your boobs showing. He looked so embarrassed and I got up and walked to the door I turned to him and said “why didn’t you tell me” he looked speechless my friend was leaving also. A sudden rush of adrenaline and I said oh well better have a proper look. I flashed him and we ran.

The second time we played we were in a local swimming pool and once again it was just the two of us there. There was a group starting soon of old women aerobics or something like that and there were too purvey old men sat on the seats watching us. I turned to Jess and whispered “let’s play innocence” Jess quickly agreed. I had no idea what she planned to do but we knew the old women would be arriving from the changing room shortly. I watched as Jess swam to the ladder and she loosened her pants slightly while the old me were distracted, she said loudly to me “best be off now” to get the men’s attention. As she got out of the water the pressure pulled her pants down briefly showing her peachy bum. The men looked very happy and aroused.

The third time I played innocence me and Jess were having a slumber party and we ordered a pizza we wanted to play innocence but thought a towel drop would be too obvious, so I wore a long top but no pants. The pizza boy arrived and he was the perfect receiver nerdy looking and too much of a gent to say anything. When he knocked on the door I answered my friend watched from the couch but unseen by him he passed me the pizza and I picked my purse up off the side woops the purse slipped off the side and the cash went everywhere. I faced him and bent over to pick it up so he could not see anything but my top lifted up at the back and the poorly positioned mirror behind me gave him a great view of my bum, his reaction was great! I talked to him to delay the time it took to pick up the money and could tell he liked the view and it made me very wet.

I appreciate that this is not my normal type of story but hope you liked it anyhow. If anyone on here plays innocence I would love to hear about it please PM me what you did, who your receiver was and their reaction.
Thanks xxx look out for my new sexy serious Journal of a rich girl x

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