The New Abbess.

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The New Abbess.
It had been a joyous occasion for Sr.Severia when she had been informed that she would be made the new Abbess of the Monastery of St.Concepta. The Abbess of the Monastery was a very powerful figure,a person who held sway over the community and was often tasked with administering corporal punishment to those who came before her. After twenty two years of being a nun Sr.Concepta was finally recognised for her tireless work in the community and so the day came when Sr.Severia was bestowed with the gold crozier of her office and the keys to old study used by the Abbess; from that moment on Sr.Severia ,at the relatively young age of 48, became known as Mother Severia,Abbess of the Monastery of St.Concepta. With the sudden retirement of the previous Abbess due to ill health ,the work load at the Monastery had built up,there had been many people awaiting appointments to receive chastisement from the old Abbess,but those appointments had to be rescheduled until a new Abbess was appointed;now Abbess Severia would have to attend to the very important work which was part of the Abbess’ duties. It was a Friday morning,the day after her appointment that Abbess Severia made her way along the long stone flagged corridor to the study.She had been wanting this moment for many years,she yearned to one day be made Abbess and to hold the power of that office because Abbess Severia was a great advocate of corporal punishment in keeping order in society. It pained her greatly to see many people today behaving wickedly without any consequences,she had often said that perhaps a few stokes with a suitable cane across the bare bottom would help to mend the ways of the wicked.
As she walked along the corridor ,Abbess Severia looked at the paintings of her forbears, Abbess Severia had only known one Abbess of the monastery,but she had read widely about the other Abbess,her favourite was the Abbess Brunhild,she had kept meticulously written ledgers of each punishment she had administered. Abbess Severia had found these ledgers in the monastery library and had spent many hours reading and becoming quite excited at the lengthy descriptions of bare bottoms being spanked,caned and groped by the Abbess Brunhilda.

Abbess Severia .

Abbess Severia had very much enjoyed the writings of Abbess Brunhilda that now she carried the heavy ledger with her to the study and intended to keep the book as a guide and inspiration for the task that lay ahead. Finally Abbess Severia reached the study,a room she had never been in before and since the retirement of her predecessor had only been accessed by Sr. Fidelma who was the Monastery Post Mistress and every day had to bring the post addressed to the Abbess .Abbess opened the locked door and stepped inside.The study was lined was bookshelves ,filled with books,in the centre of the room was a large,ornate table and behind that a throne like chair,the seat of the Abbess. There was another table at one end of the room.Abbess Severia noticed that there was no chairs for ‘guests’ to sit on,because no guests entered the study,only penitents.At the right end of the study there was a very comfortable looking chair ,with a thick,plush cushion to sit on,the chair had no arms and Abbess Severia felt excited looking th the chair,for this chair was known as the SPANKING CHAIR,it was where the Abbess would sit while putting errant person over her knee for a spanking.Abbess Severia put the ledger on the table and walked around the room,then she spotted what she had been looking for,on the other table in the study lay an array of school canes,straps tawse and a rather severe looking riding crop which Abbess Severia had been told was quite a favourite of her predecessor. Abbess Severia picked up the crop and gently caressed it in both hands,she wondered at how many bare bottoms her predecessor had used the crop on? She decided to keep it,but her own personal favourite was the rattan cane,she could see herself using this cane quite a lot. Feeling excited the Abbess took her seat behind the ornate desk and began to sift through the stack of letters that lay on the desk.She opened one letter,it was a from a male begging the Abbess to chastise his wife for having an extra marital affair.Abbess Severia put this letter to one side,she would summon the husband and wife to her very soon. She read another letter from a woman who was ‘put off her afternoon tea because her neighbour was sunbathing nude with her boyfriend.’ Again Mother Severia put this letter to one side. There were many letters from Schools and Colleges begging the Abbess to send help as discipline among their pupils was at n all time low.Abbess Severia became excited at the thought of spanking so many people,she knew that she was up to the task and would begin right away. She picked up the telephone on her desk and dialed the number of the first school that had written.

An hour later there was a knock on her study door and two boys and one girl entered the room. The Abbess was very excited indeed,these would be the first she would punish.She scolded the three teens standing in front of her and then ordered them to bend over side by side,over her desk. As they bent over Abbess Severia went to the table and chose the rattan cane.
When Abbess Severia turned around to face her victims holding the cane she felt a rush of excitement spread through her body causing her to shiver.She looked at the three bottoms,in school uniform waiting for her chastisement. She approached the three and said sternly, “Now,I do hope that what I am about to do to you will ensure that this will be the last time I have you before me,I am much to busy to be dealing with errant schoolboys and schoolgirls,I have many adults to chastise also !”
There was excitement in her voice,she knew it but found it hard to control . She went to the first boy and placed the cane across his bottom,he moved slightly,this made Abbess Severia very excited and she took a quick glance at the other bottoms waiting for her attention.
“Now,boy,you have the distinction of being the first naughty penitent I shall take the cane too,” Abbess Severia said,the excitement in her voice was very clear now and the three bending over the desk exchanged concerned glances.
Abbess Severia was prolonging this,she was very excited and wished she could channel the sterness and not the outward excitedness of her predecessor and her idle Abbess Brunhilda,but as she raised the cane and took careful aim at the boy’s bottom ,she knew that this felt right,that she was finally in the position she had longed for and no doubt she would temper her excitement in time,at least outwardly. Abbess Severia brought the cane whistling through the air and made contact with a resounding SMACK sound sound with the boy’s bottom,he yelled out and swayed from side to side.
“Steady boy,I have only begun,” Abbess Severia said raising the cane up again and bringing it down with precision on her victim’s bottom again. Abbess Severia had intended to deliver six strokes,but she found due her excitement she had lost count.I should have made him count aloud,she thought to herself. She guessed that she had administered at least ten strokes,but she had in fact administered f******n strokes before she turned her attention to the schoolgirl.She felt very excited now and wanted to touch herslf ,but she repressed her human desires and brought the cane down on the bottom in from of her with great precision.Her practicsing on a cushion in her private room had paid off ,she smiled at the thought and brought the cane down again,this time making the girl could aloud each stoke. She gave the schoolgirl ten strokes before turning her attention to the other schoolboy.The sobbing of her two victims so far filled the room and made the Abbess smile as she placed the cane on the boy’s bottom,and taking careful aim brought the cane down with as much force as she could muster.He yelled out and gripped the table as the Abbess brought the cane down again and again. The sobbing and yelling of her victims filled the room coupled with the swish of the cane as it whistled through the air.

Unknown to the Abbess and her victim’s was that outside the door,listening to what was happening was Sr.Fidelma and Abbess Gertrude the predecessor of Abbess Severia.Both Nun’s listened to the strokes of the cane being administered.
Abbess Gertrude said, “Oh how I miss it,that feeling of caning a naughty,wicked miscreant”.
“I am sure you will still have some wicked people to deal with Mother Abbess,Abbess Severia may need help in the future,” Sr.Fidelma said,secretly longing to be chosen to help Abbess Severia when the need arose.
“Yes,yes I am sure that help will be needed,society today has produced so many wicked miscreants,but judging by what we are hearing I am sure the good Abbess Severia is more that up to the role”.

Once she was alone again in her study ,Abbess Severia sat in silence,the rattan cane resting on her lap. She was smiling and the excitement had not yet left her. She took another letter in her hand and immediately picked up her telephone,she would ensure that the errant housewife would be summoned to her study. By now those living in the community had heard a new Abbess had been appointed,many were now worried.

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