The Pre-Nup Agreement (a Chrissie Conway Story)

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The Pre-Nup Agreement (a Chrissie Conway Story)
The Pre-Nup Agreement

Several years ago one of Kellys’ friends had a brother who was getting married in Reno and a bunch of us girls
decided we would all get together for a wild weekend reunion. I unfortunately had several of my regular clients to see
on Thursday and Friday afternoon and wouldn’t be able to depart for Reno until early Friday evening. Needless to say by
the time I arrived the ladies were already in a crazy celebratory mood. I’d had several drinks on the flight so I wasn’t entirely
unprepared once I got to Reno.
I had the valet hire me a taxi and headed for the Cal-Neva Casino Hotel. I know there might be newer and perhaps nicer
hotels in Reno but Kelly insisted on the Cal-Neva because it was once owned by Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack. When Kelly
sets her mind to something it’s best just to humor her. This was not the only quirk in the accommodation arrangements however.
The wedding party was determined to make sure the bride and groom would not be together before the big ceremony and so
the groom was staying at the Cal-Neva and the bridal party was sequestered at Harrah’s.
Friday night consisted of a lot of drinking, a lot of pot smoking and of course some gambling. It goes without saying that the
ladies were also interviewing prospective sex partners for the night. Most of the girls were busily flirting with younger single guys
and Kelly was hitting on every attractive young waitress, Keno runner, bartender or dealer she encountered.
I on the hand was content to play a few slots, some Roulette, and several hands of Blackjack. I was a little tired from the
earlier airplane flight and besides over the last two days I’d sucked and fucked five different clients and I figured my “pussy”
could use a break. I decided to retire early and after wishing ladies “good luck” I bid them a good evening and returned the hotel.
Before departing the casino Kelly pulled me to one side and informed me she would wake me in the morning because she
had a “special favor” to ask of me.
I rolled my eyes and said “I’m sure you do. You wouldn’t be Kelly if you didn’t have something nefarious planned.” Kelly just laughed
and said “No Chrissie honey, it’ll be fun. You’ll see.”
All the way back to the hotel I was trying to imagine just what my dearest friend had in mind.
Kelly came knocking at my door around 8 AM the next morning. She was carrying a hanger with a freshly pressed hotel chambermaid’s
uniform. I figured the outfit had something to do with her “special favor”.
“Chrissie Baby, you just have say that you’ll do this for me.” she said.
“Do what Kelly? What the hell do you have in mind this time?” I replied.
“Amy’s brother, the groom is in room 506. It’s only one floor up and Amy says he left a wake up call for 9:30 this morning.” she said.
“Yeah OK” I replied “And just what does that have to do with me?”
“You my dear, sweet, precious Chrissie are going to dress in the maid’s outfit and be his “wake-up call” she said with a smile.
“WHAT!!!” I replied “And just who’s bright idea was this?”
“It was originally Amy’s idea. She wanted to hire a hooker to do it but I told her why trust a stranger when we have our own home-grown
professional whore right here.” Kelly answered. “You’re perfect because he’s never met you.”
“Let me get this straight. I’m supposed to dress like the chambermaid and go wake him up.” I asked “And then what?”
“You do whatever it is that you do? Fuck Chrissie you’re whore aren’t you?” Kelly said.
“You little conniving, dyke BITCH!!” I said “After all these years you’re still pimping me out.”
“C’mon Chrissie, do it for me…….it’ll be fun……I’m sure he’s never been with a Tranny…….besides what’s one more cock to a whore
like you?” Kelly said with a laugh.
“Kelly, please tell me what I ever did to get hooked up with a fucking sadistic lesbo bitch like you?” I replied.
“Don’t you remember Baby Doll, it was love at first sight.” she said with huge grin on her face.
“OH WHAT THE FUCK! I hollered “OK I’ll do it but you will owe me big time for this you fucking cunt!!!”
“Thanks baby!” Kelly said as she gave me a long passionate kiss.
By now it was almost 8:30 so I hurried toward the shower shedding my nightgown as I went. I started the shower and quickly slipped my
panties off. I stepped into the shower and after shampooing my hair I soaped up my body and then allowed the hot shower spray to rinse off the
soap. Stepping from the shower I toweled my hair dry and then wrapped another around myself covering me from my breasts to my mid thighs.
Upon leaving the bath I found that Kelly had taken the liberty to select the lingerie she wanted me to wear. It was neatly lain out on the bed,
black stocking with a seam running up the back, a black lacy garter belt, a matching black push-up bra and a pair of very sheer black panties. Rather
than having an elastic waistband to secure the panties around my hips they were held up by a thin nylon red ribbon on each side that tied in a bow.
I used a blow dryer to finish drying my hair and began to apply my makeup. Kelly sat on the edge of the bed and watched the entire
dressing process, as if she were making sure everything was perfect. I combed my hair and it tied back with a red ribbon.
“I want you to wear bright red lipstick Chrissie.” Kelly interjected.
“You don’t have to coach me Kelly” I told her “remember I’m the professional here?”
Kelly laughed and said “This would be perfect if you only spoke Spanish.”
“Fuck you too” I replied.
I slipped into the chambermaid’s uniform and checked the mirror to see how it fit. Kelly had gotten the complete uniform right down to
the official name badge. I pinned the name tag on, slipped into my heels and became “Tracy” the chambermaid.
“Where the did you get this outfit anyway?” I asked.
“I borrowed it from one of the hotel maids last night.” Kelly replied. “Chrissie please be careful with it. I had to fucking eat the little bitch’s
pussy before she agreed to let me have it.”
I laughed and said “Like you wouldn’t have done it anyway you fucking horny little dyke.”
“That’s beside the point……and fuck you Chrissie……a girl’s gotta eat to survive.” Kelly said with a laugh as she handed me an envelope with
a greeting card inside.
“Don’t forget to hand him this card when you get in the room.” Kelly instructed me.
“OK no problem.” I said.
“Damn it’s 9:20 Chrissie.” Kelly shrieked. “You need to take that luscious little ass of yours up room 506 and make me proud Bitch!”
I was a bit nervous as I walked down the fourth floor hallway toward the elevator. I pushed the “up” button for the elevator.Then I started wondering
if maybe I should take the stairs instead. What if I ran into another hotel employee? What would I do? What should i say? It was too late the elevator
doors opened and I noticed a couple of guests and someone who appeared to be a maintenance employee. I stepped into the car and looked to
see that the button for the fifth floor had already been pushed.
It seemed like an eternity for the elevator to climb one floor. I smiled at the couple in the car and they smiled back. The maintenance men
looked at me in a somewhat leering manner and asked “Lot of work today?” I smiled at him and said the first thing that came to mind “I’ll say. I have
3 more rooms than usual. I guess someone called in sick.”
“Well Good Luck” he said.
The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. As I walked down the hallway toward room 506 I felt a hand squeeze my ass. Startled, I turned to
see the maintenance man behind me grinning and I gave him a scowl. “Don’t work too hard Tracy.” he said with creepy grin on his face. He ducked
into a room marked “EMPLOYEES ONLY” and I continued down the hallway.
When I reached room 506 I took a deep breath, cleared my throat and proceeded to knock upon the door. “rap” “rap” “rap”…….no answer.
I knocked again, only louder this time …”RAP” “RAP” “RAP”…….This time a groggy voice answered “Who is it?”
“Wake up call” I replied “Sorry but our wake up phone service is not working.”
“OK Thank you.” he replied.
I knocked on the door once again “rap” “rap”…..this time the door opened and standing there wearing just pajama bottoms was a tall gorgeous
guy…..blond hair, blue eyes, easily 6 foot 2 and about 190 pounds. He momentarily took my breath away.
“Don’t mean to be a bother Sir.” I said “but I have a note for you.”
As I handed him the envelope “I’m sorry please come in.” he said as he opened the envelope. ” Now what? I’m beginning to hate this whole
wedding fiasco.”
When he opened the card a note fell out and landed at my feet. At he same time we both bent down to retrieve it nearly bumping heads.
He said “Since you’ve already got your glasses on….. and mine are who knows where after last night….why don’t you read it for me while I get
you a tip.”
“Certainly if you wish me too Sir.” I replied and proceeded to read him the note.
“Wishing you congratulations on you impending wedding. We wanted to get you a special gift. We wanted to get you something
different. We wanted to get you something you likely won’t be getting once you are married. Please as our gift to you enjoy the unique
pleasures of a “girl with something extra.” I read.
He stood there looking a bit stunned with a definite puzzled look on his face.
“Is the note signed?” he asked.
“It just says ENJOY FROM YOUR FRIENDS.” I said.
“I still don’t get it.” he said.
“It’s ME! honey. I said with a smile. “I’m the girl “with something extra”.”
” You?” he said with a puzzled look.
“Yes Baby me…….I’m here to suck your cock and fuck your brains out.” I said.
I stepped toward him and gently pushed him backward toward the bed reaching down to untie the string of his pajama bottoms as I guided him
backward. Once we reached the bed I shoved him down until he was seated on the side of the bed. I helped him remove the pajama pants that now
were around his ankles. I dropped to my knees and wrapped the fingers of my left hand around the shaft of his rapidly hardening cock. I stroked his
cock up and down several times and then took the head of it between my lips. I ran my tongue across the head of his prick and licked it in a circular
motion. I then began to take the stiff member into my mouth. I let my lips slide down the shaft and back up again, taking it deeper each time my
head bobbed up and down the hard thick shaft. I stroked his cock with my hand as I sucked it deep into my throat. His moans became louder with
each successive suck. I sucked his cock in long slow slurping motions, pausing occasionally to lick up and down the length of his shaft. Using my
left hand I stroked his long stiff prick while I began to lick his balls. I opened as wide as I could in an effort to take his entire sack into my mouth.
“OH MY GOD!!” he said “who taught you to suck a cock”…..”You are fucking amazing!!” His moaning continued as I once again returned my
attention to his long hard cock. I continued to suck his cock until I felt he might not be able to keep himself from exploding in my mouth. I ceased my
cocksucking and stood up. I reached behind me to unzip my maids uniform. I tugged the zipper down and let the dress fall from shoulders. The fabric
was soon lying in a puddle at my feet. I stepped out of the dress and climbed onto the bed next to him, lying on my back. I took hold of his hand and
guided it down between my legs. I raised my knees and placed my feet flat on the bed. I guided his hand down to where he could begin to massage
and finger my “pussy”. At first his fingers just slid back and forth across the entrance to my “pussy” but eventually he attempted to insert a finger
into my opening of my panty covered “cunt”. I felt the silky fabric of the panties as his fingers pushed them into the opening of my sex. I reached
down and took hold of his hand, bringing it to my mouth where I proceed to suck his fingers. Once his fingers were wet I tugged the fabric of the
panties to one side in order for him to insert them into my “pussy”. He penetrated me with first one and then two fingers, thrusting them in and out
of my “pussy”, slowly at first and then faster and deeper. Eventually his hand moved up to stroke my little “clitty”……..”ahhhhh the something extra”
he said. I moaned a bit but soon guided his hand back to my “pussy”.
“OH yes honey…..just like that………that’s soooooo good……….soooo nice.” I whispered as his fingers slid in and out of my “cunt”.
By now my “pussy” was aching for his cock. I wanted him inside me. I needed him inside me. I pushed his hand away and slid down to once
again wrap my lips around his cock. I began to suck his cock once again. I wanted it to be good and hard when he finally rammed it inside me.
He again began to moan while I sucked his cock to it’s ultimate hardness. I reached down toward the little red ribbon on my right hip, gave it a tug
and felt my panties begin to loosen. I reached for the ribbon on my other hip but he was already tugging on the little bow. Once both ribbons had
been undone he pulled the panties off me and tossed them aside.
“Now what?” he whispered.
“Now you get to fuck the shit out of me!” I replied.
I rolled onto my back and threw my legs up to rest on his shoulders. I felt his cock head at the opening of my “pussy” and pulled him closer to me.
I let out a yell as his cock split my sex open………….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He pulled back a little and then
thrust his weapon of sex deep inside me………..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I hollered. “OHHH YES FUCK ME!”
He slammed his stiff cock deep into my “pussy” again and again and again……..and each time I let out a little yell……AAAHHHHH……AAAAHHHH…
AAAAAHHHH………………..FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!! After several minutes of him pounding my “pussy” he abruptly pulled out and turned over onto
my stomach. He grabbed my hips and raised my ass up a bit and then slammed his cock back into my “pussy” and the pounding resumed. He
hammered away at my ass, shoving his cock into me deep and hard………….and I loved every second of it!!! I took every thrust and fucked him
back shoving my ass against his thrusting cock. “OOOOOOOOOOOOO YESSSSSSSSS BABEEE!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!” I yelled as he
rammed his cock deep inside me. I was stroking my “clitty” with each stroke as he pounded my “pussy” and soon my belly was coated in cum as
my “clitty” erupted in spasm after spasm. I felt his muscles beginning to tense up and I knew he was about to come. He pulled his cock from my
ass and gave out a loud groan. I felt his cum as it came spurting out and landing in large drops upon my ass cheeks. It dripped down between
my cheeks and unto the back of my thighs. I couldn’t recall last time I’d seen a guy spew that much cum. I wondered if he’d have any left for his
wedding night?
Once he finished coming he rolled over onto his back and lay there exhausted. I climbed off the bed and scooped up my panties as I
went into the bath room to clean up a bit. When I returned I once again donned the maid’s uniform and prepared to leave. He reached out,
grabbed my hand and placed a rolled up five dollar bill into it.
I looked down at him and he said, “I don’t want anyone to say i didn’t tip the maid.” I let out a small laugh and then bent down and gave him a
long passionate kiss.
That afternoon we were all assembled at the wedding chapel awaiting the start of the ceremony. I insisted on sitting at the very end of the
pew, right next to the aisle. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he saw me as he walked by on the way to join his new bride.

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