Wife Plays While Hubby Is Away (True Story)

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Wife Plays While Hubby Is Away (True Story)
Wife Plays While Hubby Is Away

Authors note: My wife related this story to me while I was on my last trip out of town. In a series of erotic phone calls and e-mails she gave me the details. It was so hot I wrote it up, using her point of view.


I hate it when my husband has to go out of town on business. My bed gets so lonely without him. I miss his warm, nude body beside mine at night. But let me back up just a hair…

It was early Monday morning. He and the k**s had just left, he was dropping them off at school, after which he had a quick meeting at the office then would be on the road for a two night business trip. I had just shoved them out the door, and was clad only in my pink bathrobe.

I stopped to check my e-mail, and the warmth of the house quickly got to me. Shedding the robe, I did my computer business in the buff. I then did my daily chores, again not bothering with clothing. I do that sometimes, not really trying to be sexy or anything, just because it\’s too much bother to get dressed I guess.

Later in the day I returned to the computer again to check my e-mail. There was a nice note from hubby, saying he was about to head out for his road trip. I won\’t go into details, but it was very romantic. It got me to thinking about our Sunday sex session. Oh wow.

We had managed to get a bit of privacy, and slipped off to the bedroom for some fun. He started by finger fucking me. Our new way of doing it has me lying on my belly, legs spread. He slides up beside me, kisses my back while sliding a hand down my ass and between my legs. His magic hands then proceed to dance across my clitty or fuck my cunt until I am literally gushing I cum so hard. And not just once, that wonderful man always gives me eight to ten good orgasms this way. Wow!

Once my pussy got to the point where it needed a rest, I rolled over and began giving him a good hand job. Not to the point where he came, just bringing him real close several times. I love the way his dick feels, the skin is soft yet so hard underneath. Like steel wrapped with velvet.

I wanted him to rest for a minute before he fucked me, since I didn\’t want him to explode too soon. So I handed him my double headed dildo and asked him to fuck me with it. I love my double ender, a birthday gift from my husband. It\’s about eighteen inches long, about two inches thick, and has a fake dick head at both ends. I like it because it can bury deep inside me, but still bend over and rub against my clitty.

Fuck me he did, pumping the fake prick in and out for what seemed like forever. I lost count of the number of times I came, but it was at least half a dozen. Oh yes, I\’m quite multi orgasmic. Turns out I am a squirter too. I was really embarrassed by it at first, by my husband is really turned on by it so I\’ve come to enjoy it too.

At some point I had just cum, only to feel the dildo being quickly pulled from my body. He rolled on top and slammed his wonderful cock inside me. He was really slamming it home, my tits were rolling all over and my belly shaking. I didn\’t think I had another orgasm in me, but he did. All of a sudden my toes curled and back arched as I came one last time, squirting us both down with my wet cunt juices. He came a few seconds later, filling my pussy with even more warm wonderful wetness.

These were my memories as I sat there reading his e-mail. I could feel my crotch getting moist with excitement. Well, what the hell, I had some time. I pulled up one of our naked pics, one of the two of us together. I then moved to the sofa, where I could still see the picture of us. I lied down, one leg on the floor, the other up on the back of the sofa. My hands reached down to open my pussy wide. My finger began rubbing my clit in a motion that soon had me moaning. My other hand moved up to my breasts, rubbing and tweaking my nipples. In no time I had a nice orgasm rippling through my cunt.

Nice, but I wanted more. Hey, I\’m not multi orgasmic for nothing. When it comes to cums, I\’m a greedy bitch. I want lots of \’em. Looking around, I saw our big red three D cell flashlight. Made of steel, this thing is long and thick. And I could reach it without getting up!

Rubbing it up and down my clit not only got me aroused but spread my wetness to the hard steel. After several minutes I was primed, and ready for something long and stiff inside me. I turned the light and slid it in, deep. A loud gasp escaped my lips, as I began pumping my makeshift dick inside me. \”Oh yes!\” I was crying. (One of the advantages to being home alone is I can literally scream and no one will hear me!) \”Yes, oh fuck yes!\” My pussy was soaked, I could feel my juices leaking out of my cunt and down my ass. Closer and closer I got, until I screamed \”YES!\” at the top of my lungs. My legs clamped together, holding the flashlight inside me as my orgasm ran through my body. Sweet.

I pulled the flashlight out, letting it fall to the floor. I laid there breathing heavy, my pussy throbbing with delight. I finally managed to make my legs work again, and stumbled for the shower before leaving to pick up the k**s from school.

Nothing sexual happened the rest of that day. Since hubby was out of town, the next day I had to take the k**s to school. I spent the day running some errands, and stopped at a nearby park for a walk. While I was walking my thoughts again returned to my hubby and our Sunday fun. I could feel my crotch getting moist. Horniness began to swell within me.

I stopped for a rest on a bench. Not seeing anyone close by, I pulled my jeans real tight and rocked back and forth. I couldn\’t cum, or at least I was afraid to try, but it sure did feel good. When I returned to my van, I couldn\’t resist sliding my hand between my legs and rubbing myself through my pants. Again, I was a bit too cautious to try for an orgasm, but it did feel good and got me even hornier than before.

That afternoon I got the k**s settled down for a snack and a movie. I went to the master bathroom, slipped off my pants and sat down on the toilet to take care of \”business\”. After I got done, I figured since I was already sitting there, naked from the waist down…

I spread my legs and slipped a finger on my clitty. A quick rub soon achieved it\’s aim, and I had a nice little cum. I knew though it was just a temporary thing, I would want some more fun later. Much more.

That night I made sure the k**s were good and asleep. I called my husband in his motel room, and told him about my activities yesterday and today. He related how he had enjoyed a nice cum of his own in the hotel room the night before. After hanging up I knew my pussy just didn\’t want to wait any longer.

I went up to the bedroom and closed the door, so as not to disturb the k**s. I slipped out of my clothes and into bed. I loved the feel of the cool sheets on my naked body. I love sleeping nude, I don\’t understand why anyone would ever want to sleep otherwise. ( Well unless it\’s really cold. )

I love the freedom of sleeping in the buff. So easy to masturbate when you are horny, or reach over and touch your mate. I love the intimacy of cuddling with my husband, the skin on skin feeling when both of us are nude.

I spent some time reading erotic letter magazines, and lightly touching my breasts and furry crotch. After about an hour, I was extremely turned on. Kicking off the blankets, I reached down for my body massager. Parting my pussy lips, I nestled the nub of the massager right under my clit, in that sweet spot that always made me cum.

While it buzzed softly my hands rubbed my body, mostly my large breasts. I took turns with each tit, licking, sucking and tweaking each nipple. Oooo I love my massager. I moaned and groaned through one, two, then a third orgasm. Gasping I finally took the buzzer off my twitching clitty.

My breasts were heaving as I came down from my orgasmic high. I could feel my juices leaking from my pussy and running down my ass, onto the bed under me. The longer I laid there, the more I knew I wanted \”just one more\”.

With a big smile I pulled out my beloved double headed dildo. Opening my legs wide, I spread my pussy and greedily slid the fake cock inside me. Oh that was grand! I positioned it just right, so it was penetrating me deeply while also rubbing against my clit. I really pumped that big thing, rolling around in the bed.

At one point I rolled onto my belly, and held the cock against the bed while I fucked it. My big ass pumped up and down in delight, driving the plastic pecker deep in my pussy. I had an orgasm, leaking warm cum down the shaft, but I knew it wasn\’t the biggie I wanted.

Rolling over, I spread my legs again and really began pumping the dildo. With the fake cock head sticking out it almost looked like I was jacking myself off! My free hand pulled my tits to my face, my tongue slathering them with spit and kisses. I began sucking then practically biting my nipples as my orgasm got close.

Unable to hold it back, I let out a loud \”FUCK ME\” as my cunt exploded. My legs clamped together and my head came off the bed as I almost bent double from my climactic convulsions. Hot juices shot out of my pussy, soaking my thighs and ass in liquid. It felt like my orgasm went on for hours, my body shaking with delight.

Exhausted, I managed to turn out the light. As I laid there contented, I felt the dildo slowly slide from my body, falling out in the bed. A large gush of liquid leaked out of me, further soaking my crotch. I managed a self satisfied sigh as I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of tomorrow when my husband would return to satisfy me with his REAL cock!

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