A Hot drunken Night

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A Hot drunken Night
Jay and I were back in the states in Seattle Washington giving our friends and family a surprise visit. Jay, All the AOM boys and I were at this sports bar in his hometown. Jay was never a big drinker so he quickly got a buzz after 2 drinks. But however his buddies encouraged him to drink more, which then made Jay’s Face become slightly pink in the cheeks and made him a lot more louder.
“Guys, Guys wanna hear somethin’?” he asked with a goofy smile.
“What’s that?” asked one of his friends.
“If Alcohol makes you an alcoholic what does Fanta make you?”
I rolled my eyes; it was another cheesy joke of his, but he always made silly joke when he’s sober.
When no one guessed Jay laughed and said “FANTASTIC!”
Everyone laughed and shoved him for the lame joke.
“Lammmmeee” said one of them
I gave an annoyed sigh as his friends laughed.
“You know what’s odd?” says one of them.
“Usually when Jay drinks he gets really tired and mumbles stuff. He’s not usually all silly and hyper,” then he laughed, “You must be special.”
“Hells yeah she is!” shouted Jay, putting his arm around me, “Naomi’s hella special! I love this woman so much I’ll marry her!”
I covered my face to blush; this was the kind of complements that embarrassed me. Then I looked back up at him telling him he needed to give me his car keys because he was not stable enough to be driving.
Jay giggled and dangled the keys in front of my face, “You talkin bout these???” he teased. Then he shouted off to his friends, “Ay ya’ll my girl wants my KEYS!”
A round of laughter started again as I sat there getting flustered, “Jay,” I said calmly, “Give me the keys so we can go.”
He gave a big toothy grin and dangled the keys high above my head taunting me.
I tried to reach but he was too tall and he only started to giggle louder laughing at my failure.
I crossed my arms and huffed, I was getting annoyed by his behavior. Then an idea came in mind. I placed a hand on his shoulder, and another hand on his cheek. He stopped laughing, giving me a confused expression.
Now was my chance!
I leaned in and kissed him on his soft pink lips. His boys start to whoop and whistle. Jay’s hands slowly came down and were placed on my back; I soon heard the keys fall to the table with a light thud. I quickly pulled back to grab them off the floor. I smirk came to my face as I dangled the keys in front of his face. mocking him.
“You lose this one babe,” I teased.
A bunch of ‘oooohhhhs’ came from his friends.
“Aw shuttup,” he said to his friends.
Now that I had full control of the keys I convinced Jay that it was time to go and that it was getting late. He sighed and gave in, I let him say bye to his buddies and led him to the car; he stumbled a few times but I managed to get him in.
When we finally got home, I helped him into the apartment building and through the door. “Were finally here!” I said breathlessly. For a guy Jay’s size he’s heavier then I thought.
I heard a familiar bark from down the hall; Peatry came waddling down greeting us with kisses.
Jay picked Peatry up giving him hugs and kisses, “Hey booy! I missed you so much!”
Jay stumbled a little freaking Peatry out so I carefully took the dog from his arms and placed him on the floor. “Babe, you need to get in bed,” I said to him watching him lay on the floor.
“Ugh whyyyy,”he whined, “This floor is feels soooo good yo,” he started to roll around.
I shook my head and bent down to pick him back up to lead him to the bedroom.
“Jay your drunk and you need to lie in a proper bed,” I said as we began to walk down the hall along with the pitter patter sound of Peatry following us.
Jay became quiet as I walked him down the hall, his weight became heaver and he walked slower. Maybe this was the “droopy” stage of his drunkenness. When I got to the bed I pushed his weight onto the mattress. “Just lie here ok,” I told him as I took his shoes and socks off for him.
He gave me a tired look with his eyes halfway open, “Whatever you say babe,” he said softly.
I then continued to pull his shirt off over his head tossing it into the dirty clothes pile. I walked over to his dresser and took out his black wifebeater shirt tossing it over to him. He cooperated by putting the shirt on and undoing and taking the pants off himself.
While he did that I decided to get ready for bed myself I started to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean myself up. I gave a sigh as I looked into the mirror.
Its weird seeing Jay go from hyper silly boy to tired and lazy in a matter of time. I thought to myself, then smiled it was kinda fun though, not that I like seeing him drunk.
When I put my pajamas on I crawled into the bed next to jay who I assumed was sleeping. When I got under the blankets I felt a hand grab on to my waist, startled I turned around and saw Jay giving me a devilish smile with a glint in his eyes.
“I thought you were going to sleep?” I asked.
He smirked and pulled the covers off me, “What my friends don’t know is that I actually get touchy and needy,” he whispered, “And I’m feelin pretty touchy feely tonight,” he ended his statement with a bite to his lips.
My face burned a little but I smiled and said, “Oh really,”
He ran his hand up and down my leg, “Yeah really,”
“Mmmmm, I like it when you feel on me,” I purred.
He leaned in to kiss me passionate tonguing and nipping onto my lips while placing a hand up my boy shorts to grip on my bare ass. I moaned in response at his touch, “MMmhp—Jay…” I moaned out. He gripped harder then ran a hand up my sides pulling my tank top up. He started tugging on my shorts but was interrupted my Peatry barking.
Jay sat up on his elbow looking at the small dog who was sitting on the bed with a confused look of the scenario. “Peatry go into the living room, ya can’t sleep here tonight,” Jay said to the dog. “Sorry boy,” Peatry whimpered but obeyed his master’s command by hopping off the bed and waddled into the other room.
Jay looked back at me with that smirk back on his face, “where were we?”
“Getting to the good part,” I smiled.
We went back to our steamy make out and jay pulled my boy shorts off in one swift pull, I could feel him smile when he felt that I wasn’t wearing underwear.
“Gone commando huh?” he whispered into my ear.
I giggled in response then moved my lips down to his neck and made his hand go up my shirt gripping on my bare breast. “I don’t wear bra’s either when I sleep,” I whispered hotly onto his neck. He massaged circular motions on my chest then brought his fingers together to play on my now hard nipples.
“Ahhh~” I moaned out, “don’t tease me baby,”
Jay snickered then sat up to take his shirt off then turned back to me to pull my shirt all the way up exposing both of my breasts. He snaked a hand down to my quivering opening and slid two fingers inside me, I slightly arched my back aweing with pleasure. My breast slightly bounced at each pump he did as well as my legs spreading wider and wider.
“Ahh—Ahh—Ahh …” I panted at each thrust, “Awww fuck…”
“You like that huh…” he purred as he kissed down my neck.
“Nngnn—Y-Yes Jay…” I moaned out, “I love it so much baby,” I could feel my breath come short already and this was just foreplay.
He suddenly spread his fingers inside of me then began to slowly massage the inside of my vaginal walls. I gave out a quick loud noise of pleasure, “I’m…I’m about to cum,” I said trying to catch my breath.
Jay moved from my neck to my lips then to my ear to whisper, “Try to hold it,” then went back to thrusting his fingers faster inside me.
I clenched my teeth, “mmmmhp…I—I I can’t,” I cried.
Jay stopped and slowly pulled his fingers out with my clear wetness covered on them. He grinned and licked his tongue on his digits. He gave a groan as he closed his eyes at my taste, “You’re so fucking sweet,” he moaned out, “And so fucking sexy,” I could feel myself quivering after his fingers left my opening. I needed him inside me.
It was my turn to snake my pants down to his underwear; I gripped the base of his cock and began stroking it. “I want you so bad,” I moaned out to him looking into his eyes filled with lust.
He threw his head back groaning at my touch, becoming impatient I got on top of him and pulled his red boxers off tossing them to the floor. His blushed pink cock sprung up at my face, I stared closely observing it.
“Y-You don’t have to –“
“Shut up I want to,” I shot at him, quickly cutting him off.
I pressed my lips onto its pink head kissing it as I placed a hand onto his shaft then slowly placed it onto my mouth. Jay gave low grunts at the feel of my warm tongue; I closed my eyes and allowed more of him in my mouth. I gave muffled moans as I swirled my tongue around his shaft and then massaging him with it. I slowly bobbed my head in a rhythmic matter then bobbed faster.
Jay clenched his teeth then gasped for air, “Ahhgg—N-Naomi—Fuu…ck”
I could feel his dick harden even more as I sucked on him, I sneaked my other hand to his balls and felt on them with my fingers.
Jay was now painting and sweating on his forehead, “Ahhgg—I think… I’m gonna cum,” he groaned out. I gave one last suck and slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth while leaving his pink tip placed on my lips giving it another kiss. When I moved my lips away I put my tongue out and gave it another lick onto the tiny slit as if it was ice cream.
Jay gave a frustrated groan then pulled me back up only to get on top of me; he placed both arms around me with his mouth slightly open and stared into my eyes panting. His cheeks were not that pink but he still had the slightest blush, his hair was now damped with sweat and his toned body shined from the perspiration. He gave a slick grin, “How bad you want me?”
“So bad baby,” I moaned desperately.
He ran his hands down from my sides to my thighs to spread them back apart but still had a slick smile on his face.
“N-ahh… what are doing?” I asked.
He didn’t say anything; instead he ran a finger down my clit.
Damn tease.
“Ughh… don’t do thaaat,” I whined closing my eyes.
“Say the magic woorddd?” he mused.
He ran another finger; “Nope…” he smiled.
I bit my lips, “Pretty pleaseee~”
He chuckled and got closer to my face, “Nope,” he continued to play and gently twist onto my sensitive lady parts smiling in my face.
I started to become frustrated, “Ugh…F-Fuck…” I panted out.
He leaned back up, “Fuck what,” he grinned as he teased his cock around my opening slowing moving it up and down but not putting it inside my vaginal opening. My chest heaved up and down becoming irritated; I placed my hands over them gripping on them myself, “FUCK ME!” I yelled out.
He shoved partially of his cock into my opening at first then slid all of it in.
I gave a moan of approval wanting him to thrust faster into me, “Ahh—Ahhh Yes…Yes…YES,” My breast jumped faster at his movement. I pulled him closer to me eagerly tonging him down while gripping my nails into his back leaving faint scratch marks upon his smooth delicate skin.
My moans came out like a mantra as the slapping sounds of our skin banging against each other.
“J-Jae—beom!!” I screamed out gripping on him tighter.
He plunged harder at each syllable I moaned of his name, excitement ran all over my body not wanting him to stop anytime soon.
“I’m really bout to cum now…” he groaned out.
I ran a hand through his soft smooth hair, “Cum inside me…” I whispered. Jay grunted a little more then gasped as I felt his warm seeds fulfill me. He slowed his pace to a stop and pulled most his cock out only leaving the tip in a little longer before taking it out. He gave a few more heavy pants and collapsed next to me with his hand resting on my waist.
He gazed into my eyes stroking my hair with a grin on his face, “I love you so much…”
I kissed him a couple times and smiled back, “I love you to, ya damn drunk…” I teased.
He smirked, “if I aint know my drunken sex was going to be THAT good I should have been drinking so much more,”
I laughed and poked his cheek, “Oh shut up you dork,” I told him, “I would rather you be fantastic then an alcoholic.” I grinned.
He laughed and rested his head onto my breasts; I placed a hand onto his hair running my fingers through his locks. He wrapped his arms around me and closed his eyes, “Your tits are so soft…” he said with a smile, “like a chocolate marshmallow….if they even exist,”
I gave a small laugh and patted his head, “Goodnight goofball,”

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