Game Night Ch. 01

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Our usual game night with Joe and Cindy was coming up in a few days when my wife Susan shocked me with playful flirty banter as I drove my hard cock into her sweet pussy, “mm… I wonder if Joe’s cock is as big as yours.” I nearly shot my load right there but she continued “I’ll bet Cindy shaves her pussy clean just like you like it.” That was it, I grunted loudly and felt her clamp down around my thrusting penis as we both came together as we often do.

We’ve always been pretty in tune when it came to our sex life. We often cum together or one of us will cum and that will trigger almost immediate orgasm from the other. We’ve also shared a number of our fantasies with each other and enjoyed the open and comfortable feeling of complete trust in the fact that we will not judge or criticize each other’s fantasies no matter what they might be. She has often said she would love to watch another woman suck on me before riding me hard as if she just needed my cock to survive. She’s also shared how it would be exciting to see me take a smaller woman and just fuck her as if she were just a tool for my pleasure. I’ve shared a few fantasies of mine with her as well. I’ve always wanted to see or share her with another man. I have bisexual curiosities that she knows about and sometimes indulges in the form of sexual banter talking about her sharing me with another man, talk of a strap-on to use on me etc. We have never made any of our fantasies real (yet) but we did enjoy using them to tease and please each other.

This seemed different though. She used specific names and they are close friends, not just vague acquaintances. We spent a decent amount of time with Joe and Cindy. Their kids were close to our kids ages and we saw them at almost every function as we travel in all the same circles and we’ve enjoyed game nights and double date nights with them frequently in the past. In fact they were probably the closest friends we have as a couple. That isn’t to say that I haven’t noticed that they are both very attractive people. Joe is about 6 ft tall with a muscular but not intimidating build and Cindy is about 5’4″ with light blonde hair and slender build with firm smaller breasts and slim legs and nearly perfect ass.

My wife and I are no models but we are attractive enough. I’m about 5’7″ with a fit build from hours at the gym and Susan is taller than me at about 5’9″ and twice as fit from twice as many hours in the gym. She has dark thick hair and large D sized breasts that she loves to have sucked and played with.

“What brought Joe and Cindy up?” I asked her after we untangled from each other.

“I know you look at her and probably him too.” She playfully replies.

“I won’t deny it but I didn’t think you looked at them like that.”

“Why shouldn’t I look at them like that? Joe is Hot. I do wonder if his cock is as fit as he is.”

“Susan! Wow this is a very sexy side of you I wish I had seen before.” My 8″ cock was stirring again from the thought of my sexy wife fantasizing so directly about another man’s manhood. She noticed the stirring and began to play with it gently, willing it back to life. As it thickened in her hand (she always said my thickness was the best part of my cock) she smiled and scooted closer as if to whisper to me.

“Cindy and I were talking once how they have some of the same fantasies as we do. Their sex life sounds identical to ours. I don’t know if Joe is curious like you are but I do know he wants to try a full swing with Cindy. That’s what brought it up she asked me if I could believe it and what would I say etc… She was really worked up about it but I could tell she was also turned on by it. So I shared bits of our fantasies to put her at ease and we talked about some interesting topics.”

“Do continue.” I pleaded as she continued to stroke my now hard cock. I didn’t care if she continued the story, the stroking or both as long as she continued at least one of them.

“That was it really but it made me think of them in a new light, or should I say in a NUDE light.” She laughed at this and bent down to take my cock in her mouth. This wasn’t usual for her; usually once she had cum we were done for a while at least. For her to be sucking me so soon after sex meant the conversation with Cindy and retelling it turned her on more than she was saying. Who was I to complain? She continued her banter about Joe and Cindy as she sat up and began riding me. I didn’t think I could cum again so soon but between her talk of the things she would do with Joe and Cindy and the sensations of her pussy working my casino şirketleri cock I was close again and she knew it. Arching her back to thrust out her beautiful big tits she worked me hard and more purposefully. Then she decided it was time as she moaned out “You are gonna lick Joe’s cum out of me while Cindy rides your cock just like this!” With that she ground down on me hard and came hard as I released into her again.

It had been a few days since that encounter and even outside the bedroom the playful banter about Joe and Cindy had continued on and off until we were both unusually nervous about game night. There was no plan or expectation that anything would really happen. It was all fantasy and foreplay and talk, wasn’t it? I’m not sure either of us was sure about anything that night. We did both admit to each other that we were strangely nervous as they pulled into the driveway.

As with most game nights or date nights with Joe and Cindy our kids were at my mother in laws house for the night and their kids were spending the night at one of Joe’s or Cindy’s parents house as well. It was always just easier to relax and have a good time if we were worrying about the kids and babysitters and everything else.

Joe and Cindy came in as they usually do with a bottle of wine to share, hugs between the women, a hand shake for Joe and I and thus game night began. We played a variety of games on these nights and often brought new games to try with each other. Tonight there were no new games and after a game of Scrabble and some card games it was apparent that this was one of our most boring game nights ever.

I think we all knew why it was a slow game night. There was an elephant in the room that we were all trying to ignore. At least until Susan casually brought it up:”So how are things between you two now?” She isn’t always the most subtle person.

Cindy seemed a little shocked as Joe smiled and sat back. “Susan! What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“I know you probably talked to Joe about our conversation the other day so I wondered how things were between you. You know from the conversation that Gregg and I are pretty open minded and non-judgmental so rather than ruin game night I thought I would just ask.”

“Things are fine, they are good.” Cindy replied as she turned a little red. Joe just smiled a little bigger as he leaned back and watched his wife try to hide her embarrassment.

I thought I would pipe in to see if Joe would say more. “I’ll be things are ‘Good’ based on her reaction eh Joe?”

“Things are Fine. Things are very good.” Joe replied with a different inflection on the words fine and good, and the added word very said a lot. Now Cindy was really red and couldn’t look at any of us. Susan was smiling and enjoying her friends’ shame a little too much it seemed.

“Cindy if you want to talk about this in private for a minute we can go refresh everyone’s drinks in the kitchen. Maybe we should step away and start tonight over.” Susan pushed away from the table and went into the kitchen without waiting for a reply. Cindy did eventually follow her but there seemed to be a quick look of some meaning between her and Joe as she left.

I don’t know what transpired in that kitchen while the girls were gone and Joe and I didn’t really say much while they were gone but when they came back they both had big smiles and seemed as if nothing had even happened. Cindy especially seemed fine. She walked right up to Joe and kissed him gently on the cheek before sitting back down at the table.

“We are going to play Strip High Card” Susan announces in her very direct way that offers no room for discussion or debate.

“Really?” was all Joe or I could muster in the way of protest. Neither of us disliked the idea and I could see him sit up straighter and look directly at Susan with new interest. I too adjusted in my seat glancing from Susan to Cindy in anticipation.

“Everyone will be dealt one card, the loser is the person with the lowest card and they have to remove a piece of clothing. Once you’ve lost it it’s gone, no winning it back. Once you are naked you play for Truth or Dares until everyone is naked or the game is over for some other reason.” Susan had really thought this out ahead of time I think. Cindy was still just smiling although you could see each of us getting a little more nervous as the first hand was dealt.

I had a 10 of hearts, Susan a Jack, Joe had a 5 and Cindy was the last to reveal her card. She had an Ace. Laughing she looked at Joe and I’m sure she was relieved she casino firmaları wasn’t the first to start stripping. Joe had already kicked off his shoes earlier in the evening so the socks came next.

Next hand, I had an 8, Susan had a 4, Joe revealed his Jack and Cindy had an 8 like me. Again relieved she watched as Susan (not wearing any shoes or socks) pulled her sweater over her head revealing a tank top that did nothing to hide her Black Bra and the beautiful breasts it struggled to contain. Cindy looked away but Joe simply smiled.

Round 3, I had a 3 (looking bad for me), Susan had a 9, Joe had a 7 and Cindy (always the last to reveal her card) turned another Ace. My turn to lose my socks although Susan made sure to express her disappointment I didn’t go for something more revealing.

Round 4, I had a Jack, Susan had a 6, Joe had a Queen and Cindy also got a 6. Our first Tie and we all looked at Susan for a ruling as this was her idea. She simply looked at Cindy and said “We Lost, Lose something” as she pulled her tank top over her head leaving her in a Black Bra and jeans. Cindy sighed at first and then realized that she wasn’t wearing sock or a sweater like Susan, her button down blouse was the only layer between her and her lacey bra that she was now forced to reveal. As she slowly unbuttoned her blouse Joe chimed in with a mocking version of an old burlesque strip song to which she blushed and shot him a look. Cindy’s skin was flawless under that blouse and the white lacey bra she wore was simple yet sexy although not revealing at all.

Round 5 woke me from my stare as did Susan’s gentle caress of my leg under the table and I found I had a 3 and lost this round. I pulled my T-Shirt over my head and threw it on the growing pile of clothes. As I said I am no Greek god but I do work out so I imagine I am not un-attractive so I hoped there would be appreciative glances from our friends.

Round 6 was another Losing round for Susan leaving her in nothing but Panties and Bra and I was feeling my jeans get tighter seeing her almost naked in front of our friends. Finally Joe lost again with a 5 in round 7 and removed his shirt. He is more fit than I am at least in the way he looked and I could tell Susan appreciated it.

Round 8 I lost again now down to just my Boxer briefs and wondering if Cindy or Susan might back out. I hoped my erection wasn’t too obvious but at the same time I almost wanted to lose round 9 just to let it free. Much to my disappointment Joe lost round 9 and we all discovered that his plain boxers would make a very nice tent in the rain. Based on the tent he was probably a little longer than me but the thickness was hard to determine.

Round 10 I lost again and I jokingly asked if Susan (who had been dealing the whole time) had stacked the deck to which she replied “If I were Joe would be naked already, you I’ve seen.” We all laughed but we all looked to Cindy to judge the sincerity of her laugh. She seemed at ease so Round 11 was dealt. Cindy Lost again and much to our surprise decided to remove her bra instead of her jeans. I was of course thrilled to see her perky probably small B or large A cup breasts standing proudly out for us and also noticed I licked my lips a little at the sight of her hardening nipples.

Susan finally lost again in round 12 and removed her bra and although they aren’t as perky as Cindy’s I could see both Joe and Cindy staring at them with a definite longing in their eyes. Susan snapped her fingers over her head to get everyone’s (including me I must admit) attention off of her big breasts long enough to deal round 13. Lucky 13 is when it started to get interesting because that is the round I became naked and therefore playing for Truth or Dare’s.

Truthfully I was glad to finally let my nearly hard cock free and the submissive in me hoped for good dares but I feigned disappointment and I was also genuinely a little anxious. Luckily round 14 gave me relief as Cindy lost again and was forced to remove her jeans which also revealed why she had chose to lose her top and bra so early. The panties she had on could barely be called clothes. They were nearly transparent mesh, they were tiny and they were a G-string style showing her perfect ass beautifully. Susan whistled her approval and Joe and I exchanged glances and a few short comments about how lucky he was and I was and so on.

Round 15 (my lucky number 15) became the first truth or dare as I lost with a pitiful 2. I started to opt for a truth just to ease into things when Susan cut in “The High card gets to pick Truth güvenilir casino or Dare and is in Charge of that Truth or Dare.” I would have protested especially if she had the high card as it seemed she was setting rules in mid stream but Cindy had the high card so Susan wasn’t trying to help herself with this new rule.

Cindy blushed “Since you were going to pick truth I am going to make you do a dare,” everyone laughed “Stand up and stroke yourself while we all watch”

Again Susan the rule maker chimed in “Dare’s are for 60 seconds unless otherwise stated in the dare.” It was my turn to blush a little as I stood up and slowly reach down and start stroking my shaved cock and balls for our friends to see. Apparently Cindy liked what she saw because she watched intently and almost sub-consciously started to tease one of her nipples while biting her lip. I admit it was a turn on to be in this situation so I was very hard by the time Susan called time.

I almost couldn’t stop but forced myself to put my hands on the table and sit down for the next round. The next round would either see me do another truth or dare or it would see another player naked although Cindy’s G-string was so barely there anyway it seemed like she already was naked. Cindy lost this round and made it official. She removed the g-string and much to our delight her smooth shaved pussy lips were finally proudly on display.

I made an involuntary moan of approval to which she said thank you with a teasing little curtsy and sat down. I lost the next round although at this point it could have easily been considered winning and Joe had the high card so he decided to have me share a Truth. “What sexual act do you most want to try and never have had the chance?” Oh boy. I wonder if Susan told Cindy about my bi-curiosity and if she told Joe. Well I hoped my response wouldn’t shock or offend our friends but it was Truth or Dare and I have always been a terrible liar.

“I hope this doesn’t shock anyone, I know Susan already knows this but You guys, don’t take this wrong and you especially Joe, don’t freak out, please… but I have always wanted to find out what it would be like to exchange blow-jobs with another man.”

Everything went silent for a minute as we waited for Cindy and especially Joe’s reaction. It seemed like an eternity before he smiled and said “Cindy mentioned she thought you were REALLY open minded.” And with a laugh we all relaxed again and Susan dealt the next hand.

Susan lost the next round and proudly removed her panties showing off her nicely trimmed bus and shaved pussy lips. If I didn’t know any better I would think she had groomed just for this possibility but if anything I was only glad she did. She was sexy as hell and I loved showing her off. Joe was the only person left with clothes on but Susan lost the next round and was at the mercy of Joe’s winning King (I could make easy innuendos about Joe’s ‘King’ but I’ll leave that for the reader).

“As a gesture of good sportsmanship and all that,” Joe said with a big smile and a lot of show, “Susan’s Dare is to come over here and remove my boxers. It’s not fair that I be the only one with clothes on.” Cindy shot me a shy glance as Susan smiled almost as big as Joe. She stood and slowly walked over to Joe’s chair and reminded everyone of the 60 second rule. She walked like she was a professional stripper seducing a customer in a lap dance chair and it was hot. She leaned in close to Joe with her breasts hanging right in front of his face and used one single finger on his chin to direct him to stand. She looked up at him with a sexy grin as she ran her hands down each side of his chest gently resting on the waist band of his boxers. He took a sharp intake of breath as she brought her hands back up to his shoulders and then slide down his body dragging her big sexy tits down his chest, stomach and across his now hard cock. As her head got closer she gave little kisses to his abdomen and the waist band but did not go further as she glanced at Cindy to gauge her reaction.

Cindy was lost in another world watching the scene. Her hand was back at her nipple pinching and pulling much harder now than before and she squirmed a little in her chair. Susan’s hands dragged down Joe’s body back to the waist band and her fingers slowly curled underneath and began dragging his boxers down as they went. We all watched as Joe’s manhood sprang free almost hitting Susan in the face and I was licking my lips wishing she would lick and suck him. As his boxers reached his knees Susan glanced over her shoulder and quickly stood up turned and over her shoulder said “Time” to a speechless Joe.

That was it, we were all naked and I asked Susan if she intended to continue the game to which she simply said “That depends, does everyone want to keep playing?”

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