From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 04

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After room service had their way with me, the men loosened my restraints and undid my cuffs. It felt nice to have some control over my body again. Though, I must say, I really enjoyed being restrained save for the pain, which wasn’t all that bad since I was experiencing tons of parallel pleasure.

The guys brought the food carts into the room and we all took a food and drink break. I ate some fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries and had some more champagne. I felt great and the champagne breaks were the perfect way to keep me highly buzzed but also functional and somewhat alert.

I wanted to remember everything.

In the last few days, I had gone from being a shy bookworm who had only occasional and very mediocre sex, to an insatiable nymph. Not only was I addicted to the sex, and I very much was, but I was also loving the public aspect of being seen by so many men. I loved being on display whether I was having sex or not. Being seen made me feel like a rechargeable battery that was getting powered up.

I had also learned that I got off on my own depravity. Feeling dirty got me aroused big time. Now a new feeling was creeping in. I was discovering my desire to be controlled.

I loved being the wild slut who pleased all of the guys on the way down from Boston and I certainly gave them all they wanted, but Bob was taking it to a new level. He knew how to tap into my inner darkness. It wasn’t just the things he said. It was the way he said it. The look on his sexy face and the tone in his deep voice. He tickled my inner sexuality as if it were a psychological clitoris. This was clearly a developing thing. I was learning so much about myself and I loved it. I never wanted the weekend to end. Thanksgiving indeed!

After a few minutes of rest, the men led me over to the strange table that I had glimpsed earlier. As I got a better look at it, I realized its true use and potential.

I felt a tingle in my pussy.

Bob told me to jump up on it. I complied without even thinking about it.

The table had removable sections and once taken out, the table was in the shape of a person spread eagled. They got me situated so my pussy was a little bit off the table’s edge and then they put my feet in the manacles.


They did the same with my hands.


They then tightened a wide padded belt around my waist and a strap around each of my thighs and I was totally immobilized.

I was right back where I started.

The good news is that felt sort of nice. I was far more comfortable then I was when they had me all stretched out on the bed. There was no sag with the table and all of my weight was directly supported. The table was also padded. All that said, these guys were in 100% control of me. This being my 2nd time being restrained, it was more exciting than worrisome. In fact, it was adding heat to my already smoldering fire.

As they were setting me up, they were all telling me how much fun they were going to have fucking me and how they were going to show me no mercy as they pounded my holes.

I was told that if I was a good slut, the ball gag would stay off.

I did not realize this when I got a look at the table, but apparently, the neck support was removable too. Bob took it off and my neck could now tilt backwards or downwards. He grasped my head with both of his hands and I then saw Bob’s cock getting hard for the first time.

It was half hard and still as big as his son’s. He asked me if I liked what I was looking at. I was captivated. I told him that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and asked him if I could please suck it.

He moved up even closer to me, but he kept his knees bent just enough so I couldn’t get at his manhood. He was teasing me and I tried mightily to move my head in such a way that I could get at his gorgeous cock.

No luck. He kept moving away just far enough keep me frustrated. I wanted this cock so badly that it hurt. I wanted it to do every nasty thing possible to me, but step one was getting it in my mouth so I could please him and make him want me as much as I wanted him.

“Tell me what you want, slut”

“I want you.”

“Don’t call me “you”, and what is it that you want, slut?”

“Oh God. I want your cock so bad it hurts, Master”

Did I just say that?

“Master? Well, that’s good. I would have settled for Bob, but Master has a nice ring to it.”

“Please give me your big cock. Please, Master. I want to please you.”

‘I know you do, Katie. How much of my cock are you going to take?”

“All of it, Master. Every inch.”

“Good girl.”

He chuckled and said that he might hurt me. I told him that it was a risk worth taking and that he should not allow me to be without air for too long. He moved his hips back a bit and dropped my face down and allowed me to suck on the head, which I did very gently but firmly and as sensuously as possible. I moaned and sucked and licked and told him how huge his manhood was. I then felt a cock opening my pussy and I knew it was Mario. He casino şirketleri started giving me a nice slow deep stroking as I worked on Bob’s monster.

I started to force myself onto Bob’s cock until I was rooting all that he had given me. I had him as deep as I had Alex earlier in the day, but Bob still had a few more inches for me that he wasn’t giving me access to yet. The table gave me a much better angle to work with versus kneeling in the van, so I knew I had a shot at taking all of him.

Mario was pounding away at me and it felt great, but my concentration was on Bob and his cock. He pulled all the way out so I could breathe, and, after catching my breath, I told him that I wanted more this time. He put it in my mouth, and after I took a last deep breath of fresh air, he worked it into my throat. I was learning quickly. I relaxed and took him almost all the way until he started pulling out again. He was impressed.

“You are an amazing little cocksucker. You are going to take all of me aren’t you, you little slut.”

Mario was still hammering away at me and my voice was cracking a bit.

“I want it all, Master… I love your cock so much… Please go all the way, Master… Please”

“I will, Katie. Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes! Let me show you how much I love your cock, Master. I’m ready”

I knew I had the approval of every man in the room, but the only approval I really cared about now was my Master’s. Bob didn’t force me to call him Master, but it felt better and better each time I said it. I was begging him to own me and it was making me incredibly hot with anticipation. Who knew?

He got his cock into the back of my mouth and let me get ready again. He then pushed into my throat. I took him most of the way and started to tense up a bit. He paused and I calmed down. Then he gently pushed in the last inch or so and my nose was pressed into his balls. I had all of him.

Bob pushed again and again and again as I moaned all over his rod. He was only moving his cock a few centimeters at a time, but I could feel him swell even bigger as he did so and then I felt his seed pumping through the entire shaft as if it were a part of me.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh. Good girl. You are a good slut, Katie.”

Bob pulled out three quarters of the way and I gulped the sperm that was still coming out of his incredible cock and then started to get some air before getting back to sucking every last drop of cum from my Master’s gorgeous slab. He told me to suck him totally clean, which I did. He let me clean his balls too and I licked them both all over like they were candy, which he seemed to like. He was talking to me as I did it.

“You are a good little slut, aren’t you, Katie? We are going to keep fucking all of your little holes until you can’t take any more. When we are finished with your little body, you will be completely addicted to cock.”

“Oh God, Master, I already am! I love all of these cocks and I especially love yours. I’ll do anything for you, Master. Make me your slut.”

I was so weak for him and we both knew it. Everybody in the room knew it.

The one thought in the back of my mind that was growing larger and larger was the need to have sex with him. So far, he had only allowed me this chance to suck his cock and to enjoy his cum. That was great, but I had a deep dark desire to allow this man everything. Total ownership of me. That psychological seed was in the back of my mind just floating around and germinating slowly. I was scared and turned on by what might happen when it bloomed in full. I knew without question that I was going to find out.

There was one more place where I needed his seed. Deep down inside I was aching for it. Why was he waiting? I had a feeling that he was going to make me earn it. I was prepared to do what I was told and to not disappoint him.

I then felt Mario’s cock getting bigger and harder and that brought me out of my little trance. He quickly pulled out of me and brought his tool to my face. I drank his load too. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it as I actually got to taste it all.

“Did you like my cum, you little slut?”

“Oh yes, baby. I always love your sperm. And your cock scrapes me just the right way inside. You give me amazing orgasms.”

Mario patted my head and said that I was a good little slut. Somebody else was between my legs. I felt some lube being rubbed into my pussy.

It was Chris. After lubing me, he pushed all the way inside and started grinding himself into me and mashing my clit. It felt really nice and since I was tied down and locked in, he could really grind our bodies together with his young strong lower body driving his pelvis into mine and mashing my little clit over and over.

The guys were telling Chris to fuck me good and I agreed loudly.

“Come on, Chris! Fuck me harder. Pound that wood into me, baby! I love it! You are so good, baby!”

“Here’s some wood for you, slut.”

It was Bobby. He eased his big cock into my mouth and I sucked him with everything I had. He was a little casino firmaları rough with me and he held my head as he fed me his cock. He got it into my throat and had it most of the way down, but I started to gag, so he pulled out.

Chris said he was going to cum and he switched ends with Bobby. Chris just made it and he released his hot cum into my open mouth. He missed a bit left and right and he used his fingers to slide the errant sperm into my mouth for me.

The men cheered me on as I swallowed.

Bobby worked some more lube into my pussy, which was a good idea. Then I felt his huge cock slowly working its way into me.

Charlie stepped up to my face and grabbed my skull by the sides and worked all of his six incher into my mouth and started fucking my mouth and throat. It tickled my throat some, but I knew I could back off of him enough to taste his full load when it came and that got me excited for more cum.

He blasted into my mouth after about five minutes and his load tasted yummy! As I was cleaning him, Bobby started banging away at me more deeply and deliberately. I could feel his head scraping the roof of my pussy and it made me cum and clench my pussy muscles like a vise. That got to him and he pulled out of me and got his head into my mouth just in time. Being that Bobby had abstained on the drive up, this was his first load of the day, so it was big and thick, and I gulped down what felt like six ounces of cum. As I listened to Bobby groaning, I kept working his cock until all the cum was sucked from him. He patted my head and told me I was a good girl.

I could swallow cum all day long. I just love it so much. It’s just so hot to give a man an orgasm and then for him to give its manifestation to me to drink and enjoy. It’s dirty and hot, but it’s also very intimate and soulful to me, even if the guy is calling me a slut as he blows his load.

After my four cum cocktails, Bob’s three clients all came over to me and showed me their dicks. All three were very big and fat, about like Mario’s and Brian’s though none had huge heads like my Mario does. I took turns deep throating their cocks and they were loving it. Eventually they started to take turns at my pussy. They were all good with their lumber and I came a few times as they deep-stroked me.

Eventually they got into a groove and one would fuck me deeply while another gently but firmly rubbed my lubed up little clit and a third had me sucking his dick. This triangulation had me really hot and I started cumming over and over for almost a minute straight.

The man in my mouth pulled out and Bob was suddenly at my right ear. He spoke loud enough so everybody could hear him.

“Katie, Bobby tells me that you just broke up with your boyfriend. Tell me why you left him.”

My newfound libido didn’t like this line of questioning at all, but I was in no position to argue and I wanted to please Bob. I answered and I tried to say something that might make him happy.

“Master, after getting fucked by Bobby and the guys, my boyfriend was useless.”

“So, he was faithful to you and you loved him, but you wanted big cock, so you dumped him?”

“Well, sort of, Master.”

“Sort of?”

“Well, I never really broke up with him. I just couldn’t. I could just tell that it would hurt him.”

“So, right now, you are cheating on him with all these men?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you think that’s right?”

“No, Master.”

“Then why are you doing it, Katie?”

No answer.

“Why – are – you – doing – it – Katie?”

I was tearing up again.

“Answer me, slut. If you can’t, there will be a price to pay.”

I told him the truth as the client kept pounding away at me.

“Because I care more about all of your big cocks than I do about him. I love being fucked by real men who can make me cum. He never made me cum!”

“Perfectly understandable, but don’t you think you owed him the truth when you got home or does he know you are dating him while also being our willing sex slave?”

“Oh God no, Master. Ahhhhh.”

I came as I was trying to answer him.

“I could never tell him about this. I am going to tell him that I found someone else.”

“Yes, Katie. You are going to do just that. Bobby, give me her phone.”

“Oh my God! What are you doing?”

“Like you said dear, this is not right. And I am going to help you make it right. If it helps, I can call him and tell him myself.”

“No! Please don’t!”

“Then you must do it yourself and you must follow my instructions to the letter or there will be severe punishment.”

“Master, I can’t. I just can’t. Dave can’t know about this. Punish me. Do whatever you think is needed to make me pay a fair price for what I have done wrong. Just please don’t make me tell Dave.”

“Katie, either you do it or I do it. It’s up to you.”

“Master please. I’ve done all I can to please all of you. I’ll do anything else you want, but not this. Oh God. Ohhhhhh”

I came again as the clients teams up on my little pussy. Bob continued.

“You güvenilir casino will do all of that and more, Slave, but we still need to tell Dave. I was hoping you would do it yourself, but I’ll do it for you because we need to make this right.”

I was now weeping.

“Yes, Master.”

“You understand what I am about to do?”

“Yes. Master”

“Very well. Mr. White, you can put your dick back in her mouth now. Get back to work slut. Make her cum hard, guys. Bobby, call Dave with Katie’s phone and give it to me.”

Beeps and tones…

“Hello, is this Dave?”

I was getting fucked and giving deep head while getting my clit worked over, but I could hear a voice on the phone. I couldn’t make out the words, but I could hear him.

“Great. Dave, I am a good friend of Katie’s. I found your number in her phone and a few of us wanted to call you while she couldn’t stop us. Dave, did she behave at all strangely over the holiday weekend? Anything out of the ordinary? Please be as candid as possible. This is important.”

He was answering, but again, he said nothing I could understand.

“I see. I see. Yes, I bet she was.”

More muffled words.

“Well, Dave, I think I can explain why she was so amorous. You see, Dave, Katie has been having a lot of group sex recently. She’s hooked on being a slut for a group of well hung studs. In fact, she’s becoming the hottest little submissive slut you ever saw. This girl was born to please men. There’s just no other way to put it. She’s totally embraced that reality, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell you. If you were her only source of sperm for a few days, I’d bet she just about sucked you dry.”


“Dave? Dave? Dave look, I know this is hard. Heck, this has to really suck for you old boy. You had this amazing woman all to yourself and you failed to satisfy her. You blew your chance. It’s over. Now you need to face reality. You have lost her. She wanted to tell you this weekend, but she just couldn’t bear to hurt you. She’d tell you right now, but she has a big cock in her mouth and another in her little pussy. We watched this little slut take a 14-inch dildo a little while back and she loved it. She came back from holiday early just so she could let us all abuse her tight little holes. Did you know she does anal now? You missed getting in on that one by less than a day. She’s really quite a specimen and her love for sex is only surpassed by her talent for sex. She’s so addicted to fucking real men that she’s agreed to be our private sex slave until Monday morning. Can you believe that? Huh? What’s that, Dave?

The voice was loud now, but I still couldn’t make out the words.

“Your right, Dave. She is a whore. More to the point, Dave, she’s my whore. Your little cocktail weenie is just not going to get it done anymore.”

Dave’s voice was yelling now.

“Mr White, take your cock out of her mouth so my boy Dave can hear his girl being gangbanged. Shhh, Dave. Listen to your precious Katie getting long-cocked.”

Bob’s client pulled all the way out of my mouth. I did my best to be quiet, but it was hard with client

rubbing my clit with two fingers and client
buried to the hilt in my pussy with a good sized cock.

I was gasping for air but I tried to keep him from hearing my voice. I didn’t want proof, and in my mind, that would be it. Unfortunately, the older men really knew what they were doing and they turned up the heat on their dual assault, which sent me reeling into a climax. And, though I hate to admit it, Dave hearing my debasement actually gave me a deep dark thrill that only served to heighten my pleasure.

I groaned and started crying out that I was sorry.

“Oh God, Dave, please forgive me, but I can’t say no to these guys. They make me feel too good. Oh God. Ohhh God! Ahhhh.”

I came like a freaking freight train.

pulled out of me and brought his cock to my mouth.

“Give me your load. I want to taste all of it”

He groaned and gave me the tip of his cock to drink from as I felt client

rubbing more lube into my pussy and ass. I guzzled all of 3’s cum, and as I was cleaning him off, I felt client

pushing his cock into my ass.

“Yes! Fuck my ass! I love it!”

Bob spoke again.

“Katie, I am hanging up on Dave now, do you want to say anything else?”

“Goodbye Dave. Oh my God. Oh my God…. mmmmmm I’m so sorrrry! Ahhhhhh. Fuck my ass!”

End call.


didn’t last long and who can blame him. He pulled out of me and gave me his cock to drink from.

This felt more extreme than anything that had happened so far. In my mind, Dave would tell people about this. My family was going to find out. I was going to get outed as a whore. My body felt weak after such a huge release. I was gasping for air. I should have been freaked out, and I was a bit, but there was also an odd feeling of relief.

“You did it Katie. You are a free woman.”

He meant free of Dave, but free meant something else to me at that moment. I was very emotional and confused. I was cumming and sobbing simultaneously as Client

kept rubbing my heavily lubed love button. I felt horrible for Dave but my body had completely betrayed me once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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