Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 04

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Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against mantelpiece of Lady Eliza Montgomery’s withdrawing room and surveyed the adornments of the room. Apart from the voracious Eliza, there were four other matrons of the ton, each of whom was well past their use by date and all were built on generous lines. The senior matron was the white haired Duchess D whose husband the Duke was a known fancier of young males. She was in her sixties and it showed in the lines of her rather unremarkable face that was saved by her humorous, twinkling blue eyes. They had a hint of sadness about them. Rumour had it that most of her household staff were strapping young men but most were unsure whether they were for the Duke or the Duchess. She wore quite a modest gown but one with a shallow décolletage that displayed far more than it hid. She was the proud possessor of simply enormous breasts the upper slopes of which showed clearly the lines of lifelong strain of the weight of her bundles of joy.

Next to her was one of the patronesses of Almacks, Mrs. Phillips. She was dour and somewhat dowdy and regarded the handsome young lord through a quizzing glass. Dressed in quite a loose black bombarzine dress, she appeared to have no figure to speak of. The bulge at her waist was either stomach or big droopy breasts. She put down her quizzing glass and regarded the other ladies. “I really don’t understand why I am here. You all know that I have important meetings at Almacks today.”

“We do know, Jessica dear, but I assure you, what will come to pass is exactly what you need. You have been in mourning much too long and it really is turning you into a sourpuss!” said the Lady Eliza, who was passing out cups of brandy. “More ‘tea’ Lady M?”

Lady M was a pink cheeked jolly lady – everybody’s favourite aunt. Unlike Mrs. Phillips, her figure was clearly of the hourglass variety with barely sagging large round breasts, a narrow waist and substantial hips. She had lost her older husband five years before and was known for her good deeds. Lady M licked her full lips as she eyed the bulge in Lord Anthony’s breeches. She loved sucking young cock but there were few young men that were interested in somebody who looked as she did. They all seemed to prefer young girls, the younger the better.

The last woman possessed a most striking figure. She had been referred to as “R” and wore a veil that covered her eyes and nose. She was quite petite but sported what was obviously a pair of thrusting breasts far too large for her torso. Tony was not fooled for a moment. He knew who she was. He had been admiring that figure, and those titties in particular, for many years. It was his Aunt Rose, his mother’s younger sister. She was a spinster and was the headmistress of a boarding school for young girls. He had speculated often that she preferred pussey to prick. What was she doing here?

Lady Eliza was wearing another lemon creation with a lacy bustier that revealed more than it hid. Her big round breasts with their crinkled uppers and prominent blue veins rolled and swayed within the loose confines of her dress. He could almost smell the heated invitation of her oleaginous cunt. Since he’d fucked her the first time, she had spent most of her free time scheming to be fucked by him again. Her own daughter had provided one excuse. While she knew Tony was a prodigious fucking automaton, she had some doubts that there would dikmen escort bayan be any left over after he had dealt with the other four matrons.

“Ladies! For your delectation, Lord Anthony has agreed to provide you all with an afternoon’s diversion. I have set aside a room for you each to indulge in private. If you all follow me, I’ll show you to your room. Tony, would you be so kind as to escort the Duchess.” Lady Eliza led the troop out of the withdrawing room and up the wide stairs of the Mayfair mansion with Duchess ‘D’ bringing up the rear with her hand on Tony’s arm.

Ensconced in a pretty bedroom, Tony observed the aristocratic duchess. She was clearly nervous and clutched the snifter of brandy in trembling hands. “My dear lady, please calm yourself. You’re as nervous as a day old kitten.”

“I’m sorry, Tony. This is not a situation I am familiar with. The Duke has not touched me since our wedding night, a night I am ashamed of. His breaching of my maidenhead made him puke his wedding feast all over my night rail. The very next day I found him on his knees sucking one of the valets. He made it quite clear that if I indulged in any sort of sexual activity, he would ensure my disgrace. As you are aware, my brother is next in line to the throne and scandal would ruin him. If anybody should find out about today, I ……” she started sobbing.

Tony led her to the large bed and sat her down, his arm around her heaving shoulders. “There, there my dear. You shouldn’t worry at all. Nobody in today’s assemblage will utter a word. They all need to keep their secrets.” Pausing reflectively, he said, “I take it then that you are practically a virgin, madam?”

“There’s the rub, sirrah. I have heard it whispered that I have been having a grand time with the young men of our household but none of them have been for me. Besides, I am no oil painting, and as I have aged, I have become even less attractive to men. Our butler is the only man who pays me any attention and I am sure he is interested in me. He is the only male member of the household who has not been attacked by the Duke.”

“Good grief, my lady, we must make amends for your years of neglect. It is true that your face may be described as lived in but your eyes are beautiful. I cannot wait to see them alive with passion. You have absolutely magnificent titties, and as my father often told me, one does not need to look at the mantelpiece while stoking the fire.”

“Tony! What a positively rude thing to say, young man.” Her supposed stern rebuke was ruined by a girlish giggle.

“Stand up, dear lady and allow me to get at the goods.” Tony stood her up while he remained seated and divested her of her glass. He imprisoned her robust thighs between his and began unbuttoning her dress. Very soon he was able to slide it down from her shoulders and over her hips to puddle at the floor. Her well filled petticoat was next. Tantalisingly slow, he inched it down revealing her luscious milky white breasts until it snagged on the upturned buttons of her untried nipples. Freeing the garment, he filled his hands with her weighty bosom and groaned as he buried his face within her cleavage. She was warm, smelling of lavender and slightly perspiring. He ran his thumbs over her crinkled areolae and experienced a lurch in his pants as he felt them ripple more and the nipples rise into prominent strawberries. emek escort bayan He fell upon them alternatively sucking, biting and pinching ignoring her pleas and moans as he fed like a starving baby. Abruptly he stopped laving her and looked up to see her eyes shut tight with several fat tears running down her cheeks.

“Madam, please don’t overset yourself. This is quite a normal prelude to what is to follow.”

“I know, I know,” she sobbed. “It’s just that no man has ever kissed or suckled on my breasts. You must know how I’ve yearned for a baby to do so.”

“If babies had done so madam, they would not be in the miraculous condition they are today. Let me at them again, they are priceless.” Tony resumed his unashamed mauling of the duchess’s magnificent mammaries while continuing to slide her petticoat down over her hips to the floor. Still suckling, he ran his hands up her back and down over her prominent haunches and around and over her tubby tummy where he felt hair. He leaned back and looked at a carpet of white and brunette hair that grew profusely from just below her belly button and down to her mons with some on her upper thighs.

“I say madam, quite a shaggy patch you have here. Spread your legs, I wish to fiddle with your magic button.”

“Magic button, sirrah!!??”

“Yes, my dear. Hidden in this veritable forest is a magic button that will make you swoon with delight. I am amazed you have not found it for yourself.”

“Oh, Lord Anthony, I was so ashamed on my wedding night, I believed that my private parts had made the Duke puke and have been afraid to touch let alone look. I say, what are you doing with your fingers? I seemed to have wet myself!”

“Nay, madam, that is the first flush of your joy juice.” He lifted his middle finger to his lips and sucked it noisily. “And, how lovely you taste, my dear. As sweet as a young girl’s I do declare. Why madam, you are blushing quite alarmingly.”

“Am I supposed to feel pleasure from what you are doing because I am, you know.”

“You certainly are, and believe me, so am I. Now, I’ll just part this jungle and…..ah, what have we here, dear lady. I do believe it is a clitty. Yum, yum!” With that, Tony swooped on the glowing pink nubbin, sucking and licking while holding back the forest of hair. He alternated his suckling with some palating of her steaming gash to the point where her juice started drooling down the insides of her substantial thighs. She clutched his head, moaning continuously, her sexual agony evident by the trembling of her body.

“Tony, please stop. I cannot take more of this delight,” she whimpered hunching over to drape her extravagant breasts over his head.

Lord Millhaven pushed his face, shiny with her fluids, up through her dangling mammaries and smiled at her. She gushed another tribute as she took in the handsome sight before her. “No, madam, we cannot stop. You must ready me for the ultimate experience. Step back while I disrobe but continue to play with your lovely clitty.” In no time he was naked, his ready prick at 45 degrees and dripping from its shiny snout. The Duchess’s eyes widened as she took in the handsome figure before her especially the beautiful appendage that quivered and pulsed in salute. He grabbed her by the elbows and backed toward the bed. He sat on the edge and gently pressured her to her knees so that her blushing face was eryaman escort bayan inches from his straining organ.

“My dear Duchess ‘D’, when you seduce your butler, paying tribute to the staff of life will ensure a successful outcome for you both. Not only does it ready the member for action, it clearly indicates willingness on the part of the female to engage in lusty congress. Now lick the big vein underneath gathering up those dripping juices. That’s it, keep one hand between your legs and play with your magic button while the other gently fondles my dangling balls. This heats the sperm and provides impetus to the spurt. Now run your tongue around the head and gently suck it into your mouth. Wonderful, wonderful. You can keep that up and be rewarded with a liberal dosing of man seed in which event you will have to keep going to have it regain stiffness, or, you can simply jump upon it and thrust it into your cunny for your own pleasure. Since I have other activities planned for today, I simply must insist in giving you your first real cock. Off your knees and come here.”

Tony lifted the hefty duchess upright and gently had her straddle him. She was off in some nirvana as evidenced by the glazed look in her lovely eyes and the sensuous licking of her lips and allowed him to place her knees either side of his muscular torso. Within seconds she realised that the head of his regal cock that she had so lovingly sucked had pushed between the lips of her privates. She gasped as she felt the heat and instinctively leaned forward to enable a better angle of entry. This had her enormous milk jugs sway forward and smother Tony with scented tit flesh. His hands lifted her wide hips a little, then forced them down to enable a few more inches to enter her clasping cunnie. Flexing his hips, he steadily drove the remainder of his steely rod to crash the sensitive helmet against her cervix. This jolted her upright and he stared transfixed as her mammoth breasts flew in opposite oscillations, her mouth gaping wide and issuing a mini scream.

“My Lord, my Lord, you have pierced me to the core. I am done, I am dizzy, I will swoon.”

“Nay, madam, you will ride your cock horse and experience pleasure like no other.” Tony reached for her dangling breasts and nudged her with his hips into a gentle trot. Within seconds her cunt gripped his pulsating penis and he felt a flush of juice fall upon his heated balls. “Faster now madam, you will reach another pinnacle especially when I douse your innards with my cum.”

Urged by his hands on her titties, the aged duchess posted up and down upon his steely cock until she felt the flared head enlarge. Instinctively, she bore down to mash her hairy mons and colossal clitty onto the base of his shaft thus ensuring that his erupting volcano spewed its hot lava as far up her as it could go. She succeeded and felt pleasure like never before. She was not a dried up old prune after all; she was a lusty, loving woman. Shivering intensely while she went through the throes of the lengthy orgasm that women have and men can’t, she leaned forward and gently kissed the lips of the smiling Lord Millhaven.

“Thank you so much, young Tony. I would never have dreamed that this feeling existed. As much as I would love another romp, you have tired these old bones out. I will bathe and recover and when I do, I shall go home and seek out Charles, my butler. He and I have much to discuss. As for the duke, he has terminal syphilis and will not last much longer, and good riddance I say.” Duchess kissed him again and gently rose to stand before his recumbent body. “Ooh, how messy! Allow me to clean it for you before you attend to your next lady…..slurp, lick, slobber……..”

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