Noah’s Starship Ch. 22

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+{Noah’s Starship}+

-+-[Ch. 22]-+-

~By Emri~



A little over two years ago my world changed forever. I found a reason to hope again, found my Noah. Now I was ready to cement it with the ring he deserved, the ring that would make him mine to protect until the day I died.

I’d enrolled in my last English course. I was sick of English, of Los Angeles, of the endless homesickness that overtook me and the endless nights chasing boys I didn’t respect and could never love. I had my fun here, my lost pathway. I was ready to finish my degree and go home to the life my parents would design. I’d work in the business my father had set up with his connections.

I would be married off to the girl my mother had chosen. She would be older, unattractive, but have good morals and high intelligence. We would live with my parents until we had children of our own and could afford a home for them. We would raise our children and my parents would come to live with us once they were older and we were established.

I would retire when we were financially set and we’d live the rest of our lives in a quiet, unspoken mist of dissatisfaction. I didn’t need a psychic to tell me how the rest of my life would go, it was well laid out before I was even born. I was resigned and ready to go home to face it.

And then I met Noah. He had me from the moment I saw him. He was younger, small but beautiful, graceful yet clumsy, quiet and intelligent, but with a heavy layer of naivety and innocence. His emerald eyes flashed at me and I felt a twist in my heart like someone had reached in and squeezed it. I knew instantly he was special. I instantly felt a need for him.

Everything changed with Noah. The birds chirped a little song, the sun was brighter, even the flowers seemed to blossom as he passed them. My heart warmed when he was near. He planted a seed of hope previously unimaginable to my cold and broken spirit. He was like a living prince straight out of a fairytale; a golden boy ready to rescue me from predestined misery. I couldn’t hold back my smile when I saw him. I didn’t want to.

Noah showed me that it was possible to create our own happiness, together. There was hope for a different future, a dream attainable, a life of love possible.

I thought about this, every cute little thing he does to make my body feel things it had never known, as I drove along towards our July 4th celebration. It was just before America’s birthday that I met him and tonight I would cement it as an important date for us. It was our independence, together as one. We would be free to create a life of our own.

I had the ring hidden in a little velvet box in the trunk. I had cleared every hurdle put in front of us. I had his father’s blessing, my parents knew about us, I had a lawyer working on the immigration paperwork, and I had posted the marriage bond in a savings account that Noah’s father would guard should anything ever happen to me. Everything was set; we would live out our fairytale together. I just needed to do it formally, a proposal he would remember and tell our children about rather than saying “Well… we just kind of decided to do it.” He deserved something special.

I looked over at him napping in the passenger seat as I inched along in traffic. There was something so perfect about him that left me breathless whenever I saw him. He was so beautiful, yet so undeniably male. I loved seeing him dressed like the all-american jock boy. He’d have a tight tank top, workout shorts, a backwards hat, and running shoes. He’d try to kick the soccer ball around with me at the park sometimes. He wasn’t very good, but he knew I liked it. It wouldn’t last long though before I’d take him off to a hidden grove of trees and makeout with him. That was more his sport.

He was my boy, lean and handsome. It wasn’t like when I saw a beautiful woman. Noah was sharper, toned in different places. You could put him in a dress with makeup, long haired wig and all (though he’d never had interest in that), but he’d still be my boy; the one my body craved. He was always my boy.

He had started to blossom in the past two years from the young, soft teen I’d met that fateful summer into a man I could respect as my partner, see as my better half. He still looked so young, but on the precipice of growing into a man. He’d likely always be smaller, leaner. It ran in his family. His father, though full grown and strong, was narrow and youthful. The pictures I’d seen of his mother, whose face Noah shared, showed a thin, graceful woman, though her eyes held none of the warmth Noah’s exuded.

I came from bulkier, stronger people. The men of my family had a proud tradition of military service. We are warriors, protectors, dominant men bred to be leaders. I hadn’t been Noah’s size since early puberty, and even then I had more muscles and a wider frame.

He was opening up to me more bayrampaşa escort and learning to stand up to me as well. He was better at telling me his needs and wants. We had gone through some awful arguments, but I was learning his limits, his desires. I hated fighting with Noah. He didn’t fight like the men in my culture. He always tried to be agreeable to whatever I wanted, even if it caused him displeasure.

He’d go along quietly with whatever I planned until he could no longer stand it. When he’d reached his limit though, he’d explode in tears until I felt like the world’s biggest asshole. I was learning to read his signs earlier and put more thought into the plans I made for our life. He deserved that consideration. He deserved to be happy.

It made my stomach twist and my heart hurt to see him upset, but it helped us learn each other, forge something that met both our needs. It helped me be more sensitive to his feelings as well.

He was growing in maturity though and learning to share his feelings with me. He was also growing physically and had added an inch or two to his height which was getting closer to mine. He still had trouble remembering to eat enough though, and I often had to step in to ensure he was getting the nutrition he needed. But things were getting better. He was growing into a man who could be my partner and raise our children.

We’d gone to a pool party earlier that day with some new clients earlier and he was worn out from the sun and swimming. Now we were heading to a friend’s house in the hills where all of my friends would be to watch the fireworks. Noah’s dad would surprise him. I’d let him in on the proposal plans. I knew he would want to be there.

I’d rehearsed again and again what I would say; pictured his handsome face cycling through ecstatic emotions as he realized the perfect moment I had planned. He’d already agreed to marry me, that wasn’t in doubt. But I wanted him to have the ring, the proposal, the perfect moment with all eyes on him. I wanted him to never forget that I’d go to any measure to make his dreams come true.

At the pool party we’d just left, the clients had invited us to stay for dinner. Noah wanted to stay since the house had a beautiful view of the city to see the fireworks, but I already had plans and things set. I had to wait until Noah went inside to get us a snack and tell the guys of my proposal plans. They’d offered a bottle of champagne, but he was too young to drink and I’d need to navigate us through a chaotic celebratory city to get us home safely. They wished me well and I may have used their good mood to setup a meeting the next week to discuss some properties I’d found for them.

“Baby love,” I said and leaned over the center console of my Lexus to kiss my sleeping prince. He moaned and buried his face in my hoodie that he’d been using for a pillow. He wasn’t ready to be up yet.

“Noah, we are arrive,” I said and put my hand on his hair. He yawned and looked up at me with teary eyes full of sleep. I leaned over to kiss his yawn.

“You want to take a nap inside, my love? Aziz has guest rooms. You can rest before the sun goes down,” I offered. I pet his hair as he slowly awakened. We can never go more than a few miles in the car without him yawning and getting sleepy. His father once said that he would drive him around when he was a baby to help him sleep. It still worked on him.

“I’m ok,” Noah stretched his arms out towards the dashboard and yawned loudly. His shirt pushed up exposing the budding ab muscles he’d been working on for the last few months. I reached down and scratched his tummy, my baby bear. He doubled over with a laugh and pushed my hand away. He’s always so ticklish, the sign of a boy who was never desensitized by rough and tumble brothers.

“Stopppp,” I imitated his whining and leaned in to kiss his neck. He still smelled of chlorine just a little. We had showered before leaving the party, but we got distracted by each other’s nudity so used our five minutes for things other than cleaning.

Noah laughed and leaned into my chest. I kissed him as I turned off the engine. We had to park just down the block from the party house since we were later to arrive. It was a steep, narrow roadway and my car was sandwiched between a boulder and a tree with the wheels turned away from the curb.

I told him to start up the hill towards the house and I would get our bag from the trunk. We’d packed a few bottles of wine for the party and Noah had made a batch of the cookies everyone loved. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and started away from me. I got the bag from the trunk and then dug around to get the ring box. I’d have to hide it until it was time. I locked the car and noticed Noah lazily making his way up to the house. He paused by the gate and waited for me as he stretched and wiped his eyes.

I knew he would wait for me. He always went so quiet around my friends. He felt comfortable with them, but he always seemed beykoz escort to fade back in social situations. He needed me to put my hand on his back or hold his hand and lead him in. I caught up to him and put my hand in the center of his back to push him forward. I leaned in and kissed his neck before we got to the door.

The party was already going inside. The house didn’t have any immediate neighbors so the music was thumping loudly. We hadn’t been here before, but it belonged to a friend of Karim. It was a new construction, cement house painted a dark green to blend into the thick woods that fell down the steep hill towards the endless cement of the city. I’d value it just over two million. If it was west of the 5 freeway they could probably get over three for it. It was the kind of house I would buy for Noah someday when we really made it.

“The boys are here!” Karim called when he saw us come in. The door opened to a small landing with two stairways, one leading up five steps to a large open living room with glass walls that looked out over the city. The other stairs likely led down to the bedrooms. I went up to greet everyone and pulled him along with me.

I hugged Karim, but it felt like a formality. He was rushing past me to greet Noah. He had a soft spot for my boy that was a little unnerving. I knew if circumstances were different, he’d have chased Noah himself. Still, he had always been a mentor to me and never seemed to behave inappropriately towards Noah so I let it go. I hugged his partner Mike and then Aram and everyone else before I was allowed to set down the things we’d brought.

“Your house is breathtaking,” I said to Aziz in Arabic. Per our custom, he began to point out its flaws and lamented the hefty tax bill (his way of bragging about the cost). His family had wealthy oil holdings throughout the middle east so it wasn’t as if he had made it on his own. For them, there was peace of mind in helping him buy this place in Los Angeles, far away from prying eyes that would gossip about their son and his choice in acquaintances.

He was safe here and their reputation was safe back home where everyone only knew that their son was a successful businessman in Los Angeles. Appearances can be life. I understood that. It had taken so long for me to even hold Noah’s hand or show much of any affection for him in public. I knew what it felt like to have to hide. I’d lived with that heavy weight for far too long and it took a very special boy to bring me out of the darkness.

There was a huge spread of food on the table and I got a plate to fill it. I put a few things Noah would like; cucumbers, grilled chicken, healthy stuff. I avoided the things that would get me a disapproving look from him. I’d worked so hard on my body and he worked hard to keep us eating right. We made our way towards the group. The couches were taken, so I sat down in a large chair and pulled him in with me to share our plate. We used to get odd looks from people when I insisted on sharing a plate, but my friends had gotten used to us being overly attached.

Throughout dinner I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation. Though everything was set and I had no doubt he’d say yes, I still felt the butterflies rippling through my head. I needed to make this perfect for him, a proposal he’d never forget. I kept an arm around him as we shared our plate. I kept rubbing my nose behind his left ear, earning me confused looks from him.

My mind wandered over the boys I’d been with before him. I couldn’t even picture most of their faces. It was a parade of whatever was available and whoever would worship me best. I couldn’t remember most of their names or even how we’d met. I never pictured myself settling down with one before there was him.

With Noah it wasn’t the bland repetition I thought monogamy would be. His body always brought out the beast in me. I was addicted to him and always craved his smooth, sweet skin; his full, soft lips; his little moans and whines for me. He never got enough of me and was always ready to go, ready for more. He never ran out of ways to keep it exciting; keep me chasing him.

Just this week I’d come home to find something I’d fantasized about with him. He’d texted me that he was going to take a nap when I’d said I was on my way home from a meeting. So I wasn’t surprised to find the house quiet when I got home.

I’d crept upstairs to slide into bed beside him. It had been a long day and my clients had been more demanding than usual. I took off my suit as I headed up the stairs, but I didn’t leave clothes on the railing since I knew it upset him.

I’d opened the door quietly to not wake him, but what I saw when I poked my head in stopped me. He was there in bed alright, but he was kneeling on all fours with his ass in the air. He had on a pair of my black dress socks and one of my ties around his head as a blindfold. The blue silk tie was tied behind his head with the ends laying down across his beylikdüzü escort back. He’d heard me come in but he didn’t say a word. He just wiggled that creamy white ass in the air and put his hands back there to spread his cheeks.

“Holy fuck,” I’d whispered as I slid off my dress shirt. I quickly shucked the rest of my suit and scrambled onto the bed behind him where his delicate rosebud winked at me as it awaited my touch.

“Uh huh,” Noah whimpered, knowing what I was about to do.

“Fuck that’s beautiful,” I praised him as I sat on the bed and rubbed my thumb over his little hole. It twitched at my touch, eagerly awaiting me. I was rock hard by the time I drove my tongue into his pink hole. His body bucked and shivered as he whimpered into the pillow. He was always so responsive to my touch.

“Yeah? You like that? You want me inside you?” I asked as I raised off him.

Noah mumbled something into the pillow that sounded like a yes mixed with expletives. I gave his ass a gentle smack and watched the milky, bubbled cheeks quickly turn to crimson. My boy is delicate. He turned his head back towards me as if forgetting he was blindfolded. His lips formed a simple o.

“Ow,” he said softly and rubbed his cheek against the pillow. It didn’t hurt him. He was soft, but liked my gentle rough play. He did much worse to me when I was fucking him. He’d bury his lips on my shoulder and bite little nips while sucking at my skin when the sensations of me inside him were too much. He’d leave small purple marks on my dark skin, but it actually felt good and meant that I was doing my job of satisfying him.

“You were ready for me to come home,” I observed and rubbed his ass, kneading the cheeks in my palms. I was ready to dive in there and suck at his hole, make him thrash around and chew on the bedspread while his cock would fill out and begin to leak precum.

“Yes sir,” he’d said in that voice that begs to be filled with my seed. “I need it.”

“You needed me inside you?” I’d asked as I kneaded his cheeks and rubbed my thumbs over his hole. It sent little shivers through him as he whined into the pillow. It was always that way with him. He made me feel like the strongest man on earth; like a lion, a hero, a primal key to his survival. He needed me like I needed him.

+ And then he snapped me back to the present +

“Navee? What’s up?” Noah asked and brought me back from my wandering memories that had produced a sizeable lump in my lap. I was glad we were sitting. I shifted in the chair to cover the full cock in my boxers that snaked down against my thigh.

“Just thinking how lucky I am to be here with you, my beautiful Noah,” I said and took the last bite of rice from our shared plate. He looked as though he wasn’t buying it. I’d hoped that saying something sweet would cover it. He couldn’t find out about the proposal beforehand.

I showed him a smile, but he knew something was up. I got my head together and started to joke around with Aram. Noah seemed to accept that he was mistaken and went back to talking with Mike about some recipe he wanted to try. I put a hand on his back and massaged him as we carried on our respective conversations with others.

Noah’s dad showed up when the sun was beginning to set. Aziz let him in. He’d brought a few bags of chips even though I’d told him not to worry about it. There was already more food than a crowd twice as large could have finished. Noah jumped up excitedly when he saw his father and ran to hug him. They hadn’t spent as much time together lately. I was selfish with his calendar.

“Mr. Kinney! I’m glad you could make it.” I nodded respectfully and went to shake his hand.

He pulled me in for a hug and whispered in my ear, “Did he figure it out yet?”

I shook my head and thought of the ring safely tucked away in the bag I’d brought in. Noah stayed under his father’s arm and they went to catch up as Mr. Kinney got a plate of food.

We finished up dinner and the guys wanted to go out to look a the fireworks. I told Noah I would throw away our plate so I could head into the dining area and get the ring out of the bag. I slid it into my pocket and we headed out to the back patio that looked out over the city.

There was a stairway on the side that lead down the hill to a lower backyard with a small pool and a long patio table with outdoor chairs. We made our way down as the last bit of sunlight disappeared. The city spread out below us like a dark circuitboard with tiny little explosions along the streets.

Fireworks are illegal in the city of Los Angeles, but the use of them is too widespread to be enforced. Aziz turned on some music in the outdoor speakers and we all lined up the chairs to watch the city come to life. We ran out of chairs so instead Noah walked a few steps to the steel grate fence and leaned against it to take in the lights. I got up and went to stand behind him and slide my arms around his waist.

A cool breeze blew in from the city and his body shivered when I pressed my chest against his back. I kept my pocket to the side so he wouldn’t feel the ring. It was a slim box so it didn’t stick out much. I rubbed my hands up over his chest and held him while he watched the explosions of color and light excitedly.

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