A Japanese Adventure Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: A New Beginning

We arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport one week to the day later. Nadia and I were so thankful Wen made the trip without incident. During the past week, she had been having episodes of intense pain nearly every day and I knew we needed to get her seen as quickly as possible.

Before leaving, I made arrangements for her to see Dr. Livingston with the aid of the physician Wen saw at the Naval Base. It wasn’t until we met Livingston that I learned he was a highly regarded neurosurgeon specializing in basilar brain tumors. Wen spent the morning undergoing tests and in the afternoon, we met with Livingston. He showed us similar radiographs of the tumor that the Chinese physician noted. What differed was his approach.

“We used to do surgery on these. It was a relatively complicated procedure with a painful recovery. Now we use a noninvasive approach that has proven to be more successful and with fewer side effects. We use a laser on tumors like the one Wen has as well as on masses that grow behind the eye and another hard to reach parts of the brain.”

He went on to explain that the mass could be destroyed using a convergence technique of three differing laser beams that all targeted the specific area of concern. Each beam was, in itself, harmless but the cumulative effect of all three beams where they met at a common point was quite lethal.

“Wen will need to undergo laser ablation more than once – probably as many as three times – over the next month or two. The tumor can’t be destroyed in one treatment due to the amount of swelling that results from the destroyed tissue. I don’t want to risk increasing intracranial pressure more than necessary,” he went on to say. Livingston followed his comment by informing us she will likely have headaches until finishing treatment.

“I fully anticipate her to regain full health and not be encumbered by the pain she is feeling now.” He added as an aside, “I’ve had a 93% full recovery success rate with more than a thousand patients using this approach.”

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when hearing that figure and was so thankful Wen had been put in touch with such a talented physician.

Dr. Livingston included a translator during our meeting. Wen and Nadia listened intently to all that was said. We asked many questions, and after the lengthy consult, Wen agreed to undergo treatment. She was scheduled for the first of three treatments the following afternoon.

On the way home, I asked Wen if I could take her to a special place for dinner alone. We hadn’t had any personal time since going to China. Nadia was more than gracious and insisted we do something fun and stay out late. We did just that.

Before taking her to dinner, we took a detour to the Space Needle, one of the iconic landmarks associated with Seattle. I wanted her to see the view. When we reached the observation deck, some 500 feet above the ground, the sun was about to set and the sky was crystal clear. We could see the Pacific Ocean to the west, the city spread before us in all directions, and the majestic snow-capped Mount Rainier far to the east.

The view was as breathtaking as my date. Despite her underlying health condition, she was simply gorgeous and I loved her. My former wife was a larger woman and I had never been that attracted to smaller statured females. That was before Japan. Wen and the other Cambodian slaves who I worked with were all so small. They had a little-girl figure although Wen was blessed with large breasts that set her apart and gave her a truly womanly figure. She was all woman, just a shrunken version of one and I couldn’t have been more pleased to be called hers.

I could see in her eyes how pleased she was to be with me and to be here. It felt like old times. We were free to be ourselves and free to do whatever we wanted. It was one of those things I loved most about her.

We ate dinner at a popular Thai restaurant and talked about the important things in our life.

“I want to marry you,” she said directly. “I’ve been thinking about this ever since we got engaged but even more while in the hospital. I don’t want to go back to China. I want to live with you, here, in America.”

I beamed with joy when hearing this. Although it didn’t matter where we settled, what I wanted most was for her to be happy. I was certain the wound from being betrayed by her own government when she was offered to Tanaka still haunted her. I wondered if this was her way to finally separate herself from the fear of that ever happening again.

Offhandedly I suggested, “We could marry tomorrow if you want.”

My comment surprised her but after explaining the simplicity of a Justice-of-the-Peace ceremony she was on board.

“Mom can serve as our witness,” she said gleefully “Tonight you will research where we can do this! Maybe we can do it in the morning before I go to the hospital.”

I giggled like a little boy and promised her I’d diligently see if we could marry on such güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri short notice.

“What about your mom,” I asked seriously. “Do you think she would like to stay in the country with us? I’ve been thinking about what would be best for her ever since we met.”

Wen nodded. “I’m sure she does. Besides, she loves you, Chaun. She really does. You have unearthed a side of her personality I don’t think she even knew she had. I love seeing her so happy. She used to never smile.”

“We would have to get her a Green Card. Getting her citizenship will be more difficult. When we marry, you will become a US citizen immediately. It won’t be the same for her. Getting her processed could take a year – maybe longer.”

Wen understood. “I don’t want to send her back home. I want her home to be here – somewhere in this country – with us.”

“I agree. Even if we have to live like gypsies, we can make this work.”

Wen drank from her glass of wine and then looked at me with narrowed eyes. “I need you to tell me about the two of you. What feelings do you have for her? How does she made you feel when you two are sexual?”

For a second, I felt the same pangs of guilt I had after Wen confronted me for screwing Nadia. Wen must have sensed my uneasiness and clarified her words further.

“I just want to hear you voice how you feel. But I need you to be honest. Please don’t hide anything just because you think it’s going to hurt my feelings. I have thoughts of my own but I want to hear what you have to say before I speak.”

“I like your mom. She’s a special lady. I see a lot of you in her or maybe a lot of her in you,” I said smiling. “We have an interesting relationship, Wen. I don’t know too many men who sleep with their girlfriend’s mother.”

Wen smiled with her eyes but remained silent.

“I don’t know what to think about the sex stuff. Nadia and I have talked about the sex we’ve done while you were away multiple times. She’s one of the most upfront women I know. In truth, I enjoy her. I enjoy her attention and I enjoy her body. I enjoy watching her suck my cock. I’m a guy. Guys like great bodies and she has a hell of a figure – just like you do.” I shrugged not knowing what more to say but then added, “But it’s you who I love. You are the one I truly love. I hope you know that and I sure hope you don’t doubt that.”

“I don’t. And I thought that’s what you were going to tell me. I opened that door between Mom and you because of all I’ve been through.”

“Because of all you’ve been through?”

“Yes. You and me. We are different than most couples. We’ve lived as slaves. How many couples can say that? I’m sure that’s why I felt open to you enjoying Mom as I did. I spent the past five and a half years naked. I’ve sucked more dicks than I care to count and had more cocks rammed in every hole of my body than imaginable. I’ve licked Mistress Meiko and Su’s pussy countless times. Sex permeated every aspect of who I was as a woman for so long.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I don’t feel at all odd knowing you and Mom are doing things sexually. Maybe I just see it as something that can be done casually – that it doesn’t have to be saved for only one.”

“But you do see it as only between two people. Isn’t that why intercourse is for only you and me?”

“Of course. What I’m talking about is the other stuff. The stuff outside of intercourse. I’m OK with sharing you with Mom. I don’t want to share you with anyone besides her but I’m OK with you two having fun.”

“Chaun, I trust you and I trust Mom. I also don’t want Mom feeling pressured when we are together. I want her to be comfortable. I don’t want her to feel like she needs to give us time alone. Like right now, you and I have implicitly separated ourselves from her. Because we didn’t include her, she probably feels like the third wheel in our relationship tonight. I don’t want her to feel like she’s the outcast. Not in the least.”

I dipped my head in agreement. “Me neither. But what do we do? Don’t you think we need time to ourselves?”

“Yes and no. What I am certain of is you being my slave. You are and you always will be. And you know I’ve told you that your slavery to me won’t be the same as before. I’m not going to be a Mistress Meiko or Mistress Su. But I’m going to be the person in charge. I’m not going to compromise with you on that. Can you accept that? I know we’ve talked about this, but I’ve never really asked for your vow of servitude.”

There was no hesitation in my answer. “Of course you’re going to be the head of our home! I love serving you. In my mind, you are my Goddess and I want you to live every day feeling like one.”

Wen smiled and blew me a kiss. Her full lips looked so appetizing. I wanted to lean across the table and kiss her full on the face.

“I want Mom to be part of us. I’m not sure how to do that but if she agrees to live with us, she would have to agree to live under my rules just like you. I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri don’t know that she will. I’ll have to ask. What I haven’t figured out is if it would be best if she also lived under your rule as well as mine.”

I didn’t expect to hear that. I raised my eyebrows and surprise. “And how do you see that playing itself out?”

“Just like it is now. You can have what you’re getting from her now but nothing more. She can have what she’s getting from you now but nothing more.”

“That sounds to me like Nadia and I would be living as equals under your authority more than her being my slave.”

“Maybe. But do you like the idea?”

“To be honest, I don’t know that I want that.”

“Why not? You could have her do to you whatever you wanted – within reason.”

“Because it’s subjugating her and she’s been subjugated enough already. Her whole life has been one living under someone else’s authority.”

“True. I haven’t considered that but you are right. She has had her life ruled by others. Maybe I need to put you at the bottom of our threesome and elevate her over you. Maybe it would be good for Mom’s self-esteem if she also had someone she could look down on if you know what I mean.”

“Either way, it doesn’t matter to me but I hope you do not put me over her. In the end, you’re the one who’s going to have the final say. I hope you decide on an arrangement where Nadia can grow her self-worth.”

“That’s what I like about you, Chaun, you know your place and you’ve always respected women – even the ones who have abused you.”

“You mean Mistress Meiko?”

“Yeah, her and to a lesser degree Mistress Su. You really are a natural submissive but also a genuinely good guy.”

She smiled. Wen looked as beautiful as ever. My eyes moved from her face to her breasts.

“And you have a great eye for spotting nice tits when you see them,” she said giggling.

“I sure do! Yours and your mom’s are the best! “Mmmm!” I replied with emotion.

Wen grinned. “I’ll talk to Mom about this. Don’t say anything. I’ll talk to her when I’m ready.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I couldn’t get us an appointment with the Justice of the Peace the following day but she agreed to marry us the day after. I told her about our unique situation with Wen’s surgery and she agreed to work with us if Wen’s health kept her in bed.

The first round of treatment took a little more than an hour. Wen felt little if anything. Nadia and I waited for Dr. Livingston to finish in the small waiting area. We were both stressed and prayed for a successful outcome. He found us pacing the halls. He was smiling.

“So far so good,” he told us. “She did wonderfully.”

We were visibly relieved to hear the report and went to see Wen. She looked just as she did when arriving. Her smile and happy ‘hi’ put us both at ease. How different things had gone from what she had to expect had we remained in Changchun. We drove home and insisted Wen rest.

“Doctor’s orders,” I reminded her. “Don’t push yourself.”

We let Wen sleep alone that night. She woke with only a minor headache. The day dragged on while we waited for our 3:30 appointment at the courthouse. When the time neared we dressed and headed to the 3rd floor.

Mrs. Stanford was an elderly woman and very personal. She asked about Wen’s health and care. After hearing the story of her and her mother I could see her express genuine compassion for the life they had lived.

“When did you first meet Dr. Livingston?”

“Two days ago,” I told her.

“And do you have medical benefits?”

Her question caught me by surprise. “Yes, I do.” I had excellent benefits from the company I co-owned that wouldn’t expire until the end of the year.

“I’ll record your wedding as happening on the 14th. That way you can have those rich insurance companies foot her bill. I’m sure you don’t have that much discretionary money to spend on something that will cost you thousands.”

“I think you are right. But are you sure others won’t discover what you’re doing?”

“Not a chance. I’ll simply file this form with the others dated on the 14th and that will be all there is to it. Simple and quick.”

Although Nadia listened, I knew she hadn’t a clue what we were talking about. I strongly doubted she had any medical benefits and had no idea if China even handled their medical charges the way the US did. I paid the hospital a steep price for Wen’s care and couldn’t have cared less how much they charged. Getting her out was all I wanted. Money was not the issue.

The ceremony was simple and lasted no more than five minutes. We both recited a simple vow: I, Chaun Li, in the presence of these witnesses, do take you, Wen, to be my lawful wedded wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

When repeated the same phrases back to me. Because the ceremony güvenilir bahis şirketleri was so hastily planned we didn’t even have rings to exchange but Mrs. Stanford was prepared when we weren’t. Smiling, she handed us each a plastic band with a grin as bright as the sun.

We all laughed knowing that these rings would forever symbolize this day. They cost almost nothing but to us, they represented so much. Our bond was the start of our new beginning and hopefully a marriage that would last for decades.

After we were pronounced husband and wife and greeted with a warm embrace by Nadia we headed for the exit. I was about to leave but turned and asked the Justice if she knew anything about Green Cards.

“For the bride’s mother, I suspect?”

“Yes, where do I start?”

“Come with me. We walked to her office and she handed me a card. “When you are ready, go to this man. He will get you started.”

I read the card, William Stanford, Department of Homeland Security, USCIS official, Seattle District. I grinned when seeing the name.

“Do you weld any influence over this specific official?” I asked smiling.

“Dinner.” Mrs. Stanford laughed.

“I’ll tell him to expect you tomorrow. He works until 4:30 so I’ll tell him tonight he has an appointment at that time. That way you will be certain to see him.”

“Will he be OK with that.”

“I recruit him now and again. And like I said, dinner is a wonderful persuader. Here, let me print out the I-485 form. It’s long and you should start on it before you see him. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to put for each answer. Bill will help you through the hoops. He’s good at what he does.”

“How long from start to finish?”

“Of the meeting?”

“No, the entire process.”

She shrugged. “The average is about 11 months but I don’t see why you can’t get Nadia’s processed in three of four.”

Nadia’s eyes went wide with hope. “Did you say three or four?” She exclaimed.

“Dinners are a wonderful persuader,” she teased.

“I can make him wonderful Chinese. Just tell me and I’ll come and cook for you!”

Mrs. Stanford laughed but I could see Nadia was dead-serious. I entered the conversation. “May she cook for you next week? We will be here for the near future and have nothing to do but sit in an apartment.”

“You can talk to Bill about that. See what he says. He might accept your offer.”

Just as we were about to leave another group of people walked past us. “They must be my 4 PM appointment,” Mrs. Stanford surmised.

We shook hands and hugged and left with so much more than we came. The saying was true: It’s not what you know but who. Mrs. Stanford proved to be more than just an elderly official of the courts.

“Come, Chaun Li,” Wen said proudly.

We all laughed and entered the cool and cloudy temps of an early autumn day and walked down the street feeling full of life and hope.

“Take me away!” Wen yelled. “Take kmeeee!

Soon she had Nadia and I doubled over with laughter. She was on fire telling everyone she was married and now a US citizen. I loved watching her but she was too much for her mom. Wen continuously embarrassed her by pulling her into a group of people and telling them this was the mother of the bride and she needed to be kissed. By the time we reached the restaurant to celebrate with an early dinner Nadia’s face was covered with lipstick and the invisible marks of a hundred other men who had kissed every part of her pretty face.

Our conversation from the other day didn’t take long to come to fruition. We decided to eat Vietnamese – just because – and found the food to be excellent.

In Chinese Wen asked, “Mom, are you happy for me?”

Nadia’s face shown with pride. “So happy dear. Your father would have been so happy to know you found a good man.”

Wen wrote on her napkin and slid it face-down to her mom. She kept her hand on the napkin. “Mom, this is how much money Chaun has in the bank. Before you look at how much he has, I want to tell you something.”

Nadia looked at Wen curiously. “I don’t need to know this about him.”

“You mean about us,” Wen corrected. “This is my money now. He’s my slave. I own him and because I do, this is my money.”

“Is your money now her money?” Nadia asked me.

I wondered what they were talking about. I nodded to confirm what Wen had already stated. It wasn’t something we had formally discussed but I had no reason to not share what I had with my wife.

Her eyes widened and mouth opened wide in amazement when seeing the figure. It read ¥107,000,000 – about $15,000,000.

“So much! How?” She asked her daughter.

“How is not for you to know. I want you to know that he has so much that no matter what you do, I will make sure you have enough.” Wen smiled and reached for her hand. “You won’t have to work again. No more. You can enjoy your life and live where ever you wish.”

“Thank you! Thank you both! I do not know what to say,” she exclaimed in both Chinese and then in English.

We all smiled and then laughed. I raised my glass and spoke first in Japanese and then in English. “To Nadia and no more work – ever!”

Our smiles morphed into laughs and for Nadia, into tears of joy. Wen joined her a moment later with tears celebrating her independence.

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