Night Nurse in NY Ch. 02

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** As per Chapter 1, all names/characters/situations are fictional and based on my own fevered fantasies 😉 Feedback is very welcome, I’m pretty new to this!! Also, apologies to any US readers if my medical terms etc aren’t accurate; I’m an emergency care nurse in real life but I’m in the UK, so I write about what I know! 🙂 **


I was having serious déjà vu. 2am this time, and once again, I was standing in front of the tiny mirror in the apparently unused utility room, casting a jaded eye over my frizzy and dishevelled appearance. I’d managed to make it into work on time with about 30 seconds to spare, after my extended and naughty wander into fantasy land earlier – and I’d not seen hide nor hair of my dark-eyed, intense paramedic so far despite the steady influx of patients into the ER, a fair few borne on ambulance trolleys. I hated Saturday nights especially; it’s not like I’d be doing anything constructive at home in the apartment, other than watching a Law after the conversation I’d overheard between him and the two paramedics as I left the hospital that morning, I felt self-conscious and hot-around-the-ears speaking to him. I seriously doubted that either Evan or the older paramedic had recognised me, but I knew for a fact that the clit-teasingly hot paramedic (who had unwittingly given me a astoundingly powerful orgasm not eight hours ago, albeit in my head), had definitely realised who I was as I scurried past, his eyes searching into mine in the clear morning light. I recalled with disbelief that the three men appeared to be discussing various aspects of my figure, my availability and the chances of me being shit-hot in the sack (oh, if only they knew the half of it…). Accordingly, it’d have felt weird and distinctly awkward to chat away with Evan as if I hadn’t heard any of it.

I suppose it’s my innate Britishness that made me feel so embarrassed; the logical part of my brain was goading me into just damn well asking what the paramedic’s name was and whether He was available. However, thirty-odd years in my beloved Britain meant that I was as likely to do that as strip naked in the middle of Resus and pole dance using a IV stand, so instead I settled for skulking about, blushing whenever I saw Evan and wildly attempting to avoid all possibilities of conversation. So far I’d managed pretty well, merely exchanging brief pleasantries before report and successfully buddying up for most of the shift so far with Sue, a kindly, quiet nurse in her late 50’s that reminded me of my auntie back home.

But now that I’d actually physically careened headlong into Evan, I couldn’t avoid talking to him any longer. I had the uncomfortable sensation that he’d somewhat enjoyed the impact of my massive boobs crushing into his chest: “Aww, Louise! You don’t need to throw yourself at me, you just need to say the word and I’m all yours, baby” he said, smiling broadly at me with an unmistakable glint in his eyes, as I fumbled to extricate my stethoscope from his silicone fob watch.

Flustered, I laughed uncomfortably and limp-wristedly flapped the bell of the steth in his direction, cooing “ooooh, stoppit, you!” coquettishly as I did so and silently loathing how ridiculous I sounded. I had learned so far in the States that it was generally a better bet to play along with the stereotype of uptight, stuffy, prudish British person but it made me cringe, mostly.

“Yeah, I’m all yours if you’ll have me….. but I guess I’ve got competition now….”, Evan continued, the glint in his eye still obvious. “You might not have noticed his jaw trailing on the floor this morning ’cause you were kinda busy with that code, but Karl couldn’t keep his eyes off you the whole time. He doesn’t normally hang around the ER any longer than he needs to, you know.”

I attempted to look non-plussed, and evidently succeeded, as he went on: “Yeah, I knew you were oblivious, haha! Karl’s the paramedic that gave report on that code. You know, the dark-haired guy. Professional. Very serious. Couldn’t stop staring at your ass…. Can’t say I blame him, mind you… hey!” I slapped his arm away as he playfully tried to grab a handful of my more-than-ample bum. “Your scrub pants don’t leave much to the imagination, Lou…. I’m a hot-blooded guy, c’moooon…..!”

Rolling my eyes, I managed to retort that his imagination was the only place he would be able to get a piece of my ass, despite there being so much of it to go around, and laughing, I walked away. I marvelled internally at how he was able to get away with saying and doing things that would land most guys with a sexual harassment charge in seconds, and reflected it was possibly to do with how stupidly hot he was himself. And Lordy, did he know it – resolutely single and available, he didn’t miss any opportunity to flirt with each and every nurse on the floor (available halkalı escort or otherwise), presumably on the assumption that if he cast his net wide enough he’d surely catch something eventually. I’d never be tempted to go there though, in all honesty, despite the fact he gave the strongest impression of knowing *exactly* how to make a girl happy in between the sheets. I had a sneaking suspicion that Evan was definitely a “bragging about it to every other guy in the department” type. Nuh-uh. Not for me.

Anyway, evidently I was utterly absorbed in thoughts of Him…..sorry, Karl. It felt odd knowing his name, somehow it was like being that little step closer to knowing him in a much more intimate way, and I felt my insides tingle with the memory of the look in his eyes and the way his voice had made my heart race. Distractedly, I leaned down to pick up a discarded SaniCloth packet, a tendril of my uncontrollable hair escaping from its prison and tickling my neck. Electricity shot over my skin and deep into my pussy; in my heightened state of arousal, I’d imagined it was his breath on my neck, taunting me and teasing me with what would come after that.

Get a bloody grip, woman, I chided myself as I firmly popped the errant curl back into place and tried to ignore the gradually growing sensation of silky wetness between my legs. Considering Evan was the biggest joker and flirt in the ER, I was wary of believing anything he told me, and it was inconceivable that Karl would have really been interested in me – he could have had any nurse he wanted falling at his feet, with his brooding looks and the sheer electricity of his presence. I shook my head, trying to clear the memory of his nearness that morning (and the rather marvellous orgasm he “gave” me later on) from my mind and attempting to focus on the circus of the ER around me.

Sue intervened at that point, quietly taking my arm and asking me to accompany her into a bay in Minors, where she suspected a woman with nasty facial bruising and a broken arm had been assaulted by her husband. I followed her behind the curtain and engaged the part of my brain reserved for situations like this – the unassuming, neutral facial expression and carefully concealed cold fury at the guilty party, who sat protectively at the woman’s side, daring her to say anything. God, this was going to be difficult. Reality bites. Thoughts of Karl shifted to the back of my mind as I tried to navigate the choppy waters of yet another marriage punctuated by domestic violence.


Sighing, I typed up the woman’s discharge notes…. ” ® periorbital hæmatoma… # ® distal radius (Colles)…. POP ½ cast to ® arm….. denies IPV….”

Sue gently patted my shoulder as she shuffled past. Sue had been right, but the hollow shell of a woman had quietly insisted that she’d fallen down the stairs, fracturing her arm and sustaining an uncannily fist-shaped bruise to her eye in the process. Frustration thumped through my head as I watched her abuser grip her non-plastered arm and steer her out of the ER. I knew they’d be back. I felt powerless; there was nothing I could do in the face of her refusal to press charges or even admit he was hurting her. It was these kind of cases that made me desperately need someone to go home to. I needed someone to hold me, run their hands over my tired muscles, enter my body entirely and fuck me senseless till I forgot, for a while at least, the awfulness of People. Fat bloody chance, I thought, making my way dejectedly to my utility room haven for a brief moment’s respite.

Lost in thought, I failed to realise there was someone behind me as I navigated the maze of corridors leading out of the ER, oblivious to the cacophony of noise surrounding me. It was only as I entered a long, deserted hallway and came face to face with a large, empty window filled with inky blackness, that I caught not only my own reflection, but that of the figure in crisp dark uniform some distance behind me. I was being followed.

My heart skipped several beats with fear, to be quickly replaced with a deeper and even more primal instinct: I knew it was Karl. My whole body knew in an instant, it was him; my skin felt electrified, my mouth went dry, and I felt sure my heartbeat was so loud it must be echoing off the walls of the corridor. I needed him, inside me, more than anything I’d ever wanted before and almost unconsciously, I felt myself draw to a halt beside a coffee vending machine. It was now or never: if he didn’t stop beside me, I wouldn’t chase him. It was all up to him, and cold fingers of something – fear? anticipation? lust? – prickled at my scalp as I pretended to be absorbed in making a selection from the machine. My fingers shook as I tried to insert the unfamiliar şişli escort coins into the slot, in my compromised state I couldn’t find the right change in the pile I held in my quivering palm. Christ almighty, was I thirty-five or fifteen?! I hadn’t had such a physical reaction to anyone since I was at high school, and it was terrifying as much as it was wonderful.

Scalding hot, black espresso spluttered all over my scrub top as I struggled to hold the cup, having finally gotten the right money in the machine. But I barely felt the speckles of coffee soak through to my skin as a deep voice breathed in my ear,

“It’s a pity there isn’t a spare linen closet around here anywhere……”

As the corridor around me seemed to fade into the night I whirled around, spilling yet more of my drink everywhere, but almost oblivious to the mess I was making.

A haunting set of deep brown eyes gazed into my own, the intensity of their gaze matched only by the crackle of the electricity from the nearness of his skin to mine. Our bodies were almost touching, my arms trembling, my heart hammering…. I felt like someone had switched me on inside, like my burning cheeks would light up the corridor.

“Erm, hi, sorry!” I stuttered, the cottonwool dryness in my mouth rendering me even more British and awkward than usual. “You mean my scrubs? It’s fine! It’s just coffee! It’s fine! I’ll give it a quick skoosh with hand gel and it’ll be right as rain!!” I gabbled gaily, giggling nervously and dabbing at my top. I sounded like Mary Poppins on amphetamines.

Fuck. Fuuuuuuck! Why couldn’t I dazzle him with my personality? Purr something flirty and sultry, to let him know I’d understood exactly what he’d meant? What the sodding hell was wrong with my brain?

But Karl was smiling and shaking his head; smiling like a tiger pawing idly at its prey before it moves in for the kill. He leaned in even closer, and rested his index finger lightly, just under my chin. It felt like a line of white heat had seared my face, and I think I might have stopped breathing for a few seconds.

“It’s okay, Louise. I know where we can find you a replacement top. Come with me.”

I *definitely* stopped breathing at that point. Mesmerised by the way his voice turned my boring, run-of-the-mill name into something I wanted to hear over and over again, I somehow I found myself following in his wake down the corridor towards my little utility room, in a trance of confusion, tachycardia and abject disbelief. Somewhere in my brain, the double meaning of what he’d said made my pussy tingle with anticipation, begging me to let go with abandon, and I nearly tripped over several times as he made his way purposefully ahead of me. Come with him? Hell, yes, please. Repeatedly, if possible.

As we reached the door of the utility room I hesitated, not sure if what I desperately hoped was happening, *was* happening. He sensed my slowing down, and turned, with his hand gripping the door handle, to face me.

“I think you’ll find what you’re looking for in here,” he chuckled, and those magically intense brown eyes sparkled at me in the harsh light of the hallway, before he pushed the handle down and strode into the room. My feet seemed to carry my voluptuous body forwards whether it wanted to go or not, and I dumbly followed him into my tiny and hitherto private sanctuary.

I could hear a drumming in my ears as I shut the door. I turned to face him, again only inches from me and I could have sworn I could hear his heart pounding too. He was so close I could smell him: the clean linen of his uniform, the faint trace of soap on his skin, the animal, male muskiness of him underneath…… my head was swimming and I put my hand out to steady myself against the plaster wall. Before it could connect, he lightly grabbed my wrist, his touch again searing my skin like white heat, and he swiftly guided me back against the wall to face him, pinning my wrist gently above my head. His other hand wrapped round the small of my back and he pulled me towards him, drawing in even closer. Time stopped, my whole body seemed to ignite from the inside out, and then his mouth was on mine in a crazed tangle of lips and tongue as he fought to begin his exploration of me. Blood surged in my veins and aching need burned deep in my pussy as I took him into my mouth, trying to fight back against him as hard as he entered me. Behind me, he had slid under my scrub top and as we kissed desperately, and was running his strong hand over my back, crushing me even closer to him. He released my other hand, the better to pull me into him, and my hands sought his head, gripping the back of his neck to draw him deeper into my mouth; I loved the velvety feel of his short hair under my fingertips. My hips rose towards his, helplessly, sarıyer escort and I felt him hard against me, his cock straining against fabric to push hard into my stomach.

In a matter of seconds, he drew back from my mouth long enough to wrench my scrub top over my head, knocking the precarious pile of my hair loose, which tumbled crazily over my breasts as his powerful hands gripped me once again, pulling me in, his lips on my neck, hot tongue flicking over my skin as I wrapped my arms around his waist. The next thing I knew, he was tearing impatiently at my bra, wrestling my tits free, as he grabbed one and closed his hot mouth over the other, sucking, biting, teasing and twisting my hard nipples and making me cry out in surprise and pleasure.

I was half-standing, half-slumped at a 45-degree angle against the wall and I could feel my legs going weak as he devoured me; he seemed to sense I was becoming overwhelmed and I felt his strong arms around my waist as he set me more upright, his mouth seeking mine again as his cock ground into my clit through our clothes. I wouldn’t ever have thought it possible to cum from simply making out and fully-clothed grinding but at that moment, I felt the hot blood surging into my pussy that always signals I’m very close to the edge. I needed him, without further delay, deep inside my cunt; I couldn’t wait any longer and I somehow managed to slide my hand between our bodies and sought his hardness.

I ran my fingers over the outline of his cock and fumbled to reach the zipper, distracted by the fact he was still fervently exploring my mouth with his tongue. It dawned on him what I was trying to do and he reached down to help, unbuckling his belt and tearing at his fly, finally succeeding in releasing the fiddly zipper. I tore at the opening like a kid on Christmas, finding the slit in his Hanes and delving inside, his rigid cock suddenly springing free into my palm. I ran my hand up and down the shaft, feeling him shudder, breaking our kiss as he moaned huskily, his head thrown back and his eyes closed. I could tell from the sticky drop of precum oozing into my palm that he needed me too; I marvelled at the difference in the way his cock felt to my touch, I’d never touched a cut guy before (other than professionally while caring for patients, which wasn’t quite the same) and I liked the way it felt harder in my hand than the uncut guys I’d slept with back in Britain.

Apparently lost in the sensation of me firmly stroking him for a few moments, he seemed to regain his control and casually swiped my hands away from his cock, quietly commanding me:

“Turn around. Now.”

I didn’t need telling twice. Stumbling, blinded by passion and lust, I scrambled to face the wall, nearly falling clean over a pile of fresh linen in bags in doing so. I instinctively spread my legs apart as I braced my upper body against the wall and pushed my ass out towards him. I felt his hands roughly grasping the waistband of my trousers and wrenching hard to pull them off, catching my knickers in the same movement so that my bare ass was exposed and he had a clear view of my soaking wet, hairy pussy, desperate to be filled.

I felt him close against my back and the backs of my legs, his rigid dick pressing hard into my ass cheeks as he reached around me, twisting my nipple with one hand and plunging his other hand between my legs where he flicked and teased my piercing, taunting my already swollen clit. It felt divine, but I just wanted him inside me so badly I cried out as he massaged my clit with his fingers,

“Please, Karl….I need you inside my pussy right now….. fuck me, please, just fuck me…..”

To my relief, without a word he shifted behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with rough hands and ploughing forwards between my legs. He teased me briefly by quickly sliding two fingers deep in my cunt, before I felt the tip of his cock nudging at my pussy, sliding slickly in my silky juices, and then the glorious explosion of him entering me completely.

It was like losing my virginity all over again, the intensity of feeling his cock deep within me and the desperate need for it I’d had for so long combined to make me squeal long and loud as he began to fuck me gently but firmly. I was overcome by waves of intense pleasure as he slowly screwed me, his hands gripping my soft hips hard as he pulled me back onto his cock each time he thrust into me.

I knew…. I hoped…. there would be plenty of time to explore all the different ways we could make each other scream, but right that moment I wanted to cum – and cum hard – and I needed more. I ground my ass back onto his cock hard as he thrust forward into me, and he seemed to realise I was beyond the point of no return as he gripped my hips and began to take me like I’ve never been taken before, pounding hard and fast into me like his life depended on it, his cock reaching parts of my pussy only my faithful toys have reached before. I was panting, and we were both covered in a sheen of sweat, our skin sticking together as we fucked hard against the wall, his hands reaching round to grab hard at my tits as he pounded harder and harder into my cunt.

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