Long-Distance Boyfriend Comes Home

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Peter was meant to land in an hour! We’d been apart for most of this year, given the quarantine and all the closing of borders we couldn’t really just hop onto a plane and meet up for the weekend. Long-distance relationships aren’t particularly easy, but this year has definitely brought it up to a new level.

But now that New Year’s Eve was finally here I didn’t care much because finally, he was coming home. A night that I had been looking forward to for such a long time, and I planned to make it unforgettable. Since he had to stay in quarantine, I decided on having a cosy night in. Besides, both of us needed some serious catching up, especially in the bedroom.

I’d set out all the candles, rose petals and wine – when I had a better idea. Over the months, we’d been having phone sex continuously to make up for the lack of touch. I’d touch myself, bringing myself to orgasm over and over again as I’d hear him breathe heavily at the other end, on the brink of orgasm as well.

Peter loved it when I talked dirty to him and ordered him on what to do. I’d been getting better at being dominant and was secretly loving it. So why not put that into reality? Over the months, I’d bought numerous lingerie sets, one kinkier than the other. As I traced the lace bras and silk thongs, I uncovered the black leather set Peter had sent me, with a cheeky note.

The soft leather ensemble felt wonderful over my mound as I pulled it over my smooth skin. The corset encased my torso, bringing out my curves and the cups encased my breasts pushing them up and out. The set was complete with a studded choker necklace, elbow-high gloves, fishnet stockings and thigh-high fuck-me boots. Damn, I looked good!

As I laid out a few toys I was planning to use, I got a text – Peter was on his way! I put on my trench coat and wrapped it loosely around my waist. Fluffed up my hair, and painted my lips with a deep red colour matched up with a dark eye shadow. I was ready!

A knock on the door güvenilir bahis brought me back to my senses, and I quickly flung the door open and engulfed him in a passionate kiss. My chest filled up with excitement, and my entire body was raging with energy. I moved back to have a good look at him, but all I could see where his gorgeous eyes sparkling with delight as he surveyed my outfit quizzingly. A whistle came out of his tightly pierced lips as he caught a glimpse of my boots.

“Stop that, get inside and sit down” I ordered. Peter’s face was now flushed with surprise at the tone of my voice, but he happily obliged. He walked straight into the living room and sat down on the first armchair that he found. I leaned in to kiss him again, long, hard and sensual. But nothing else, I broke away and stood up straight, shrugged off my trench coat and gave him time to devour my outfit.

His eyes went straight to my breasts, appreciating the soft curves that sat high on my corset. Peter’s breathing got heavier as his eyes ached, and his boner grew larger against his tight trousers. He reached out his hand to touch me, stroking my ass and cupping it tightly in his rough hands.

Peter started to mumble but all he got out was “I missed you so much” before pressing my fingers on his lips to clamp his mouth shut.

“I’m in charge tonight” I growled.

I pinned his arms behind him and held them steadily in place with a pair of handcuffs. Then as Peter inhaled sharply, I strutted to face him forcing his knees open. I lowered myself to kneel in between his legs and watched as his bulge grew thicker. My hands squeezed him through the fabric and ran up and down its growing and hardening girth.

Straddling him, I ground his pelvis against my crotch, pulling his face up to mine as I kissed him slowly, biting his lip, forcing his tongue to meet mine as I pulled on his hair. Breaking away, I heard him groan. I pressed myself harder into him, my hips pushing into his, my wet snatch güvenilir bahis siteleri insistent onto his hard boner.

Peter took his time to admire me while I wiggled myself backwards, giving him a great view of my body. I watched the hunger growing delightfully in his eyes and I reached out for the blindfold. I placed it over his eyes and wrapped it tightly behind his head, showing him whos in control. Then I stood up and made my way behind him, leaned over and felt his tensing chest through his chest.

I popped off his buttons and opened his shirt to reveal his chiselled body, lightly hairy at the chest and under his navel. I toyed with his nipples and watched him twitch and moan with a longing desire. Then as I found myself in front of him again, I took the time to kiss and lick his chest. Slowly making my way down to his abdomen planting small kisses and kicks until I could hear him whimper and pulling against the handcuffs.

My fingers kept pulling at the corset until I revealed my hard nipples. Bringing one to his face, I instructed him to suck me, nibble my nipple slowly. Blindly he engulfed my nipple, biting lightly and sucking on my taut breast. Bringing my other nipple to his mouth, he repeated his excited engorgement, licking around my nipples and sucking on them aggressively.

A soft moan escaped through my lips as he gorged my breasts. Peter’s nips sent shocks down my entire body into my core, resulting in warm wetness between my thighs. Pulling my breast away, I turned around, bent down and instructed him to worship me with his mouth, and that he did.

He started off kissing every inch of my cheeks, desperately searching for his prize. My pussy lips felt a tingle as he started licking gently. I pushed my ass into his face, and he pressed his mouth further into me, plunging his tongue inside as far as he could. My legs were shivering, but I steadied myself with the table and spread my cheeks out, enabling him to completely devour me.

The iddaa siteleri sensations of his licking and sucking melted, forming into an ultimate pleasure edging me closer to my first orgasm. And as Peter continued to nip his teeth at my clit as sense of relief came over me, moaning out an orgasm I’d been waiting for in months.

I straightened up, turning around to see his face drenched in my juices, oblivious to what I was going to do next. Kneeling down, I undid his trousers, shimmied them down his thighs, together with his boxers, revealing his magnificent boner. His head was shining, and as I took him in my mouth, I tasted his pre-cum. Peter moaned as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, sucking lightly at his swollen head then taking him again as far as I could.

Peter moaned and thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock further into my mouth. I knew he was on the verge of cumming, wanting it so desperately, but I wanted more. Standing up, I straddled him quickly, guided his dick into me, and lowered myself onto him. Pistoning my hips up and down, I rode him, gleefully hearing his breath quickening rapidly, begging me to untie his hands. I took off his blindfold and planted a long kiss on his lips as I continued grinding him.

Directing his cock to hit me at all angles and paying attention to brush against my mound so that I could cum again. I increased my pace, unavoidably giving Peter what he needed. As I sensed his excitement, I increased my motion to a violent pace, wanting to fuck his brains out, and he soon came, shouting and moaning out as his load shot across my thigh.

Getting up, I unlocked his handcuffs, hopped onto the table and instructed him to make me cum again. Thrusting his fingers inside my soaking wet pussy, he started pumping them, making sure he did what he knew would make me come. I shuddered as his fingers pistoned inside me and felt myself ready to cum soon.

As I came, Peter knelt down as instructed and lapped up my juices, sucking at my clit and my labia, taking in every part of me. Finally, he stood up and made his way to my lips, engulfing me in a kiss.

My phone rang, an alarm declaring it was midnight. “Happy New Year babe, and welcome home!”

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