An Introduction to Swinging Ch. 02

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For the next week or so Candy and I relived our experience at Secrets. I have had a number of ‘multiple partner’ experiences before meeting Candy, but she was a relative noob when it came to extra-normal sex.

“Ari, that night was fun. I had only been with a woman once before in college, and it was mostly kissing and fondling. Something every coed has to try when there are limited dicks around. So, being with both a woman and another man was thrilling. When can we go again?”

Needless to say I was a bit surprised at her enthusiasm, but pleasantly so. “Candy, tell me your fantasies about our next visit. What would you like to experience?”

She pondered for a few minutes and then slowly began, “Well, do you think we could find another man to join the two of us next time?”

I chuckled to myself. Candy is a relatively tall, good looking woman with beautiful caress-able tits with bullets for nipples. When she wasn’t wearing a bra (which we both found erotic) she had just the right amount of bounce and only a blind man wouldn’t recognize where she was pointing. “Yeah, I think we can make that happen.”

Since Saturday nights appeared to be the best attended at Secrets we made plans for the following weekend. Their disco theme was billed as “Western Nights”, so we decided to dig out the best possible outfits to show off her charms: very short Daisy Duke cutoffs that rode up her ass displaying two beautiful globes and a cut off flannel shirt tied just below her tits. I think she had on her western boots as well, but after taking in the sights I can’t remember.

We checked into Secrets, this time getting a 90 day membership with the anticipation we would be back again. Since it was too early for the disco we went out to the tiki bar for a couple of istanbul travesti drinks and to see what the rest of the partiers looked like. Again, there was a threesome going at it in the hot tub, and one cowboy munching on his cowgirls “clover” on one of the poolside lounges. There seemed to be no boundaries that someone didn’t try to cross.

We met two other couples at the tiki bar and struck up a conversation; the usual: where are you from what do you do for work, how many cocks do you hope to suck tonight, you know, the usual! To keep it simple Andrea was the busty brunette with Jason, bald but with quite an impressive package in his tight fitting jeans (Candy’s observation, not mine), and Tom and Kristie, smallish tits, tight ass and a sparkle in her eye that promised mischief (both our observations).

We finally decided to make our way to the disco for some show and tell, well mostly show. The DJ had a great dance mix going on and we all got out on the floor to show off our footwork, mixing and matching partners along the way.

Candy and I decided to head to the playroom, checked in, shucked our clothes and grabbed another drink before entering a flesh filled room. We sipped our drinks as we surveyed the room. Candy nodded to any number of possible partners, pointing out her favorites if the opportunity presented itself. I was pretty sure it would in the not too distant future.

After our first lap around the room we came back to the sex swing. I pointed, “Are you game?”

“Fuck yeah!” was her enthusiastic reply.

Candy sat in the swing with her feet in the stirrups, spreading her legs for my viewing pleasure. I decided to dive right in, getting down on my knees, placing my head in her crotch and wrapping my arms around her thighs istanbul travestileri pulling her in tight for a good tongue lashing. Not meaning to brag, but Candy loves the way I eat her pussy – a little light teasing, a bit of hard sucking, back to light teasing until she started to quiver. She grabbed the back of my head holding my mouth hard against her cunt and fucking my face with vigor.

I lost count but when she finally settled down she said “That was only two orgasms! I want more.”

Needless to say I obliged. By now we had an audience. A studly looking black dude was close by and I invited him to join in the fun. He planted a hungry mouth on one of Candy’s tits while I continued to suck her clit with a vengeance.

I looked up and caught his eye, “Would you like a taste?”

He nodded, “With pleasure.”

By now Candy had lost count of how many times she came until she finally pushed back and said “I need a breather”.

We went back to the bar for another dose of liquid courage. My cock pointed the way. We made our way around the room, watching all manner of body shapes and sizes, in all forms of carnal knowledge. Quite the show!

After a while we came across the studly black dude again (we decided to call him Studly), and Candy grabbed his head and planted a serious wet kiss on his luscious (her words) lips while grabbing his stiffening cock.

Breaking apart she posed the ultimate question: “Do you want to fuck?”

Again, Studly simply nodded. We didn’t know if he could talk, but Candy later said he was a great kisser, almost as good at eating pussy and I am, and he was in possession of a dick that was quickly resembling a policeman’s baton.

I went to grab a sheet and found an empty bed as Candy lead Studly travesti istanbul over by his ever hardening cock. She knelt on the bed, raising her ass which by now was sopping wet, and demanded to be fucked hard.

Needless to say, Studly didn’t need a second invitation. He climbed in behind her and slid what looked to be about 10 inches of big black cock (BBC in the lifestyle vernacular) slowly into her waiting pussy until it could go no further. He slowly slid it back out, then back in, again and again while Candy just moaned.

She motioned me to lie down in front of her and before taking my cock in her mouth said, “Don’t cum! I want you to fuck me just as hard when Studly is done.”

That proved challenging, since she is an excellent cocksucker, her tits were wobbling freely in front of my face and a well built, well hung black dude was pounding her pussy which had the pleasurable reaction of shoving my cock deeper down Candy’s throat.

Studly finally started to quiver, slapped her ass cheeks a couple of times which sent Candy over the edge and let out a groan that could be heard on the other side of Orlando. Multiple heads turned to watch while he finished his final strokes and that big black baton slipped out of Candy’s dripping cunt.

Candy let go of my cock and turned around to give Studly a thank you kiss. He smiled, kissed her hard, tugging at her bottom lip and walked away on wobbly legs. Never did get his real name, but from the look in Candy’s eyes she didn’t really care.

But she did want to get my cock into her still quivering pussy, and I obliged. I flipped her onto her back, grabbed her ankles and propped them on my shoulders as I slid my dick into her hungry cunt. She was primed, so was I and it didn’t take either of us long before we were both screaming out in orgasmic pleasure. I collapsed on top of her, kissing and hugging her close until my cock limply slipped out of her very wet pussy.

Candy looked into my eyes and smiled, “One fantasy fulfilled, thank you very much!”

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