Black Out Ch. 03

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This is a new story about a new girl but I aptly titled it as such to show that it exists in the world of Tyler and Crystal. Enjoy!


“Boring,” I say.

“Why is it so boring,” Abby asks.

“I don’t know what to say,” I reply as I take a sip from my cosmo.

“Well,” she starts, “when was the last time you did anything experimental?”

“I really can’t remember,” I confess.

“I thought you and Derrick had a healthy sex life,” she says as she finishes her drink.

“We did,” I say in a low tone, “but something went wrong, I guess. I mean we used to fuck like crazy. But after we both got new jobs and started making money we kind have drifted apart sexually.”

“You really should experiment,” she says with a big smile as she gets off the couch and into her kitchen.

“What do you mean,” I start, “by experiment? Should I sleep with girls? Should we get toys?”

“If you want,” she says from the other room.

“But,” I say, “I’m so embarrassed to go to that sex store.”

“You shouldn’t,” she replies as she hands me another cosmo.

“Yeah,” I smirk, “I could never go into one of those things.”

“You’re missing out,” she replies.

“How so,” I ask.

“Laura,” she smiles, “anything you want they have it. Before David and me got divorced we would go there all the time. Now I go there alone, a lot.”

“Why do you go alone,” I ask.

“Because,” she laughs, “I’ve met so many cute guys there. A lot of military boys shop there. And I’ve met girls.”

“I don’t know,” I reply, “I need to go out there and just experiment. But Derrick is so prissy and clean cut now. I just can’t explain it.”

“When did you guys fuck last,” she asks.

“About three months ago,” I reply.

“Girl,” she laughs, “it’s been too long since you’ve gotten any dick! Or maybe you need some pussy!”

“Maybe,” I say taking a big gulp out of my drink, “I better get going. Derrick is going to be home soon.”

“Okay Laura,” she smiles as we both stand up.

“I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I say as she gives me a hug.

“Love yaw,” she says before giving me a brief kiss.

“You too,” I smile as I grab my purse and leave.

I drive my car directly home. I notice Derrick is already there. I walk inside and notice that he’s not in the living room. I walk to our computer room to find him there.

“Hey,” I say as I walk in the room.

“Hey,” he says not taking his eyes off the computer.

“How long have you been home for,” I ask.

“Not long,” he replies, “about fifteen minutes. I decided to bring the report home and work on it.”

“Oh,” I say, “um, I’m going to make some dinner.”

“What are you going to make,” he asks.

“How many of those pre-made meals are left,” I ask.

“I think five or six,” he replies while furiously typing away, “We need to get more.”

“I’ll pick some up next week,” I say as I walk out of the room.

I make the dinner quick and eat it in a similar fashion. I watch TV for almost an hour. I walk back to the computer room to find him sitting there working on that stupid report. I walk up to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“What,” he says in a shrill voice.

“You okay,” I ask.

“Yeah,” he smirks as he keeps typing, “it’s just that we got this new boss and all he wants are reports due on time.”

“What’s his name,” I ask.

“Tyler,” he says as he keeps typing away, “how was work for you?”

“Boring,” I reply, “Abby and I went to her place for a drink.”

“How was that,” he asks.

“Fun,” I reply.

“Oh,” he says, “how’s David doing?”

“They divorced a while ago,” I reply.

“I forgot,” he says trying to play it off.

“I’m going to go to the store real fast,” I say as I leave the room, “did you want anything?”

“No thanks,” he replies.

I get in my car and drive to the porn store that Abby told me about. I look around for a few minutes and buy a small vibrator. I then drive back home. I have absolutely nothing to do. I find Derrick still plugging away at the computer.

I go into the bathroom and put a battery in my new vibe. I pull my skirt down and masturbate quickly. I don’t really cum. I try to stay quite since Derrick is in the other room. When I finish I take the vibrator to our room. I put it in my dresser. I decide to go to sleep.

The next day we go through our routine. We both take a shower separately and get dressed. He drives to work and I drive to work. I finish all my work while I’m there. I end up going to Abby’s house again. Her boyfriend is there and he opens the door for me. He’s black, which catches me off guard.

“You must be,” he starts.

“Laura,” I reply.

“Abby told me about you,” he smiles.

“She did,” I reply as he leads me to the living room.

“Yeah,” he smiles.

“What did she say,” I ask.

“Nothing much,” he says as I sit down on the couch.

“Nothing much,” I laugh.

“Hey Laura,” Abby says as she walks into the room with a cosmo for me.

“I didn’t know you had a boyfriend,” I say as she sits down next to me.

“Not istanbul travesti really a boyfriend,” she smiles, “more of a friend with benefits.”

“Oh,” I smile as I take a sip of my drink.

“I might be able to do something for you,” she smiles as she begins to play with my auburn hair.

“Really,” I say as he sits next to me.

“Oh yes,” she laughs.

I then feel his hand brush against my breast.

“Huh,” I say in disbelief as his hand grabs my right breast. He squeezes it slightly and is able to find my nipple. He then reaches into my blouse and begins to touch my breast with his fingers. He pinches my nipple and then pops it out of my bra.

“Take your shirt off,” Abby demands.

“I feel strange about doing this,” I grunt as he continues to fondle my breasts.

“Don’t,” she says as she begins to unbutton my blouse, “this is something you’ve been wanting for a while.”

I let her and her friend continue to take my blouse off. I feel his cold hand pinch at my nipple as he slightly kisses me. Then I feel a hand reach into my skirt. It’s my friend Abby and not him. I feel her finger probe inside of me. He continues to kiss me. I finally let his tongue penetrate my lips. Abby slowly fingers me and kisses my cheek. I then notice that one of my breasts is completely exposed and my blouse is wide open. Abby pops out my other breast. She begins to suck on my nipple. He takes his dick out. It’s very big, much larger than Derrick’s. I finally let go and grab onto it. I lean over and begin to give him head. It’s huge and I have a hard time taking the whole thing in my mouth. I’ve never been with a black man before. I begin to get used to the feel of his huge member inside of me. I deep throat it once and almost throw up!

“Damn,” Abby says as she brushes my hair out of my face.

“Fuck,” I exclaim as I come up for air.

Just then she pushes my head back onto his huge dick. She forces my face completely onto his dick. I begin to tear up as she holds my head in place. She lets me up and I sit on the couch. Her friend stands over me and spreads my legs apart. He slowly inches his penis inside of me.

“You have a condom,” I ask in fear.

“No,” he smiles as he continues to penetrate me.

“I can’t do this without a condom,” I say as he places the entire length of his penis inside of me.

“Relax,” Abby tells me as her friend places my legs on his shoulders, “are you on the pill?”

“No,” I grunt as he pumps in and out of me quickly.

“You’re an adult,” she smiles, “you can buy the morning after pill.”

“Fuck,” I yell out as he pushes me into the couch.

I feel my shoes touching the wall as he begins to fuck me. I’m afraid that I might damage her walls. He kisses me a few times as he pumps harder and harder. He keeps fucking me for what seems like an eternity. He then grabs my legs at the ankles and fucks me even harder. I notice that my panties are still around my left ankle. He then places them back on his shoulders and fucks me even harder than before. I look at my watch and realize I better get home soon.

“I gotta go home,” I yell out.

“Cum,” Abby demands of her friend.

“Not in me please,” I ask.

“You can get the pill,” she says as his seed flies into my pussy.

“FUCK,” I yell.

His hot seed flies into me. I feel it splash inside of me a few times. It’s warm, but it burns a little bit. He holds the back of my head as he kisses me one last time before letting me off the couch. I’m able to put my panties on and place my bra back on; Abby helps me get dressed as her friend leaves the room.

“Don’t worry,” Abby smiles.

“About what,” I ask.

“He had a vasectomy,” she smiles.

“Are you serious,” I ask as I readjust my panties.

“Yeah,” she says as she helps me fix my hair.

“Fuck,” I say as his seed begins to leak out of me.

“What,” she asks.

“Nothing,” I reply, “I have to get home and make one of those high end frozen dinners.”

“Have fun,” she says as she walks me to the door.

“I’ll try,” I say as she gives me a quick kiss.

“I’ll call ya tomorrow,” she says as I get into the car.

I put the key in the ignition. I turn the key once to turn the radio on. Just then it hits me! I want to know who this mystery man is. I need to know. I search the car and find a pad of paper. I write my name, cell number, e-mail, work number, and home number on it. I take the key out and exit my car. I hear my heels click on the concrete as I run back to her front door. I knock once and Abby answers.

“Laura,” she says in disbelief.

“Where’s your friend,” I ask.

“Let me get him,” she replies as she walks back into the house, “have a seat on the couch.”

I comply and notice where my shoes hit on the wall. Shit, I think, I hope she doesn’t notice that I scratched her wall. I look at the paper with all my numbers and contact information on it and realize I’m basically going to give this guy my entire life.

“Welcome back,” he says as he enters the room.

“Hello,” I say as I stand up to greet him.

“How are you,” he asks istanbul travestileri as he gives me a hug and a quick kiss.

“Much better,” I start, “I was wondering if maybe you could give me a call sometime.”

“Sure,” he smiles as I give him the paper.

“What’s your name,” I ask.

“Why do you ask,” he smirks.

“I want to know the name of the man who gave me the best sex ever,” I say wrapping my hands around the back of his neck.

“Kamal,” he smiles as I give him a big kiss.

“All right Kamal,” I say as I let go of him, “call me anytime.”

“When’s a good time,” he asks.

“Anytime baby,” I say as I start to leave.

When I get home Derrick is still stuck at the computer. I feel as if he never left it in the first place. I wonder if he’ll get that report done. We barely talk when I get home. I make another dinner and go to sleep. I have a dream about Kamal and how he fucked me. I want him so bad!

The next day at work, all I think about is how he fucked me. Even though it was brief, I needed that so bad. Derrick would never dick me down like that. I start working on my reports and finish them up quickly. I guess Derrick could learn a thing or two from me. Suddenly the phone rings right before I go on lunch.

“This is Laura how may I help you,” I say in an upbeat voice.

“Laura, it’s me Kamal,” he says in his sexy voice.

“Hello,” I say in quiet voice, “how are you?”

“Good,” he says, “have you eaten lunch yet?”

“No,” I reply, “I was just going to go in a minute.”

“Meet me in the parking garage,” he says, “I’ll get you lunch.”

“What kind of car do you have,” I ask.

“Black Mercedes,” he replies, “see you in a few.”

“You too, bye,” I say as we both hang up.

I get up from my desk and walk to the garage and find the black Mercedes. It’s next to my car. I see him roll his window down just enough for me to see his hand wave me over. All the windows are tinted. I open the passenger side door and sit down. I look over to him and kiss him.

“So,” I say looking at his crotch.

“Yes,” he says looking at me.

“I think I know what I want for lunch,” I smile as my hand reaches towards his pants.

I help him unzip his pants and pull out his huge dick. It’s semi-hard, but nearly fully erect. I spit in my hand and begin to give him a hand job. When it gets fully erect, I place my entire mouth on his monster. I try and deep throat it several times, but the size overwhelms me. I keep sucking at it until I run out of breath. I come up for air briefly and then begin to suck on it some more.

“Damn,” he grunts, “Abby was right!”

“About what,” I ask as I take my mouth off his dick before shoving it back in me.

“You needed some dick,” he replies, “now keep sucking till I cum!”

“Yes,” I say coming up for air again.

“Shut the fuck up,” he says putting my mouth back on his large dick.

I keep sucking and he keeps pushing my face onto his dick. I gag a few times and I begin to tear up again. He slaps my ass briefly, and reaches into my blouse to feel my tits. I keep sucking at his dick and I taste the pre cum. I hear him grunt and moan as he is reaching orgasm. He keeps moving my head up and down his large shaft and finally he cums. His salty seed invades my mouth. It flies out in two quick bursts and I try not to gag as I try to keep it in my mouth.

“Swallow that shit,” he demands.

It takes me two times to get all of it down. I feel like I’m going to throw up. But much to his delight I keep it down.

“Holy shit,” I say in exhaustion.

“How was it bitch,” he asks.

“The best,” I say readjusting my clothes.

“What are you doing after work,” he asks.

“Whatever you want,” I reply.

“We’re going shopping,” he says.

“For what,” I ask.

“You’ll see,” he says, “I’ve got to get you ready for my friends.”

“Friends,” I say in surprise.

“You’ve got a busy weekend ahead of you,” he says.

“What am I going to do,” I ask looking into his eyes.

“Surprise,” he says in a stern voice, “tell your husband that you’re going to Abby’s house. But meet me at the mall, in the food court. And then we’ll go shopping. If you get home late tell your hubby that you got bogged down in girl shit. Now get the fuck out of my fucking car!”

“Yes,” I say exiting his car.

I walk back to the office and use the bathroom and notice my visibly pregnant co-worker. She smiles at me and walks out. I look at my face in the mirror and wipe away the tears that messed up my makeup. I reapply more makeup and take a leak. I forget to wash my hands. I go back to my desk and finish my reports.

After work I go to my car and drive to the mall and find Kamal in the food court wearing a nice suit.

“Hey,” I smile.

“Hey,” he says as he gets up from his chair.

“How are you,” I ask as I give him a hug.

“Good,” he replies, “we’ve got to get you ready.”

“Oh,” I say as I take his hand.

“Follow me,” he demands.

I comply and follow him to the Nieman Marcus store. He sees a young lady and she approaches travesti istanbul us.

“May I help you,” she asks.

“Yes,” he starts, “Laura go sit down over there for a minute.”

“Yes,” I say as I walk away to the chair near the entrance.

I sit and watch the two talk. I see her get a big smile on her face. Then Kamal signals to me and I walk back to her.

“We’ve been expecting you,” the young lady says.

I grab Kamal’s hand and the young lady leads us to an empty room. I notice a few other workers walk in with clothing racks. The young lady sets a chair down for Kamal and I stand up waiting for further instructions.

“Are you ready,” the young lady asks.

“Me,” I ask.

“Yes ma’am,” she replies.

“She’s ready,” Kamal says.

The young lady then takes me to one of the dressing rooms and several other of her co-workers follow me into the large dressing room. They undress me and give me some strange hip-hop and rap style clothes. They put them on me and present me to Kamal. He passes on the first outfit, and the second. He decides to keep the heels from the second outfit. I feel strange wearing these clothes, but it is fun to play. The clothing people sneak a couple of cheap feels on me. I don’t mind most of them might be gay. He decides on another pair of heels and a new necklace. He keeps changing his mind on the shoes. I’ve tried on at least ten pairs. He likes the short skirts, and the wife beaters. He finally decides on two outfits. I model them both and he likes them so much that he buys them both. I see him take out an American Express Black card. The workers take me back into the room and undress me and put my old clothes on. They then lead me out of the dressing room.

“You ready,” he asks.

“As ever,” I reply taking his hand.

He leads me out of the mall and to his car. He drives me to my car. We don’t say much.

“Thanks for the clothes,” I smile.

“You’re welcome,” he says, “same time on Saturday. You’re going to get your hair done and a few other things. You and Abby need to look immaculate for my friends.”

“Oh we will,” I say opening the door.

“Hang on,” he says unzipping his pants, “you owe me!”

I engulf his penis with my mouth.

I still have the taste of his cum in my mouth when I get to my house. It’s not too late but once again Derrick is doing his reports on the computer. I have another frozen dinner for dinner. I go to bed and when I get up Derrick is gone.

In the morning I take a shower and get ready for work. When I leave I notice a box is on my door. It reads: Open me NOW!! I open it to reveal the clothes that were purchased, an appointment at a hair stylist at three, a note that says that I have reservations for two at the nicest restaurant in town, and directions to put my new clothes on right after work. It says that I have to be there at exactly six. I then put the box in the car and drive to work.

I’m so excited at work I barely finish my work. I just sit there and think about Kamal and a few other things. I don’t care that I’m cheating on Derrick. I really like Kamal now! He’s given me everything that Derrick wishes that he could. I leave early from work, around two. I change into the new clothes in the bathroom. I look different, and sexy. I wonder what they’re going to do to my hair at the hairdresser. When I leave my office the pregnant lady stares at me. I feel nervous around her.

I drive to the hairdresser really fast. When I get there, I realize it’s one of those places where black ladies go. I feel strange going in there. But the lady that greets me is real nice.

“You must be Laura,” she says.

“Yes I am,” I smile.

“Right this way,” she says as she leads me to the back of the hair salon.

She sits me down at the sink and wraps a towel around my neck.

“Don’t worry about paying you friend took care of everything,” she says as she begins to wash my hair.

She doesn’t say much as she dries my hair either. She just dries my hair and braids the front part of it. I look different, but I like the look. She barely cuts any hair off. When she finishes it’s nearly five thirty. I don’t think I’ll make it to the restaurant. I get in my car and speed away to the place. When I get there, my car is taken by the chauffer. I realize that I have only five minutes to spare.

“May I help you,” the Maitre d’ asks.

“I have a reservation at six,” I reply

“Yes,” he smiles, “you must be Laura, right this way.”

Several of the patrons look at me funny. But I could care less. I like my new clothes and they probably cost more than some of the other customers. He seats me at a booth in a dark corner of the room. He hands me a menu. There is a glass of wine all ready on the table. I take a sip as I sit down.

“Your server will be here shortly,” he says as he walks away.

“Thank you,” I reply.

I sit down and open the menu. I notice a note is attached to the menu. It’s in an envelop with my name on it. I open it up and read it. It reads: Take your panties off now and put them on the table! I feel strange doing it but I comply. I slide them off my crotch and legs. I place them neatly on the table. The waitress finally shows up. She doesn’t say anything she just hands me a note and walks away. It reads: Wait for the two men to show up at your table! And let them do what they want to you!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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