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I tell you that I have been talking to a woman online and that she wants to meet you. You are not sure what you want to do so we discus it and decide that we should meet her together. I set up a meeting at a near by restaurant and tell you that we are going to meet her.

You ask if I have seen her and I tell you that she sent me a couple of pictures. You want to see them so I hand you my phone and tell you where to look to find them. Quickly you start looking at my pictures and see a young, beautiful girl. As you look at her pictures you say that she is too pretty and you don’t want me around her.

We go into the restaurant and sit at a table in the back corner that has a curved seat. You sit down and I sit beside you so that when she gets there she will have to sit by you. It is only a few minutes later when she walks in and comes to sit with us. While we talk she moves closer and closer to you.

She slides up against you as we keep talking. I can see by the way her arm is moving that she is rubbing your leg and you are enjoying it. Watching you I see you put your hand on her leg and slide it up top her pussy. Slowly you start sliding your hand up and down over her pussy and she pulls your skirt up and softly rubs your pussy.

I can hear you both moaning as you rub each other’s pussy. The waitress comes to the table to take our order and I have to order istanbul travesti for everyone because you are both caught up in masturbating each other. The waitress giggles as she walks away with our order because she knew what you were doing. Each of you are moaning as you begin to tremble from having your clit rubbed. You start shaking and so does she as you are both rocked by your orgasm.

The waitress brings our food and both of you smile at her as she sets our dinner on the table. As we eat you can’t keep your hands off of each other. I ask if you want to take her home with us and you let me know fast that you had already decided to take her home. As we get ready to leave you tell me that you are riding with her and we start home.

When we get home I get out of my care and watch as you both get out of her car. I am amazed that you are both half naked and wonder how you got your clothes off on your way home. Taking you both by the arm I rushed you into the house as you are taking off the rest of your clothes.

When I get you all inside I lead you to the bathroom and I start the shower as you are taking turns kissing each other’s breasts. As the water warms up I undress and watch you kissing and sucking on each other’s nipples.

We get in the shower and you turn your attention to me. You take turns kissing me as you take my erection in your istanbul travestileri hand. She gets the soap and starts washing me by rubbing her breasts against me covered with soap. As the water rinses the soap away you get down on your knees and start kissing the tip of my erection. When she sees you kissing my erection she gets on her knees beside you and you both take turns kissing it. You put your lips around the tip and slowly suck my erection into your mouth. As my erection slides out of your mouth she puts her lips on it and sucks it into her mouth. My excitement is getting out of control as you take turns sliding my erection in and out of your mouths. My passion builds and I start shaking as I erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

Pulling you both up I kiss each of you passionately as I slide my hand down between your legs. Softly I slide my hands over your pussies sliding my fingers along your lips. You turn the water off and we get out of the shower. As we dry off I take turns kissing each of you alls breasts. Lightly I suck your nipples and bite them gently.

When we get dried off we go into the bedroom and get on the bed. She gets between us and we both start kissing her. Slowly I kiss over to her neck and down to her breasts. I gently kiss her breasts and suck her nipples as you kiss her passionately. Softly I kiss down over her stomach to her pussy travesti istanbul then slide my tongue up and down it. Looking up I see you getting on top of her and putting your pussy on her face. You move your hips around rubbing your pussy on her face as I slide my tongue up and down her pussy. You are moaning loudly and I rub her hard clit with my tongue. You lean down and grab my hair pulling me against her clit harder. Putting my lips around her clit I suck it into my mouth. I can feel her trembling and you are screaming that you are going to cum as I suck her clit harder. You both start shaking and your orgasms rock your bodies.

You push me out of the way and you get between her legs. Softly you kiss her pussy and slide your tongue up and down it. Sticking your butt in the air I move up behind you and place my erection against your pussy. You suck her clit into your mouth and slide your fingers inside her pussy as I slowly slide my erection inside you. Holding your hips I slide in and out of your pussy as you suck her clit and slide your fingers in and out of her. Pushing into you hard I push you against her pussy harder and your fingers slide in and out of her faster. Our moans are turning to screams of pleasure as we start to tremble. We explode in a beautiful orgasm with fireworks bursting in our heads.

Exhausted we lie down beside each other with her in the middle and kiss each other tenderly. As we lie on the bed you tell her that you are very happy that she is there and ask her to come often then you look at me and tell me that I have found a perfect young lady that brings us wonderful pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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