Lost Bet Gone Right?

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.

Hello my name is Emma and I’m going to tell you about some fun I had while in university.

I had met Tom and Mike in my first few weeks and had fucked both of them, not at the same time. They were roommates and both were their on sports scholarships.

One Friday night they had invited me over to their room to watch the game. I had no interest in sport and they both knew that. It was more then obvious why they wanted me their.

Now I was more then up for some threesome fun so I agreed to head over. I put on some matching blue underwear which helped show off my slim toned body and a pair of skinny jeans and a white blouse with my dirty blond hair up in a ponytail. Their room was a standard dorm setup, single bed on each side of the room with a joint desk in the middle. The desk had Tom’s laptop open with the game playing.

Tom and Mike were both athletic and had body’s that showed this off, both being slim with hard, toned body’s. Tom had dark brown hair left a little longer then Mike’s short cut blonde hair.

They had a case of beers open and offered me one as I took a seat on Mike’s bed. I asked them who was playing and the names meant nothing to me. But what I did learn was that they supported opposite teams, now Tom and Mike being sports inclined were extremely competitive. This always lead to the pair making crazy bets based on the results of the game. Sometimes it was money but most of the time it was dares, as we had no money as students.

At half time the boys were talking about making a bet as the score was tied and it was a close game. I decided I wanted to have some fun with them.

“I take it you invited me over to fuck me?” I asked them.

“Yeah, is that a problem?” Mike asked with a laugh.

“Not at all.” I replied. “But how about we make it interesting.”

“Go on.” Tom said.

“How about winner gets to fuck me.” I said.

“We we’re going to do that anyway.” Mike laughed.

“Hold on theirs more.” I laughed back.

“Sorry.” Mike said.

“The winner gets to fuck me, and cum in my pussy. And the loser has to lick it out.” I said looking at them both.

“What no way that’s gross.” Mike blurted out.

“I agree that’s disgusting.” Tom chimed in.

“Cowards.” I laughed at them, amused by their reactions.

“We are not gay.” Mike said.

“Why would that matter?” I asked. “Not like your sucking his dick.”

“It’s the same thing.” Tom said.

“How is it?” I asked.

“Coz it is.” Mike replied not really giving me an answer.

“What was your plan with me tonight?” I asked the pair.

“We we’re both going to fuck you.” Mike said.

“At the same time?”

“Well yeah.”

“So you was going to get naked together. Rub up against each other. Both cum in me and get each other’s cum on your dicks. What’s the difference?” I asked them.

They were both quite as they realised what was involved in a threesome with two men. I knew as athletes and roommates they had no problem being naked around each other. But this was a bit different.

“Come on, I thought you two were up for some fun.” I told them as I started to undo the buttons on my blouse. Both guys looked down as I revealed my bra covered boobs. Their were big but not too big and showed plenty of cleavage above the bra.

The guys managed to take their eyes of my boobs to look at each other. They decided they needed to talk about this in private and went out side to discuss it. A few minutes later the came back.

“Ok, we agree.” Mike said to my shock as I did not think they would go along with it.

“But.” Tom said quickly after. “If the game is a draw you lose.”

“What happens if I lose?” I asked.

“We both get to fuck you in the ass.” Tom said as they both smiled at me.

I had never done anal before and was not sure if I would like it, but as I said I was up for fun and I would try anything at least once, or in this case it might be twice.

“Ok, agreed.” I said as I stuck my hand out to shake on it.

Both guys seemed surprised, they must have assumed I would never agree. Seeing this a their best chance to fuck a girl in the ass we all shook hands.

“I can’t believe one of you will be licking up the others cum.” I laughed at them.

They did not reply, looking nervous as the game started again. Both starting drinking more and getting heated about the escort izmir game as the stakes were now high. I decide to use this time to get the guys turned on, I thought this might help get them into the idea of it and if I lost they might not last that long in my ass.

So I took my blouse of completely and stood up to remove my jeans. I bent over with my ass facing the boys so they could get a good look at my thong. I sat back down and let my hands wonder over getting both of them a rub through their trouser, I could feel both of their hard cocks. Turning all my attention onto Tom, I undid his jeans and pulled his cock out. It was a good size maybe 8 inches and thick. I got down on my knees and started to give him a blowjob. I looked up to see Mike staring hard, he had got his own cock out and was stroking it. Mike’s cock was smaller maybe 7 inches but it was a bit thicker then Tom’s.

After a few minutes of sucking Tom’s cock I moved over and stared to suck Mike’s. looking over I could see that Tom was now stroking his silva soaked cock watching the show I was putting on. After a few minutes working Mike’s cock I got up and sat back on the bed, confident that both guys were now very turned on.

“One of you might be fucking me soon knowing the other will have to clean it up.” I told them.

“Or we might be taking turns on that ass.” Mike replied as the game was still tied.

“Maybe, but how hot will it be fucking me know that the other has to lick up your cum.” I said stroking both their cocks, I could feel them both get harder as I said that.

“Oh my god, your both so turned on by that.” I laugh.

“No we are thinking about fucking your ass.” Mike said quickly.

“Yeah whatever.” I laughed. “Question is what’s turning you on more, the thought of leaving the cum or thought of licking it up?”

Both said nothing, instead they unhooked my bra and started to play with my tits. This helped me get even more in the mood and was soon dripping wet. At this point I was so turned on I would happily let both fuck my ass.

The game was nearly over and was stilled tied, this meant that both guys were saying how they was going to fuck my ass and how much I was going to love being their anal slut. Then out of nowhere Tom’s team scored.

This caused Tom to jump up and celebrate, Mike had his head in his hands looking terrified.

“I’m going to cum so much in your pussy.” Tom said as he sat back down.

“Don’t worry.” I told Mike. “Who knows you might like it.”

“No way.” He replied in disgust.

Tom said nothing, going back to playing with my boobs. I grabbed Mike’s balls and played with them as I moved over to kiss him, helping to take his mind off what was going to happened.

Not long after the game ended and Tom was eager to start fucking me. He quickly had my thong off and and stripped the rest of his clothes off. He laid me down and kneeled between my legs, lifted my bum up so he could fuck me with out bending over, and rammed his cock in. At this point I was soaking wet and his cock was balls deep with no effort. I told Mike to strip and soon hand him naked kneeling on the bed next to my head as I stroked his cock. His eyes darted between my face, my tits bouncing and Tom’s cock fucking my pussy.

“Your going to be down their soon, licking my pussy clean of come.” I told him. He did not reply but I could tell I was turning both guys on.

So I kept the dirty talk up as I was getting fucked and stroking Mike’s cock. This meant that Tom was soon telling me he was about to cum. And cum he did. I could feel my pussy filling up with his cum and as he pulled his cock out I could feel is gushing out of me. Mike was staring at my pussy as more of his cum was coming out.

“Best get licking.” I told him.

In an almost dazed state he got up and moved round as Tom got out of the way and stood to the side of the bed. Mike laid down facing my pussy and slowly with his younger out started to lick the top of my pussy.

“You know what you need to do.” I told him as I push his head down further.

As I pushed him down I could feel his tongue touch were the cum was, he slowed down as he got his first taste of another mans cum. But he soon started licking again, he was getting more into it as he carried on, he even used his fingers to spread my pussy out causing more cum to come out as he did. It was not long before I felt my own orgasm build as izmir escort bayan was soon cumming on Mike’s tongue.

“That’s was so hot.” I said as my orgasm faded.

Looking up I could see Tom was now rock hard again, and stroking his cock as he watched Mike clean me up. Mike moved away from my pussy, face wet with both mine and Tom’s cum.

Even though I had just came I was still super turned on and decided to have some more fun.

“How about we make another deal?” I asked them.

“What’s that?” Mike replied.

“I give you a blowjob and you cum in my mouth.” I said then looked at Tom. “Then I spit his cum in your mouth.”

“What, no way.” Tom said.

“Hold on.” Mike told him. “What happens if he does?”

“You both get to fuck my ass.” I told them.

“No.” Tom said.

“This is a one time deal, you will never get a chance to fuck my ass again.” I told them.

“Come on Tom, we can’t pass this up.” Mike pleaded.

“I’m not swallowing your cum.”

“It’s only fair I just licked yours up. Plus it’s not that bad.” Mike said.

“Imagine your cock balls deep in my ass.” I told him as I reached out and grabbed his dick.

Tom was quite for a minute but he finally agreed with a quick nod of his head. I pull him down to sit on the bed and had Mike sit next to him as I got on my knees in front of him. I gave him the best blowjob of his life, his cock impossibly hard as he was so turned on by what was happening. It was not long before he grabbed my head and started to thrust as he filled my mouth with cum. He came so much some spilled out and ran down my chin.

As he finished cumming I slipped his cock out of my mouth making sure to keep my lips sealed. I stood up and straddled Tom’s lap, I tilted his head back with one hand and used the other to open his mouth. I leaned in and opened my mouth letting Mike’s cum leak out, as I did I stuck my tongue in his mouth and we made out as he swallowed the cum. I could feel his cock get hard against my ass as we kissed.

“You two are freaks.” I said as I pulled away from the kiss.

“Why?” Tom asked.

“Both of you got rock hard at the taste of each other’s cum.” I laugh.

“Your going to be the freak when our cocks are up your ass.” Mike replied.

“Yes I am.” I said with a sexy wink.

With the thought of fucking my ass Tom could no longer contain himself and soon picked my up and placed me on the bed on all fours facing Mike.

“Do you have lube?” I asked, concerned about him going in raw.

“No.” Tom said worried.

My pussy was soaking wet from what had happened so far, and with the thought of anal. This had dropped down to my ass a little and I hoped that would help. Then to my surprise I felt something wet touch my asshole. Turning round I found Tom had bent down and was licking my ass out. It felt amazing and soon had it dripping with spit.

With my ass now nice and wet Tom spat of his hand and rubbed it onto his cock and lined it up with my ass. He slowly pushed it in and it hurt, a lot. Mike rubbed my shoulder seeing me in pain as Tom slowly pushed in until I felt his balls against my pussy. The pain started to ease as he held his cock in my ass balls deep. He gave me a minute to get used to it and then he started to pull out before pushing back in. The pain started to make way for pleasure and I was soon loving getting ass fucked. I’ve never felt so full before and was soon close to an orgasm. Mike had stood up and was watching me getting fuck while slowly rubbing his rock hard cock. I must admit I was liking being watched.

Tom was also close to cumming as he was thrusting was some force now. It did not take long for him to start moaning as I could feel his cum feel my ass. As I felt that it triggered my own mind blowing orgasm. As Tom finished cumming he pulled out of my ass as I was on the come down from my own orgasm. Tom moved away and Mike quickly toke his place behind me. I could feel Tom’s cum dripping out of and Mike used his cock to scoop it up and use it as lube to slide his cock into my ass. The cum and the fact Tom had already stretched it out help Mike’s thicker cock go in easier. He wasted no time and was thrusting into my ass we full force.

This time my orgasm built up even quicker and I was soon cumming. My arms buckled and was left face down with my ass in the air allowing Mike to keep fucking me. It was not long before he too let out izmir escortlar a moan and I could feel his cum joining Tom’s in my ass.

As Mike pulled out my legs gave way and was laying face down on the bed. Mike fell back just as tired. Both guys had come twice and I had came three times and had all my holes fucked. We all feel asleep naked and sticky.

The next morning I woke up last to find the boys still naked sat on the other bed having a chat.

“Morning anal slut.” Mike said jokingly.

This made me instantly horny, I think that anal might be my new preferred type of sex because just the thought of it made me wet. And I was more then up for some more this morning, but first I wanted to have some more fun with the boys.

“You two be up drinking each other’s cum again?” I asked them. Both guys blushed with embarrassment.

“Now be honest with me, you both enjoyed it.” I told them.

“Maybe.” Mike replied quietly.

“Come on don’t be shy.” I said. “You both went rock hard when you tasted it.”

“I only did it to get your ass.” Tom said.

“Oh yeah? And what did you think of my ass?” I asked them.

“Fucking amazing.” Tom said.

“Yeah, and you loved that.” Mike said.

“Yes I did. And I loved making you eat each other’s cum.” I told them.

They both went quiet again as I said that. So I lent back on the bed and spread my legs open, giving them a good view of my pussy. I started to play with my self with my right hand while my left played with my nipples.

“How about this. Why don’t we repeat last night but we swap places?” I asked them.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked confused.

“Well you get to fuck my pussy and leave all the mess for Tom to lick up, then Tom gets to fill my mouth for me to spit into yours.” I told them, now starting to finger myself. As I said this to them their cocks started to get hard.

“See, the thought of licking each other’s cum out has made you hard.” I said seriously. “Why don’t you both just enjoy the fact your naughty freaks.”

“Ok, fine. I enjoyed licking out your cream pie.” Mike said. “It was naughty and it turned me on.”

“Same, that sloppy kiss did make me rock hard.” Tom said after.

“Thank god for that, now get over here and fuck me.” I told Mike.

Mike wasted no time and was soon between my legs and was balls deep before I could react. I waved Tom over to kneel next to me so that he could get a good view and I could stroke his cock.

“Leave it nice and messy, give Tom lots to clean up.” I told Mike. This worked to turn them both on even more.

Mike did not last long before he came in my pussy before quickly pulling out to finish cumming on the outside of my pussy. With out needing to be asked Tom got up and move between my legs getting down on his knees and licking all the cum off the outside first before going to work licking out the cum from my pussy. Watching him do this and with the feeling of getting my pussy eaten I was soon cumming myself.

With my pussy well and truly cleaned, and tons cock so hard it looked like it might explode I made Tom swap positions with me. With me now on my knees I started to suck his cock. I was right about it exploding as he almost blew my head off with the amount of cum he filled my mouth with. With it dripping out my mouth and down my chin I got up and moved over to Mike. He already had his mouth open letting my spit the cum into it as I slipped my tongue in to make out with him.

“You two have had your fun, now it’s my time.” I said as I moved over to the bed and got on all fours.

Mike understood what I wanted and he move behind me. Like Tom did yesterday Mike leant down and gave my asshole a good licking, making it nice and wet. When he started to push the pain was less and the pleasure started sooner having been stretched out last night. I soon found my self in and amazing orgasm falling out on to my face with my ass up still.

Mike came shortly after and pulled out. Tom stepped up, and using is cock to scoop up Mike’s cum to use as lube, started to fuck my ass. Again I was lost in another orgasm and did not remember Tom cumming inside me.

After a few minutes we all regained our sense and got dress. Back in my own room I was able to show and wash the remains of eight loads of cum I had received.

It was safe to say that night was not the last night of our cum swapping threesomes and it was not the last time I had anal. We would meat up a few times a month and I would let them fuck my ass and eat each other’s cum out of any hole they wanted.

I hope you like my story. Please send me some feedback I love to hear from you all.

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