Shifting Gears Ch. 31-32 – End

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Chapter 31 — Squeals of Joy

I didn’t see my female friends until Owen and I went to Jake’s house for the monthly party. Our flight from Denver had landed Saturday afternoon about two p.m. Owen and I went back to our shared condo where we’d started living-together almost a year earlier. I just hadn’t expected that move would lead to our eventual engagement and marriage.

One result in our apartment became more of a blending of our possessions from the often-subtle walls we’d erected to keep his-and-her stuff separate. Later, we dressed in sexy clothing and headed to the monthly sex party.

The first person we ran into coming in Jake’s front door was Allie. The small and extremely hot co-ed was barely dressed, wearing only a bikini bottom. She immediately saw my left hand with the ring, and gave me a wink. Owen had told me that he’d confided in her and gotten her to find my ring size.

I teased him, “And what did that cost you?”

Owen blushed. He whispered since we were in the living room with others, “I fucked her twice and gave her boatload of orgasms.”

I laughed, “Good transactional currency. Much more enjoyable than Jake’s crypto stuff.”

Sheri, Maryann, Susan, and Marsha were sitting together in the living room, and I wandered over to them, leaving Owen to fetch a glass of wine for me. The four of them were also wearing monokinis. Nobody cared about the relaxed dress code. I shed my top to join them. I think everybody in the house had seen everyone else naked many times. Allie joined the circle of women, too. I could tell that she was waiting for the explosion of emotions.

Sheri was the one that spotted the diamond ring. She gasped, “BRIE! What did you do?” She leapt up and grabbed my left hand. The others gaped at her and my hand. I got a grin a mile wide.

I glanced at my hand and casually said, “Oh, Owen and I just got engaged.”

Suddenly, the squeal of tires at a NASCAR raceway paled in comparison to the squealing sound of five women, as they all leapt from the sofa, grabbed my arm, and held my hand up for all to see. My hand and the ring were almost detached from the rest of me for a moment. A few others in the room also came over. The din rose exponentially as everyone talked at once.

“Sheri screamed to the whole house, “I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!”

Maryann cried loudly, “OH, BRIE, THIS IS WONDERFUL.”

Everyone was gushing with great comments about our engagement and the ring. The ring was truly beautiful and must have cost a small fortune. The primary stone was a large diamond, but there were others around it and on the sides. Connie had told me Owen wanted something large, expensive, and with a high sparkle factor; that’s what he gave me.

Owen appeared with my wine. He was lucky to get rid of the glass before the five women threw themselves into his arms with kisses and shrieks of congratulations.

Sheri woke up to our new reality, “Can we assume by your presence here tonight, that you are both still… sexually active with the rest of us?”

Owen and I both grinned and nodded in the affirmative.

I said, “We had an unusual celebration party in Denver after the proposal. We fucked a little, but then we both fucked everyone else at our gathering. That was just last night.”

Owen sputtered, “We’re going to have to get a larger place now. Our apartment is barely adequate for the two of us, and with Porter Consulting expanding, we definitely need more room.”

I jumped up and down, excitedly, “I can barely stand it. I’m so worked up, and the whole impact of what we’ve done is just starting to dawn on me.”

Marsha asked in amazement, “So, you’re staying in the lifestyle?” She gestured to the rest of the group and the house.

I nodded. “Absolutely. We both like the variety and everything about what we do with everyone in this crowd, especially these monthly fuck fests. We love all you guys, and love to use sex to express that with each of you. Further, we’re both excited when somebody new shows up.”

Owen stood beside me nodding with a devilish grin.

“Are you going to have kids?” Sheri asked.

I came to a standstill. I was almost shocked. I knew I wanted kids but I had no idea about Owen’s preferences. This could be a show stopper. Before I could respond, Owen did; “We have a lot of things like that to talk about. With our engagement, it’ll force us to have some focus on longer-term important things like that. Personally, I’ll go on record that I want a family.”

I turned to Maryann, “What are you and Jake doing?”

She laughed and actually blushed, “Trying to get me pregnant. There’s a short list of men that Jake gave me that I can fuck and not worry about a condom. Owen is one of them. Luke and Sean are the other two. Beyond that small group, we’ll use condoms. He wants the paternity possibilities limited to his closest friends.”

“What other things did you talk about that we should be sure to cover?”

Maryann said dismissively, “Well, there were only a few other things like how much he could fuck my sister escort izmir or mother, his bodyguard, and other women — not an issue at all. Where and how we’d live — here works for me, how we treated money and investments, and so on. We wanted a wish list of places to visit and see, too. At the point we were talking, I was insisting on a prenuptial agreement. We did that, too. I do not want people thinking that I married Jake for his money. There was the overall, how do we deal with extended family, and we’re working on other things on the list now. I’ll let you know.”

I looked at Owen. He said in a low tone to me, “I love you. There is no problem that we can’t overcome or find a win-win solution to. Just think of this as the start to a happy life-long adventure.”

He reached down and held my hand, and my heart melted. I loved my new fiancé. We were going to have such fun together.

I asked him, “Do you see us growing old together?”

He laughed, “I see us on the lawn of an old age home sitting on the lawn holding hands and reflecting back on at least sixty years of wedded bliss. Yes, I’m in this for the long-haul, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten asked to marry me. You’ll find that I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I love you, and that’s a lifetime promise, circumstances be damned.”

The other women looked at me like I’d just found the fountain of youth.

I sipped my wine, and Owen suggested we find some hors d’oeuvres to snack on. We left the others and headed towards the patio, where there were several small tables decked out with a variety of food offerings. We made little plates for ourselves, but not before we both checked out what the other liked and had chosen for themselves.

Allie found me and asked to study my ring. She gave it a close-up inspection. Owen thanked her for her reconnaissance mission about my ring size as she looked at the ring. After she was through, I suggested that he might again thank her with a warm cock in her snug little teenage pussy. Allie liked that idea. I left the two of them making arrangements, such as picking out which chaise they were going to fuck on.

I found Deke and expressed my interest in restarting my pilot training. All the consulting work in Denver had nearly put a stop to my lessons. I had my private pilot’s license, but wanted my instrument and commercial ratings. He and I did some calendar work, booked some times, and then also signed up to start that evening’s fuck fest with each other.

I made sure that Deke knew that I’d gotten engaged, but that I was still available as a playmate. He looked shocked at the engagement, and pleased that I’d still be in reach for his romantic endeavors. I liked Deke a lot; he was a good lover. I knew I was on his A-list.

As the evening got underway, I soon had Deke’s cock inside me giving me all sorts of pleasure as we kissed and made out. Nearby, I could see Owen and Allie; she was riding his body with her small form bouncing atop his strong dick. She had amazing boobs. I guessed that Derek was around somewhere.

Deke and I lay cuddled together. He whispered to me, “Brie, I love you — always have. I know you’re going to be a lifetime mate with Owen, but know that I will be here for you in good times and bad.”

I didn’t know what to say to that other than tell the truth. “Deke, I love you, too. Don’t pine away for me. Find some lucky gal and mate with her. If you pick the right gal, we can all share our bodies together in loving ways.”

Deke thought and said, “Do you like Skye?”

“I love Skye. Is that your choice? I won’t say anything, but that would be a perfect selection. I think she’d even stay in the swinging game with you and all of us.”

“I would hope so. She’s so hot. I might make a step in that direction soon — very soon.”

Later that night, I watched Deke mate with Skye on one of Jake’s patio chaises. They certainly were loving and passionate together, plus they were two of the best-looking people that I knew. He was a hunk, and Skye turned heads wherever she went.

My surprise match of the night was with Stan — Deke and Skye’s boss and the captain of Jake’s fabulous jet aircraft. Although he was older, probably in his early fifties, he was still a virile man with great stamina. He knew how to stretch out a lovemaking session while delivering continuous pleasure with mouth, fingers, and cock. I did all I could think of to please him, too.

As we cuddled after our sex, I asked how Margo was doing. I’d seen her earlier with Sean, but then lost track of her.

Stan chuckled, “She’s turned into the wife I always wished I’d had. We’re back to having sex every day, sometimes more than once. Here, of course, she’s becoming a great slut and sleeping with many of the other men. Well, not sleeping, but fucking and getting fucked by them. She wanted to get DPed tonight, but I don’t know whether she’s achieved her objective.”

I smiled, “I could help with that. Is she still interested in women?”

“Oh, yes, that, too. She specifically mentioned you.”

“I’ll go and find her later.”

Stan izmir escort bayan went down on me for a few minutes until my pussy was clean and spotless, although damp. I got a kiss on those lips, and then we separated: Stan, to find a new partner; and me, to find Margo.

I found Margo in Jake’s guest room getting her DP goal accomplished. Jake held her on his lap in reverse cowgirl with his cock in her ass, and Kevin was pumping his swollen cock into her mature pussy. As near as I could tell, Margo was having an orgasm every minute, leaping from crest to crest as the men refused to turn her lose. She was in ecstasy.

I got a grin from Kevin, and then Jake. Margo’s eyes were slammed shut as she absorbed all the sensations of the two cocks in her most sensitive of sexual areas.

I went over and gently turned Margo to my body and kissed her. Her eyes opened. “Oh, Brie. This is so wonderful. Why didn’t anybody ever tell me about having two men at the same time. Even when we’re not doing this ass-pussy thingy, one man makes love to me while the other fucks me into sweet heaven. I want this on a daily basis.”

I smiled and kissed her again. “Be careful what you wish for around here. Have you tried a gangbang?”

“NO!” she squealed as another orgasm surged through her. A few second later, she said, “That’ll be my goal for the next party. Do I have to do anything special?”

I shook my head. “Did you do an enema to prepare for tonight’s anal sex?”

She nodded.

“Just do the same thing. Ask a couple of the guys to put the word out before the party about what you want — be specific. I think our friend Wonder is doing one tonight. I saw a few of the men lined up near the massage table that she was on.”

“I’ll be so full of cum.”

“Not all of the men cum in you, but most do. They do fuck you. You, on the other hand, will have a hundred orgasms, and know you’ve been fucked. You also might be a little sore the next day.”

Margo smiled and sighed as she pushed her lower body back at Kevin and Jake, “But it’ll be the good kind of soreness. God, I love sex.”

I left her there, promising to come back and do cleanup.

As I came into Jake’s Great Room, as it was called, two arms wrapped around me in a loving hug. I got kissed around my neck and ears, a sure sign that somebody knows my hot spots.

“I love you, darling Brie.”

“And I love you, Luke.”

“I’m mad. Owen beat me to the punch when he popped the question with a diamond ring.”

“I’m going to end up married to the whole lot of you in any case. Our relationship won’t change too much. I suspect we’ll even find ourselves sleeping overnight together on a frequent basis. I still want to do bike rides with you, too.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that. I know that Sean had the same idea, and Jake would probably marry you, too, if he wasn’t already married to one of your best friends. I’m sure that Kevin and Deke are in the same boat.”

I told him, “You’re making my ego about as big as this house telling me all this. You know my humble roots and my naivete before I met all you handsome men. Heck, you were one of the men that took my virginity.”

Luke kissed me, and we went to an unoccupied sofa in the dimly lit room and started to make out. I found great satisfaction in having his cock in my mouth, and he seemed to like that idea, too. When he’d reached the rigidity of tungsten steel, I mounted my friend, and we started to reconnect. I again knew that I just loved sexual intercourse and skin-on-skin contact with a member of the opposite sex.

“Who were you with before?” I asked him.

“Sheri and Susan. How about you?”

“Deke and Stan.”

“What happened to your fiancé?”

I snickered, “I think he was doing Allie and Maryann. My bet is that he also lined up to help give Wonder part of her fantasy of a highly sexual gangbang.”

“Oh, yeah, I did that, too. She was really happy to have so many men be attentive to her in a sexual way.”

“A slutty way,” I suggested with a giggle.

“That, too,” he laughed. “Everyone at this party — male and female — we’re all sluts. We worship at the church of hedonism, revere the gods of Eros, Peitho, and Aphrodite, and conduct a monthly ritual here at Jake’s house where we all fuck the bejesus out of each other. I love it. I think you were the last sacrificial virgin we had.”

“Count me in, too. I attend regularly, and even participate in the in between fuck sessions to be sure we’re all well-rehearsed for the monthly ceremonies.” I gasped, “God, your cock feels good inside me.”

“You say the nicest things.”

“You know, I may be playing house with Owen, but there are other women here that you love that could also be a good mate. I won’t name names, but you know who they are.”

“I do. I’ll take your comment under advisement.”

“Just so you know, I will never repeat what you told me about missing your opportunity. Any girl that you eventually couple with that way would feel she was second-class, and we don’t want that. You pick someone and make her izmir escortlar your first choice.”

“Thanks. I should keep my yap shut about that stuff from now on.”

We kissed and then focused on the physical feelings we were enjoying from one another’s efforts.

Chapter 32 — There’s Something in the Water

Over the next six months, I felt like I was running a high-speed marathon trying to do everything I wanted. About ninety percent of that time dealt with work and expanding Porter Consulting.

My burgeoning company got three new clients, and each one of them promised to be a million dollar a year engagement for at least two years. We doubled in size in half a year. Kevin brought in two of the new clients through his personal contacts and using his grapevine that he’d grown at Knightsbridge.

I put the word out and also advertised and hired five new consultants — two senior-level staff, and three mid-level contributors.

Not only did I have clients in Denver, I also needed to visit clients in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia, and of course we had the other business in Florida nearer home. One week I spent a day in each geographic area. I was becoming a road warrior with lots of frequent flyer miles.

My personal life suffered a little. I pushed Owen to manage the Raleigh client, and he gladly took on that task. Second to Denver, that was the largest client.

Owen and I were living together, and we found time to buy a larger luxury apartment that we loved. Given our lifestyle, we decided to get a three-bedroom unit. The difference in price with the two-bedroom units wasn’t that much, so we sprung for more room. We put a little effort into decorating and furnishing the place.

Owen and I might meet up in the middle of the week in Denver or Raleigh, make nice with the clients during the day, and then fuck ourselves blue at night. We were horny and in love.

At least in Denver, our feelings of romance expanded to include Mike, Grace, Chad, Candy, Connie, Tom, and Tara. Mike and Grace had also befriended another man named Jim, to help even out their evenings.

Tara also moved in with Tom — her new fiancé. He had created the post of Chief Operating Officer in PR Engineering and promoted one of his VPs into that post and pushed off some of his workload onto the woman — Joyce Meyers. Consequently, Tom was able to be a better boyfriend and fiancé to Tara than it had first looked. I praised his efforts to build the new relationship with Tara and create a personal life for himself.

The couples in Denver had agreed they were a horny bunch, and getting together was their primary sexual outlet. They decided to get together every week, and so had standing dates on Wednesday and Saturday nights for their sexual get-togethers. Mike and Grace’s house and Tom’s large condo served as the most used venues. Jim also had a place up in the mountains that became popular on the weekends.

I asked Tom about Joyce Meyers, and he just shook his head. She was married, and pretty conservative.

Our clients in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Atlanta all appeared to be business-only situations. We all vowed to keep an open mind, should anything present itself.

We had a girl’s night out finally with Sheri, Maryann, Marsha, Allie, Sarah, Susan, Wonder, Skye, and me. We went to a club named Ecstasy for dinner, drinks, and to see what male companionship a few of us might stir up.

To my delight, Skye had become engaged to Deke, and Sheri was sporting a diamond given to her by Luke. We squealed around each woman and carried on with great joy over the new engagements and arrangements. The coming year would be filled with weddings and lots of parties.

Owen and I flew up to my parents’ home in rural Kansas for the mandatory visit of their newly engaged daughter and her fiancé. They’d met Owen several times almost two years earlier on a visit to Florida, but this was different.

Of course, they assigned us separate bedrooms even though they knew we’d been living together for almost two years. Owen didn’t know what to do and looked to me for help. I rolled my eyes and put all our luggage in one of the bedrooms, and ignored my parents’ attempt to pretend their daughter was going to be a virgin when she got married. That ship had sailed long ago.

Heck, based on what I now knew, I was probably the only girl in my high school that was still a virgin when I graduated, and probably before I even entered my junior year, let alone my senior year.

Mom and Dad were over the moon that I had finally found a ‘nice young man’. Owen was exceptionally solicitous, and went out of his way to be helpful at the farm. He took it upon himself to follow my father around and help out with various tasks, some even on the dirty side. Dad thought he walked on water after that.

Mom and I talked about the wedding. She was full of anxiety about what would happen in that regard. I suggested that some weekend they fly to Florida, attend the wedding, and then fly home. I said, “It’s that simple. All my close friends are there. I don’t need or want a Kansas wedding. Owen and I will handle all the planning. I’m about to hire a secretary for Porter Consulting — my company — and she will help handle some of the details, too.”

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