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After a brief, fitful sleep you lay naked and wide awake in your well appointed villa nestled on the beach of your island paradise. It had been a challenging few months of work and you had longed for your island hide-away; an opportunity to slow the pace and melt away the layers of stress that had accumulated since your last retreat.

Sleep proved to be elusive and you opted for an early start on your tanning. You carefully examine your taut body in the full length mirror. The twinkle in your eye as your finger tips trail from your breasts to your sex reveals that you desire much more than simple rest from your tropical refuge. You prepare for your day with careful consideration. You are to be joined later in the week by a special friend, until then you are open to some new experiences and desire to turn heads at the beach and in the clubs.

You select a black bikini that you laboured over choosing while preparing for your trip. It is a fabulous fit and accentuates your sensual body. You feel steeled and prepared for a relaxing day in the sun. As you apply your wrap and exit your villa, you are enveloped by the early morning heat. The blissful warmth has the effect of a soothing shower that removes the every-day stress that you have been chastened with as of late. You breathe deeply and feel the tingle of excitement as you push out to your special place on the beach.

The vacation community swarms the local beach early in the day. On a previous visit, you discovered a private spot that offers a magnificent ocean frontage while providing a secluded sunning spot. As you claim your spot in the sun, your mind floats back to the day you discovered your tranquil oasis. It was a magical day that you often replay in your mind. That trip started with three full days of torrential rain and cold winds; not a great start to a much needed re-charging, as you recall. Finally, you are served up a glorious day of radiant sunshine and no wind to speak of. You venture out early, hoping to claim your piece of the local beach and make up for lost time. Your idea was clearly on the mind of all the vacationers, as the beach was wall to wall sun worshippers. With more than a little disappointment, you choose to explore the outreaches of the beach in the hope that you might find a little vacant sand to lay claim to and enjoy.

As you traced the shoreline with your steps, the background of the beach began to rise into a massive rock wall that provided a dramatic separation from the previously rolling hills that enveloped the area. The shoreline was a shallow ribbon of sand mixed with rock; hardly appropriate for a days sun worshipping! As you push forward and round an outcropping of rock and sand you discover a secluded bowl that had been masterfully sculpted from the rock wall by the sure hand of the ocean. The sun centered the full majesty of it’s warmth on the bowl. Confident that you had discovered your Shangri la, you unpack your beach necessities and begin to relax.

The heat from the sun is intense as the rhythm of the waves quickly relaxes you and begins to erase the disappointment of the previous three days. You recognize the sound of approaching vacationers that must also have ventured forward looking for a ribbon of sand to enjoy. Their voices become clearer as they begin to encroach on your paradise. The voices seem so close, and as you rise to your knees you can see that the voices belong to a pair of beautiful young women. They are oblivious to your presence as you soon realize that the rock outcropping that wraps your position provides a perfect blind to the rest of the adjacent beach.

The women select their spot and decamp. You immediately notice that they are very similar in appearance and age. Both are in their mid-twenties, shoulder length blonde hair and possess athletic bodies. “Nice” you think, a couple of young friends out enjoying the beach and sun. As though scripted, both women remove their bikini tops at precisely the same moment. You are uncomfortable, not because of the nudity (truth is you appreciate their taut frames and are more than a little turned on by the experience), as their knowledge of your presence might have elicited more conservative behaviour. As you prepare to lie back on your beach mat, their laughter draws your eyes to them. The taller of the two women is leaning back on her beach mat, propped up by her elbows, and is being straddled by her friend. The woman straddling her partner is sensually caressing her friend’s breasts. Their lips meet in a warm embrace, as both women move to their knees, caressing each others breasts as they kiss passionately. They are truly beautiful young women with flawless bodies. You study their bodies as they remain locked in passionate embrace. There is a now obvious difference in height; the woman with the blue bikini bottom appeared to be several inches taller than her partner. The shorter of the two was wearing a black bikini bottom and appeared to be younger almanbahis giriş than her friend.

As one of the partners lies back, the other straddles her hips. She leans down and, while caressing her partner’s breasts, she deftly begins to lick and kiss her nipples. Her friend quietly moans and her head rolls back as her eyes close and she traces her lips with her tongue. You are enjoying the experience as your pussy is noticeably damp and your nipples are pressing hard against the material of your bikini top. Moving down her friend’s body, she kisses her wet sex through her blue bikini bottom. Caressing her breasts with one hand, she gently moves the material of her partner’s bikini bottom and inserts a finger into her very wet and waiting pussy. This action elicits a palpable moan from her lover, sending a tingle through your body. Her bikini bottom is removed, revealing her smooth sex to her partner. Gently, she fingers her partner’s wet pussy and leans down to kiss her sex. Slowly, she begins to lick and kiss her sopping pussy. Her partner is moaning and she begins to run her fingers through her lover’s hair, pulling her lover’s face into her waiting pussy.

This scene has your sex soaking and your nipples erect. Your right hand pushes aside your bikini bottom and is exploring your damp pussy, as your index finger locks on your swollen clit. You feverishly stimulate your clit as your gently squeeze and pinch your nipples. Your eyes search out the women and you immediately notice that the younger woman is stimulating her partner’s sex with a vibrator. You curse yourself for not packing your toy with your beach essentials, an oversight you will not soon repeat! The older woman is enjoying the attention with immense pleasure, as her hips meet the thrusts of the sex toy. Her partner is kissing her neck and licking her nipples as she increases the pace with which she attacks her lover’s pussy with the vibrator. She reaches a shuddering orgasm and moans with excitement. She turns her partner’s sex towards her and the women are now pleasuring each others pussy. Their tongues are darting into their wet sex as they caress each other’s breasts and nipples.

You have removed your bikini bottoms and are openly stimulating your sopping wet sex. Your head rolls back and you close your eyes tight as you bring yourself to a cascading climax. Your orgasm sends electric energy to the core of your body, rendering your sex quivering and soaked. As you enjoy your shuddering climax, you note your friends have also reached orgasm and are quietly kissing and embracing. After awhile, they wade into the ocean naked and continue their kissing and fondling. You don your wet bikini bottom and quietly pack you beach bag. You leave your friends to their excitement and make your way back to your villa.

As you recall the scene, you are very aware that your bikini bottoms are very damp and your nipples are erect. You desire a repeat experience of your first visit to your private beach. Alas, it is not to be. You spend the day tanning and relaxing in complete solitude. As the sun moves away from your private oasis you prepare to return to your villa. You look forward to a quiet dinner and a night of dancing. In a couple of days you will be joined by your special friend, your anticipation is building.

Your first priority as you enter your villa is to enjoy a shower; rinsing off the sand and suntan lotion from your warm body. You enter the shower and the stream from the showerhead envelopes your pussy. You begin to visualize the scene with the two women and you are immediately aroused. Your right hand moves from your breasts to your wet pussy. You slowly begin to stimulate your pussy as the shower stream caresses your breasts.

You feel two strong hands on the back of your shoulders and you are startled. You spin around to see the smiling face of your special friend in your shower, two days before his intended arrival. He begins to kiss your neck and caress your breasts, as his hand works down your body to your hips. He trails the finger tips of his left hand along your inner thigh, brushing against your sex, as you kiss. Slowly, turning you into the spray of the shower, he kisses your shoulders and your lower back. He begins to caress and gently pinch your nipples; you moan and press into his body. He gently moves down your body, kissing your warm, glistening skin. As he kisses your hips and bottom, he begins to work his left hand between your legs, lightly stroking the inside of your thighs and your waiting pussy. Gliding his index finger into your moist, pussy, he lingers on your clit as he kisses your hips. You reach back and run your fingers through his hair, your head is back and the warm water runs gently down your chest.

Turning toward him, you hook your right leg around his waiting hips and grind your pussy against his cock. Your friend lifts your leg with his strong hand and gently places your leg on the edge of the almanbahis tub, kissing your breasts and stomach as he works down towards your quivering pussy. He pulls your hips into his waiting mouth and you moan as his tongue enters your moist pussy. His hands are cupping your bottom as his tongue feverishly pleasures your pussy. Locking on your clit, he increases the speed with which his tongue explores your sex. You run your fingers through his hair, pulling his face deeper into your pussy. He responds by speeding the stimulation of your now sopping pussy. You are gently pinching your nipples and moaning as he licks and kisses your quivering sex.

Kissing your glistening skin, he moves back up your body. Your lips meet in a passionate kiss and you reach down and stroke his cock. Slowly, you kiss his neck and chest as you move down towards his hips. You kiss and bite his nipples, as you trail your fingers down his arching back. You kiss and lick his stomach as you stroke his hard cock. Kneeling, you take his cock into your mouth, caressing his taut balls with your hand. Running your tongue along the shaft of his cock, his head rolls back and he close his eyes in pure enjoyment. Your mouth moves the length of his hard cock. You stroke his cock as you take his balls into your mouth. Stroking, licking and sucking his sex, he appears as though he will climax at any moment. He pulls you close and kisses your neck and lips.

He wraps your left leg firmly around his hip and glides his cock into your moist, waiting pussy. He thrusts his cock into you as you kiss deeply. Your tongues explore as he caresses your breasts and continue to glide his cock into your moist sex. Braced against the shower wall, your rhythm is slow and deliberate. His hands pull your hips into his thrusts as he kisses your neck and ears. Your head rolls back as you moan and he increases his thrusts deep into your pussy. Your sex meets with each thrust, as you both approach the crescendo of an incredible climax. His thrusts are hard and fast, you moan and lock your fingernails into his strong shoulders. You both reach a shuddering orgasm as he shoots his hot load into your quivering sex. Your bodies quiver as you embrace, kissing and caressing as the orgasm overtake your bodies.

You dress carefully for your evening out. You select your sexiest bra and panties, the kind that you know your friend loves. You choose a light cotton suit, in anticipation of a warm evening of dancing and excitement.

The evening starts with a romantic meal at your favorite dining spot. Over drinks and a tantalizing array of local seafood, you update each other on the events of the past few days. Your friend shares in detail how he was able to move his schedule to be able to arrive a couple of days earlier than originally anticipated. You tell him how appreciative you are that he was able to get away earlier than planned, and promise that you will show him how much it is appreciated later that evening, all the while you are stroking his inner thigh under the cover of the tablecloth. You can feel his sex responding as you kiss his neck and run your index finger along the outline of his stiffening cock.

As you prepare to head toy your favourite club, your friend advises that he needs to return to the villa to lead a conference call associated with his business interests. As a trade-off for his early arrival, he consented to lead this important call and promised to keep it as short as possible. You pull him to you, kissing him deeply and trailing your finger tips along his inner thigh, resting on his sex. You wish him luck and tell him to keep the call short and meet you at the club. Your eyes lock and you both have a sparkle of anticipation flashing in your eyes. Suitably confident that your partner will do all in his power to expedite his responsibility, you head to the club to await his arrival.

As you enter the club, you notice that your favourite spot is busier than usual and the dance floor was jammed with patrons enjoying the rhythmic beat of the music that was thundering through the club. As you order a drink, you inventory the crowd and note that it was a very young crowd this evening. As you survey the people on the dance floor, you lock eyes with a beautiful young woman that is dancing very close and very sensually with a small group of beautiful women. You cannot help but think that you recognize this woman. Had you seen her earlier in the day, at the beach, at your resort, during a previous visit to the island? As you take in her radiant beauty you realize that she was the younger of the two women that you had observed the day that you discovered your private sunning spot. Your drink arrives and you exchange greetings with an acquaintance from your resort. Your eyes return to the dance floor and you search for the young woman. As you scan the dancing throng you cannot locate her. You turn to face the club entrance, anticipating the arrival of your almanbahis giriş special friend. You were looking forward to a night of dancing and then returning to your villa to completely enjoy your partner.

You feel a hand gently caressing your back. You are expecting to see the smiling face of your friend as you turn to face the direction of the stroking hand. To your surprise, you are looking into the eyes of the young woman that you earlier spotted on the dance floor. She is truly beautiful, with shoulder length blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and full lips. She introduces herself as Erika and she places her left hand gently on your leg. She leans in and softly kisses you on the lips. This sends shock waves through your body as you close your eyes and place your hand on hers. She sits close to you and looks deep into your eyes. Erika explains that she remembers seeing you on the beach during her last visit to the island. She softly laughs and explains that she and her friend were aware that you were able to see them as they enjoyed each other that afternoon on the beach. Erika shares that they were very stimulated by your presence and even more so when they realized how turned on you became as you observed their love making. They were disappointed to find that you had left while they were in the ocean as they intended to invite you to join them for the rest of the evening.

Erika invites you to the dance floor to enjoy the techno beat. As you dance, you both drink in each other, and it is clear that there is a deep attraction. Erika brushes her hand deftly and gently against your breasts and your inner thigh. She trails her finger tips along your leg and towards your sex. She can feel that your pussy is already wet and your eyes lock in anticipation as your bodies move to the rhythm. She pulls you to her and kisses your waiting mouth. Your tongues collide as Erika pulls your hand to her inner thigh. She glides your hand under her short skirt and you experience her sopping wet sex. She leans forward and whispers that she wants you and that it was time to enjoy each other completely. You explain that you are accompanied on the trip by your friend and you hoped that would not alter her Erika’s interest. She smiles and says that would be even better. As you exit the club you ask the doorman to keep an eye out for your friend and ensure that he knew that you would be returning to the villa with a surprise for him.

You hurry back to the villa in anticipation. Erika is behind you as you key the door open. You note that the villa is empty, and as you turn to face Erika, she pulls you into her and she kisses you deeply as the door closes. You take Erika by the hand, leading her into the bedroom. She unbuttons your blouse as she kisses your neck. You reach under her skirt and insert a finger into her moist pussy. She moans and kisses your breasts through your bra as she removes your blouse. You continue to stimulate her wet sex as she removes her top. Her breasts are beautiful. You lean into her and begin to lick and kiss her ample breasts, focusing on her nipples. You slide Erika’s skirt down paste her hips, and the garment falls to the floor. You drink in her beauty as you back her onto the bed. You remove your bra and lower yourself down on to her. Your lips meet and you kiss passionately. You move down her taut and tanned body, kissing her neck, breasts and stomach. You run your tongue along the ridges of her hips as she moans and runs her fingers through your hair. You kiss her inner thighs and deftly lick her smooth sex. As you kiss her pussy, you are gently caressing her breasts. You plunge your tongue into her sex and Erika moans wildly, pulling your face into her sopping wet pussy. As you stimulate her clit, Erika twists and pinches her nipples as her head rolls back and she traces her lips with her tongue.

As you slide a finger into her waiting pussy, you hear the front door of the villa opening, you continue flicking Erika’s pussy with your tongue, with the knowledge that your friend has just arrived. You work Erika’s clit with feverish focus. She responds loudly and enthusiastically, pulling your face and tongue deeper into her writhing pussy, meeting your darting tongue with her grinding hips as her back arches. As you look back you see your friend naked, stroking his hard cock in anticipation. He removes your pants and moves forward, kissing your wet pussy through your sexy black panties. As he removes your panties, he inserts his index finger into your sopping wet sex while he caresses your breasts, squeezing and pinching your nipples.

He positions himself behind you, as he works another finger into your moist sex and rapidly brings you to full excitement. As you pleasure Erika, he glides his hard cock into your waiting pussy. He grinds his rock hard cock into your wet sex as he caresses your breasts and gently pinches your nipples. He begins to increase his rhythm as you do. Erika is nearing climax as his cock rapidly glides in and out of your quivering sex. As Erika climaxes and pulls your face into her sopping wet pussy, he reaches orgasm and delivers his hot load into your quivering pussy. You push hard against his cock and shudder as your orgasm overtakes you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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