Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.05

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Alpha Female

Connor edged forwards again, watching intently as his cock disappeared between Becca’s rosey-red lips. He continued to thrust saying, “if you keep this up, your wish will very quickly be granted. Now open yourself further to me.” Inch by enormous pulsating inch, he forced his cock forwards. Becca V began to gag, but her saliva was copious in her arousal and allowed the huge cock to glide passed her tonsils and into her throat.

She gagged again, trying to swallow hard, dribbling and drooling in her efforts to take him all. Suddenly she realised her lips were pressed against his pubes and balls. She had done it! She had managed to take all eight and a half inches of his cock into her throat.

With it tightly encased, she applied a squeezing sucking motion which quickly had Connor grunting. “Becca V, that is good.” He pulled his cock back allowing her to nibble at it, to run her tongue along its length; she lifted his cock towards his stomach and pulled him to her so she could suck one of his balls into her mouth. Even these tasted nice as she gently, playfully chewed upon it.

Becca V ran her hand up and down the long length of his shaft. Watching as she revealed the head and then covered it again with her long delicate fingers. almanbahis The power she felt as she realised she was now in control of Connor’s orgasm. She could hold him off, or she could wank him to an exploding ejaculation. As she thought, she rained kisses upon the glossy head in soft smacking sounds; every now and then she would suck the full length back into her throat and when there, apply the rasping squeezing motion again.

Connor obviously loved the attention she was giving his cock as he pushed deeply into her throat again moaning; then as he pulled back out and her tongue glided over the rapidly pulsating prick before her, she witness and felt it harden even further before it suddenly ejaculated with a force that even he found surprising. His hot sticky sperm shot directly onto Becca V’s face, hitting her just below the eye and falling in a glutinous mass across her cheek and awaiting tongue.

She gasped as another rapid-fire shot caught her full in the mouth filling it with the sweet nectar. Before she could take stock of the experience Connor rammed his cock down her throat and as she suctioned on him he continued to flood her stomach with his semen. His grasp on her hair was now rough and urgent as he thrust into almanbahis giriş her again and again, ignoring the slight gagging that it was producing in her. He had to empty his balls now no matter what.

Becca V continued to vigorously rub on her clit as she orgasmed again. She was leaking bodily fluids from both ends in her utter and complete arousal and from Connor’s second ejaculation. This man had made her come more times than she thought was possible and she, she realised, had made him come twice! She had never been so totally fucked before and thought that her love-making to date had perhaps only been playing at it.

Her body was spent, exhausted; despite her level of physical fitness, she was well and truly fucked. She inserted four fingers into her cunt, a very poor replacement for Connor’s cock, but something she needed none the less, his come and her juice still spilling from her. Her legs were like rubber and she wondered if she would ever be able to stand again. But most of all, she thought, she had this fantastic man’s cock in her mouth and throat, and she had brought him to orgasm. She had given him a blow job to remember.

The ejaculations of his cock directly into her throat were a new sensation to almanbahis yeni giriş her, she wanted to scream out her pleasure and enjoyment, but being completed filled with his cock, all she could do was moan. As she mirrored Connor’s thrusting into her mouth with her finger fucking she became overwhelmed. The last few drops of come she received in the mouth as he slowly withdrew, his weapon already diminishing in size and stature the last dying shot ricocheted into her hair. He walked round the bars to the collapsed and exhausted woman lying prone across the desk and knelt down between her legs to untie her.

Becca V’s fingers were still within her pussy and moved with the rhythm of her frantic breathing. Connor scooped her up into his powerful arms and sitting on the table, positioned her into his lap. Her head fell into the crook of his neck, one arm running under his and onto his shoulder, the other still trapped between her legs.

He looked down at her heaving breasts, slick with sweat, and the huge beautifully crafted nipples capping those beautiful firm orbs of pale white flesh. Her black hair lay in cascades of disarray across her shoulders and face. His come dribbling across her face and hair. One stocking had slipped down her thigh a little; both were darkened, wet at the stocking top, with her vaginal juices and his semen. She appeared to be completely exhausted and content, happy to stay enfolded in the warmth of his strong arms. Kissing the top of her head, he whispered “thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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