Big Beautiful Boss

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Rick had always had a fetish for big, beautiful women.

He had never really been able to explore this fetish. The idiot producers, writers, and directors in the porn industry can’t get it right. Guys with this fetish don’t want 400 or 500 pound women, with fat hanging everywhere, eating throughout the movie. They like women with a little meat on their bones, “medium build” so to speak.

But, like everything in the porn industry, if you want to see a movie about your fetish, it only goes extreme. As in extremely fat. So, he was unable to explore his interest in BBW, because the powers that be can’t get it right. Until now, that is.

His beautiful girlfriend Jennifer worked in retail. Her manager, Sharon, was an ideal BBW. Sharon was in her mid thirties and married. She was about 5’3, and weighed around 160 to 180 pounds. She had straight brown, shoulder length hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a light complexion. He had seen her often over the past year, but had never really spoken to her until the staff Christmas party. He became interested in her after spending more time being hypnotized by her lovely eyes. Her low cut blouse showing off the creamy white skin of her ample cleavage didn’t hurt, either. He found her to be friendly, flirtatious, fun loving, and very outgoing. She was not afraid to say anything at anytime, no matter how shocking. Rick never gave her another thought until a few weeks later. Sharon was going on vacation and she was coming by the house to drop off the schedules to Jennifer, who would be in charge while she was away. By 9 am, Jennifer had to leave for work, and could wait no longer for her boss. She told Rick to expect Sharon, since he had the day off. His girlfriend left, and he showered and threw on jeans and a T-shirt, not wanting to look like a slob when her boss came by.

He heard a knock on the door, and he answered it. There was Sharon, wearing a white, low cut T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a jacket that was open, allowing him to take in her sexy cleavage. She had his attention now!

“Hi!” he said, “come on in!” Sharon came in, shutting the door behind her. “Is Jennifer around? I have something for her.” she said. She had noticed his brief glance to her chest and felt a subtle tingle in her crotch. She thought about having a little fun with that, if she got the opportunity.

“Naw,” he replied, “she had to get to work. You’re late!” he joked. “Do you want a coffee, Sharon?” he asked. ‘Bingo’ she thought. Now she might get a chance to tease him a little! “Ok, sure!” she said cheerfully, taking off her jacket and kicking off her shoes. While he was in the kitchen, she tucked her shirt a little further into her jeans. The difference was subtle, but it pulled her shirt even tighter on her chest, and pulled the V neck of her shirt further down, exposing even more ample cleavage.

She sat on the couch, and seconds later he joined her with 2 coffees. They made small talk, Sharon was turning on the charm, cracking the jokes, keeping the conversation flowing. After about 15 minutes, she thought she had him relaxed enough. Time to step up the flirting, and see what happens! Rick continued to glance at her tits throughout their conversation. He couldn’t help it! Sharon suddenly tilted her head, grabbed her neck, and winced, breathing sharply.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, taking the bait. He was slightly aroused, but his interest was still innocent up to this point.

“My neck is just so tight right here!” she replied, still wincing and rubbing her neck. He didn’t take that particular bait, not thinking it was appropriate to offer his girlfriend’s boss a neckrub. She needed to be more aggressive. She was fairly faithful to her husband, only having cheated on him a handful of times. She was attracted to Rick, and she was getting very horny, but at this point, her intentions were strictly to get a rise out of him, nothing more. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “feel this knot right here.” she turned her back to him on the couch, presenting her neck to him. Now he pretty much had to touch her neck. He did, feeling in the spot she said to, but he felt no difference. “Wow!” he said, lying to be polite, “what a knot!” He squeezed the spot in question.

“Ohhhhhhh God…..that feels incredible.” Sharon moaned, sounding like a cock just eased into her – just the sound she wanted! She was having fun with this!

It had the desired affect. His heart skipped a beat, and now he was taking his attraction to her a little more seriously.

“If you could rub my neck for ju-u-st a bit, I’ll marry you!” she joked.

“Sure.” he said, taking the bait a second time. She got up off the couch and sat down in front of Rick, between his legs on the floor.

“Thank you sooo much, you are such a doll!” she said, smiling. She was right into this now! She noticed her pussy had moistened a little, and the tingling had intensified. Rick leaned forward and placed his hands on either side of her soft almanbahis neck, and began to squeeze and rub. “Ohhhhhhhh yes! Ohhhh my God you are so good!” she moaned, trying to make it sound as sexual as possible, and getting herself hot in the process. Well, it worked. His cock had now grown to a semi hard state, and she noticed his breathing deepen somewhat. He was looking down over her shoulder, trying to sneak glances at her cleavage. He could make out her entire cleavage, and even part of her white bra. He grew a little harder as his hands kneaded her neck. “Mmmmmm…” she purred again, eyes closed. She focused on only two things. How his hands felt on her skin, and how desire grew in her pussy. Now she decided to take things further than innocent teasing. She legitimately wanted to get laid! She made a point of continuing to moan and purr as he massaged her, hoping to get a rise out of him. Rick’s cock grew to full hardness after 10 minutes of this. He didn’t want it to end! His hands expanded their territory, rubbing her shoulders under her shirt, and even under her bra straps.

Time for Sharon to test the waters. Moaning once more, she arched her head back so it touched his crotch. Oh ya. Definitely hard. Very hard. Either that, or she was leaning back on a solid wood pole! Most people would take their sweet time making the next move, not sure where to go from there. Sharon wasn’t most people. She turned to face him, smiling, her eyes hypnotizing him. Her hand grabbed the apparent bulge in his jeans. “What’s this?” she asked, batting her eyes. He caught his breath, and his heart skipped a beat. He was completely caught off guard, putting Sharon even more in the driver’s seat.

“Um..” he stumbled for words.

“Let’s just see, shall we?” she continued, her hands began to undo his button and pull down his fly. She turned around completely on the floor, getting on her knees as she reached into his underwear. Rick was helpless, still in a state of shock, as he watched her hand disappear into his boxers. He felt her warm hand wrap around his cock, and he stifled a moan. Lightening shot up Sharon’s spine, originating from her pussy as her hand grabbed onto an extremely hard dick. His penis was so hard, he had no loose skin on it to work with! It was stretched to capacity! She pulled it out into the air, admiring it’s 6 inch length as her right hand stroked it.

She leaned forward and kissed the mushroom head. He sighed, making no move to stop her, and she knew she had him. She hadn’t had sex in a month, and all this excitement had her extremely wet. She was definitely NOT going to mess this up! She would get him. Sharon caught his eyes with hers, knowing her strength and using it. He was lost in her blue eyes as he felt her tongue lick slowly down the shaft of his rod to the base, and then back up again. His heart was pounding as he watched her tongue trail saliva all around the helmet of his member.

Sharon slowly sunk his manhood into her mouth, engulfing him. Her lips slid down his pole tightly, her warm mouth taking in his entire penis. His breath was shaky as he stared at her lips wrapped around the base of his cock. She began to glide her mouth up and down Rick’s pole. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she slobbered loudly on his dick as she gave him incredible head.

She was getting wetter by the second – she didn’t see this coming! She was just dropping something off! Her head bobbed up and down on his lap, but her position was awkward. She pulled his meat out of her mouth with a slurp, grabbing his jeans and underwear. Helpless to resist, he allowed her to slide his jeans off, along with his socks and underwear, becoming naked from the waist down.

Both of them were breathing laboriously as she resumed her position between his legs, holding his cock straight up in the air. She hungered for his cock. The passion had grown within her to such an extent that she would not leave without getting laid! Her tongue snaked out and she lapped at his balls, teasing him.

He sighed, watching her tongue trail saliva up his shaft. Once again, warmth engulfed his penis as Sharon sunk it deep into her mouth. Slurping sounds picked up again as she bobbed her head up and down on his lap eagerly. When she felt him writhe his hips up off the couch, fucking her mouth, she knew that she had him where she wanted him. She pulled his organ out of her mouth and held his eyes with hers.

She got up onto the couch, straddling him. Rick was so turned on by this big woman, her eyes were so beautiful. She brought her face toward his, and their lips met, kissing softly for the first time. She couldn’t believe she had his dick in her mouth before she kissed him! He felt her tongue slide into his mouth, and he went with it, caught up in the excitement. He couldn’t help but slide his own tongue into her mouth, and he slid his hands around her waist. He caressed her back as their tongues explored each other’s mouth, lips almanbahis giriş smacking loudly.

Sharon broke the kiss, staring at him as she leaned back. Her hands began to lift up her T-shirt, pulling it out of her jeans. He watched her slowly expose the creamy white skin of her stomach, followed by her white lace bra. Her bra barely contained her humongous breasts. She dropped her shirt on the floor, still looking at him, squeezing her tits together and showing him enormous cleavage.

His cock twitched in a big way. He needed to see those tits. Any remaining inhibitions that he had about fooling around with his girlfriend’s boss, with fooling around with an older woman (he was 27), fell away at that moment. He wanted her badly. She kissed him again, hard, and his hands caressed up and down the naked skin of her back, sliding under her bra strap. He thrusted his tongue into her mouth, his breathing was laboured as they french kissed. Sharon was grinding her crotch against him, and it hurt him somewhat, as she was wearing jeans and he had nothing protecting his cock. She couldn’t help it, though, she was so turned on. Her kisses were hot, passionate, her tongue was out of control.

Rick broke the kiss, and began to lick and kiss down her neck to her chest, dying to taste the skin of her cleavage. He kissed down the soft skin of her ample breasts to the top of her bra as she breathed heavily above him. Her bra straps had fallen off her shoulders, and he used his hand to push the left strap further down her arm, pulling the cup slightly off her left breast. Her pink areola became revealed, and her nipple was very erect. Rick teased her nipple lightly with his tongue, and Sharon caught her breath. He licked all over her areola, and kissed over her entire breast (which must have been at least double D!).

She reached behind her with both hands and unsnapped her bra. She tossed it on the floor, freeing 2 absolutely gorgeous breasts. They weren’t saggy, like 2 sacks of flab as Rick expected. They were full, solid, genuinely huge globes of beautiful flesh. His cock twitched at the sight of them, and he grabbed them with both hands and buried his face in between them, kissing and licking them all over.

She sighed above him, happy that her tits garnered such a reaction. She really started to grind hard against his cock, hurting him. Rick reached down with one hand and slid it between his cock and her crotch, rubbing her pussy over her jeans, and saving his dick from further injury. “Ohhhh…” she moaned, softly, as she felt his hand manipulate her between her thighs. She began to pull up his shirt, and he lifted his head up from between her tits long enough for her to pull it up over his head and off.

He was now naked for his girlfriend’s beautiful, full figured boss. His lips found hers and their tongues explored each others mouths immediately. He gently eased her off of him and she lay back on the couch, Rick laying on top of her without breaking the kiss. His hands massaged her tits as he made out with her, lying on her between her legs. He again kissed down her neck to her chest, and down her cleavage. He couldn’t help it, he had to worship her lovely globes again. He gently ran his tongue around each nipple, making them even harder. She sighed, watching him suck a nipple into his mouth. Pleasure shot from her breast, up and down her body, finally stopping at her crotch.

After what seemed like hours of teasing her tits, Rick began to kiss down her belly to the top of her jeans. Sharon lay before him passively as his fingers undid her button and pulled down her fly. He grabbed her jeans and she raised her ass up off the couch, allowing him to slid them down her legs. He pulled them off her feet, along with her socks, and was pleased to see that her well pedicured feet wore red toenail polish.

She now wore only a white pair of cotton panties, legs parted before him, feet flat on the couch. She was watching him with her pretty blue eyes, chest heaving. Her pussy was tingling madly, she desperately needed to be touched there. He grabbed her small, chubby foot and raised it into the air. He kissed all over the top of her foot, and along the side. He began to kiss and lightly lick up the side of her calf to her knee. She squirmed, unable to contain her arousal as he kissed the side of her knee to her soft inner thigh.

Rick kissed every inch of the inside of her soft, creamy white thigh. Sharon parted her legs wider, placing a foot on the coffee table, giving herself to him. He kissed the very top of her leg, just beside her panties. The scent of her arousal was very strong in his nostrils, and it did nothing to ease the massive hard-on that he wielded.

He kissed her panties directly over her pussy lips, and found that they were incredibly swollen. Her panties were sopping wet. She really wanted him badly! She felt the lips of her pussy get pulled from her body along with her cotton panties as Rick sucked almanbahis yeni giriş her into his mouth. She sighed, and her heart soared with desire. His mouth continued to tease her, manipulating her sensitive pussy through the moist material. She was gasping for breath, the makings of a long neglected orgasm beginning to form. She reached down her body between her legs and his mouth released her as he watched her hand travel.

Sharon eased her panties to one side, slowly revealing to him her most private area. Curls of brown pubic hair became exposed to him, pink swollen pussy lips soon followed. Her beautiful pussy was now revealed, nestled between two plump thighs. He leaned forward and gently kissed her moist lips, and she gasped, pleasure surging through her body. Breathing heavily, Rick stuck his tongue out and slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up towards the top, tasting her flowing juices.

“Ohhhhhhhh, God that feels good!” she moaned, her hand grabbing his hair. His tongue slid up her trembling slit ever so slowly until it nudged her clit. “Mmmmmm….Ohhhhh God.” She sighed again. Her fingers slipped, so lost was she in the moment, and her panties slid back over her cunt. He grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled, Sharon helping him out by raising her ass up off the couch. He pulled her panties right off her feet and he had his girlfriend’s boss naked before his raging hard on.

He dove back in between her legs, burying his face eagerly into her womanhood. Sliding his tongue far into her twat, he slid his hands under her large, soft ass. “Ohhhhh!” she cried again, her hands grabbing the back of his head again. His tongue gathered the juice from her cunt as he licked inside her, tasting her as she wriggled beneath him. Rick sucked the swollen lips of her treasure into his mouth, running his tongue up and down them. She moaned as he held her sensitive skin between his lips and massaged them with his expert tongue.

Mercifully, he released them, leaving Sharon on the verge of orgasm. He slowly licked his way up her slit again, taking his time, really making her want it. When she felt his tongue nudge her clitoris, she gasped. He licked her clit again, shooting pleasure up her spine.

She wanted to cum, but could not. He wasn’t letting her. Only teasing her. Leaving just enough space between licks to not allow her to build any momentum.

He sucked her clit into his mouth, finally giving her the opportunity she needed. Holding the sensitive button between his lips, he tickled it with his tongue while sucking on it.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck…..” she moaned, losing it. He released her clitoris and began to lap at it rapidly, driving her down the homestretch. She raised her feet up into the air, stretching her legs out. Her hips were humping into his face, her entire body was on fire. The tingling sensation was building up within her. Suddenly, she came. She came hard.

The most powerful orgasm that she’s had in 10 years rocked her body, and she gasped for breath, her hands holding his face between her powerful thighs roughly. Her vagina pulsated with pleasure, her heart was ready to explode. Finally, she was able to breathe. Her feet fell back onto the couch on either side of him, her hands allowed him to come up for air.

Kissing her pussy one last time, Rick crawled up the couch towards her, stopping briefly to kiss and lick her wonderful tits. His lips found hers and her tongue fired eagerly into his mouth. Sharon needed to get fucked badly.

Subconsciously, her legs opened wider for him. Her right foot rested on the top of the couch, her left one on the coffee table. She could not open herself up for him anymore than that. He kissed her passionately, grinding his bare organ against her defenseless snatch. Their kissing was loud, sloppy, and they were breathing heavily into each other’s mouth. She could not take anymore of him rubbing against her. She needed him to put it in her. Now. She broke the kiss.

“Fuck me.” She breathed, “fuck me right now, I can’t take this!” Without using his hands, Rick raised his ass up, trailing his hard dick down her sopping wet slit. She felt so hot against the tip of his cock! His manhood found her entrance, and she was so wet she nearly sucked him inside before he was ready. He was so incredibly hard, and it was torturing both of them to leave just the head touching her hungry entrance. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and he pushed forward.

Her pussy easily sucked him inside its warmth. “Ohhhhhhhhhh….” She moaned happily, closing her eyes as she felt his penis slide all the way into her needy vagina in one stroke. He held himself inside her heat, staring at her expression, taking in her huge breasts and her naked, full figured body. His lips found hers and they kissed passionately, tongues shooting far into the other mouth. They were breathing laboriously into each other’s mouth as he began to slide his organ in and out of her twat.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned as she felt his boner reach deep inside her. She raised her feet up into the air as he began to fuck her a little harder right there on his couch. He broke the kiss and watched her as he screwed her.

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