18 yr old JC Girl SG

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18 yr old JC Girl SG
Around June this year I was pleased to be informed that the company was starting a new internship program and I was chosen to be assigned an intern. Sadly, the program was to be run as a partnership with local JCs and Polytechnics and thus I wouldn t be selecting anyone but the JC would shortlist some applicant names and the company would choose from them. Fortunately though, among the three students who came here to work, one was a super chio SYT and I straight away chope her to work for me. Her name was Jane, and she was a guai girl-next-door looking student from a good JC. For the first week she kept addressing me as Mr until we became more familiar with each other until she simply called me kor . She was highly intelligent and efficient as well as hardworking, but what blew me away was her body, her legs were so slim and smooth and everytime she wore skirt i couldn t help but look at her. She was super chio with a slim oval face, pleasant features, and beautiful eyes. Sometimes when she talk to me I wouldn t even be listening to her because her features were just so nice to look at. Her body was lean and fit and she had approximately 34B breasts. Sometimes when she was alone in the office with me I would be tempted to hug or touch her hands or hips but I cannot because scared later she say I harass her.

Soon the one month pass but I still contact her outside work and jio her to makan or go gym. She seemed interested in spending time with me and once we even hold hand while walking. After a while I got more daring and asked her to come hang out with me at home after school. I went to pick her up and to my delight, she was wearing her school uniform. Her JC skirt was much shorter than the skirt she wore at school and the angle of seeing her skirt as she sat next to me was such a turn on. At my place, we played wii together, and ate dinner, and after a while she was sitting on my bed talking to me, and I was sitting on a chair. I couldn t even concentrate on what she was saying because the sight of her legs lying on my bed was just so sexy. Soon, I cannot tahan and went and touch her calves, and told her she has nice legs. To my delight, she just giggled. I got abit more daring and went to sit behind her, and started to touch her thighs. She did not say anything and just started breathing heavily. I started by massaging her shoulders and back, and she started touching my legs as well. I kissed her neck from behind, and soon I could feel her body temperature getting hotter, and I asked her – mei, are you feeling warm? and she said yes. I began unbuttoning her blouse from behind, and she did not hesitate. I feel up her body and breasts over her white bra, and she began to moan abit. By that time I cannot tahan already and I began to unzip her skirt. As she took off her skirt, I unclipped her bra, and she was shy and covered her breasts. I put my hands under her hands and began to caress her gently. I used one hand to feel up along her thighs and graze her panties and another hand to fondle her breasts and graze her pink nipples. I lay her on the bed and took off my shirt, and we kissed. I kissed her neck and breasts and covered her body in kisses, and I could see her starting to flush and get turned on. I kissed along the inside of her legs and thighs until I reached her panties and begin to pull it off, although she is quite hesitant and tried to cross her legs, but I parted her ankles and begin to kiss her pubic hair. She relaxes as she gets turned on and I slowly and gently began to give her oral. To my surprise she was already a bit wet before I started licking her clitoris, and as I stimulate her more and more she gets even wetter. With one hand I caress her breasts and the other hand I spread her lips and touch my tongue repeatedly against her clitoris. I can feel her hand at the base of my neck urging me and she squirms and moans against my touch. Eventually her moans get more and more muffled as she grips my bedsheets, arches her back and climaxes. I cuddle her from the side and we kiss as she tells me the feeling. She starts to fondle my body as she relaxes in bed, and eventually she brushes her hands over my shorts, and the unexpected feeling is such a rush and I get an erection as I take my shorts off. I lie in bed and she begins to take off my briefs. As my didi pops out of my underwear she covers her mouth in shock. Her eyes are wide open as she says

Kor, you are so big!
Hehe, you like?
You know how to play with it?
I don t know if can lor

She wraps her hand around my didi, and she is surprised that her fingers cannot go around. First she pulls back my foreskin and uses one hand to massage my didi. Then she starts to massage me with both hands.

Mei, you know how to suck?
Kor, I don t know if can fit lor

She kisses my shaft, and then licks around the head, before sliding it into her mouth. I guide her and ask her to suck gently and use her tongue to lick under my didi as she slides her head back and forth, using her lips and tongue to stimulate me. After about 15 minutes of oral I am starting to get seriously horny and make her lie down on the bed. I get on top of her and lean forward, getting ready to penetrate, before she whispers in my ear

Kor, please be gentle, this is only my second time

I touch my head to her opening, and she gasps in my ear. I slide myself into her gently, and as my head enters her opening she starts breathing deeply and clutching onto my back. Her pussy is seriously fucking tight like a clamp, and I have great difficulty pushing myself inside. As I slide my didi into her she screams and moans loudly. I can tell she s in pain, but I want this to be a painful pleasure for her, and I begin to slide myself out and in. Each time I do it she begins to relax more until I can slide in and out. Still, her pussy is so tight, like it s gripping me with full strength. I have sex with her in this position for 20 minutes while she moans and gasps and eventually I start to get tired.

Mei, I m tired, you want to try?
Kor, I never try before

I get off her and lie on the bed, I guide her to get on top of me. She straddles my hips and slides me into her. In this position, she s even more tighter and although she rides me slower, the feeling is more intense. To my amazement, I see that she s masturbating herself as she rides me. After about 15 minutes she leans forward and tells me

Kor!! I m going to cum!

I yelp in pain as I feel her muscles contract around me as she has an orgasm. She collapses on the bed and I give her oral until she has another orgasm, and then I start to fuck her in the missionary position again. We tried doggy for awhile but her knees got pain so she rode me for about 15 minutes before I told her that I was going to cum. She gave me oral until I CIM, and she somemore obey my instruction to suck all my cum out and swallow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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