89 The PA`s Sunday

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89 The PA`s Sunday
89 The PA`s Sunday
Maggie awoke as usual to the sound of birds, the woods outside the hall full of them, dawn just creeping across the sky.
She stretched, god was she stiff and sore, her mind flipped back to yesterday, and the games in the dungeon, the near orgasm from the cat, the severe pain of the flex, and the climaxes with both Odd Job and later the insatiable Mr Sato.
She lay contemplating the day to come, knowing that her employer was counting on her to win in the completion with ‘Way lo’ that incredibly beautiful oriental lady, she was a formidable opponent she knew it would be a challenge and a test of her pain absorbing skills.
She rose from the bed, leaving Peter to slumber, set the coffee to perk then she showered, checking out and spraying the still red welts on back and backside at least happy in the knowledge that `Way lo` the opponent was equally marked and bruised they having endured the same punishment yesterday.
She drank a cup of coffee, and sat on her balcony still only in a dressing gown despite the chill air, enjoying the golden morning.
She called Peter at 7 and by eight he was showered and dressed, he produced a card that was a precise list of simple clothing Maggie was to wear and an instruction she was not to urinate after 8am. Together they dressed her body in the precise manner ordered; her hair to be up in a tight bun, collar lead no underclothes, a grey skirt, and white blouse, no stockings and only court shoes. Then at a few moments to 9 they went down to breakfast. They were first today, though soon joined by Odd Job leading Way Lo also dressed in precisely the same way.
Mr Sato, Barnes and Sir Edward arrived together and the maid served as usual, she raised an eyebrow at the ladies collars and their leads but said nothing. `Way lo` and Maggie both stuck to toast and at the masters insistence a pint glass of orange juice, but the rest of them went for the full English.
Over coffee Sir Edward apologised for the curtailing of the games the day before due to an unexpected emergency, to which Maggie smiled and said that to her it had been a welcome relief, which raised a smile on even Mr Sato and Odd Job`s inscrutable faces.
The maid by now had left, so Barnes explained the itinery for the day, he said that the day would begin at 11 and after what he described as a warm up there would be a single competitive game during the first part of which the sponsors would not be present while they had lunch.
After that they would remain in the dungeon till one of the contestants gave up, the stop word being “mustard” neither contestant would be expected at Dinner tonight meals being served to them by the sidesmen in their beds as it was doubted that they would be in a receptive phase of mind.
By now it was 10 35 am and Barnes left to ready the equipment. The women were told to ensure a clean bowel each but on no account to urinate, which each went off so to do. So it was that at a couple of moments to 11 when the women now wearing cuffs on the wrists and lead by their respective sidesmen stepped from the lift to be greeted by the masters.
A simple spreader was clipped to each woman`s cuffs and the arms raised as they stood back to back under the lift. The arms above their heads but un-lifted, leads wrapped round both throats out of the way, a soft flogger was applied to the thin shirts alternately, and this then was the warm up. Peter and Odd Job, now both walking round the two ladies, each man flicking at the soft breasts with the floggers, not enough to damage but enough to warm and sting just a little.
This came to an abrupt halt and they were both released, a coin was tossed then `Way lo` was taken to the whipping bench and d****d over the padded seat, hands held as before by Odd Job. Sato without lubrication or preamble jammed his fully erect prick direct into the girls anus, no foreplay or lube meant the pain was excruciating, especially with Sato`s long cock reaching deep into her bowel in the one swift jab. The woman`s scream echoed round the cavern, raising a sadistic smile on Sato`s face as he set up a smart pace, thrusting at her till he climaxed, then removed himself, she was led still crying to her place on the bench. Maggie now was lead to the bench, she now knew what to expect, she lay forward and Peter took her wrists, their eyes locked together as Sir Edward first lined his self up then in one swift tearing move, thrust his stiff tool deep into her back passage. She had taken anal before, and truth to tell enjoyed it, but not with this amount of force or no foreplay The feeling was of a ring of fire, as if a red hot poker was invading her very soul, she began to scream, tears fell as he set up a fast rhythm her head swinging from side to side in her agony her eyes fixed on her husband her nails digging into his wrists. The flood of seed a relief knowing her master would soon withdraw.
He ripped himself from her, another surge of pain tears falling freely as she too was returned to the bench where both women sat together united in their discomfort watching as two stands about 3 feet high were set up. These were to support the ends of two thin steel rods about 6 feet long and about 1½” in diameter. The other ends were soon slung under the hoist about 9” from the ground.
The two women were now made to stand back to back about a foot apart astride the poles.
Wrists were now secured to collars, and their leads to the hoist to ensure they could not look down, bend down or move away. The bar was now raised till it just nestled in the cleft of each woman`s sex, Odd Job seeing that Maggie`s lips were either side of the cold metal and that her clitorise was well in contact, Peter doing the same for `Way lo` Both adding clamps, to the labial lips attached to a short string. The bar was then raised till each woman was just on the balls of her feet, then finally a light plastic bucket was suspended under the bar on the strings
At this point the masters and sidesmen went off to lunch. Barnes again looking after the two women neither in real pain but surely in at least discomfort.
He gave them drinks as he had the day before and supplied them with sandwiches again, their hands just loose enough to enable them to hold the morsel and feed themselves. It was a long dinner break.
Time dragged, the discomfort slowly became less as the bar warmed to the body temperature of the two women. Leg muscles though soon began to tire and the age old dilemma, relive those muscles or crush that clit became a problem, each woman, wrestling with her own mind as to what to do for the best.
The sandwiches gone, more of the drink was given, the brandy reviving both women before the return of the other men. There was no clock in easy sight of the women so time was slow to stopped for them, the ‘lunch‘having been fairly wet the four men happy if not in their cups.
They were soon sat in four directors chairs admiring and ‘encouraging’ each of their respective competitors. Barnes was encouraged to raise the bar just one more inch, which reluctantly he did. For the ladies that inch mattered, pain, real pain centred on their sex organs in a severely painful way now, tip toe the only way of relief, added to which bladders were causing increasing problems now just as Sir Edward had planned.
Maggie peered desperately at Sir Edward and gasped that she needed to pee to which he laughed, and told her he knew and it was up to her if she did the bucket would fill and the little teeth that clamped her labia would soon be tearing at her soft lips. Desperate now to retain her water she set her concentration to the urgent bladder.
`Way lo` too was informed of the situation and was in a like position, each tiny move of the other woman transmitting itself painfully through the twin rods. By now it was well over an hour and nearer two since they had saddled up, to the women it was an eternity.
Numbness was transmitting itself to the respective organs, `Way lo` began to lose control of her bladder, in the quiet everyone heard the splash of the bucket filling, followed by the long hard groan of a woman in even more pain as the weight began dragging on those soft lips.
For Maggie the vibration of the other poor girl desperately trying to gain a little comfort was the catalyst to her bladder dribbling and leaking, the weight adding to her problems as the bucket weight increased, she too began to scream, no groan this she was screaming in an agony of epic proportions.
Neither girl would give in; it had become a point of honour, another thirty long minutes passed, and despite sweat breaking out on either woman, and them both alternating from moans to screams and back nothing much changed. Sir Edward and Mr Sato bored now went off in a huddle, brief hope flourished that perhaps they were deciding on a draw, it was a forlorn hope.
They returned with chalk, and a measuring tape, precisely from `Way lo`s` pubic bone a mark was made 6inches along the rod, the same quickly happened on Maggie`s side.
From behind the counter Barnes produced two card tables, which he placed beside the marks on the rod`s. All eyes intrigued now watching the stoical butler as he returned to the counter the women suspicious, but in their agony they had other worries.
There was a sudden roar that settled to a slight hum, then a second both settling to a steady equal note from behind the counter.
Barnes appeared, a lit gas blowlamp in either hand, he asked the masters if they were sure, received a nod and a positive grunt then placed one on either small table the flame directed to the marks on the steel rods.
Both ladies had eyes like saucers their attention focused on the blue flames slowly burning away the chalk-marks and beginning to heat the rod, ten long minutes passed before the heat began to reach the women Pleasant at the start, but rapidly rising to untenable the other pains forgotten as this new menace began to make its menace known. `Way lo` screamed the stop word immediately followed by Maggie but a split second apart. Barnes rapidly removed the flames, but the rods would be slow to cool so the hoist was quickly lowered.
Peter and Odd Job quick to rescue the buckets and released the two victims they sat shaking on the benches as the pain sprays were applied.
Sir Edward and Mr Sato well pleased now said there would be bonuses for both and that they were brave ladies, Sir Edward offering `Way lo` a place in the hall staff which she was about to accept when Barnes in a most uncharacteristic move interrupted his employer saying he wished to take the woman as his wife much as Peter and Maggie if she would accept his proposal.
`Way lo` nodded, her face a smother of joy then she flung herself at the deeply embarrassed little butler her pain forgotten for that brief instant.
We shall raise a glass to that when the women are restored Sir Edward cried, congratulations.
And on that note he, Sato and Odd Job departed leaving the two couples to recover in their own sweet time.

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