A Night At The THeater

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A Night At The THeater
A Night At The Theater

My wife Chase was nervous. But I couldn’t tell if it was in a good way, or a bad way. We were in the car, headed for the local adult movie theater with the intention of doing something wild. We had talked about this often, as she loved the fantasies of exhibitionism and gangbangs, but we had never acted on them. Sometimes just talking about these fantasies during our sex play, would get her hotter than I had ever seen her. But talk is one thing, and the real thing is quite another.

She had dressed for the occasion. Wearing black shiny 5’ spike heel shoes, black thigh-high stockings, and a flimsy short dress that buttoned up the front, and no underwear. Over this she wore a light thigh length coat. My wife is 43 years old, but easily looks 10 years younger than that. She’s 5’ 6’’ tall, 120 lbs, with small firm breasts, and the roundest, fullest, sweetest tasting ass I’ve ever seen on a woman. Her pussy is almost completely shaved, with just a thin strip of hair above her clit.

As we paid for our tickets, and made our way to the door of the theater, she seemed to cling to me tighter than ever, as if to say, “please take care of me”. We opened the door, and entered the dark theater. The light from the screen barely lit up the large room. There were no more than a handful of men seated in separate rows. who obviously wanted their own privacy. I quickly scanned the seats, and led us to an unoccupied row, and led my wife all the way in to the end nearest the wall.

As we made ourselves comfortable, and our eyes began to adjust to the darkness, we were aware of the heads of several of the men turning in our direction. Clearly, having a woman walk into a sex movie theater, was not the norm. But having them look was OK, because that was part of the fantasy. On the screen, a girl was kneeling on a couch, bending over the back of it, while two guys on either side of her, licked and stroked her pussy and asshole. I put my arm around Chase and gave her what I thought would be a quick kiss. Instead, she pulled me to her and passionately pushed her lips into mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. While we locked lips, I let me hand roam to her chest and rub her breast through the material. As our kiss finally broke, her breath came in spurts. This was clearly ‘getting’ to her.

I unbuttoned her coat, and slid it off her shoulders. Then I began to undo the buttons on her dress, slowly working from bottom to top. Her dress was now completely undone, but still gathered over her. Her eyes were locked on the screen as I slid my hand up her thigh toward her pussy. I lightly stroked her leg as her dress parted slightly, revealing just a bit of her shaved cunt. As i began to brush her pussy lips with my fingers, her own hand wandered into my lap and stroke my hardening cock through my pants. I reached down with my free hand, and loosened my belt, undid my zipper, and pulled my now fully erect cock out of my pants. Her soft hand wrapped around my stiffness, and she started to lightly jerk me off.

It was at this point that I was aware of someone moving in the theater. One of the men behind us, who had obviously been paying close attention to our movements, moved into the row ahead of us, and sat down directly in front of me. He turned his head to look back and could see Chase’s hand on my cock and my hand on her pussy, but her dress was still mostly covering her. He looked to be in his mid-30’s, clean shaven, with longish blond hair. With my fingers in her pussy, I thought I could sense a change in her movement against me because of this new development. Her pussy was dripping wet, and I could feel her body tightening as I rubbed her more deliberately. She stopped jerking me, and just held on tight to my cock, while she concentrated on her approaching orgasm.

With my free hand, I reached into the upper part of her dress and began rubbing and stroking her breasts. I could hear her breathing quicken and I really wanted to expose my wife to this curious stranger. I decided to go for it, and pulled her dress to the side completely exposing her to his gaze. The flickering light from the screen danced across her now naked body and our friend drank it in like a thirsty man. He never took his eyes off her body, but he seemed to be fiddling with his pants, trying to take his cock out, I assumed. Throughout all of this, Chase’s eyes had been glued to the screen, taking in the wild sex images in the movie. She seemed to be looking past the blonde man, but clearly she was fully aware that he was staring at her naked writhing body, and I think it was turning her on more than she could ever have dreamed.

I knew it was just about time for her to let go, so I speeded up my stroking as she began to thrust against me. I moved my face to her beautiful breasts and began sucking on her stiff nipples. It would only be a minute now, I knew, and her breathing shortened as she began moan quietly and come with my fingers. She jerked wildly as her orgasm washed over her, and our blonde voyeur watched every twitch of it. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Here I was, in a dirty movie theater, with my sexy wife, nearly naked and cumming in front of a complete stranger. I don’t think I’d ever felt so turned on in my life. My cock was drenched in pre-cum. As Chase began to come to, and acknowledge me with a satisfied smile, she rubbed my slippery hardness and whispered, “Did you come already?”. “No”, I whispered back, “but I’m ready to!”.

She dropped her head into my lap and began to lick all around the head. She was licking all the pre-cum off of me, and she turned her head back up to mine and gave me a wet, cum-tasting kiss. She knows I love tasting my cum when it’s in her mouth, so this was her way of teasing me. She quickly moved back to my cock, and began in earnest, to suck me deeply into her soft warm mouth. She began to bob her head up and down in my lap, and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I let my fingers glide through her hair, and for the first time, made eye contact with the blonde man in front of us, and he smiled a knowing smile, as if to say, “This is SO hot”. Then he moved his hand over the seat, and held it above her head. His looked seemed to ask a question that I understood, and I hesitantly removed my hand from her head. He slid his hand to replace mine and began to stroke her long reddish-brown hair, as her head slid up and down in my lap.

I’m pretty sure she still thought it was my hand on her head, so the turn-on was all mine! I watched as this stranger firmly pushed my wife’s head down onto my cock, and I just lost it. I began to cum, and Chase tightened her lips on me. I thrust up into her mouth and shot spurt after spurt of hot sperm into her mouth. I could tell it was a really big load, as I could feel her swallow several times, trying to get it all down her throat. Our friend released his hand from her hair, and she came up to my face, giving my a big cummy kiss. There was cum on her chin, which I eagerly licked off, and her breath was hot with the scent of my sperm. I was so turned on that my cock just stayed hard, not the usual case, and I knew that we were just beginning.

As I turned to face Chase in her seat, I suddenly became aware of someone directly behind us. I guess that while we were wrapped up in our own activities, another voyeur had moved into our area. I turned my head to just barely take in this new presence, and was shocked by what I saw. It was a young guy, no more than 25, (you know the type, with the baseball cap on backwards), and in his hands was one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. It appeared to be nearly 10 inches long, and as thick as a flashlight. He must have been playing with himself, while he watched Chase suck my cock.

I began rubbing Chase’s shoulders with one hand, and lightly stroking her breasts with the other. She seemed to be as relaxed as could be expected, given the circumstances. I pulled her dress down over her shoulders, and sensing my intent, she leaned forward a bit, so that I could pull it down, off of her arms. As she sat back again, she was now completely naked, with her coat and dress d****d against the back of the chair, and with her bare shoulders visible above the back of her seat. I turned back a little more towards our new visitor, and made eye contact with him. I moved my hand away from the soft white skin of her shoulder, and make a quick hand gesture, inviting him to take my place. He reached up tentatively, and began touching her, gently rubbing back and forth across the upper part of her back. Because I kept my arm behind her, she had no idea that she was now being massaged by a complete stranger!

After a few minutes of this deception, I decided it was time to come clean with Chase, and see just how far she wanted to go. I slid the arm that had been behind her down to her breast, and moved the other one to her pussy. I only stroked her wet clit for a moment when she realized the the hands on her back were not mine. “Wha…,” was all she got out before I whispered, “It’s okay baby, he just wants to make you feel good, relax, and enjoy it.”

She wasn’t convinced. Watching, like the blonde man, was one thing, but this, she sensed, was crossing over into an area that she wasn’t entirely sure of. “Honey,” I said, “you can stop this anytime you want to, but believe me…I’m loving this. I’ve never been more turned on, and you’ve never been sexier to me than you are right now….and besides, you’re not gonna believe how well-hung this guy is!” She searched my eyes to see if what I said was really true, and must have seen what she needed, because she looked at me and nodded as she whispered, “okay, then….let’s see what happens.”

I think the guy behind us had heard our conversation, and took her assent as his cue. He leaned forward, getting closer to the back of her seat, and slid his hands down the sides of her bare arms. Moving his hands around her, he brushed his fingers over her nipples. She pushed against my fingers, which were still in her pussy, began to breathe a little harder. As he kneaded her breasts, he moved his head up to the other side of her head, and whispered something into her ear. She turned to look at me and asked, “Are you SURE this is okay with you?” “Yes, baby…it’s fine. Look”, I said, “I couldn’t hear what he said to you, but whatever you want to do, is okay with me.” “He wants me to touch him,” she said shakily. “Do you want to?” I asked, hoping she did. “Yeah, I want to try,” she said. I could tell from the sound of her voice that despite being really nervous about this, she was incredibly turned on at the same time.

She slowly slid her arm over the back of her chair, turning as she did to allow herself better access. Her hand came to rest on the young guy’s thigh, and she deliberately moved her hand up toward his crotch. She still wasn’t looking at him, just feeling her way up his leg. When her hand finally made contact with the flesh of his cock, and instinctively closed around the shaft of his manhood, she gasped at the size of it. “My God, he’s huge,” she shuddered to me. “I know,” I whispered back, “take a look at him.” She turned now fully facing me, and glanced behind her, to take in the sight of the young man, who was staring lustily into her eyes. She looked into his eyes, and ran her soft fingers up and down the length of his cock, and gripped his balls as if to feel the weight of them. He reached up and touched the side of her face, a pretty tender gesture, given the circumstances, and she nuzzled her face back into his hand.

I had one finger in her cunt, and my other hand on my own throbbing erection, when the young man put his finger up to Chase’s lips. She kissed it, and he rubbed it across her lips, eventually working it into her now open mouth. He pushed it in deeper, and she began to suck it like a small penis. His intentions were clear, as was her response, but the logistics, of how to do it, seemed like they might be a problem. He solved that right away, by quickly standing, and moving his stiff cock right into my wife’s face. She turned to face him, as much as she could, in that position, and licked the head of his giant member. She worked her tongue and lips, back and forth, across the underside of his cock, licking at all the drops of pre-cum that had gathered there in his excitement. She wanted more, but couldn’t really get it in her current position.

“Why don’t you get on your knees and face him,” I suggested, with ulterior motives. I knew that on her knees, bent over the back of the seat to suck his cock, her ass would be completely available and exposed to me. “Won’t everybody else be able to see me then?” she asked, feeling that the back of her seat, at least gave her some sense of privacy. “Chase,” I said, “you’ve already got three men staring at you, is it really gonna change things, if the other men, who are here to see sex anyway, see what we’re doing? Besides, it turns me on if they ARE watching you, and I think it’s really turning you on too.”She knew I was right, especially the part about her being turned on too. We knew each other too well, to not be able to understand what was going on right now.

She turned, and slid her knees underneath her, now facing the young guy with the huge cock head on, and with her bare ass in the air. She leaned back over the chair, to take the massive cock into her mouth, and as she did, her ass rose up above the back of the seat, clearly visible from anywhere in the theater. I felt like I’d died, and gone to sexual heaven. Her hands reached forward and pulled his fleshy length deeper into her mouth, with a good 5 inches, now embedded between her lips. She stroked his balls, and her wet mouth sucked him in and out, in a slow but rapid movement.

While Chase was busy giving her very public blowjob, I turned my attention, to her shapely ass. The white skin, above the top of her stockings, was lit by the light from the cinema screen, and her ass was open to my view, and to the view of the blonde man, the row ahead of us. He had been watching us all along, devouring the sight of Chase playing with, and then sucking the young guy’s cock, and now the sight of her beautiful naked ass, just inches from his face. We both had the same idea, and reached our hands up to touch the cheeks of her ass, stroking and squeezing the fleshy mounds. Chase groaned as we rubbed her, she loves to have her ass played with, and spread her legs a bit, inviting more attention.

I lowered my hand to her pussy, which was wetter than I’ve ever felt it, and slid my finger in. I finger fucked her for awhile, and then pulled my wet finger out, and slid it deliberately in and out of her tight puckered asshole. I felt her body tighten, and rubbed her clit with increasing pressure, while she came against my fingers, groaning around a mouthful of cock. I knew she really needed to be fucked now, she always loves it, right after her orgasm, but I wanted to wait, and I still really wanted to see my lovely wife be fucked by another man, and this was my opportunity. I whispered to the blonde man, “She really needs a cock in her right now, do you want to?” He almost leaped over the back of his seat as he said, “Are you k**ding,…with an ass like that, any man would be a fool to turn it down.”

His pants were already down, and he quickly moved up behind her, rubbing his hard wet member over the cheeks and crack of her ass. He rubbed his hard cock over her dripping wet pussy while he manipulated her asshole with his fingers, inserting one, then two, then three fingers into her anal opening. He then slowly pushed his cock into her loosened asshole, an inch at a time, until he was all the way in. Chase gasped as she felt him enter her. I’m not sure if it was from the size of him, a good 7” long, from the fact that she was being fucked in the ass (which she DOES like) or from the knowledge that it wasn’t me fucking her, but a stranger, now driving into her from behind. I reached between her legs, and began rubbing her clit, while she was being fucked from both ends. I wanted to come myself, but I knew my turn would come, probably sooner than later. I wasn’t wrong. The blonde man gripped her generous behind, and drove his dick deeper and harder into her tight asshole, sucking in breath after breath, as his orgasm approached.

Meanwhile, the guy with his cock in her mouth, was taking his time, clearly enjoying the ride. He was alternately stroking her hair and rubbing her tits, as she sucked as much of his huge cock as she could manage into her mouth. This guy had the biggest, hardest cock I had ever seen, and I couldn’t believe that I was watching my wife licking and sucking his tremendous pole. It was so hot!

Clearly the blonde man was as turned on as I was by Chase’s cocksucking display, and began thrusting his hard cock wildly into my wife’s hot ass. Holding onto her full asscheeks, he grunted audibly as he pumped load after load of spurting cum into her tight hole. He leaned over her, catching his breath, with his dick still embedded in her, and looked down at the sight of the young man, sliding his huge dick, in and out of her mouth. At that moment, he looked over at me, sitting there with my pants around my knees and my dripping cock in my own hand, and said, “Man, she is so hot, you are one lucky guy!” “I know,” I said, “I can’t believe this is really happening, but I love it, and it looks like it’s my turn now.” “She’s all yours”, he said, as he slid out of her and moved out of my way.

I stood and turned to face her ass, and briefly took in the scene around us. Chase was on her knees with a mouthful of hard cock, and with another man’s sperm dripping out of her well-fucked ass. There were three other men in the theater, and they were all staring at my naked wife instead of the movie screen, and as far as I could see, stroking their cocks. This was my hottest sex fantasy come true.

I reached down and rubbed her spread open fleshy ass cheeks, sliding my finger in and out of her asshole. The cum was just dripping out of her. I had always dreamed about feeling another man’s cum in my wife, and this was my chance. I slid my throbbing hard on, slowly into her, savoring the feeling of how wet and hot it felt. There was something about having another load in her ass, that made it feel entirely new. It was warm and slippery in an exotically different way, and as I slid all the way in, cum leaked out all around the shaft of my cock, and ran down Chase’s legs onto her stockings.

I knew, as good and as memorable as this was, and it was definitely one for the ages, I wasn’t gonna last too long. I was way too turned on for that! And if my own state wasn’t enough, there was the state of my wife and the guy she was sucking off. He was moving more and more rapidly into her mouth. She was sliding one wet hand along the length of his hardness, as she took him deeply into her mouth, and using her other hand to stroke and heft his massive balls. He gripped her head with both hands, and pushed his huge cock in and out of her sucking mouth, as I reached down between her legs and rubbed her dripping wet clit.

It looked like we were all at about the same place. Chase’s hips were beginning to shake, as I rubbed more deliberately, trying to bring on her orgasm. The young guy she was sucking, could tell she was close too, and that pushed him over the edge. His body stiffened, and he held Chase’s head firmly in his hands, while thrusting erratically into her mouth. As he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth, he groaned loudly as she swallowed several gulps of his hot seed, and he pushed in deeper, causing some of his sperm to dribble out of the side of her mouth and onto her arms. She held onto his hips, with his still-hard cum-coated member in her mouth, and came wildly against my fingers. The way her body bucked around, and how her asshole tightened around my cock, I could tell it was one of the most incredible orgasms of her life. She was still shaking as I lost it myself, and thrust one last time into her from behind, and felt my own orgasm shoot into her already flooded anal opening. Waves of pleasure washed over me, and I could feel my cum gushing into her tight ass. I collapsed over her and reached around her naked body to hold her tightly.

Our young friend had now pulled his dripping cock out of her mouth, and Chase turned her head back toward me to share one last treat with me. Her lips were coated with his cum. It was dripping down her chin, and her breath was hot with the smell of sperm as she planted her mouth on mine. We kissed, and she twirled her tongue around mine, as we both savored the flavor of another man’s cum. I pulled away briefly, and licked the side of her lips and down her chin, capturing some of his sperm, and feeding it back into her hungry mouth with my tongue. “I can’t believe we did this,” she whispered to me. “I know, I can’t believe it either,” I said, “but I know one thing, I’ll never ever forget it!”

We turned in our seats and began to gather ourselves together. The blonde guy gave Chase’s stockinged thigh a quick rub as he thanked us for the hottest time he’d ever been had. The young guy, with his pants now zipped up, reached forward, and kissed Chase on the top of her head and said, “thank you sexy lady, that was unbelievable….very hot!!”

Chase slid her arms back into the sleeves of her dress and slowly buttoned it up part way, leaving the bottom open. Her stockings were covered with sperm, and as we stood to leave, more was running out of her wet cunt and dripping down her thighs. I slid my arm around her and as we walked up the aisle towards the exit, we could see the other men in the theater staring at us. I think they’d just seen the sexiest show of their lives. I know I had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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