A sinister Tasting ….

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A sinister Tasting ….
* based on a true story…I am clair a lady of 30 yrs *

The evening had been long as I came home and jumped into the shower. Letting the water drip down my breasts slowly. I got into my robe. ..
… aunt Kim gazed at me. …I could feel her mezmorizing me. My breast moving outside of my robe. My vagina in full view. The fierce gaze ….
as she bit her lip . And orgasmed in her pants.

My breasts shone in the summer sun. My nipples soft. Hard . Ripe. I knew she loved this tension. ..
I slowly let my robe drop and my hips swivel to the rain. As I showered. She dripped.. wet…and I felt icy hands as I showered. On my breasts..

the cabin was hot the rain crashing . Turning. Feeling her hot lips on my inner leg and passionately kissing me. Stroking my curls slowly… stroking my breasts with a soft hot nip. Wet on my vagina her lips latched suckling me softly. Moaning.
She came from behing me hugging my breasts. Grazing my nipple innocently.
..licking my breast
..squeezing my nipple
licking my nipple
.. kissing and tugging my breast hard..
rubbing her lips on my breast ‘ ahhh..’ she whispered softly. rubbing me between my thighs and pulling my vagina with her teeth. Opening me wide. ‘ Hush ..’
as my mouth opened and we had oral sex.

Pecking my vagina with hot wet kisses.
Turning my vagina wall slowly. My curls wett. Twisted.
I bent down and gave a deep massage on her slit. Biting her nipple gently.massaging her slit with my finger slowly.stroking her between her thighs and biting her gently on her curls and nipples.

She rubbed her breasts between mine. Rubbing my vagina. Massaging it deep. Moaning. Nuzzling hot kisses on my breasts and licking my nipples softly.gently…
‘ breathtaking..’ she whispered.. Twisting my curls.and giving me oral sex.
as I dropped my robe and drifted slowly into her form. Melting into her thighs.

She’s sensuous. Kim thought. Moving her fingers up stroking my breast. Twisting…
suckling my vagina as she bit her lip.whispering… ‘ mmmmm beauty.’

Wrapping her legs around my v .wall she mounted. Thrusting hard. Fucking me in fire like heat.

Lapping my vagina ,s wetness. With kisses. And suckling the wet tip of my slit. Biting into my nipple gently. And nipping at my curls.

She began pulling my nipple with her fingers.
..twisting my nipple gently.

.. squeezing my tit..with her finger
twisting.. twirling.. kissing my breast.
massaging my breast. Biting my nipple as the rubbing increased and the oral sex intensified. Her orgasm exploded in my vagina.

’ Ahhhh’ as she went rougher. Longer. Harder thrashing…

tighning the grasp on my nipple and tugging it. Rubbing my inner thighs with every bite and lunge. Licking around my curls, kissing my vagina. As she came hard between my legs.

Licking my nipple..
kissing and squeezing my breast.

Pulling my nipple and twisting around my legs arching as she massaged my vagina and passionately kissed me. Giving me deep kisses and oral sex. Orgasming in my mouth twice.

’ Your majestic..’ she whispered. Kissing my soft sensual hips.
hugging me from behind and caressing my breasts. ..kissing them.’ Ahhh tasty..’ as she moaned licking me softly.
as I arched and melted against her breasts kissing them softly.squeezing them hard.
I ..Taking her nipple in my mouth and suckling….

‘ harder’ she whispered. As the pressure on her nipples increased and I rubbed her breasts with gentle nuzzles.
Nipping her nipples gently as she finger fucked me hard.rough.

.. the finger fuck intensified..as my wall opened and tore.she rubbed gently my curls as her breasts rubbed mine and squeezing my nipple she began riding me hard.
‘Silence ‘ she whispered softly as the fuck lasted hours.

She continued rubbing my breast, licking my nipple softly. Massaging my curls.rubbing between my legs.

massaging my breasts, opening me softly and lunging slowly…. tenderly . Biting my slit and fingers twisting slow.. deep. high up my wall. Twisting.twirling. ‘ ahhh…. Silence. ‘ opening my legs wide and gliding gently stroking my curls as she gently lunged into me. Riding me to orgasm. Passionately kissing me softly and having deep dark oral sex with me. Her orgasm now deep in my mouth. She pulled my nipple hard. Pinching it and biting the tip. Suckling on my nipple and nipping the tips. Licking and kissing my nipples. Slowly deeply. ‘ mystical delight,…’ she Moaned ;in
a dark merciless oral sex Session .
Grabbing at my nipple and twisting.hard. Rubbing my curls and breasts. Kissing my breasts with desire. Licking around my curls and kissing. deepthroating me hard twice. My cunt and nipples wet with her touch. Suddenly, straddling me and lunging hard. Jagged deep lunges. Deeper and deeer. Her teeth grasping my nipple pulling. Massaging my breasts squeezing in a fire , licking my curls and nibbling my slit pressing her legs into me pushing . She Pounded me hard…. She now throbbed between my thighs.

My breasts ached from..pulls..kisses twists,.. licks.. squeezes.. blowing…and .turns. Taking my nipple in her mouth and suckling hard. Pulling my breast and pushing . Licking my nipple and kissing my breasts deeply. Moving down to my curls and lapping my legs ….she began licking around my curls. Giving me a deep rimjob. And rubdown. I ached…suckling my thighs ..push.pull. Twist.turn.,,in out. Her breasts beaming as I kissed them and her hips.rubbing my curls softly biting my slit.
(thrusting into me hard from behind)

’ Hush’).. as the intensity of the Fuck became a fierce furry of her toungue and teeth on my vagina. Suckling my vagina and lapping it’s wetness. Her hot lips devoured my breasts. And curls. Scratching my clint.and breasts in a sinfil hot kiss.

the intensity of her orgasm deep between my legs boiling. As she rubbed my bottom and her lips licked. Kissing it with hot nibbles…

licking my pussy pushing deeper into my thighs and massaging my breasts.
..kissing my breasts.

…squeezing my breasts..
… licking my nipple.
pulling my nipple…
twisting my breast…
I took her nipple in my mouth and twirled my toungue around. Swirling higher deeper deeper…

she moaned gently. As she rode me hard.twisting my curls.

’ I crave u..’ she whispered.opening my legs for another rough round lasting a hour . Lashing….. twisting herself deeper into my thighs. My Nipples now hard . In her fingers twisting…
suckling my legs licking my cunt. Biting my pussy and leaving cool kisses on my breasts.
her lips sinfil. Her orgasm deep between my legs.
’ Open.’ As she moved my hips closer to her clint and mounted me again. Lunges hard. Nipples blazing hot with wicked kisses on my nipples and vagina.
A cool breath was felt on my curls.& We fucked hard.

She moaned softly …I felt my breasts gently stroked and squeezed. Licking my nipple she gently fucked me.
finger fucking me hard. Latching her toungue around my vagina suckling before opening to orgasm in my mouth in a oral sex marathon of fire.

The oral sex seemed to last hours.. unbearably hot.

* unbuckling*

squeezing my breasts and rubbing my curls. Biting my bottom with a hot softly wet kiss. Her lips lapping my wet vagina .riding me deeply.

– licking curls
– licking breasts
spanking my bottom slowly…
her lips kissing my hips as she rubbed gently and squeezed my breasts.
gliding gently between my hips. Rubbing my Clint and pinching my breast for another fierce round.

bitting my bottom in a hot nibble. A wicked kiss on my hard nipple.. as her fingers dancing on my breast and she came hard. Her
Orgasm now boiling her fingers high up my wall twisting twirling gently….

kissing my breasts with wet lips and rough ness. She pounded me harder .and harder.
Her body fell revealing her wet breasts. And I was in awe. Licking them. Taking her plump breasts in my mouth and suckling. … ‘ahhh……..yes’
. As she opened her lips and I felt myself come in her mouth. Licking her nipple.and rubbing her between her thighs.
We Fucked thrice. .. thrusting deeper….and deeper with every lunge.

licking her breast and sucking her nipple. I came hard.

( suckling her nipple in my mouth kissing her passionately.)

a oral sex marathon developed. * she came in my mouth twice.twirling her toungue and teeth around my thighs….

Rubbing her vagina and twisting hard. She moaned softly biting my curls.taking my finger I gently swivled high up her v wall. Swirling my toungue higher and higher….

she moaned.

I deepthroated her and gave her a deep devilish laugh and smiled softly. Giving her a deep hard rimjob.

Hot circles were in her mouth. And high up her vagina. My mouth twisting slowly…as my toungue went higher up her slit deepthroating her centre deeply.

i swivled my sweetness high up her slit. My mouth kissing her curls. Twisting hard. Twirling and biting her vagina.kissing her curls.and breasts.
i swivled inside her wall as she opened her thighs to relieve my toungue. High at the tip.of her slit. She orgasmed. As I gave her a deeper devilish rimjob. ‘ ahh my naughty beauty..’ she whispered as the rimjob became hotter. Deeper. My kisses dark. Sinfil nuzzling…her slit.
my fingers… massaging her breasts….squeezing her hard. She had oral sex with me twice more as I twisted my toungue higher on her hips..breasts, and curls. Nipping her curls in a hot wicked kiss. Softly nuzzling her vagina with my lips. My fingers..twisting her curls and vagina gently.
I twisted and circled my toungue higher up her wall. Turning in her. Gliding my toungue higher up her cunt and my fingers stroking her thighs. Grabbing her nipple gently. Twirling my fingers around her vagina as I arched gently into her hips. Blowing her hard. Handjobing..gently.’ Harder yes…’ as I gave her oral sex. And deepthroated her to orgasm.

Kissing her vagina passionately. Twirling up her pussy biting her pussy and pinching her hard. Pushing.. in and out… twist..turn…..’ahhh. Yes ‘ ‘good girl my naughty beauty…’ I heard whispered as I went harder.
’ Yes f me.hard.’ She moaned… I obeyed…. deepthroating her, &
continuing the deep rimjob.

rubbing herself on my hips and mounting me. We fucked hard core twice.

deepthorating her again… hot circles in her mouth and tugging softly on her cunt my toungue laps up her wall as she orgasmed. ‘ open.’ As I opened my mouth to a passionate kiss and deep oral sex and a deep devilish massage. As she rubbed my curls gently. Nibbling and petting…..my nipple.

finger fucking mr hard.
she lost continued and moaned. Massaging my breasts.
’ Suck.’ She commanded. My curls were felt rough twisting her lips kissing my curls.biting my breasts.softly.

i began suckling her cunt. Fucking her gently. Slowly…

’ ahhh’…
she growled. Orgasming in me again.

taking one look at me,lifting my leg to meet her..she pulled me into her suddenly. Pounding me hard.
Her orgasm now boiling deep between my legs.
i grinned. Arched my head back and she glide into me softly. Growling. Grabbing my curls twisting.

i just watched her pussy. For a second. It was hard. Her breasts wett…..and started fiercely fingering up her wall. Licking fiercely her cunt. As she massed my breasts..moving to view my jacked body.biting my bottom. Spanking it hard.’ Good girl,,,,’ she growled, as I deepthroated her twice and she orgasmed growling…..
a devilish smirk on her face. My toungue latching to her slit suckling softly.

i began squeezing her nipples. Licking them slowly sliding my toungue to the top of her nipple nibbling.
nuzzling. Suckling her breast. Kissing her just below the beautiful nipple. As she rubbed my breasts her lips hot on my nipple and hips. Gently stroking my breast and pinching my nipple. Passionately kissing my nipple. The top of my nipple hot from her kisses as she massaged my breasts and vagina.

Lifting my hips to her,..’ ure magical..’ she moaned, softly biting my nipple,squeezing my breasts and mounting me. Lunging deeper into me . The intensity of the fuck grew. My hip thrusting hard into hers. Great grinding. A night of fucking. We fucked hard four times. Opening my mouth and legs wide for a deep breath session of oral sex. And she exploded her orgasm hard deep into me.
Pushing herself and deepthroated me twice. Petting my thighs…and kissing my between the legs. And enjoying my nipple….. putting my nipple in her mouth suckling slowly…….bucking burning….lips hot on my curls.

she came hard.

she began licking …my breast
..squeezing my breast..
massaging my nipple..and curls.
kissing my nipple..
I began…pulling on her nipple softly softly. Aunt cass screamed .coming…

Grabbing her breasts and hugging her softly. I fucked her slowly…..tugging her nipple gently down my mouth. Grazing her nipple with kisses…
she hugged me tight.rubbing my vagina and pinching my bottom.spanking it hard.’ I love this bottom.’ She whispered. Giving it a hot wicked kiss. Biting my nipple.

pincking my nipple.and curls….
kissing me passionately between my thighs and nuzzling herself on my breasts….opening her mouth and giving me oral sex. She growled… softly. Orgasming. And squeezing my breasts hard.

She came twice in my month.
Lifting my hips to her and mounting me. Pounding me rough twice hArd. We fucked hard.

rubbing my curls, lunging slowly fiercely into me. ….

her hot orgasm now boiling deep between my legs. Massaging my curls. Rubbing slowly..’ ahhhh…..’ as the pounding grew fierce. Fire like. And she finger fucked me hard. Wickedly……..

She knew it was wrong..but she was overcome..
Grabbing my breast tight and twirling.biting into my bottom. And pussy….pushing…’tasty…’

rubbing me Harder and harder.

spanking my bottom hard. Pulling my curls with her teeth. Twisting my nipple gently stroking my breast.
her hot kisses between my thighs became more powerful.suckling..my v.wall….licking around my curls..

Kissing my wall. She dove into my pussy suckling. And Deepthroated me.
Giving me a dark devilish rimjob. And deep rubdown between my thighs. Rubbing my bottom hard. Kissing my breasts. Licking the tip of my curls and nipple.suckling my nipple soft in betweenness her lips. As I licked her wet Pussy and pulled her vagina hard. Squeezing her clint. Suckling her breasts., .
Opening my legs wide, she mounted me. Rubbing me with scratches on my breast and wickedness.
Kissing me deeply between my legs, as she rode me hard. Rubbing my vagina rough.pounding me hard. Jagged lunges ….. twisting……a moan in the distance and a mouth biting my nipples and Clint.

grabing my breast tight and twisting.
Her kisses became more passionate. Hot. Sinfully tender on my breasts. As she rubbed gently ,stroking my thigh , lifting me high and mounting me. Massaging between my legs. Nipping my curls. Pulling my vagina and pinching me slowly.

sinfil kisses on my breast and cunt.
she pounded me hard for hours..growling.

Straddling me and riding me to orgasm.

we fucked repeatedly….

‘ ahh…’ she moaned. Nipping the tip ofmy nipple and tip of my slit.twisting her toungue in circles higher up my vagina. Pulsating….. lashing. Up my v wall.

she thrust herself deeper inside me.throabing in between my legs. Biting my nipple gently stroking my curls.

it was so easy ‘taking’ her neice gliding gently into her beautiful legs.her glisning wet curls a dream as she rode her neice and massaged her breasts. Pounding her twice more hard. Riding her again and again. Ahhh..bliss. Aunt cass thought. Moaning as she lunged and her orgasm exploded in extacy. This was heaven fucking her neice..she thought.

turning…in her… over and over. Finger fucking her again. Licking her nipple softly slowly as she bit her nipple hard and came hard. In waves between my legs .

’ Fuck me.’ She commanded. I obeyed.

Giving my aunt a deep rimjob. Hot. Wet…licking her pissy in curls.
we fucked i’ in chair’ ….for hours….
’as she fisted me deeply. Feeling the tip of my curls melt into her mouth.i moaned. As she rubbed my curls and mounted me for another deep round.
i deepthroated her hard. With hot kisses on her curls.and Clint.wet kisses circling her breasts and vagina.’ That’s my naughty beauty.. ‘ as the tip of her curls were nuzzled.and nipped. And I blew her twice twirling around higher in her legs. Hotter kisses and suckling on her vagina..as she rubbed me gently on my curls and orgasmed. And I gave her oral sex twice more.
Lasting hours….
’ ahh good my naughty one…’
and she gave me a long deep finger fuck.

we xxxx in

* hot seet
* sipped bump
* purely gates
moving me to sensual spoon and pounding me hard.
Shifting me to ‘ up up and away’ orgasming hard inside me .moaning
as I grinded her at ‘ edge of heaven’ she growled.

We have fucked long into the night. Laying on her bed, and licked my nipple kissing it with tenderness.

l ached laying torn . Watching my tight bottom. She stroked it gently, kissing it deeply as she rubbed my curls and whi’ your intoxecating…when wet..’ gliding herself deeper in strides. Fucking me in a hot fierce fury. I melted arching back into her hands as she caressed my breast and fucked twice twisting into me from behind.

i purred, and opened my mouth to have oral sex again. Ahhh……yes!
twirling my curls, as she whispered softly ‘ I love fucking u hard’.
As she moaned mounting me in with a fierce toungue lashing and squeezing my breast fucked me hard.
Hot deep and rough from behind.
pounding me good and hard long into the night.
* orgasming exploding in waves between my legs.*

* laying together, my tight bottom pressed against her breasts sweating.she caressed my breasts, finger fucking me. Kissing my breasts. Holding them all night. Holding my curls all night.twisting.’ Ahhh.. I heard as I fell asleep intertwined in her grasp.as I slept in her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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