A Walk In The Park

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A Walk In The Park
A Walk In The Park

Me and my wife Jane were on holiday and were taking a walk through a park on a hot sunny day. We saw a bench and walked over to it, before sitting down to enjoy the sunshine.
A couple were sat on the adjoining bench also enjoying the sun. We said hello to the couple and they introduced themselves as Jenny and Jan, they were obviously local to the area and out just enjoying the sun. We explained we were on holiday, then just settled down on the bench.
After a few minutes Jan stood up, walked a couple of metres from his wife and started taking a few photo’s, it was a perfect day I thought for a few portrait photos with the sun being so bright.
I closed my eyes and facing the sun, felt the warm rays hit my face, relaxing me.
When I opened my eyes a few minutes later, I noticed that Jenny’s skirt was much higher up her legs and Jan was still taking pictures, he was crouched down now and his lens was looking straight up her skirt and I realised the sort of pictures now he was taking.

I grabbed my wife’s hand and lifted her from the bench, said goodbye to the couple and we slowly walked away. As we left I quickly glanced around and caught a glimpse of Jenny’s pussy exposed to the sun and his cameras lens.
We followed the path away until we came to some trees where I stopped my wife and asked her if she had realised what sort of pictures the couple were taking, she replied she had no idea what had been going off, and as I explained she said she was keen to go back and see for herself.
I agreed she could go back, but only if she was prepared to join in the fun and tease the couple. She was wearing a short skirt and white blouse, which I unbuttoned and uncoupled her bra, before removing it, then I slid my hands under her skirt and removed her knickers, putting both items in my camera bag which I had with me from our sight-seeing earlier. I buttoned her blouse back up, but only enough to just cover her breasts and her nipples were clearly visible through the material.

I sent her back over to the bench, while I got my camera ready so I could take a few pictures of my own. She walked back around on the path and sat herself back on the bench next to the couple. Although it was the adjoining bench she was sat close enough to get in the camera shot.
The couple seemed oblivious to her being back sat there as they were too wrapped up in their photo shoot and someone being sat so close would probably have been all the more exciting for them.
As Jane sat on the bench, she slowly opened her legs and her skirt slowly rode up, exposing her pussy to the sunlight and as this happened I noticed Jan catch the view and he moved his camera slightly to photograph Jane’s pussy. He moved back slightly so he could get both pussy’s flashing at him in the same picture and as he did so, I started to take a few pictures of my own from where I stood, unnoticed.
The warm sun on my wife’s pussy as well as having her naked pussy photographed must have made her very hot, as her hand reached over the bench and rested on Jenny’s leg. She didn’t seem to mind and as there was no reaction, Jane started to gently stroke along her leg, slowly moving higher and higher with each stroke until she was at the bottom of her skirt.

Jan continued to take pictures as Jane’s hand slipped up inside Jenny’s skirt, slowly raising it higher with each stroke of her leg, until her pussy was now completely visible. I could see a couple of piercings on Jenny’s pussy as they glinted in the sunlight.
Jane eventually got to the top of her leg and stroked her hand across the top of Jenny’s pussy, I could make out very little pubic hair and assumed she had a shaved pussy. What I hadn’t noticed was as I had been watching Jane’s hand on Jenny’s pussy, she had been stroking her own pussy, moving her finger up and down her lips then lightly stroking her clit. Her skirt was virtually around her waist and her legs were wide open and being photographed.

It was a good job that there weren’t too many people around as they would have had a free sex show. The odd person wandered behind the benches on a different footpath, but no one had ventured near the benches yet.
Jane was now slowly rubbing Jenny’s clit. I could see the circular motions of her fingers over it, Jenny put one leg up on the bench and she was now wide open and completely exposed. I think anyone could have walked past now and the women would have been completely oblivious to them.
Jane suddenly stopped what she was doing and moved her hand away and I wondered what was going to happen next, she stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, then got down on all fours in front of Jenny and placed her face against her pussy and started to lick it.
I was amazed, Jan was still taking pictures, Jane’s exposed pussy and ass were now facing him as she licked his wife’s pussy, I could see her holding her piercings, pulling her lips wide open and her tongue was running up and down her pussy and sometimes her tongue slid into her opening.
Jane’s tongue then moved onto her clit, circling around it, flicking at it with the end of her tongue and as she did this Jane’s hand moved back to her own pussy and she slid a finger deep into herself.
At this point I noticed Jan had stopped taking pictures, he had put his camera down on the bench next to them and he had his hands around his front.
I couldn’t quite see what was happening, so I moved to a slightly nearer cluster of trees where I had a better angle of vision.

From the new viewpoint I could see he had unzipped his trousers and his cock was fully erect, he pulled down his trousers and he was now naked from the waist down. He looked to have a large cock and it was certainly hard.
Jane stopped fingering herself and opened up her lips, pulling them widely open with her fingers as she continued to lick Jenny’s clit. Jan needed no second invitation and after dropping down onto all fours himself, he started to lick my wife’s pussy. I could see his head moving up and down as his tongue moved along the length of her pussy, then his head steadied as he inserted his tongue inside her. She arched her back and I could see her move her body back onto his face to get more of his tongue inside her.
I couldn’t quite believe what the harmless flashing I thought Jane was going to do had led to and whether I was surprised more she was having sex with strangers or that it was in such a public place. I could feel my cock pushing against my jeans as I was that hard and I wondered if the zip would be able to take the pressure, but I tried to just concentrate on the view in front of me and capturing the whole thing with my photo’s.

When I refocused, Jane had pulled her face away from Jenny’s pussy and she appeared to now be sliding a finger inside her as Jan continued to lick her pussy and occasionally lick her ass. I zoomed in and I could see a couple of fingers being slid into Jenny’s pussy, then as her lips were easing open, Jane would add another finger, 3….then 4.
Jane was pushing quite hard, but Jenny’s pussy just seemed to take whatever Jane was doing to it, I saw her thumb being added, then her hand slid in as far as her knuckles. Jane seemed to hold it there for a while, then almost as a reaction to Jan inserting his tongue into her ass, I saw her whole hand sink into Jenny’s pussy, then it was in up to her wrist.
I had always wanted to fist a woman’s pussy, but my hand had always been too big to get fully in, so had never got in deeper than my knuckles, but now I was watching Jane who I’d wanted to fist fuck, do it to Jenny’s pussy. It appeared that up to the wrist was as far as it would go in and next Jane started to fuck Jenny, her hand sliding in and out, slowing down slightly with each thrust as the widest part of the hand went in and out past her pussy lips. I could clearly hear the sound from where I was stood of Jenny’s pussy being fist fucked, the wetness and suction of her pussy combining in a squelsh.
Jan slid his fingers into Jane’s pussy, she was that wet it was glistening in the sun, he had at least 2 fingers in and was sliding them in and out of her quickly, then he would slow down, add another finger and start quickening the pace again. I think he was trying to fist fuck Jane, but had the same problem as me, his hands were too large and stalled when he got as far as his knuckles. Jane pushed back against his hand, but to no effect, his hand wasn’t sliding in.

I could see that Jenny was now talking to Jane and she removed her hand from Jenny’s pussy. Jenny got up from the bench and kneeled down next to Jane but facing in the opposite direction. Jane placed her hand against Jenny’s pussy again and slowly shoved it in up to her wrist. Jenny next clenched her fingers together and started to slide them into Jane. She slid in up to the knuckles and then with a slight bit of extra pressure her whole hand slipped into her pussy, another push and her hand was in Jane’s pussy up to her wrist as well. They both rhythmically shoved in and out, fist fucking each other.
Jan had picked up his camera again, he was kneeled down in front of Jenny and she was sucking his cock deep into her mouth as he was taking pictures of the fist fucking, then he got up, kneeled in front of Jane and she took his cock deep into her mouth as he took pictures from the reverse angle.
Jane arched her back and started a huge orgasm, moaning loudly even though she had Jan’s cock in her mouth, her whole body quivering and bucking, this must have been enough to send Jan over the edge, either the fact Jane was cumming, or the more erratic hand movements Jane was making inside Jenny’s pussy as she came. Jenny moaned loudly and her body shook and jerked as she orgasmed through her whole body. The hands gradually came to a stop and were pulled from their pussies, they both held them up and Jan licked the fingers on both of their hands, tasting their pussy juices.

Jane laid her back down on the ground looking exhausted, but she was given little time to rest as Jenny had further ideas, moving over her in a 69 position she planted her face in Jane’s pussy and started to lick it. Jane obviously didn’t mind as she reached up with her tongue and started to slide her tongue along Jenny’s pussy before sliding it deep into her pussy.
Jan took a few more photo’s then positioning himself behind Jenny, he slid his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her. I could see Jane’s tongue was flicking at Jenny’s clit, but was also gliding along Jan’s cock as it slid into her pussy and circling at his balls, her face must have been getting wet.
Jan then went to the other end and slid his cock into Jane as Jenny flicked with her tongue at his cock and Jane’s pussy. Jenny’s hands were holding Jane’s bum cheeks wide a part as Jan thrust into her. Jan stopped for a second, seemingly taking his cock out of her pussy, had he cum inside her I wondered? I zoomed in with my lens and I didn’t see any sign of cum and he was still rock hard. Then I saw him spit on Jane’s ass, he hadn’t cum, he was going to fuck her ass.

Jan held his cock against her ass as Jenny held her cheeks apart and he lined up his cock with her anus…….he slowly shoved his cock against it and it started to open up around his helmet. He slowly pushed it firmly into her and I could see it inch by inch disappearing into her ass. Jane seemed oblivious to the cock entering her ass as she was still sucking at Jenny’s clit and licking along her pussy, then as the last bit of cock was in her, Jan started to fuck her ass, slowly but deeply fucking her, his cock nearly fully leaving her ass before he slid the whole length back deep into her. Jane arched her back again, pushing herself against his cock and was unable this time to continue licking Jenny’s pussy, so she reached down with one hand and slid 2 fingers in Jenny’s pussy and 2 in her ass.
I couldn’t contain myself anymore and had to have a release, I undid my belt and trousers and let them fall to the ground, I pulled my pants down and started to wank my cock as I watched. I was as hard as I ever could remember and it was only a matter of several strokes and I had shot my cum on the ground in front of me, thick streams of warm cum hitting the soil and soaking into the ground.
I felt the tension leave my body. I pulled up my pants to cover my fading erection and slowly picked up my jeans and re fastened them.

My moment had left me distracted from what was happening around me and when I Looked back towards my wife, I noticed that a group of lads had spotted what was happening and they were watching the show from a few feet away. They looked to be in their early twenties and I counted 5 of them stood there, unsure what they were doing.

I could tell they were all sporting erections in their jeans.
As I looked back at the girls, they were continuing like nothing was happening around them, they were enjoying themselves that much they were unawares.
Jan had seen them and he seemed to be putting on a show, he was fucking Jane’s ass much faster and harder now and after a few more minutes he tensed and pulled out his cock, he wanked it a couple more times and his cum fired all over Jane’s ass. It ran down over her pussy and onto Jenny’s face, who was busy licking and catching it in her mouth.
Jane and Jenny kneeled in front of Jan and they kissed each other, swapping the cum from mouth to mouth before both swallowing it. They took it in turns to lick at Jan’s cock as it slowly lost its erection and sucking it into their mouths to get the last drop of cum from it.
Some of the lads watching had taken some photo’s on their phone’s and I’m sure they didn’t still quite know what to make of it. They seemed to giggle amongst themselves not sure whether to leave the scene now or hang around in case anything further happened.

Jane sat back down on the bench, opened up her legs and slid a finger into her pussy, with her other hand she beckoned for one of the lads to join her. They hesitated, not moving from the spot, then Jane pointed at one directly and beckoned him over. With a little hesitation he approached her and sat on the bench next to her. Jane grabbed his hand and pulled it down to her pussy and moved his hand around in a circular motion. She un-gripped his hand and he continued the motion, his fingers over her clit, moving around in circles. Jane now beckoned another lad over and this time one came straight forward. He sat down on the bench on the other side of the lad and she grabbed his hand, pushing it down to her pussy and forcing his fingers into her. She released his hand and he carried on sliding his fingers into her pussy as his friend played with her clit.
Jane beckoned again and two of the lads came over, she gestured for them to go around the back of the bench and they stood behind her on either side. She grabbed a breast in each hand and pulled them to each side. The lads got the idea and each one reached around her and started to lick and bite into a nipple and breast each.
That left one lad stood on his own, she beckoned him over and let him stand in front of her, she undid his trousers, pulled his pants down and released his cock in front of her. She pulled him closer to her and slid his erect cock into her mouth, sucking greedily on it like it was her first cock of the day.
Jan and Jenny stood and watched in front of the group. Jan had a huge erection again and Jenny had her hand around it slowly wanking him.
Jane beckoned for the lads to change places and they all moved around one position, the next lad in line having his trousers and pants slid down before having his cock sucked. Jane gave them all a few minutes, before she changed them around again until they had all had their cocks sucked and were parading their erections around in front of them.

Jenny was now kneeling over the bench and Jan was fucking her, his hard cock sliding deep and hard into her.
Jane kneeled down at waist height to the lads and as they circled her, she took it in turn to suck each cock and was wanking a couple at the same time. It wasn’t long before the cum was flowing, one lad shot his cum in her mouth, only to be replaced by another lads cock straight away, it wasn’t too long before he had cum also in her mouth. The other three lads had been wanking their cocks and all three of them came over Jane’s face and tits, two at the same time and the last lad managing slightly longer before shooting his cum down her tits.
The cum ran down her body and naturally went to the ridge between her legs, flowing down to her pussy.
She opened up her legs and rubbed the cum into her pussy lips.
Jenny leaned over and licked at Jane’s cum soaked pussy as Jan was fucking her and this set him off on his second orgasm as he filled her pussy with cum, it oozing out of her hole and running down her legs to the ground.
Jane positioned herself behind Jenny and licked up her legs, tasting all the cum as it flowed down, then stuck her tongue into Jenny’s pussy, she shoved it in and out as her hand moved around to rub her clit and a few moment later Jenny started to buckle as she had a second huge orgasm, her body shaking against Jane’s tongue and fingers.

Jenny and Jane were both wet through head to toe with cum.
Jan and Jenny had brought a picnic throw with them and they used it to dry themselves the best they could before putting their clothes back on.
The lads adjusted their clothes and slowly walked off back into the park.
Jan took a few more pictures as they were dressing, before getting fully clothed himself again.

Jane did little more than smile at Jan and Jenny before walking off towards me.
I stood silent when Jane returned to me as I had never witnessed anything like that from her before and I didn’t have a clue what to say, she obviously knew I was amazed from the glazed look in my eyes and lack of speech. She just grabbed my hand and led me back across the park to our hotel room where she gave me the best fucking of my life.

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