A weekend without my husband

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A weekend without my husband
My husband was away on business. He left early Friday morning and was due back on Wednesday morning leaving my daughter and I alone for the weekend. Friday night after a busy week I found myself early in bed after tugging my daughter in for the night. I fell asleep rather early and had a good night s sleep.
Saturday soon arrived and once up and dressed I bathed my daughter and got her dressed as it was one of her friends from crèche birthdays and I was to take her there to play for a while.
We left the house at 11h00 as the party was 11h30 for 12h00. On arriving at the friends house I met the mother Kirsten who I actually seen a numerous of times at school when fetching my daughter. Greeting her and a few of the other parents that was there already and then making my way to the outside area. Sitting down and having a cup of tea and a few snacks as we all spoke and joked while our k**s ran around having fun. Eventually I got into a conversation with one of the dad s who was there. He s name was Franscios but preferred to be called Frans.

He was a fun Afrikaans man with a good personality. He was 32 years old and divorce from his wife. He was handsome, had a well built body and we seemed to hit it off. As we continued chatting he paid me a few flirtatious compliments even though he could see that I was in fact married. The afternoon went on and we carried on chatting up until 16h00 when we all slowly started collecting our k**s who where rather exhausted from all the running around. After saying goodbye to Kirsten and the rest of the parents, Frans and I made our way to our cars where we exchanged contact numbers before saying goodbye and making our way home.
By the time I got home at 17h00 my daughter was pretty tired and we headed upstairs where I bathed quickly, put on her pajamas and quickly gave her some dinner before tugging her into bed just after 18h00.
Being left alone I decided to run myself a hot oily foam bath to relax a while before heading to bed myself. While in the bath I received a message from Frans saying, thanks for the day, it was really wonderful chatting to a sexy smart mother as you, I really had a good time, and hope to see you again, maybe for a play date with our two c***dren.
I replied back saying, hey Frans was really nice to meet you and I indeed enjoyed your company and the chat we had. That sure sounds like a good idea and we should definitely organise a play date for our k**s.

After replying to his message my left hand made its way to between my legs and i started to play with myself. As my mind drifted and started wondering what Frans body would look like naked I started rubbing my pussy up and down. My eyes closed as I rubbed my horny pussy, and as I started stimulating my clit, my legs tensed up and I started to moan as I made myself orgasm. After I finished orgasmning I received another message from Frans.
He said, I m home alone the whole day tomorrow with my daughter, if you like you welcome to come over for brunch and that our to k**s can play together while we have a chat.
I replied back saying, It sounds like an amazing offer. I m sure my daughter will be thrilled as well. And we shall see you there tomorrow.
Oh shit I thought to myself as I wondered if I would be able to resist him if he were to make a move on me. Specially considering I just played with myself now while thinking of him.
He replied back sending me his address and said that he is looking forward to seeing me and being in my company.
I then replied asking if I needed to bring anything with me.
His reply was, no not really. Maybe just bring your daughters swimming costume and your swimming gear if you d like to swim. Other than that I will have everything els.
I immediately went into debate if I wanted him to see me in my bikini or not. I then got out the bath and once I finished drying myself I found I was still rather horny as I made my way to my bed. Once laying down on my back I took my vibrator from my bedside draw and placed it on my wet pussy and started massaging myself. As I fucked myself with my vibrator I thought about tomorrow and the messages from Frans. I then started imagining him topless in the pool. I then started moaning as my legs tensed up again and I started to orgasm while having sexy thoughts of the man I just met in my head. I continued pleasuring myself with the vibrator, stimulating my clit until I finish another well needed horny orgasm.
I soon fell asleep after orgasmning and being pleasured.

The next morning when I woke up my mind was immediately on the events of the day and I actually was looking forward to it. I had a quick shower to freshen up and then got dressed putting on my blue bikini under a pair of black pants and a blue top. I then got my daughter up and dressed and then told her that we going to play by one of her friends again which got her all excited. I packed a bad for her with extra clothes and her costume, as well as I packed a bag for me with underwear incase I found myself in the pool.
We left at 9h45 for Frans and arrived a bit after 10h00. He let us in and our k**s immediately ran off to start playing. We greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek and a firm hug hello as he invited me into his home. The k**s played while he made us a lovely light brunch while we chatted. At midday he offered me a drink which I accept. He poured me a single vodka lime and lemonade and we sipped on it as we stood in the kitchen looking to the outside as we chatted and watched our k**s playing in the garden.

I was leaning down on the kitchen counter when Frans made his first very flirtatious comments of the day by asking me how do I keep my ass in such sexy shape.
I replied telling him that I gym 4 times a week with lots of running and asked if he gyms.
I replied he does gym and turned out that we actually go to the same gym just I go in the morning and he in the evenings.
Our daughters soon came inside to get something to drink as they were thirsty from the heat and then Frans asked if they wanted to swim. They both said yes and we went to change them into their costumes and then made our way outside. Frans removed his shirt, exposing his handsome upper body to me. He was well built, big muscles and cut. Very hot and sexy to look at and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet as I starred at his body while he slowly help both our daughters into the pool.
The girls splashed around him for a while before jumping out and running into the garden, leaving him in the pool alone.
He then asked me, if I would be joining him and I replied teasingly, saying that I m not sure if I want you to see my body without any clothes on.
He replied saying that s mean and why not?
I replied saying that I m too shy. And he then said ok not a problem but by then I started lifting up my top, slowly removing it and exposing my belly to him. I removed my pants and Frans then said, F me maybe you should have rather kept your clothing on as your body is super sexy. I blushed as I dived into the pool to cool off.
We then chatted while we were in the pool as I starred at his hot handsome body. After a bit we got out and dried off and made our way back into the kitchen where Frans poured us another drink while we watched our k**s playing together.
The day then quickly went by and soon it was 15h30 when we decided to call it a day. I slowly got dress putting my top on first while Frans stood behind me. I could feel he was watching me, looking at my ass as I slowly bent down to put on my pants. I then took my daughter to the spare room to dress her again before making my way back to the kitchen. Frans and his daughter soon joined us and then walked us to the car. After putting my daughter in my car and strapping her in. I said goodbye to Frans and his daughter giving him a hug goodbye. As I climbed in the car he said hope to see you soon.

I then drove off after with my daughter after a rather innocent and lovely day. Once home I bathed her and a little while later made us supper. Around 19h00 she was tired and falling asleep and I went to tug her in. I then had a quick shower and then hopped into my bed as well.
I then decided to send Frans a message saying thank you for the day and that I had a wonderful in his company.
He replied back saying, thank you for coming it was really amazing spending my sunday with a beautiful woman such as you. I m really glad you came, and Hope to see you again. Ps: you have a sexy body and I can t stop picturing it.
I replied back saying, thanks. Your body is too really handsome and I really enjoyed the day. I definitely look forward to seeing you again when we both free and able too.
During these few messages I became real horny and I moved my hand to between my legs. My pussy was soaking wet as I touched myself and started to rub my pussy up and down. My legs soon tensed up as I started moaning from the pleasure of making myself orgasm while thinking about Frans handsome body.

His next reply asked, do you have any plans tomorrow morning after you drop your daughter off at school?
I replied back saying, that I don t really, and what you got in mind.
He replied saying, I only need to be at work at 12h00 tomorrow so got the entire morning free if you d like to come past, I will make us breakfast again?
I reluctantly replied back saying, that sounds amazing and I can t wait to see you there.
Our chat for the night ended and I was rather excited to see Frans the monday morning.
I was still rather horny from our chat and allowing my mind to run wild, that I found my hand between my legs again. I rubbed my wet pussy up and down, and stimulated my clit. With my eyes closed I picture Frans pleasuring me with his strong body and soon as I started to orgasm I found myself moaning oh yes Frans oh yes oh Frans as I pleasured my pussy and had an enjoyable orgasm before falling asleep and ending my  weekend.

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