A Wild Night

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A Wild Night
August screamed as her orgasm hit her, her body convulsed as the cock thrust into her again and again. Her hands gripped her breasts hard as her mind absorbed the shock.

How the fuck did I get here. was her first thought when some semblence of reasoning power returned.

August leaned forward her hands resting on the chest of the man beneath her. She didn t even know his name. How was that for spontaneous. Even as her body relaxed and the cock buried deep within her softened, August recalled the events of the evening. The events that led up to her being naked in the back of a truck, parked in an alley at 2 am, fucking a total stranger.

As usual August was tired, long hours and constantly dodging roaming hands had taken it out of her. If the patients weren t bad enough, avoiding the married doctors was worse. Even as she sat soaking in the bath, the warm water easing the tension, August contemplated a quiet night in with a glass or two of wine. A hour or two on her favorite website and the inevitable ending with her favorite toy. Followed by two days of uninterrupted relaxation.

August was happily relaxing with the first glass of wine when the phone rang. Checking the caller id, August picked up the handset.

Hi, Bree. August put the phone onto speaker and set it down next to the keyboard.

Hi, Aug, what you got planned for this evening. August hated that name but resisted the temptation of correcting her best friend, it would only make her use it more.

The usual, a quiet night, a glass of wine and some much needed sleep. even as she spoke August typed in her password and the screen loaded showing all the PM s she had received since she had last logged on.

August loved the PM s, they usually led to her using her toy far earlier than intended most nights. Even without them, browsing through the pictures people had posted, or the stories they had told always led to some great fantasy material.

Well, how about breaking your long habit of doing nothing and help me out. Bree sounded almost desperate.

Help you out how? it was always best to get the details before agreeing to anything with Bree involved.

Oh, I was supposed to be going to a special club tonight with Jack but he had to call off. Jack was Bree s sometimes boyfriend or in modern parlance a friend with benefits .

Which club? August clicked on the first of the PM s in her list hardly paying any attention to what Bree was saying. After all it was unlikely to affect August, it was going to be difficult to convince her to leave her small apartment and venture out into the big city tonight.

Errrr. the hesitation by Bree caught August s attention, it was rare for Bree to be hesitant about anything, the tickets cost $50 each and they can t be returned.

You paid $100 for tickets to a club? August was shocked.

Its a special kind of club. Bree was still not giving out details which also caught August s attention.

Okay Bree, out with it. What kind of special and why are you so desperate to go even without Jack.

It s a sex club, a mixed swingers club, if you must know, Bree sounded almost angry, and I don t know why I even bothered to ask Miss Goody Two Shoes .

August almost laughed at that description of her, she didn t advertise her secret not even to her best friend. August looked at the picture on her screen, she wondered what Bree would say if she saw it. It was one of her favorites. Laying on that bench her hand resting on her pussy, it had brought her to the brink of orgasm just being there.

Now, now she stayed at home and relived the memories.

Okay, I will go. her answer was out before she could censor her mouth.

I knew you would refuse, I don t know why I phoned you, What? Bree obviously had trouble processing what she had said and it had taken a few minutes of negative ranting before she realised August had agreed to go.

You heard. August had to smile at the shock in Bree s voice.

Pick me up in 30 minutes.


Oh, are we supposed to be a couple? August couldn t resist teasing her best friend. Who she knew was as straight as an arrow.

Huh, what, no, of course not. August laughed at Bree s shocked response. Maybe there was more fun to be had tonight than even Bree realised.

30 minutes, don t be late. August hung up before Bree could react to the suddenly commanding tone in August s voice.

August felt a surge of excitement, maybe she would have something to post tomorrow night. Closing down the computer August turned to her closet. Now to have some fun at Bree s expense.

Already naked, her normal mode of dress for her online fun. August started to pull out some of her less used items of clothing. Items she wouldn t dare wear to work. Discarding item after item, August gasped as she pulled out a dress she had not worn since the photos had been taken. Memories stirred at the back of her mind, pushed away as her eyes lit up.

Yes it would be perfect, she would have to wear a long coat over it or she might get arrested before she got to the club. But it was perfect. Now what to wear with it. Diving into her underwear draw, August pulled everything to the front, seeking out the items that had remained hidden at the back since she had bought them.

Quickly dressing and putting on minimal make-up, August was ready before Bree arrived.

Even before Bree pressed the button to the intercom August picked up the handset.

I am on my way down.

K, the cab is waiting so be quick.

August took one last look at herself in the hall mirror before putting on the coat, a coat long enough to completely hide her dress.

Climbing into the cab beside Bree, she smiled and hugged her friend. A hug that lasted a half second longer than would normally be acceptable. Bree s confused look was more than worth the awkward moment.

Lets go and have some fun. Bree s confusion seemed to deepen, this was a side of August she had not seen before.

It was a short ride by city standards, a mere 15 minutes of silence as the cab weaved its way to the seedier side of downtown.

As soon as the cab stopped outside the building, August opened the door and stepped out. Looking around for the entrance. There was no signs or lights to indicate the way, merely a few steps up to a door with a bouncer standing outside to check tickets. This was definitely a private event.

August turned as Bree approached the door, taking the tickets out of her hand and pushing them towards the bouncer.

We are together her emphasis on the word together brought a frown to Bree s face as if she was trying to work out who this strange person who looked like her conservative friend August.

K, just go in and down the stairs to the main lounge the bouncer s instructions were spoken with barely a glance at the tickets.

Is there somewhere to leave my coat. August asked as she stepped through the door.

Not really, you will just have to either wear it or leave it on a chair. The man shrugged with disinterest.

Come on Bree.

With very little choice Bree nervously followed this doppelganger of her friend down the stairs to the lounge.

The lounge was laid out just like any other bar, tables and chairs, with more secluded cubicles towards the rear. A bar ran along one wall and a door led towards a private area at the rear. This bar, however, was different in one major detail. Everyone was with someone. There were no singles allowed at this event. No lap dancers or strippers, no hostesses or women of the night. The clientele filled all those positions.

Picking out a booth along the wall opposite the bar, August turned to face Bree as she opened her coat, wanting to see the reaction as her choices are revealed.

August let the coat drop onto the seat behind her and smiled at the shocked look on Bree s face. She saw Bree lick her suddenly dry lips as she took in just what August was wearing.

August for her part stood a little taller, pushing out her breasts against the fabric of her bra. The white mesh dress she wore was simply that, an open mesh that hid nothing. For all intents and purposes August might as well have been standing in just her underwear. Her underwear was also white, a three quarter cup lace bra, which let her erect nipples show through and a matching thong that hid nothing. But the piece de resistance was the white stockings with matching garter belt. Finished off by a low healed pump August felt almost decadent.

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING. Bree s voice was loud, loud enough to make every head in the place turn to their table.

Oh just something I threw on. August smiled.

Well I think some of it missed Bree was still in shock, her own short dress with plunging neckline felt positively overdressed next to August. An unusual situation for the extrovert Bree.

August looked down and raised her hands to cup and squeeze her breasts. Pinching the nipples between finger and thumb. She heard Bree gulp as they seemed to harden even more.

Nope, its all here. August continued massaging her breasts as she watched her friend. Bree had that deer in the headlights look on her face.

August, at least she used her full name this time, What has got into you .

Nothing, August hesitated for the first time since saying yes to the night out, everything .

I will tell you if you kiss me.

What, no, that is not going to happen.

Want to bet. August whispered to herself.

Lets get some drinks in, she spoke aloud, what would you like, oh forget it I will choose for you.

Turning before Bree could argue August walked confidently to the bar, feeling all the eyes on her August felt herself become excited, knowing that the inevitable damp patch that would soon develop would be visible to anyone who looked only added to her excitement.

This evening was turning out to be far more fun than she had thought when she left work.

Within minutes of her returning to their table to visitors started, couples and singles, singles and threesomes. They came in all combinations, some came straight to the point others worked their way to it. Basically they all wanted to share or swap or simply join the two beautiful women for the night.

And that was the problem as far as Bree was concerned, everyone seemed to think that her and August were a couple. And August wasn t helping the situation any by sitting so close to her. Bree could feel August s stockinged leg brush against hers under the table, could feel the swell of her breast whenever she moved her arm. If she didn t know her friend she would have said that August was coming on to her.

Drink after drink seemed to disappear as the evening progressed, all of them fetched by August, all of them double vodka for Bree, virgin mary for August. August had made a decision as she had dressed and alcohol would only hamper that plan.

Why don t we leave, Bree s words were slightly slurred, they all think we are lesbians.

No, not yet, I am having so much fun, just one more drink okay.

Okay but can we go then, I am not feeling that great.

Sure if you still want to after the next drink we can go.

August decided it was now or never, one more drink would have Bree flat on her back. A position August wanted Bree in but not through drink.

I need the restroom Bree stood as August swung her legs to the side. In her attempt to squeeze passed her, Bree fell into August s lap.

Immediately August lifted her hands up and around Bree s body cupping and squeezing her breasts softly. Yes, it felt as good as she remembered, the feel of another woman s soft tits in her hands had been a fantasy of hers ever since her experimentation during college.

What are you doing? Bree sounded shocked but struggled to move.

You fell onto me, I didn t pull you down.

August spoke in a reasonable tone, confusing the already confused Bree even more.

Even as Bree struggled to raise herself off of August s lap her nipples hardened as August continued to manipulate them.

Please. Bree almost pleaded with August.

Please what , August whispered into Bree s ear barely audible in the noisy bar.

Please let me stand up. , Bree spoke quietly taking a deep breath as her sensitive nipples sent waves of pleasure as August pinched them lightly.

Of course. August whispered her breath more effective as a further stimulant than her words as it brushed over Brees earlobe.

As she spoke she moved her hands down to Bree s waist and helped her stand. But instead of letting go she stroked down over her hips and lower letting her fingers trail down over the exposed flesh of Bree s thighs.

Bree staggered as she stepped away, heading in the direction of the restrooms. August noticed the eyes following her progress and saw one couple stand and start to follow the unaware Bree.

Standing August quickly caught up with the couple, a beautiful young woman and her well build partner stopped as she stepped in front of them,

Don t even think about it she is mine first and foremost.

We….. the woman started to speak.

Yes you did, August interrupted the woman before she could say any more, but if you want her and August was looking at the woman as she spoke, I get him .

The woman glanced at the man before responding, Okay.

Then take a seat and I will make sure it happens, August smiled at the man, I will definitely make sure it happens, I hope you have plenty of stamina.

Before either could respond August turned and headed after Bree. It would seem she was not safe on her own.

August checked to make sure that they were alone in the three stall restroom before approaching the only closed door.

Bree, are you okay?

Yes. Her response was quick. August paused listening. Bree s breathing seemed a little heavy for just using the restroom.

Are you sure? August pushed against the door checking to see if it was locked, It was.

YES. Bree definitely gasped as she answered.

August stepped into the stall next to Bree s, carefully placing her foot on the toilet she lifted herself up to peer over the dividing wall. The sight that greeted her was worth everything that had happened so far this evening.

Bree had one hand inside her top squeezing her breasts as her other hand reached under her dress to rub and slap her pussy. Her panties were around her ankles.

Are you sure you are okay? Bree screamed as she looked up It looks like you could use some help with that.

Bree stumbled around inside the cubicle as she tried to pull up her panties and open the door to run. But August was quicker, simply having to step down from the toilet and stand waiting. Bree wrenched open the door and ran straight into August. Grabbing hold of Bree August didn t hesitate her lips meet those of Bree, thrusting her tongue into her mouth without a moments thought. Pulling her into her body as their breasts meshed together.

Bree struggled to free herself at first but the alcohol and the self stimulation proved too much of a barrier to maintain her own dignity. She started to return the kiss, forgetting that it was a woman in her arms, thinking only of the pleasure that the soft mouth was providing.

August moved her hands over the trembling body of Bree, bunching up the material of the dress in her desperation to pull Bree closer than was physically possible. There was only one answer, remove the barrier.

As their tongues danced together, as Bree groaned deep in her throat, August sought out the zipper that ran down the back of the short dress.

Tugging and pulling at it until it responded with that most sweet of sounds, a zipper running down the length of a dress.

August smiled to herself as the material loosened, finding no bra strap across the now naked back. Reaching up she pulls Bree s arms down to her side letting the dress fall to her wrists. Stepping back while retaining hold of Bree s hands August admires the sight of her friend. Her face a mask of desire, her breasts firm and soft all at once, her nipples taut with excitement.

Releasing Bree s hands August steps forward, lowering her head to suck in an exposed nipple. By now Bree is beyond resisting anything August does to her and simply moans as her nipple is assaulted. August has no tenderness left as her desire takes hold. Her mouth sucks deeply, drawing blood into the nipple before her teeth nip painfully on the excited flesh.

Bree screams as the waves of pain and pleasure surge through her. She reaches up and pulls August hard against her breast.

Oh God Yes her words implore for more and August is happy to provide it. Her hand comes up to pinch Bree s other nipple as her mouth continous to suck, nip, bite and lick at the first one.

Soon Bree is gasping with excitement, soon Bree is pulling Augusts head hard against her, squeezing August s hand painfully into her own breast.

Then the inevitable happened, Bree orgasmed her body convulsed and her legs gave up supporting her as her hips jerked forward as if fucking an invisible lover.

August holds her as she falls to the floor, her clothing disheveled her skirt pulled up to her hips her soaking panties visible to the world. For the first time August is aware that there is an audience, Bree s screams had brought a crowd. At the front holding the door to the restroom open for those behind her to see stood the woman she had spoken to earlier.

Kneeling beside her friend August pulls aside the panties and twists her fingers into Bree s unresisting body. Pushing them in and out of her friends soaking pussy a couple of times before standing and turning to the woman.

She is yours for as long as your boyfriend can last. August looks over her shoulder before leaning forward to whisper in the woman s ear.

You hurt her in any way and I will kill you.

The woman stares at August for a moment, a reaction to the intensity of her threat.

I won t. she turns her gaze to the girl on the floor.

August turns and pushes her way through the crowd. Stopping in front of the woman s boyfriend she simply grabs his arm and starts walking towards the door.

The man allows himself to be led out of the club.

Where are you parked? August turns to the man as they reach the street. With no coat, August s dress is draw the attention of the few passersby. She ignores the stares.

Around the corner. the man indicates an entrance to an alley way a hundred feet from the door.

My name is…… Before the man can continue August interrupts him.

I don t want to know your name, I simply want you to fuck me now.

August heads to the entrance of the alleyway seeing a number of vehicles parked down its length.

Which is yours.

The blue truck.

August sighs, Well you are laying on the metal floor.

Saying that August climbs into the back of the truck and pulls down her panties without hesitation. Pulling her dress over her head she unhooks her bra placing the collection of clothing carefully in a pile on top of a clean looking sheet of paper.

Get your ass up here and lay down. August commands the man who is simply standing and staring at her naked body.

The man scrambles up into the bed of the truck and starts to fumble with the belt holding up his pants.

Oh fuck this. August pushes his hands away and quickly releases the belt, undoes the button and pulls down the zipper. Grabbing both the pants and the boxers hidden under them she pulls them down to his knees.

Now lay the fuck down. August is examining the one thing she is interested in right now. The man s cock is about 7 long and a good 3 inches around. Just enough to hopefully satisfy her lust.

She kneels next to the man and plunges her mouth over the length of his cock. Sucking and licking the tip. The man moans loudly.

Don t you dare. August quickly releases her hold on his manhood and straddles his legs.

If you think you are going to cum before me you better think again.

August grabs his cock once more and positions herself above it. Dropping down its length, taking it all it one swift plunge. Soon she is bouncing up and down the length of man meat. Driving it into her body with wild abandon.

Fuck yes, oh fuck, oh god. her words stream out of her as her orgasm builds. Her excitement has been building all evening, now it was time. The man pushed up into her as her body descended, driving his cock further into her body.

August screamed as her orgasm hit her, her body convulsed as the cock thrust into her again and again. Her hands gripped her breasts hard as her mind absorbed the shock.

As her climax subsided August slowly lifts herself off the man.

Fuck I needed that. August looks down between her legs seeing the man s cum dripping out of her pussy.

Shit that is going to mess up my panties, August stops for a moment before picking up her clothing.

Well it would if I put them back on that is. a smile plays over her lips. She pulls the net dress over her head settling it back over her body. Feeling the excitement start to build once more as she stands bra and panties in hand. She knows just the person to complete her night of debauchery.

Walking back to the club, August smiles as the bouncer takes in her dress and the body it reveals. Heading once more to the restroom, for she is certain that the woman has not moved Bree. She pushes open the door to a sight she thought she would never see.

Bree is straddling the woman s mouth having her pussy sucked clean as she in turn sucks on the cock of some stranger August does not recognise.

Alright people, she is mine now. even as she speaks Bree cries out in yet another orgasm in what appears to have been a long line of orgasms.

The man pulls out and starts stroking his cock rapidly quickly reaching the point of no return, letting his cum splash over Bree s face before stepping back.

August steps forward and pulls Bree off the supine woman.

You need to go see your boyfriend I think he is still recovering in the truck.

The totally naked woman smiles up at August a look of sublime happiness on her face.

As for you, August turns to Bree, you care coming home with me, then you are cumming with me. August smiles at her play on words.

August picks up Bree s discarded clothes slipping the dress over Bree s head she drops the panties on the woman s face.

Something to remember her by.

The woman simply smiles.

August leads Bree through the club, picking up her coat as the pass their table.

Where are we going? Bree seems to be recovering from the excess of sex.

To heaven baby, to heaven August responds as they walk out the door…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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