An Afternoon Delight…mmmmm

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An Afternoon Delight…mmmmm
I was camming the other morning and a guy from nearby took interest. As I filled my ass with my fav dildo and stroked my hard on he urged me on with nice, dirty talk….I blew a big load and sat back feeling great…. continuing the chat with my perverted friend.His name was Jim and he invited me over for some fun and I eagerly agreed….especially after he sent me some pics. He was a little younger and in good shape with a nice, thick 8 inch Cock…mmmm I thought…this will be fun.
He asked me to dress up for him which really turns me on. I gathered my things and got all cleaned up and prepared for a big cock.As I was driving the 30 min drive over my cock hardened and twitched in anticipation.I pulled into the driveway and quickly grabbed my bag of girly clothes and toys…as I knocked on the door another guy walked up smiling holding a bag of his own.He was cute, younger….about 35 with a noticeable bulge in his shorts.
The door opened and Jim greeted us with hugs and introduced us…Paul was the cute guys name…and Jim was just as his pics showed…handsome 45ish and very friendly.
Paul and I sat on the sofa together as Jim brought over a nice bottle of merlot….filling 3 glasses like a true gentleman….I was getting so aroused…we all stood and toasted to friendship with Jim sliding his hand up and down our legs…ass and grabbing our bulges….I nearly came right then.
We all sat down…all on the sofa together and chatted about this and that as we stroked each others bodies sensually.Soon our Cocks were released from cover…three big, hard, throbbing cocks being stroked by our new friends.Jim asked to see Paul and my outfits so we got them out…Paul had a lil red mini skirt , black sequin top, lil black thong, red fishnets and some hot, red t strap heels. I brought my skin tight black sequin mini, cute black and red teddy top with built in bra, red crotchless panties with frilly lil things on them,black fishnets, and black pumps…..oh and my nipple clamps and fav dildo.We all were excited as we looked every thing over. Jim filled our wine glasses again as Paul and I stroked each others cock.Jim s bulging 8 inches was inches from our mouths as he handed us our glasses.
Paul and I looked at each other and giggled like lil girl sluts and took a drink of merlot.We continued stroking each other as we moved our mouths together near the big, hard, throbbing man meat, gently kissing, our tongues began swirling together,and then licking the cock together. Soon one of us sucked the balls as the other sucked the thick shaft. Jim began stroking each of us as he moaned in pleasure.
We all stood and stripped our clothes off…and swirled our tongues together… rubbing cocks together …and felt up each others asshole.Jim asked us to dress for him and we eagerly began dressing each other. It was so hot to help put the lil thong and fishnets on Paul….and to have him help with mine as well.
We were all feeling a good buzz from the merlot and were so aroused ….the site of Paul dressed like a slut whore and of a hot naked Jim was the most exciting sexual scene I ve ever done…so taboo….so nasty….so unacceptable by society…mmmmmm…and when I dress up it makes me want cock in the biggest way.All Cocks were hard as rocks.
Another bottle of merlot was served by our nude host…Jim sat as Paul and I did some dirty dancing together in front of him….then did some lap dances on him….his cock probing each of our assholes….not quite in ..just enough to want it bad.As we continued grinding our ass on Jim we would suck each other.Paul had a beautiful cock…much like mine…about 7 inches slender…very girlish…completely shaved as well ..just like me. Jim asked for lube so I grabbed mine as Paul begged for his ass to be filled.
As Paul stood and bent over Jim lubed his ass up good…we took turns licking it…getting it all ready…my tongue slid in as far as it could…tasting so good.
Paul leaned over the sofa arm as Jim started filling his ass…I sat with Paul s head in my lap…his mouth kissing ,sucking, and licking my cock.Jim was full in and Paul was whimpering like a lil bitch…so hot.After a good slow fucking Jim s rhythm increased and soon he couldn t suck my cock anymore…he was squealing in delight.I leaned over Paul getting my face close to his ass asking to suck Jim after every few strokes. MMMMM I swallowed that Cock to the balls tasting ass..tasting precumm…then put my tongue all the way in that hot lil asshole …feeling it spasm in delight.There were moans all around.
Jim soon said it was my turn and pulled out of Paul s hot ass pulled me over and slid my raging hard on in that ass.I began pounding that ass….very tough in heels….slipping from time to time….and Jim would suck me when I slipped out….soon Jim s fingers and tongue were lubing my ass up as I continued fucking Paul.
Paul s cock had gone soft from all the fucking his ass was taking so I began massaging and stroking it.Jim spread my cheeks wide and slowly put his big, hard meatstik in my tight asshole.This was heaven….my ass was filled…getting a good hard fucking by a big cock as my cock filled a hot tight ass all the while stroking another guys nasty…mmmm.
Jim had us switch positions…..Jim and I sucking Paul together to get him nice and hard again…..then I got to feel Paul s beauty in my ass as Jim fucked his ass.
We continued switching it up …this went on for a while until I had to cumm…pulling out of Paul s ass as he turned to suck me swallowing my load as my ass was getting pounded by Jim….exquisite feeling….unbelievably hot.Paul kissed me and I tasted my hot cumm….Jim was really fucking my ass now and I wanted Paul s cock in my mouth.I was sucking cock like never before…Paul was throat fucking me so good…my ass was getting pounded as Jim rubbed my spent cock.
I felt Paul s cock spasm and tasted the hot juice from it…sucking like crazy to get it all and Jim s Cock squirted in my ass…pulling out and spraying my face as I was licking Paul s meat.Paul and I kissed…he licked Jim s cumm from my face.We both massaged and licked Jim s man meat together in appreciation to the Cock that pleasured our asses…mmmm.
We took a break…more merlot…smoke break in the backyard…in our outfits…kissing ..smoking …drinking …stroking…sucking…and we heard a ladies voice from the yard to the right.She asked Jim who his girls were…with a laugh….Jim hustled us into the house and put on his shorts going back out to talk to his neighbor.Before long there was a knock on the door and this stunning milf appeared as Jim opened it smiling…filling her a glass of merlot as Paul and I were taking turns sucking each other.He introduced us to Eve as I had Paul s Cock deep down my throat…I said a muffled hi…and she giggled asking if she could help me….moving her mouth to mine as we shared the cock. She was in a tight lil tanktop exposing large breasts and short shorts showing a tight ass…..blonde ,blue eyed, and a beautiful face. Soon she was on her knees stroking my cock and sucking Paul s as Jim began undressing her calling her his slut neighbor…asking her if her husband would like this.She said she didn t care between sucks on Paul and I.She said he cheated on her all the time…. as Jim shoved his big Cock, that had just been in two guys asses, in her pussy…with her furiously sucking and stroking Paul and I as we were swirling our tongues together.She began cumming within a minute or two and screamed through our cocks. Jim told her to lick our assholes….and she couldn t wait.Paul and I lifted our used asses up for her hot tongue…and Jim moved his cock to her ass after dripping some lube in it.
Our asses were getting rimmed as we stroked each other…Jim was fucking a screaming sluts ass…and once again I had to cumm…Paul pointed my throbbing member at Eve s face as her tongue filled my ass….. and I exploded.Squirt after squirt covered her face….but she stayed focused on ass licking…good girl.
Jim had Eve sit on Paul s lap facing him and slid her pussy on his Cock …then getting behind her and filling her ass again.I moved into position to have my cock sucked by both Eve and Paul…this was so hot… a great rhythm ensued…moans ,squeals, screams…mmmmm.Eves big tits were bouncing…and Jim had to cummm…pulling out and spraying his load all over my cock which Eve and Paul eagerly licked clean. Paul was next….Eve pulled of him and the three of us sucked him until he blew his load all over us.
We partied a while more and then went back to our mundane lives….but hoping to get together again soon…….licks and sucks

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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