An Unexpected Encounter

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An Unexpected Encounter
The restaurant was busy. It had taken forever for the food to appear and I was feeling bored and restless. My husband went on and on about the conference he had just attended in Florida, but I had tuned out long ago. All it took was the occasional nod from me for conversation to keep flowing.

Idly I pushed my food around the plate and concentrated on my glass of chardonnay, conversations around us provided a steady hum of background noise. I listened as a woman next to us chatted to her friend about her recent vacation in Italy and I hung on to every word. Her stories were far more interesting than the same old conference chat.

A soft Scottish accent caught my attention and I immediately began scanning the room to see who had spoken. A good looking man with long dark hair sat at table close by with a blond woman. He was leaning back in his chair, a glass of red wine in hand while the woman talked about a wedding she had gone to. It was immediately obvious he was bored by the expression on his face and the way he stared at his glass more than his date. I smiled to myself and was just about to divert my attention back to my husband when the a dark-haired man must have felt my stare. His head suddenly swung around and he caught my eye.

He had the most amazing chocolate brown eyes I had seen in years and for a long moment I happily returned his gaze. He raised one eyebrow and rolled his eyes at me as his companion paused for breath long enough to shovel a huge fork full of mashed potatoes into her mouth. Grinning in sympathy, I quickly glanced over at my husband again. He was checking his cell phone so I diverted my attention right back to dark haired stranger with a smile.

Now that we had that each other’s attention, every once in a while (but not enough to be too obvious) I’d glance over at him. I couldn t help but notice him hide a yawn and I smiled gleefully just as he glanced over at me again. Suddenly my husband’s cell phone rang loudly, causing everyone in the entire restaurant to turn and look at us. Sorry baby, need to take this call.” As he rushed outside to take the call.

A few second later, the blond stood up too. Just going to the little girls room. He smiled and stood up politely as she took off across the room on her four inch stilettos, fake boobs stuck out in front.

Your dinner looks nice… I commented as I gazed over at his plate. It was, he agreed. Kind of lost my appetite now though. Why s that? I asked. Company s not as good as I had hoped for. He replied ruefully. Blind dates are always a bad idea. Really? I never would have guessed. I said, smiling at him. He grinned at me and dipping a fork into his risotto, offered me some. I leaned across the gap between the tables and stared straight at him, parting my lips. Open wide… he said softly.

I took the food into my mouth and swallowed it slowly. It was delicious; just like him. I licked my lips slowly as he watched me. The sudden sexual tension was thick in the air. His eyes darkened even more as he dropped his gaze to my cleavage. Nice, he said I so much prefer the real thing. I smiled and allowed myself to check his body out. Muscular thighs encased in jeans, pale blue shirt outlining a spectacular chest. This guy was fit as well as good looking. Too damned sexy, he was pretty much my perfect man.

Where have you been all my life? I asked teasingly. Waiting for you? he answered to my surprise. Our conversation was interrupted as the blond returned to their table. My husband also returned a minute later, having finished his phone call. My husband asked the waiter for another bottle of wine just as the sexy stranger stood up and disappeared off in the direction of the men’s room. After sitting there a few more minutes, I made a split second decision and jumped up from the table muttering something vague then rushed off in the direction of the restrooms. My timing was perfect; he was just coming out and he smiled as he saw me and stopped.

We were out of sight of the tables, so I took a chance and stepped forward, reached up and kissed him passionately. For a moment he froze in surprise. Then he kissed me back, the intensity of his response literally taking my breath away. We both stepped back after several seconds, panting hard. Dessert was taking too damn long to arrive so I thought I would have you instead! I said.

And what do I get? He asked. Anything you want… I answered. His smile faded as he read my mind. Grabbing my hand he said, This way, we don t have long! He led me towards a door on the left with Staff Only on a small plaque. Inside was dark with a strong odor of cleaning materials. I was so horny, I didn’t care what the room smelled like. The door shut behind us and he pulled me into his arms.

Do you come here often? I whispered. Not to this particular closet, he replied huskily. Conversation stopped as I kissed him, my tongue delving in and exploring his mouth. He was deliciously. The feel of him, pressed up hard against me in the darkness was highly erotic. All thoughts of my husband were long gone and the only person I was thinking of right now was this man.

His mouth stayed welded to mine as he ran a hand up my thigh and reached my panties. A sigh of pleasure told me he liked the feel of the silky lace. His other hand cupped my breast and I groaned out loud. He pulled my top down and lifted my breasts out of the silky bra, bending to suck my nipples, nibbling on them gently and I moaned, too lost in the moment to care about the possibility of being overheard. Reaching down, I could feel his hard cock throbbing against my hand and I responded by squeezing him gently.

It s not too late to stop this you know, he said softly, breaking away from me for a few seconds. Who are you k**ding? I gasped when he picked that exact moment to slide two fingers inside my panties and delve into my aching wet pussy. I bore down on his hand and he finger fucked me slowly, the juices dripping down my thighs as I felt the heat rising.

Abruptly he dropped to his knees, knocking a bucket over in the process. The craziness of the situation suddenly struck me and I began to laugh, but amusement quickly turned into lust when he lifted one of my feet and placed it on a shelf against the wall, leaving me spread wide open. He buried his face in my pussy, his tongue circling my swollen clit, two fingers holding me open as I nearly sat on his face when spasms rocked through me.

He sucked and licked, exploring me with his tongue and I shook as my thighs trembled and the orgasm hit me. My pussy contracted hard and I could feel the fluid running down my thighs as the aftershocks slowly faded away. Standing up, he kissed me, his cock pressing into my belly. After the intense orgasm he had just given me, it would just be wrong to not return the favor.

I unzipped his jeans and his erection immediately sprang out at me. It was long, thick and very hard, and my pussy started dripping all over again at the thought of him inside me. I couldn t see much, but I knelt down to taste him, taking the head of his cock inside my mouth. I could feel the tension in him as I swirled my tongue around, teasing him. Sucking as I worked my mouth up and down, faster and faster.

I stood up again; I wasn t about to pass up the opportunity of being fucked by such a large and thick cock. Space was virtually non-existent so I carefully turned around and bent over slightly. Reaching behind, I took hold of his cock, guiding him towards my pussy. He groaned as he pushed inside me and I shuddered in pleasure. Carefully he slid deeper until he was in up to his balls and I couldn t move. This was heaven on earth and even the sound of people talking in the hallway outside barely registered on my radar.

He reached around and cupped a breast with one hand, fingering my nipple as he took my hip with the other hand and thrust in and out, fucking me slowly at first, then harder; balls slapping against my ass. I reached down to touch my clit, rubbing softly. It took no more than a few minutes to cum again, this orgasm even more intense than the first. For a moment I thought I had blacked out, then I heard him groaning as he came too, hot thick cum flooding deep inside me.

We collapsed against the shelf, sweaty and shaking. Slowly our breathing returned to normal and I began to worry about how much time had passed. I m really hungry now, he teased as we put our clothes back together in the cramped space. I think we may have missed dessert! I laughed. Really? he said, I thought I d just had that…

As we emerged from the closet, I peeked through the glass door into the restaurant. My husband and the blonde were sitting at our respective tables, no wiser. I don t even know your name! I said as we stood there a moment longer. You soon will, he promised with a naughty grin as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me again. Here’s my number. Where should we meet next time, my closet or yours?”

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