Anna and Paul III ( an unexpected guest )

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Anna and Paul III ( an unexpected guest )
I lay on top of Paul is thick cock still secure in my sopping wet cum filled cunt. I softly giggled as I kissed his lips. Paul opened up his eyes and asked me what was so funny. I told him not a single thing. I raised my self up and stared down into his eyes and said to him. “ want to know how I knew you were the big bad wolf?”

I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered, because you have the thickest and longest cock of the three of my big bad wolves and you touch me in places the others don’t. I gave him an evil smile as I milked his spent cock.

I kissed his lips and asked him if he was really that tired , or would he rather like me to take him in my soft hot mouth and tease his fat beautiful cock back to life? I whispered to Paul as my tongue teased his earlobe how much I loved the way his thick fat cock nudged it’s way into my hot tight wet little cunt.

How he made me sigh and moan out his name as his hard thick throbbing cock slid into my dripping wet cunt hole. How his fat vein filled cock made my pussy tingle and quiver with pleasure as only his cock could.

I carefully milked his fat yet semi hard cock with my sopping wet cunt. I smiled into his eyes as I teased his cock and felt it thicken and grow longer and throb with new life. I kissed his lips, this time my tongue initiating a long wet deep passionate kiss.

I slowly moved my hips as I felt Paul’s cock begin to fill like a balloon in my hot wet milking cunt. I broke the kiss and gasped for breath as his thick fat cock began to push itself into my slippery wet hot tight cunt hole as I slowly moved my hips.

I sat up and took Paul’s hands and placed them on my breast and leaned back and sighed out his name as I felt my tight little pink pussy open up to take him deeper inside of me. I reached back and slowly massaged his cum filled balls.

Paul’s cock always brushed my cervix when I sat on top of him. I smiled happily as I felt his fat hard cock spread my vaginal channel open and I settled down onto his cock and sighed out his name.

Oh god Paul you make me feel so full every time you fuck me the walls of my silky hot wet cunt spasm and try to pull you in even deeper. Slow Paul, please go real slow and push your big fat hard cock up into me.

I love when my big bad wolf lets me take the top and put my hands on your chest as I ever so slowly move my dripping wet cunt along your hard thick cock. Can you feel that Paul? I asked as I slowly moved my hips back and forth , grinding my clit into his pelvic bone.

Look Paul, look where we join as one. God I felt a shiver race up my spine when Paul massaged my aching breast and took my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and stared into my eyes as he slowly applied pressure until I bit my lower lip and cried out.

Fuck me Paul, fuck me, roll me over and take me, tease my dripping wet hot cunt with your big fat hard cock. Oh god I sighed out, now Paul take me now. Please Paul, please fuck my tight little pussy until I feel so full and my cunt crème coats your hard piston like cock as you drive your fat throbbing cock harder and harder into me.

Now Paul, now I pleaded. I have to feel your big fat hard throbbing cock buried so deep inside of my hot wet dripping cunt. Do it deep Paul so deep that your big balls bounce off of my pink little asshole.

Oh god Paul will you fuck my asshole too?, will you make me scream out in pleasure as the big fat head of your cock presses against my butt hole as I bury my face in my pillow and reach back and hold myself open for your hard thick cock to slowly open up my shit hole until you slide slowly into me.

Our lips met as Paul positioned his fat vein filled cock at the entrance of my slippery hot wet vagina. Yes, yes, I moaned out fuck me Paul, please fuck my hot little pussy. I sighed out and my hips raised up and I reached down and smiled at the hard thick cock as I guided it into me.

I held Paul’s face in my hands and whispered please my big bad wolf, please hurt me, please ravish my young tight hot wet cunt with your big long thick penis. Paul pulled me to him and placed my legs onto his shoulders. Our eyes locked and I smiled as I reached down and held myself open to him.

Now my wolf, now I whimpered out in my little girl voice. Take me now my big bad wolf. Paul surprised me by locking his arms behind my knees. Then just as suddenly pressed my knees beside my breast and spoke in a deep growling voice. Put my hard fat cock against your dripping wet hot little pink pussy.

Guide me into your burning hot pink succulent flesh. Yes, yes, my wolf I responded. I gasped out as no sooner did I place his hard fat cock head against my sopping wet pink pussy lips Paul growled and rammed his fat throbbing cock into my slippery wet cunt hole.

I tossed my head side to side as the pleasure of his hard cock spread a warmth from my pussy into my tummy and across my breast and neck. Oh god Paul, yes, my sweet lover I love how your cock touches deep places and gives me shivers of pleasurable pain up my spine.

I’m glad it was you who turned out to be my big bad wolf. Then I giggled and said I’m sure the others will be stirring soon. Were not being very quiet are we? I just can’t help it Paul. Your hard thick cock fills my pussy like no other and yes I love when you fuck me, hard or slow. My pussy gets wet just seeing you walk into the room.

I get little ripples of pleasure that make my tight little pussy quiver and spasm as I think of your big fat thick cock sliding into my hot wet tight cunt. I love how your cock fills me up Paul. I love how you fuck me, oh god you feel so good inside of me I moaned out as Paul thrust harder into my dripping wet cunt hole.

Fuck me Paul, fuck me, oh god I moaned out fuck my tight little pussy until I crème all over your hard fat throbbing cock. Yes, yes, I cooed as Paul pummeled my hot slippery wet cunt. My pussy was sopping wet and tiny little spasms made my tight pink pussy lips flutter along Paul’s hard thick cock.

I squeezed down on his hard thrusting fat cock and Paul groaned out and I smiled up at him as I held his cock in a vice like grip. I could feel my slippery wet pussy lips pulling out around Paul’s cock as he withdrew from my dripping wet hot tight cunt.

I could feel my hot syrupy juices trickling down onto my pink little asshole. I hugged Paul to me and whispered into his ear fuck me Paul fuck me, fuck my tight little pussy, oh god I love your big fat cock in my slippery wet pussy.

I knew he liked the way I was talking to him. I could feel his cock throb over and over as I sighed out in long pleasurable moans as he thrust his hard thick fat cock in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

I smiled to myself when I looked up at his face. He had his eyes tightly shut and his nostrils flared out as if he were a stallion mounting me. Yes, yes, I moaned out that’s it Paul fuck me uh huh fuck me with your big fat hard cock.

God he groaned out I love your sweet little pussy Anna. Yes Paul, yes I answered back as I thrust my hips up to meet his hard deep pounding thrust into me. We stared into each others eyes as we listened to the wet squishy sounds my tight wet pussy made as he pounded into me.

Paul grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my butt. Oh god I moaned out as I felt his hard fat cock plunge even deeper into my soft hot dripping wet little pussy. Yes, yes, oh god fuck me, fuck my hot tight sweet wet cunt with your big fat hard cock.

Yes, yes, oh god yes, I moaned out as I grasped the bed sheets until my knuckles turned white. Oh Paul, oh yes, oh god fuck me, fuck my hot wet tight cunt with your big fat huge cock, oh god, oh god yes, yes, I moaned out as I felt my dripping wet cunt spasm and quiver as a powerful orgasm ripped through my body as I cried out in pleasure.

Paul threw his head back and began to mercifully pummel and pound my dripping wet hot tight little pink pussy. Yes, yes, uh huh I cried out yes, yes that’s it cum in me Paul cum in my hot little pussy. Yes, oh god yes now, now, oh Paul oh god you’re going to make me cum Paul.

I desperately grabbed his butt and pulled him even deeper into me. I could feel my hot pussy juices flowing out of me and coating Paul’s thick fat cock and running down onto my soft pink butt hole.

Both of us were nearing that point of pure sexual bliss and the pleasurable explosion that comes with it. I pulled Paul down on top of me and our lips met in passionate desperation. I felt my pussy quiver and spasm as an orgasm built up until I clung to Paul as I felt his hard throbbing cock swell and pulse.

Yes, yes, I urgently whispered into his ear as I felt the first jettisoning gobs of scalding hot gooey sperm splash into my orgasmic cunt. I clung to him as my pussy went into orgasmic spasms as I pleaded with him to fill my hot wet tight little cunt full of his burning hot stringy sperm.

My pussy quivered and squeezed Paul’s hard fat cock as I felt him empty himself into me. I spread my legs as far apart as possible and held his hard thrusting buttocks in my hands as he filled my dripping wet orgasmic pussy with gob after hot gob of thick ropy sperm.

We kissed with a deep passion. Our tongues intertwining and dancing like flames from a fire as Paul held himself deep inside of me. I could feel the walls of my now sloppy wet cum filled cunt caressing Paul’s semi hard cock as his sperm trickled out of me and down onto my pink puckered butt hole.

Oh god I moaned out as Paul’s fat thick cock sent scalding hot burst of thick creamy sperm deep inside of my orgasmic quivering cunt. I gently squeezed and slowly milked Paul’s cock with my sopping wet cunt muscles.

I smiled up at Paul as I gently milked his withering cock. I love how your big fat thick cock makes my sweet little pussy feel Paul. I made a pouty face and told him I never did get to suck and tease his soft fat cock until it got nice and hard for me.

The night is not over yet I said as I smiled. It will be even better now you know. I’ll be able taste myself on you. Mm I sighed out. I love taking your soft thick cock into my mouth and teasing it with my wet hot tongue.

I whispered into his ear that I’d slowly wet my lips and gently take his soft cock into my hand. How I would sigh at the thickness of it even when is soft. Then I’d softly kiss the head and slowly swirl my tongue around the head of his beautiful cock.

Then part my lips and take him into my hot wet soft mouth. And gently tease the underside of his cock head by swirling my tongue around and around in slow wet circles. Then slowly take more and more of his fat thick cock into my mouth and tightly wrap my lips around it and slowly suck my way back up then slowly back down again.

Would you like that Paul I softly whispered. Would you like me to suck your fat thick cock until I get it hard as a rock again. Do you want me to relax my throat and let your big fat cock slide down into it until your big balls are against my chin.

I raised my eyes brows when I felt Paul’s cock stirring in my dripping wet cum soaked cunt. I looked up into his eyes and giggled and said I think your cock likes what I’m saying. I kissed and softly nipped at Paul’s neck and reached down and slowly massaged his balls.

I sighed out as I slowly and carefully began to move my hips keeping Paul inside of me as I gently slid my sopping wet hot cum filled cunt up and down on his semi hard cock. I raised my hips until his fat cock slid out of my cum filled pussy.

Don’t worry my big bad wolf I said as slowly kissed my way down his upper body. I locked eyes with him as I licked our mingled juices off of his cock and slurped loudly along his balls. I love the way my big bad wolf taste in my mouth.

I gently sucked on his balls then took one then the other into my mouth. I sighed and moaned out as I sucked and licked and let my tongue swirl around his balls. I wrapped my soft little hand around his sticky cock shaft.

I began to gently pump my hand up and down his gooey sperm coated cock shaft. I flattened my tongue out and slid it up the shaft of his cock making it all slippery and let my hand slide up and down on his cock as my tongue teased and swirled around his balls.

I looked up at Paul who had his eyes shut and smiled and said I think my big bad wolf might get nice and hard for me again. Paul opened his eyes and smiled and said I don’t know how you do it but damn I think you’re right.

I hope so I replied as I took his now hardening cock into my soft warm mouth. I let my tongue softly tease and swirl around the head of Paul’s thickening cock. I smiled a satisfied smile of triumph as I felt his cock throb and stir back to life in my mouth.

One thing I really liked about Paul’s cock was even soft it was still thick and took a while to return to it’s more flaccid state. As I swirled my tongue around the soft ridge of the head of his cock. I could feel my pussy begin to respond and get dripping wet once again.

My vaginal sheath respond by quivering and going into little whirlwind spasms as I thought of his magnificent hard fat cock slipping inch by inch into my dripping wet pink tight cunt.

His cock began to throb and swell as I began to suck in earnest over and around the head of him. My soft tiny hand pumped faster up and down the length of his thick vein filled cock. I would swirl my tongue and twist my hand along the throbbing shaft of his steel hard cock.

I looked up into Paul’s eyes and smiled as I held his warm hard cock to my cheek. I sighed out and lay my head on his thigh and began to slowly suck and nibble on his balls. I made wet slurpy noises as I gently sucked on his round heavy balls.

I got on my knees and bent over and held Paul’s hard throbbing cock in my hand and let my saliva slowly dribble out over the head of his hard cock. My warm saliva made it easy for my hand to slide up and down the shaft of Paul’s thick fat cock.

I could feel his cock throbbing as if it had it’s own little heart beat. I engulfed the head of his cock into hot wet mouth and slowly swirled my tongue around and under the head of his cock.

My slippery wet pussy got wetter and wetter as I anticipated taking Paul’s thick fat cock back into my sopping wet pink little pussy. I moaned and sighed as my pussy began to drip with renewed hot juices that flowed out of me like a volcanic river of lava.

I held Paul’s throbbing fat cock in my hand and felt a shiver go up my spine as I thought of straddling him and teasing myself by sliding his fat cock head along my slippery wet pink soft silky pussy lips.

I closed my eyes and gently sucked on Paul’s big heavy balls. My hand sliding up and down in a twisting motion as I thought of slowly lowering myself down onto his fat thick veined cock.

I put my hands on his broad chest as I steadied myself and slowly took inch after fat thick inch of his cock into my tight wet slippery cunt hole. My pussy spasmed and twitched and sent little quivers of pleasure through my hot pink little pussy.

I closed my eyes and moaned out as I envisioned lowering myself down onto his fat hard cock. My sopping wet pink pussy lips spreading open to accommodate Paul’s beautiful hard throbbing cock.

My cunt hole opening , stretching , the feel of his hard cock nudging my cervix and sliding deeper into my sopping wet cunt. The deep moaning sigh that I wouldn’t be able to hold back as his throbbing hard fat cock filled my aching hot cunt with a fullness only Paul’s cock could give me.

Mm I sighed out as I looked into Paul’s eyes and told him how badly I wanted to feel him inside of me. How my pink little pussy gushed in orgasmic pleasure as he slowly slid his fat hard cock into me until my slippery went cunt was tightly stretched around his throbbing hard cock.

Oh god I moaned out, oh Paul I want you to fuck my tight puckered little shit hole this time like only you can. I can’t wait to guide your fat cock into my tight little puckered asshole. I sat up on his thighs and teased my sopping wet creamy pussy lips with his fat hard cock.
Paul gasped at the heat of my soaking wet quivering cunt as I slowly teased us both by slowly sliding his big hard cock into the scalding hot entrance of my cunt. Then slowly dragging it along gathering my steaming hot cunt juices and coating his cock with my slippery cunt crème.

I made slow little circles around my swollen sensitive clit. Uh huh oh god Paul that feels so good I sighed. I soaked the big fat head of his cock once again inside my dripping wet cunt hole. I reached back and scooped out my slippery hot cunt juices and lubed my tiny puckered rosebud and gently pushed a finger up inside my asshole.

I had my hands on Paul’s chest and leaned forward and hotly whispered into his ear, Please fuck me Paul please fuck me only this time put your hard fat cock up my puckered pink little asshole.

I kissed his lips and asked him again to please fuck me in my ass. Please Paul, please fuck my tight little shit hole with your really big fat cock. Go slow Paul, let me get used to it okay. God I want you in me there so bad.

I held myself with one hand on his chest. My other hand held his super fat cock. Paul held me by my butt cheeks as I guided his hard cock against my puckered pink little butt hole. I closed my eyes and held his cock as I felt his cock slowly open up my pink little rosebud.

I bit my lower lip and took a deep breath and slowly let it out as Paul’s big fat cock pressed against my tight sphincter muscle. I took two more deep breaths and relaxed and Paul’s fat thick cock head slid into my tight little pink butt hole.

Yes, yes, oh god yes Paul I moaned out as his long hard fat cock began to open up my tight anal passage. I felt a fine sheen of sweat break out on my forehead. Uh, uh, oh god Paul, oh god I moaned out in ecstasy.

I held myself over him , his big fat mushroomed cock head in me. I gripped and squeezed him as I smiled down at him. Slowly I whispered, go real slow Paul. I want to feel your hard throbbing fat cock open my pink little pooper.

I want to feel that tingling little pain as your hard thick vein filled shaft spreads me open until you touch those really deep places in my warm wet bowels. I love when your cock is buried so deep in me. Um yes, I groaned out as I took a little more of Paul’s thick fat cock into my puckered little shit hole.

Oh god I moaned out as I reached down and massaged his big round balls. I curiously ran my hand over Paul’s thick shaft and let out a little whimper when I realized I didn’t even have quite half of him in me.

Now that I had Paul’s thick hard cock deep enough into me I put my knees on the bed beside him and leaned forward and whispered into his ear. Please Paul don’t move yet, let me get used to you in me. I sighed and moaned in his ear as bit into his shoulder as I felt Paul’s hard thick fat cock slip a little deeper into my stretched out pink little butt hole.

Oh Paul, oh Paul I moaned out as I felt my butt hole stretched and wrapped so tightly around his fat, fat cock. Oh god Paul I feel so full when I have your fat thick cock in my butt hole.

I slowly tentatively took another inch or so of Paul’s thick throbbing cock evoking more moans and sighs of pure sexual pleasure. My pussy began to flow like lava spilling out of a volcano. I used my burning hot pussy juices to further coat Paul’s rock hard cock. In doing so he suddenly slid all the way up inside me.

I moaned out and squeezed my eyes shut and sucked in a deep breath as Paul’s thick fat cock burrowed it’s way deep into my hot bowels. I placed Paul’s hands on my breast and leaned back and sighed out as his finger and thumb rolled and pinched my rock hard sensitive nipples.

My breathing had quickened and came in deep gasps as Paul begin to pound his thick fat cock into my now willing and stretched out pink puckered butt hole. Yes, yes, oh god yes Paul uh huh, that’s it, oh god yes fuck me, fuck my sweet little asshole.

Oh god yes Paul, yes, oh god please fuck me, please fuck my tight little asshole Paul, yes, yes, oh god I whimpered and moaned out. Paul pulled me down and began to suck and nibble on my nipples.

My body exploded in sexual bliss as a warm tingling spark ignited into orgasmic pleasure as I was lost in an intense world of two people giving and receiving each other nothing less than pure primal pleasure.

I cried out and threw my head back as tiny lightening bolts began to rip through my body. My sopping wet pussy began to flow like a river. I moved my hips and dragged my clit over Paul’s pubic bone as his fat hard cock plunged in and out of my gaping pink asshole.

Oh god I screamed out, yes, yes, oh god yes, now Paul, now, cum in my ass, yes, yes oh Paul now , now cum in me fill my asshole with your burning hot gooey stringy sperm. Paul grabbed my butt cheeks in his hands and lifted me up and I slammed myself back down on Paul’s swollen throbbing cock.

My asshole and pussy began to send out radiating heat that spread up into my tummy and breast. My orgasm encompassed every fiber of my body as I shook with orgasmic delight as I felt the first hot blast of Paul’s scalding hot sperm splashing into the very depths of my hot wet bowels.

I slumped forward like a rag doll, exhausted from the orgasms that rocked my body and soul. I quietly whispered into Paul’s ear , yes, yes Paul oh god yes do it, do it cum in my tight little pink butt hole.

Paul began to hammer my gaping pink stretched out asshole. I held onto him tightly and whispered over and over into his ear, cum in me, cum in me Paul, fuck my tight little asshole, uh huh, yes, yes oh god I love your big fat cock in me.

Paul let out a long groaning moan and buried his cock as deep inside of my bowels as he could go. I felt his cock throb and jerk as each spurt of hot gooey stringy sperm filled my bowels. Oh god I squealed out as yet another orgasm shot violently through my whole body.

Our lips met and we kissed deeply, passionately as Paul emptied his sperm filled balls into the deepest part of my bowels. Mm I sighed out as our lips parted, I love how deep your big fat goes inside of me Paul.

I love putting my big fat cock in your tight wet pussy and I really love it when you let me fuck you in you ass. We kissed again deeply, passionately. Our tongues exploring each others. I broke the kiss and smiled down at my big bad wolf…until next time Mrs. X

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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