Bits and Pieces of Crusing at the Park..Not fun..A

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Bits and Pieces of Crusing at the Park..Not fun..A
If you have read me other times with me learning about my Bi sexuality, I only write about things that have actually happened to me. This account is about the small bits and pieces of cruising in the small park in the town I live.

It was Summer, and the night was cool, but not cold, and there was a gentle flower filled wind blowing across the river. One of the things that I love about this part of Gods Country.

I had just finished up working, and was feeling really horny so I decided to drive through the park and see what was cooking. It was dark, and it looked like it may rain at any minute.

There were cars parked along various spots in the park, and I was feeling like maybe things would be fun tonight.

I swung down the one way in the lagoon of the park and crawled along looking and passing some of the cars parked. I saw some guys with their heads down, as I passed them in my headlights. I was looking for a come on from one of them.

No luck on the first pass , so I did it again. Still no lookers, so I decided to hit the parking lot next to the beach house on the river.

I parked there, shut off the engine, rolled down the window and waited. I didn t have to wait long.

A grey, small compact car drove by, and then turned around at the end of the parking lot and slowly crawled by my position. He had his lights on low, and he was looking over at me. He stopped in front of the van, waited for about 5 seconds, and then pulled ahead a few yards and pulled his car in and parked.

He wasted no time, and he got out and walked into the dark woods along one of the well worn paths.

I like what I saw and did the same. Locked the doors, and followed him.

The wind was blowing through the leafs, and it was kind of eerie in the dark, but light filtered through the so you could see a little in the woods. I walked slowly…couldn t see the path all that great. I made my way down to the water, and was walking down this path when I heard a slight whistle. I turned toward the sound and made my way slowly toward him.

He was leaning against a tree and already had his cock out and was stroking it. It was hard to see but very apparent. I walked up until I was right next to him.

With the wind lightly blowing in the background I asked him how things were going, and he suddenly said…I need you suck my cock.

I looked at his package and was impressed. He was looking good even in the filtered light. Nice smooth shaft, and mushroom head, and about 6 – 7 inches.
I reached out my hand and took him into my fingers wrapping them around him.

He felt wonderful! I was happy that I decided to cruise the park tonight.

He leaned against the tree, dropped his pants to his ankles and started to talk to me….Suck My Cock you bitch….You want it don t you?….Put your hot lips on my rod..I am gong to fuck your mouth until I blow…and on and on he went. I was getting turned on hearing him, and feeling his hard warmth in my hand was melting me into wanting to drop to my knees and take him in….that s exactly what I did. He pushed his cock in my mouth and instantly started to pump in and out of my mouth. It was not a pleasant feeling to have him jamming his hard cock down my throat, and not caring about the mouth around his dick.

He grabbed my head, and I pushed my head back so that he would not gag me and suddenly he shot off. I was not expecting it so quickly…he didn t show any indication of getting close to cumming…he just blasted away.

He took his cock out of my shocked mouth and he slapped it a few times across my face. He laughed, and said ….there you are faggot. He zipped up and brushed by me almost knocking me over as I tried to get up from my knees.

He disappeared into the darkness, as I was wondering …what the hell just happened.

I was not one of the most pleasant times I have had in the park. It did teach me a valuable lesson….what more closely who and what I went after. I was lulled into thinking everyone who wanted their cock sucked was a nice guy. Never again.

Second encounter that night.

I went back to my van, and washed off my face from his dried cum. I was putting the keys into the ignition when another small car drove by and parked right next to me.

I looked over to him and he was an older guy, greying hair, nice looking.

He said….Hey what are you doing here on this wonderful night…if he only knew what had just taken place….I looked at him…stared a little and then said…I was looking at enjoying the night but was thinking I would go home.

He got out of his car. Walked over to my window and leaned in and said…I know this is forward but I would really like to suck your cock. Suddenly going home was not important.

I didn t really want to stumble back into the woods so I said to him…I would really like to talk to you about that, but the bugs are bad in the woods…why don t we go into the back of van. he agreed and I opened the back door and he got in.

Where I was parked there was a little light coming in from the security lights by the beach house. He didn t say a thing, he just sat next to me, reached over and unzipped my jeans pulled them down, pulled my whities down and laid down with his face looking straight at my cock.

He inhaled me and I mean he inhaled me….it was not felling good at all…in fact his intense suction was hurting me. I pulled him off me and said..Woo Bud…lets slow down a little and be a little more gentle with the Boys and the Pole. He looked at my face for about 2 seconds and then went right back to sucking the skin off my cock.

That was it. I stopped him by pulling his head off my lap, and then said I had to go, so he had to leave. He thought I was joking and grabbed my rod again. I put my hand over his, peeled him off me and said to get out. I am not a small guy, and he knew I was capable of kicking his ass.

He called my a fucking cock tease as he was crawling out of the back of the van, and slammed the door.

I crawled into the drivers seat, started the engine…pulled up my jeans, put the van in drive and took off.

That was not a night that I was looking forward to, or is it a night that I would forget soon. I have had GREAT encounters here in this park, but also the crazy folks sometimes find their way here and it was after this night….I became a little more cautious about who and what I sucked.

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