Braces in a hotel part 2

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Braces in a hotel part 2
So, for those of you that didn t read part 1, i was in a hotel in Florida and the concierge was a sexy innocent-looking girl with braces, which i decided to cum all over while my girlfriend slept.

So part 2. The next night, i snuck down to see Heather again. She immediately smiled, with her sexy braces, and said No.

What? I asked. I didn t say anything

You want to spooge in my mouth again. I was late getting back from my break last time, she said. She was still smiling though. And even though they didn t say anything, I m pretty sure some of the customers noticed the sperm on my teeth.

I didn t say that. But now that you mention it… I smiled back

Hmm, she said. I can t go on break

Well, I said, when you have to leave your desk for a reason, we can do it then.

Will it be quick, faster than last time?

I assured her it would be. Especially if I can get some visuals. She agreed and we met in the stairwell minutes later.

She immediately yanked open my pants. She was surprised to see my cock in it s flacid state. She plopped it into her mouth and it immediately began to grow. It got hard as she began to suck it and work it. It was a fine blowjob. She looked up at me and flashed her braces, having figured out that it would get my hot. My dick was fully hard when she slid it out of her mouth, still stroking it.

Ready for visuals? she asked sweetly. She turned away from me, bending her cute butt over. I became more excited as she slid her tight pants off her ass and down below her knees. She knelled down on the stairs and bend all the way over. Her pink pussy and tight butt-hole stared back. Just when I thought it couldn t get hotter, she turned her head back and gave me that lovely smile, along with her sexy braces.

I pushed the head of my cock against her ass hole and began stroking it. Impossibly, it got even harder. It hurt so bad as it throbbed. I felt her sphincter wink and almost lost it. I jacked off with one hand and played with her twat with the other.

I leaned down and placed my tongue on her clit. I licked her all the way across her pussy, continuing down her crack, tickling her anus with my tongue before slipping it into her pussy. I pushed it in and out the placed it against her backdoor again. I kissed her hole and thrust my tongue into her ass. I bobbed my head with my tongue going in and out of her butt hole. I stood up and shoved my cock onto her pussy, ready to stuff it into her love box.

You can t screw my pussy, she said. That s cheating on your girl.

Well what do you suggest? I replied. She smiled the biggest smiled i had seen yet and her eyes lit up.

Fuck me in the ass.

I didn t have to be told twice. Before she could say another word, the head of my cock was buried in her backside and i was pushing my cock in hard. It was very tight, almost too tight for my cock to move. Eventually, I thrust it all the way in, balls-deep. She didn t even flinch.

I ve only done this 2-3 times, she said. It was certainly tight enough for me to believe it, but her eagerness and ability take it like a champ made me wonder. I thrust deeper. I fucked her ass and it was great. As I slid it in and out of her sweet ass, I didn t care if I was popping her anal cherry or 300 guys banged her butt that day. Now, it was mine and always had been. As i got deep, her so-soft cheeks pushed against me.

After only 3-4 minutes in playing in her backyard, i was ready to explode. I picked her up and carried her to the landing with my cock still straight up her ass. This is the first time i have done this as I usually do taller or more full figured women. I leaned her against the wall and banged her backdoor hard, slamming my cock right up that butt. After a good slamming, i stopped butt-fucking her and pulled her to her knees facing me. She opened her mouth to say something, but it was too late. I crammed my rod in her mouth and the head of my cock was in her throat. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. As I pulled back a bit, her eyes relexed and she sucked so hard her cheeks indented. She moved her head back and forth sucking and licking. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, stroking it.

I was going to tell your that I don t do ass-to-mouth, but apparently i do now. She chuckled and went back to sucking. I placed her head against the wall, opened her mouth and began fucking her face. As I thrust harder and harder, I began to get more primal. As much as I loved her braces, I forgot about them and the rest of her mouth. It wasn t like her head, pussy, or ass. Or even a person. To my cock, it was simply a floating fuck-hole and I fucked it like crazy, slamming into her mouth and down her throat.

Soon I pulled out and pointed my cock at her face. I shot a little cum on her face, around her lip.

Not on my face! she complained, but i was alreading cumming. I shot it across her forehead and nose, and a squirt of semen hit her cheek and i drew a line to her chin. The perfect facial, a face completely covered in sperm without getting it in her eyes. She was saying no, but the entire time giggled uncontrollably. When I was done, she was laughing hysterically. Despite her protest, she LOVED having her face covered in happy-sauce.

She was so preoccupied with the cum on her face, she almost forgot to pull up her pants. I yanked them up, over her soft ass, squeezing it. I went first into the hall to make sure the coast was clear. She followed close behind trying to make sure no cum dripped on her shirt or the floor. As we made our way to the lobby, two maids came out of one room and saw us passing. The older maid, around 50, gave a sensuous and and approving glance, batting her eyes and smiling. The younger maid, around 25, became embarrassed and looked away sheepishly, but obviously was pressing herself hard against the cart for gratification.

We made it to the lobby and there were no customers. Heather ran over and grabbed some napkins and made it to the manager s door just as some people walked it.

Just one minute and I ll be with you, she yelled carefully keeping her face turned the other way so the could she her covered in love juice. She went to the management office in back and quickly wiped the cum off her face. She couldn t resist slipping just a little in her mouth to taste. She emerged to help them, her face now clean, but with shiny and sticky spots that gave away what had been there. The older couple checked in. The guy seemed oblivious but the women seemed like she had an idea as to what happened.

Once they were gone, I thanked Heather again, but this time a stuck around for once more encounter…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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