Butterfly Princess

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Butterfly Princess
It is a little practice, what I did here. I m not good in writing stories like this, but I wanted to try. The characters are from a fantasy novel I m writing, so this story isn t far from realistic. But I hope you like it.


„Sakuya? How are you?“ A gentle voice was heard. The young girl turned around, seeing her husband. „I don’t really know. My parents attacked you…You’re just defend yourself“ She turned around, making some distance between them. Sakuya was mixed up, wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. Should she go back to her parents or should she stay here with her husband. Which side must she betray? “Sakuya, I can understand if you want back under these circumstances” He tried to fake a smile. She looked to the ground. “Do you want me to leave? I would understand, our marriage was only political and I wasn’t really nice to you. I would understand if you want me to leave” She tried to suppress her tears. Their marriage was political and she was really bad to him at the beginning but she started to love him sincerely. “No, I don’t want you to leave, but I also don’t want that you someday regret your decision. I honestly never thought that I would be able to love you like this”

“I don’t know what to do. I really love you sincerely. But can I really be disloyal against my family? Yuanrang, can I?” Yuanrang turned away from her, what should he say her, he would do anything for his family. “You’re probably asking the wrong person for this. Loyalty is the most important thing to me, you know this” She started to cry. “Do you want to be alone, my princess?” Sakuya nodded, she needed to sort her thoughts. He took her hand, and gave her two peaches. Sakuya looked irritated to him. “You know where you find me, my dear” He kissed her forehead, bowed before her and left the palace garden.

The young princess looked in her hand. She owed him so much. Sakuya heard footsteps behind her, as she turned around she saw one of Yuanrangs cousins. “My lord, I didn’t notice you” The addressed looked at her. “You’re all alone here princess? Where is my dear cousin, or are there some problems?” Sakuya shook her head. “No, he left me alone that I can think” She tried to hide the peaches somewhere. “Are you planning to leave us, princess?” The man sat down on the stone bench under the peach tree. “I’m not sure. Expect my parents that I come back? Can I stay here without being disloyal?” The young princess also sat down on the bench, keeping distance between both of them. “I understand your problem. You’re very similar to my cousin” he replied looking at the branches of the tree. “You should listen to your heart, it will guide you” He looked at her smiling. “I think Yuanrang is waiting of you, otherwise he didn’t give you the peaches”

She stand up and bowed before him and leaving the garden. Sakuya stepped through the floors of the palace, in order to find Yuanrangs room. Though they’re married, they wanted separated rooms. She stood before his door and knocked softly. Sakuya heard a soft “Yes” from the inside and entered the room. She saw Yuanrang sitting on the floor with a scroll in his hand, which he probably was reading. She was never been here before. Yuanrang smiled when he saw her. “I’m glad to see you Sakuya. How did you decide?” He stood up and took her in his arms. “Thank you Yuanrang” She sighed softly. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me” He swallowed. “That was self-evident”

“I have to go back, for my family’s sake”, she said softly. He helt her in his arms without saying anything. “I’m here because I owe you something” She looked up to him. “You owe me nothing, my dear” Sakuya felt a kiss on her forehead. “Thank you for letting me love you, my dear princess” She began to cry again, feeling incredible bad. “Don’t think about me. If you heart tells you to go back, I’ll be fine”

She wasn’t able to, she couldn’t hurt him again. She knew that he already lost a woman he loved before. “I think that’s just my fate” Yuanrangs voice was weak, trembling. “Just promise me one thing my dear. If you’re back home, that you’ll be happy with another man. I just want you to be happy”

She started sobbing, she’s wasn’t able to suppress it anymore, as much she respected her parents, she couldn’t go back. She had her own life now, here in Xuchang. “Forget what I just said, Yuanrang” The young princess pressed herself against his body. “I can’t leave you” His arms entwined her. “Are you sure?” She nodded. She never felt so secure about something. Sakuya looked in the eyes of her husband. “We should probably finally catch up on our wedding night, what do you mean?” Yuanrang looked at her in amazement. Sakuya untied the belt of her kimono, watching her husband. She knew he longed for her, also did she. The silk fabrics gradually slipped form her body, unleash her beautiful naked body.

The black-haired man took her hand and led her to his bedroom and closed the door. He saw her like this the first time, although they’re married, the two never had any sexual contact, nor shared they the same bed. He appraised her young body, Sakuya was slightly embarrassed and looked to the side. Yuanrang was unsure if he was allowed to touch her. “Is something wrong my dear?” He asked softly. She looked at him embarrassed, remarking how uncertain he was. “It’s all right, I just…was never be like this in front of a man before” He smiled softly, running with his fingertips over her skin.

It was a incredible feeling for him, finally be able to touch her. Yuanrang started kissing her, his hands investigating the body of his beloved. Sakuya broke the kiss to get some breath. “You’re a good kisser”, she said softly. He smiled at her. “You too” She felt her cheeks getting hot. “Thank you” Yuanrang chuckled. “Do you trust me Sakuya?” She nodded. Of course she did trust him; otherwise they would not be here. Sakuya was happy to be finally alone with him.

They kissed again, Yuanrang tried to enter her mouth with his tongue. Sakuya let him in and their tongues started playing with each other. He loosened the kiss to catch some breath. The young princess slid her hands under shirt, starting to stroke his stomach muscles. “You’re still wearing so much, my love”, she whispered in his ear.

Sakuya pulled up his shirt, kissing his his torso. She looked up to him after hearing a little gasp. She kissed him again, while her hands started to open his belt and undress his lower part, his hands where resting on her hips. Both felt the intimacy between them, something that were impossible some time ago. She knelt before him, smiling while looking up to him. The red-haired girl took a deep breath, she was slightly nervous, although she knew what to do there was a fear of doing something wrong. “Don’t worry, just try out my love” She heard his voice; it was very quiet and calm.

“I don’t want to do something wrong”, she silently said. “Don’t worry, just do it”, he said softly. “But what if…” She felt his hands stroking gently through her hair. “It will please me, I’m sure. It’s you my little butterfly” She was really happy that he had spoken like this to her. It gave her some courage to try it. The princess ran her fingers over his shaft. Sakuya touched with her lips the tip, gave him a kiss on it. “Sakuya … nhnn”

Sakuya felt the desire which he had; she took his penis in her mouth, played with her tongue at it. The sounds she perceived, gave her the sign that she indeed made everything right. She began to suck gently and slowly, paid attention not to hurt him with her teeth. “Sakuya … it’s so beautiful,” His voice was very shaky and quiet. She let his manhood slid from her mouth to lick immediately with her tongue over his shaft. Meanwhile she looked into the face of her lover, who had closed his eyes. He gasped with each touch of her tongue; it was much nicer than he could ever imagine itself.

Sakuya did it great; Yuanrang opened his eyes, watching her as she caressed his glans with her tongue. Her tongue was really skilled and he felt the warmth. Their eyes met, her eyes sparkled and her desire of his eyes showed his desire for her. The princess stood up and kissed him, her hand gently massaged continually his penis. “Do you like it Yuanrang?” She asked in a whisper. He gasped a bit, trying to answer. He felt that he was slowly approaching his climax. “If you…carry on like this…I’ll cumming soon” He silently moans. Sakuya kissed his lips, he really wanted to give him a good orgasm. “I’m glad to hear this, my dear” Her tongue was licking over his neck, while her fingers were stimulating him.

His moaning got louder. “I can’t promise if I’m able to…nhhh..”His voice was constantly interrupted by his gasping and moaning. The young red-haired girl chuckled, her lips wandering from his neck down over his chest. Her tongue started teasing his nips. “Nah, Sakuya…it’s nhnn” He wasn’t really able to speak properly at this moment. She felt the heat in her body, but before she would take care of this, she wanted her lover to feel satisfied. As she felt Yuanrang pulling her up, she was surprised. He pressed his lips on her, entering her mouth with his tongue, playing with her. Sakuya looked in his eyes, she really loved his bright brown eyes. His brown eyes suited him more than his typically blood red eyes. Yuanrang gently bit on her lower lip, Sakuya started to gasp into their kiss, after feeling the hands of her lover squeezing her breasts.

She closes her eyes, feeling sparkles all over her body. It felt really nice. Yuanrang loosed the kiss, his forehead resting on her, smiling at her. He really enjoyed hearing the heavy breathing of her. “You don’t need to hold back Sakuya” He said gently, placing a little kiss on her forehead. “It feels so incredible, your just squeezing them…nhnn” He chuckled, turning his head to the side, starting nibble at her neck. “Of course it does, you’re really sensitive there, my love”

The young girl was overwhelmed by her feelings, not able to do anything, just enjoying the warmth in her. “Yuanrang…nhnn..I want it…please” Sakuya was shaking. “You’re not ready, yet” Yuanrang hands wandering downwards. “I can’t no longer stand this, please” He took her on the hand and gently lay her on his bed. Sakuya was embarrassed, shyly looking at him. “Why are you waiting my love?” she asked softly. He was bend over her, looking at in her face. “I’m not sure…” The girl looked at him surprised. Was he worried? About what? “What’s bothering you? Don’t you like something at me?” He looked at her shocked. “No, never…it’s just…”

She smiles at him, her hand gently caress his back. “I’m afraid to hurt you, Sakuya” She kisses softly his lips. “Let us try out, don’t be afraid” He took a deep breath, nodding. She turned with her face to the side. “Just…uhmm…be gentle…it’s..” She felt his finger on her lips. “I know. I’ll be gentle to you”

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