Cabin in winter

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Cabin in winter
I like to ski in winter and check out all the resorts. Each year I try and find the perfect one that will keep me coming back. My wife does not ski but will hang out around the resort or cuddle up to the fire while I m out and read a good book. This trip however proved to me that yes, anything can happen. ANYTHING!

I booked a cabin for the week. It was nice secluded with a hot tub, big screen just the whole works. We arrived, unpacked and while taking a look around I could see this cabin was totally set up for a weekend of sex. I m talking sex swings in the closet ready to hang from hooks, straps already tied and hidden under the bed and one of those tantra chairs in the bedroom.

We went out to dinner and came back to the cabin. At the same time we were pulling up another car pulled in front of us. They got out walked up to the door and opened it with their own key. I was puzzled as hell and asked whats going on here? The man replied that this is their cabin. I explained we had rented it for the week. Long story short there was some confusion with the booking company and the owners had retained their cabin for this same week. After discussion we all decided to sit down have a bottle of wine and figure this out. The owners were willing to stay somewhere else but nothing was available and both of us had flown in from long distances. We all agreed just to stay in separate rooms in the cabin for the night.

The more we drank the more open the other couple began to talk. They kept eyeing my wife like she was on a menu and both of them kept saying how sexy she is. And she is! She s a short busty brunet than can fuck your socks off. We have had several discussions about her with another woman and me watching her get fucked by another man. Those discussions always turn us both on. Anyway my wife was opening up too and started asking about all the sex toys around the house. They explained that they are swingers and love to swap partners also. Now he and his wife are not bad looking, she has big tits, a little bit bigger than my wife and is very sexy herself. He s just an average guy like me so I wasn t too intimidated at the thought of this, not that they were trying to talk us into it right then but it was crossing my mind. My wife then explained to them that we had discussed it but she just didn t think she could do it. I was shaking my head agreeing with her yup don t know if I could either I said. Then the other couple giggled and said oh you can, I guarantee you can .

How s that? I said.
Well we have someone named Molly that will make you relax like never before
My wife blurts out I m In
And I m confused, my wife explains she has a friend who is always telling her to try it and she wants to. She says to me that she still doesn t think it will affect her to have sex with strangers. But asks me if its ok. I tell her tomorrow would be better. I want to get a good day of skiing in.

I got up that morning and headed out to the slopes. I cant hear my phone in my backpack and don t check it that often. After my last run I check my text messages that my wife sent.
     Are you there?
     If your not going to answer me then I wont ask…
     OK fuck it!!
     Chris and Nikkie want me to hang with Molly if you know what I mean?

Now by the time I read all these its near the end of the day. Her last message was only a couple hours ago so I text back.

                                                               Hey, just checking in. On my way. LOL yeah I know what you meant.

I got no reply and had no idea what I was walking into.

I open the cabin door and find nobody, I walk back to the hot tub and there is Nikkie on the edge with her legs spread open while Chris is between her fucking her. My wife is naked sitting beside her fingering her pussy and rubbing Nikkie s clit. Holy shit that s hot I m thinking. They didn t notice me so I stepped back behind the slatted fence and began to watch. My wife s moans were louder and more powerful than I ve ever made her moan. I could see her pussy was soaking wet and a big slick puddle of her juices on the edge of the hot tub. Nikkie turns towards my wife grabs her head and pushes her down to suck on her tits. My wife ( Jan is her name) starts sucking and licking her tits. As she is doing so she spreads her legs even wider putting one in the water and one up on the edge. She starts fingering her pussy with two fingers even faster, I could tell Jan was more turned on that ever. I start wondering now how much did I miss? My cock is aching to get out of my pants so I pull it out and began to stroke myself. Damn! now I m hotter and more excited than I ve ever been, my pre cum is oozing out of me like I was 18 again and a couple strokes and I am ready to cum, but the shows not over so I stop myself.

Nikkie then lifts Jan s head up and asks her if she s ever been eaten out by a woman? Now I know she hadn t cause she always told me she wanted a woman to lick her but never tried. But to my surprise Jan tells her only once. She and a friend from school had a sleepover and things got crazy. WTF?? I m thinking she never told me that. She has Jan slide back from the edge, Nikkie gets between her legs and starts licking and fingering her pussy. With Nikkie s ass facing Chris he slides his cock into her as she moans. And I can see why he must have had an 8 or 9 inch cock that looks to be as big around as a fucking coke can. Now I m intimidated by the guy, My wife lays her head back looking into the stars and starts to moan like she does when she s about to cum. As she is squirming and moaning I hear Nikkie moan and say that s it squirt your cum in my mouth . Now I have never made my wife squirt but there she goes! She is cumming and squirting all over Nikkie and in her mouth, Nikkie starts to cum and tell Chris fuck her hard as she is cumming too.

Both the girls relax and Nikkie sits back up on the edge next to Jan. She says only one more, we need to make Chris cum. Jan scoots towards the edge, spreads her legs and tells Nikkie  I want Chris to fuck me with that cock until he cums. Chris all to eager jumps right between her and slides his massive cock into my wife. Jan lets out a loud moan and says Oh my god that s the biggest cock I ve ever felt . Oh my god! fuck my pussy I m going to cum again That was it for me, I blew my load all over the fence just in time to see Jan squirting all over Chris. Chris says I m cumming and Jan tells him not to stop. pump your cum in my cunt she says. Damn I ve never heard my wife talk that dirty to me. Chris sinks his cock balls deep into her and starts shaking and pumping. Chris then kisses Nickie and says fuck babe she has a tight pussy, I want to cum inside her As he starts to blow his load Jan screams out Oh fuck I can feel you cumming! fuck I have never felt a guy explode in me!

Chris relaxes and stays still for a moment,  lets his limp cock slide out of her pussy and I can see he must have cum a full quart into her as I m watching it pour back out of her in amazement. This may be the hottest thing I ve seen since watching my first porn.

I decide to slide back out the front door as if I was never there, drive down the street a block or two then come back and act like I just got home. When I come back they are all in robes sitting in the kitchen. I walk in and Jan comes over to me and gives me a big kiss. She is being overly friendly and flirtatious and I can tell she s still horny. I take her back into our bedroom and ask her how it was?

Jan:   it was fun
Me:   Did it do what you thought? did you get horny and want to fuck them?
Jan:   Would you be mad if I did?
Me:   No, we ve talked about it before. Its not like your going to run away with them. All sex is all fine.

Jan lays on the bed and tells me to come cuddle up with her. I take off my pants and lay behind her in the spooning position and tell her to tell me all about it. She starts saying that they decided to get in the hot tub, next thing she knows she watching Chris take his shorts off and starts stroking his cock in front of her. Says it was exciting watching another man stroke his cock and the size of it did turn her on. Next thing Nickie starts sucking his cock, while she s doing that she starts rubbing Jan s thigh up towards her pussy. Chris then puts Nickie on the edge of tub and starts fucking her right in front of me. She tells me it was at this point that Nickie told her to take her panties off and that she wanted to watch Jan play with her pussy. So I didn t miss much I m thinking. As she s telling me this she puts her hand in her robe and starts to rub herself. I reached down pulled my cock out and immediately stick it between her thighs, she spreads her legs open, reaches down and guides my cock to her cunt. As I slide in I cant believe how wet she still is or his cum is still soaking her. As I thrust into her I whisper in her ear that I actually did see everything and I watched Chris fuck you. Jan starts moaning and cumming. She says that was even hotter now knowing you were watching . I feel her cunt squeezing around my cock as she s cumming. I tell her I m cumming, she reaches down and grabs my cock, slides it out of her and aims it at her ass. I push forward and as I m ejaculating it lubes her ass and slides right in balls deep. I finish cumming right there for the first time, I ve never fucked my wife in the ass before.

Jan whispers to me:   I want to be able to take it in the ass so you and Chris can fuck me at the same time .. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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