Canadian Mike-The Lure Of Mistress Betty

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Canadian Mike-The Lure Of Mistress Betty
Thanks to Cappsters and Canadian Mike for their permission allowing me to rewrite this.
Part 1

Here he was confused, bewildered and scared to death. How did he get here? Why had he consented to be treated this way? Alan felt like quite a fool, deceived by his weakness for a face sitting, the all compelling sight of a full bottom and a strong willed woman. No not merely a woman, but a Dominatrix, a Mistress. He was alone now in a tiny cold room awaiting his fate. In the silence he thought about the events that lead him here. It had all began through inocence, a little classified add on the internet. You see, several months ago Alan felt a compelling need to seek out a woman who would willingly sit astride his undeserving face. It would be even better if she enjoyed it and perhaps tested his ability with holding onto his breath. Innocence, that s what it was.

Alan is a married man and even has a daughter. He considers himself to be in a happy relationship with his lovely wife, but unfortunately for him, there was a hunger, a need that no one seemed to be able to satisfy. That need encompassed the act of being rendered helpless beneath a female bottom. Sure he had experimented with having his lovely wife face sit him, but despite his obvious orgasm, the hunger just wouldn t deminish. From time to time Alan would seek out professional Dominatrixes to cater to his unusual desires and believe me some of then really knew how to smother and even possessed magnificent asses. But Alan wanted more. He wanted to become lost to a Mistress and he wanted her to truly abuse all of his senses with her bottom. Hence the internet add.

It seemed harmless all by itself in its electronic form. Such simple unthreatening words that merely said, a longing male, 42 and married wonders if there might be a lady out there who would like to face sit and smother him? The add was live for a long time. In fact he even received a message stating that it would soon be removed. Alan had simply given up, when one day, he logged on to his secret email site and saw a message. so you want to be smothered? His heart raced as he nervously opened it up and read. The email was inpersonal and merely gave him instructions. Alan was to be in a coffee shop at 8am in the morning. Hell it even told him what to drink and what to eat. Oh and he wasn t to email the sender back. Alan thought that he was out of his mind when he arrived at the specified coffee shop at 8am. He sat alone and drank an extra large cup of coffee and ate a huge apple fritter donut. No one came to sit with him. No one even suspicious came into the shop to take a look at him. At 8:30 am Alan left the shop and carried on with his day. That evening he received another email. This time it spoke of specificts, mentioning that at least he was intelegent enough to follow orders and that it looked like he fit the Mistress description of a desired slave. The message went on telling Alan that his journey would be a long one, but if he remained patient and devote to his Mistress he would be rewarded by meeting her face to face. It also stated that he was to read any futher emails nude and hard. Then as if to add to it all, Alan wasn t alowed to have no more than one orgasm a week, of which was only to be achieved with his wife. Amd if during anytime while reading his Mistress emails he felt that the need to cum was too powerful to resist, he was to stop reading then and go calm himself down. Again, Alan thought that all of this was simply bizzare and nonsense, but strangely enough he also felt a tingle in his manhood that wouldn t go away.

The emails continued until Alan thought that it was usless to believe that anything would ever come out of it all. Hell, he even doubted that this Mistress existed, as she had never told him her name, or saw a picture. Then on one fateful day the email was different. It orderd him to go to a specific motel, rent a room at 8pm the very next day. It was quite difficult for Alan come up with an excuse to leave the house without causing her to have any suspicions, but somehow she bought his story to help a friend in need. So the next day Alan found himself in the motel room exactly at 8pm. The strange think about it all was that even though he had rented the room as demanded, he honestly didn t expect anyone to visit him. That s why he jumped clean out of his skin when a knock came on the door. With shaking hands Alan opened it to find two of the most beautiful ladies waiting to come in. They were identical twins, barely 20 years old and oh so shapely. Alan was stunned as his lusty eyes took in the view of the girls. Such exquisite long dark hair, such full breasts held tightly in a very short form fitting lycra dress. The most attractive part about these sweet ladies to Alan was their perfect bottoms. God were they perfect. The young women introduced themselve to Alan. Linda and Connie, as if he could possibly tell them apart. Connie sat down on the bed next to Alan and explained what the evenings agenda was to be. You see, niether lady was Alan s mystery Mistress. They were sent by her to discover Alan s aptitude to be a loyal servant and to test time like he could never imagine. Connie, produced a camcorder and told Alan that his Mistress wanted to get her own private look. Linda then interjected and instructed informed Alan that he was to do a striptease dance for them and their video camera.

The music started and Alan foolishly tried to dance as seductively as possible for the two very beautiful young ladies. God he felt embarassed as he slowly swayed his hips as he removed his clothing, bit by bit until he eventually stood before them naked and so vunerable. The girls laughted a little at him and even fondled him whenever the chance arrived. And through it all Connie held the camcorder, recording all his aparent humiltation for the mystery lady. With all of the touching and squeezing from the ladies Alan s manhood became rock hard. It hard even turned an angry purple colour and began to leak its clear precum. Linda seemed to like this and her attention to Alan s cock increased until he bagan to squirm and struggle to stop his ever growing excitement. As he groanded under her delecate hands, she reminded him that he wasn t to cum untill told and that if he did unload his pent up passion he would be cassed away and never have another chance to meet his Mistress. The room was filled with such laughter as the ladies found this all so amusing.

The evening reached faze two. Linda produced some twine and instructed Alan to kneel down on the bed. Once he was in her desired position, she casually restrained his arms and legs with the twine. From there, both girls painstakingly positioned Alan on his back in the middle of the bed. With a serious look on her face now, Linda told Alan what she was going to do to him. Alan just couldn t believe his ears as she carefully described how she would mount his face and slowly suffocate him. She went on to say that she would keep him right on the verge of darkness to test his abilities with oxygen deprivation. She planned on timing him as the Mistress wanted to know of his abilities to hold onto his life-giving breath. As Alan s mind raced onward with thought Linda slowly climbed onto the bed with him. He saw her carefully pull up her skin tight lycra dress revealing the most perfect bottom doned he had ever seen in a dainty pair of lacy panties. While stroking Alan s aching cock Linda casualy straddled his eager face and covered it up in her bottom flesh. She smelled sweetly divine before Alan s breath was taken away. As Linda slowly suffocated him with her bottom her hands constantly teased and careaased his leaky cock. And every time Alan felt that he would explode in orgasm, Linda pinched it and squeezed it until it went soft again. From time to time Alan would become filled with fear and try to twist his head from side to side in hopes of getting much needed air, but Linda was used to this reaction and easily pulled his face back upright and pushed his face right back where it belonged…between her heavenly ass cheeks. Her bottom felt like it had eaten Alan x face. The smothering and cock teasing went on and on until at some point through it all it became quite painful for Alan to endure. His balls screemed in agony as the endless pressure fought to escape them. His lungs also screemed for much needed air as Linds a face sitting had become quite intense. She now rocked on his face and managed to force her delecate feet up under the back of ALan s head. This actually forced his face up even more into her delecate bum. You see this was a skilled game for the girls, one that they had carried out numerous times before. Each knew the signs of a suffocated man and could calculate exactly how much air to allow him to keep him barely concious. Linda exercised her evident skill with Alan s soft face. She would engulf him and tenderly hold him in her sweet death grip, then release him, just for a second, just long enough to wittness his rising chest. She wouldn t lift up in any way, no they had to suck for their air with her. And believe me, they never failed to do it through her cheeks. Of course in time all victims grew just too tired to struggle or suck anymore. When this time arrived Linds would relax her butt cheeks, allowing them to fully engulf the face beneath to let them do their work. Unconciousness always came swiftly at that stage and the victims hardly ever struggled. In fact they looked like they were simply going into a relaxed sleep.

Alan could no longer think straight. He knew that he was gradually loosing conciousness beneath Linda s perfect bottom and there wasn t anything that he could do about it. Air just couldn t get through the heated pillow that remained constantly glued to his sweaty face. AS Alan saw the darkness unfold around him, closing and narrowing in his air starved mind, he felt Linda s hands gently prod and extract his burning seed from his cock. And it proved to be such a divine orgasm, none like he had ever experienced before. Cum ejected all over Alan s chest, soaking him in his own excitement. Linda continued to masage and coax all of Alan s hot seed from the depths of his testicles as she felt her victim go completely limp. Connie and Linda smilled at eachother as they wittnessed Alan passing out. It was always an exciting time for them. The camera continued rolling, taking in all of the details of his now gentle sleep. Alan lay peacful and still soaked in his cum as Linda gently climbed off his reddened wet face. The girls waited a while to see if he would regain his breathing on his own before they quietly left him in the room.

Alan wasn t sure how long he had been out. He had awakened with the sweet muscy smell of Linda s panties glued to his face. She seemed to be all around him with his every breath. Alan had lost complete track of time. It was 2am in the morning now. His head hurt and he felt misplaced and giddy, but other than that he was uns**thed. He took the time to clean himself up, taking a refreshing shower before he left the motel room. As he drove homeward he recollected the evenings events and felt his cock harden in his pants. It had always been his fantasy to pass out like that and underneath such a beautiful woman! God was he a lucky man. His wife was fast asleep when he came to bed, but Alan needed to wake her. He made mad passionate love to his wonderful wife that night. And as he thrust himself into her, his mind raced on, remembering Linda and Connie, the camcorder huming as it recorded the events, and lest we forget Linda s bottom and how it smothered him almost to extinction.

Part 2

It was about a week before Alan received an email from the Mistress. She scolded him about his performance with Connie and Linda, stating that he needed to practice holding his breath as he had gone barely two minutes before he desperately struggled to breath. Alan thought that two minutes was amazing. In fact he didn t know that he could hold his breath for that long. The email instructed him to take a leap of faith. He was to give the Mistress his home phone number, plus a good time for her to call. If he didn t comply all would end. Alan had to think about it for several minutes. What was he doing? Then although reluctant, he typed in the numbers with what he thought was a good time and sent them off. God help him if the Misrtess were to call his wife. A couple of days later he received another email stating that Mistress Betty would call tomorrow evening after 11:30pm. So that s her name…Mistress Betty. It took forever for the mentioned time to arrive. When the phone range it found Alan so nervous. Mistress Betty s voice sounded sweet and even delicate on the phone. Not at all like what Alan had expected. With a soothing tone she dispensed with the fomalities and gave Alan a few instructions. He was to always call her Mistress. He was to always do what she instructed without question or he would be let go. He cock was to always remain fully erect when speaking to her. And he was to always be naked. Alan took a second to remove all of his clothing before Mistress Betty continued. Her demands seemed unusual. When Alan pick up the phone again he heard Mistress Betty instruct Alan to take a deep breath and hold it. AS Alan struggled not to breath Mistress Betty talked to him, caressing his mind with descriptive thoughts of face sitting and deep smothering. She descirbed how she would test and surpass his limitations, that he would be so helpless before her. There Alan was holding his breath and stroking his cock. In the back of his mind he thought, God help him if his wife caught him like this . How could he ever explain it to her? He began to squrim as the need to breath became urgent. Mistress Betty then scolded him, daring him to breath without her permission. She belittled him, mentioning that it had hardly been a minute and a half. This went on and on. Repeating the breathholding practice until Alan felt giddy from the lack of air. Then Mistress Betty let him go longer than any other time that evening on the phone. AS Alan s heart rapidly punded in his chest with the desperation for a breath screeming in his ears, he heard his sweet talking Mistress coax his aching cock into complete exhausting orgasm. Even with the throws of passion leaving his weakening body, Mistress Betty refused Alan a breath. A few seconds later he heard an evil laugh followed by the words breath you fool . As Alan gasped away, trying to fill his lungs with much needed air, he heard his Mistress tell him that they would soon meet and that he still needs to practice holding his breath for his owm good.

Mistress Betty laughed until tears ran down her face when she hung up the phone. Linda and Connie were there listening to the whole conversation on speaker phone. Linda was actually quite worked up over the whole event. She was been frotting her pussy the whole time, wetting the chair that she sat on as she thought about how exciting it had been for her to smother Alan with her ass that las time. Connie was in quite a state too from it all feeling so horny and in need. The ladies discussed the worthiness of Mistress Betty s new slave. Each asked the same question, Could he withstand the untimate torture? Would he fold and run before Mistress Betty had chance to mold his mind and make him truly hers? Time will definately tell all.

A few days later Alan received a parcel in the mail. He was so thankful that he had found it before his wife did as he somehow suspected that it would be from the Mistress Betty. Examination proved that there was no return address, or any indication as to where it had come from. Alan went into his basement and opened the parcel up. It contained a video cassette and a letter. Alan read the letter first taking in Mistress Betty s demanding comments. HE was to watch the video and learn. As a reward she would alowe him release at the end of the tape. HE was to view the tape in one sitting and not stop it. Finally, Alan would get a call to meet Mistress Betty, the tape was to be returned to her then.Alan could hardly get to his VCR fast enough. With the TV on, the screen came alive and Alan froze in the chair hardly believing what he saw. He could see Linda and Connie tormenting a male victim who was fully restrained on a padded table. He also noticed that the man looked like his entire body had been shaved clean. Each of the familiar ladeis was completely naked. Sweat glistened off their perfect forms which clearly revealed the shapes of their bodies. Linda was straddling his helpless face and like with Alan that fateful evening, she was suffocating him with her ample bottom. Alan could hear muffled groans of pure panic coming from the man strapped down and imagined how he must feel knowing that his life giving breath was entirely dependant on Linda. The ladies were mercyless with the poor man. As Linda climbed off his face Connie would quickly cover him with her ass, not giving him the slightest chance for a breath. It went on and on until Linda finally took him the distance with her lovely bottom and forced him to pass out. Alan watched his body grow limp as his seed ejected out of his cock coaxed by Connie s skilled fingers.

As Alan was about to turn the video off but the screen suddenly came alive again. He could tell that it was the same man as in the first part of the film. But a different lady was there. Linda and Connie were no where to be seen. Alan couldn t see the woman s face as she wore some sort of medevil mask that hid all but her eyes. But Alan s heart nearly froze when he saw her bottom. He had never seen one so perfect before, so full and round, skin tight and supple. Each cheek strongly resembled two basket balls wedged or smudged together. The Goddess wore a shiny pair of black latex shorts that looked liked they had been painted on. He thighs looked strong and athletic in every way, so muscular and shapely. She was simply stunning in every way to Alan. His manhood responed to her without any external stimulation. How he suddenly longed to pay before her and see that perfect bottom lowering down onto his face in erson….

The man lay on a sacrificail like platform fully restrained, unable to move a muscle. The pedistle slowly revolved turning around and around showing the camera every angle. Alan also noticed that there were other women in the room. They wore masks much like that of the Mistress and sat closely around the slowly turning pedistle. Alan could clearly see that they were more than just interested in the man restrained on his back. There seemed to be an eagerness in their gaze. The Goddess clearly took her time before sitting on the helpless man s face. Alan knew that she obviously wanted him to see her shiny ass fully before she sat on him. The man s cock twitched with excitement, fully erect for all in the room to see, but he was also obviously shaking with fear on the film. Alan couldn t figure out as to why he seemed so scared because he would give anything to be in this guy s place. He watched the mystery lady slowly climb onto the revolving platform almost as if she were purposely trying to exagerate her every move for all the audiance to see. Once on the platform, she stood above the man s face looked down into his helpless eyes. In the silence, their gaze met for a few short moments. Now the guy started to shake and openly pleaded with the Goddess to have mercy on him, to not do it. Alan had no adea what she had planned other than face sit him.

As if satisfied that her victim had fully taken in the sight of her ass and perhaps bacause she had heard enough from his ample babbling, she quietly lowered that magnificent bottom down. Alan watched in amazement as he saw her reach back to pull her heafty full globes apart. This casued a seem of her shiny shorts to open up and reveal the deepest, darkest ass crease that Alan had ever seen. The Lady then sat all of the way down ensuring to tuck the man s nose and mouth deep inside her naked crease. She swayed her plump bubble butt back and forth on his helpless face and it seemed to force his features even deeper into her enveloping ass cheeks. Alan gasped at the sight of this perfect bottom gently and silently eating up the man s face. He had never seen a woman s ass so engulf a head like this before. Further observation showed that each of her big ass cheeks appeared to reach right down to the poor man s ears. God he was in there deep! The face sitting started to become extremely intense and Alan watched as the man s chest heaved for air. He saw the guy strain in desperation against his defiant restrinats, as if he truly were trying to escape for his life. Alan saw him struggle to try turn his head in hopes of capturing even the slightest breath into his burning neady lungs. Eventually the guy s muscles started to really tense up and shake, but still the Goddess lady remained fully seated astride the trapped head, witholding the his life giving air supply without a slightest care. When it looked like the guy would pass out, the Mistress would lift up ever so slightly and let him catch a quick breath. Not much, obviously just enough to keep him concious for the evenings entertainment. And every time this occured the room instantly became filled with the victim s screems of pure terror.

The divine sitting continued until the victim apeared to be just too weak to struggle to get his air anymore. Even when he was able to get a quick breath now he no longer lat out a cry for mercy. Exhaustion had obviously set in and he was no doubt about to pass out. Alan froze watching his TV screen now. He sat there wondering how far this lady would go. A few short moments latter Alan wittnessed the poor man pass out beneath that incredible face consuming ass, but even then Goddess remained seated on his face. With his heart racing Alan saw the restrained and certainly suffocated man s body start to convulse and violently shake. The Goddess still didn t get up. Then screen went blank and Alan felt a cooling wettness in the crotch of his pants. He had unknowingly cum in his shorts during those last final seconds of the hot video. As Alan calmed himself down, he found that he couldn t help but wonder if that guy had survived. Perhaps this was all a staged event, like some of the face sitting videos he owned.

Part 3

A few days later Mistress Betty did contact him. Her conversation was short and filled with authority. He was to rent the same motel room as before and be in it at 8pm the next evening. Then the phone went dead. As before, Alan waited in the motel room wondering what his fate would be. He had brought the exciting tape with him. He had wanted to make a copy of it for his face sitting collection, but he thought that it was best he didn t, fearing what Mistress Betty might do if she found out. There was a little knock on the room door and Alan knew that his evening was about to begin.

Totally naked and erect, Alan nervously opened the door. Linda and Connie greated him, looking stuning as ever. But behind them stood an unfamiliar lady. She was probably in her early 30 s and quite beautiful with long flowing black hair that reach almost to her waist. She wore a tight fitting very shiny black leather dress that clearly outlined her slim waist. And her breasts, they were so full and shapely. But Alan couldn t contain his emotions when he saw the shape of this lady s bottom in that alluring leather dress. There was no doubt in his mind that this was the very same Goddess from the video. She said hello to Alan addressing him as her foolish slave. Alan instinctively called her Mistress Betty fearing to show her disrespect. She smilled at his nervousness and sat in a chair. Linda and Connie forced Alan onto his knees telling him that he is to never stand up before his adoring Mistress. As he knelt there, Mistress Betty began to talk to him in a sweet casual voice. She casually dangled her spiked high-heeled shoe off the tip of one foot. Alan felt stragely attracted to her foot, another first for him. Mistress Betty told him that he would be rewarded for his obediance tonight and have the privilage of massaging and cleansing her bottom. After that, Connie and Linda would test his abilities at breath control. Her voice changed at that moment as she mentioned that Alan better not disapoint her this night. If he did he would never have the chance to see her again.

Mistress Betty casually stood up, turned around and slowly pulled up her black leather skirt revealing a bottom that most men could only dream about. She then leaned forward a little and presented her perfectly smooth mamouth cheeks to his now very lost face. He simply couldn t believe his eyes. Mistress Betty s bottom was the most perfect ass that he had ever seen. In his lustfilled gaze, further examination showed that there wasn t even the slightest blemish anywhere on these magnificent globes. Cheeks unimaginably smooth and round. Cheeks that many men would certainly give their lives for. Alan couldn t help himself, he openly trembled before this magnificent ass. Mistress Betty seemed to like his reaction for she commented that tonight he could caress herand kiss her bottom. The she casually told Alan that if he did exactly as she instructed there would be a day where her wonderful bottom would caress his face.

Alan spent several minutes caressing, kneeding and lovingly kissing Mistress Betty s globes of bottom flesh. Each cheek felt so invitingly cool against her hot sweaty face. How he longed for it to just swollow him up inside the deep muscy crease. Alan had never felt so lost before a woman s bottom before. He was so consumed by Mistress Betty s ass that he no longer noticed Connie and Linda. Sometimes Mistress Betty would talk to him as he knelt there kissing and caressing her big butt. She spoke of how privilaged slaves would cleanse her smooth ass cheeks with pure lemon oil and pumus juice. She said that this combination of oils and juice kept her silky poores blemish free and silky smooth. At another point Mistress Betty leaned forward a little and gently reached back and pulled her bottom cheeks appart. Alan gasped out loud when his eyes wittnessed the thick patch of black hair growing deep inside her crease. The odour was so compelling and emotionally overwhelming. It was so muscy and so sweet smelling. Alan s heart raced at such a helpless speed that he truly believed that it would just stop at any moment. Never before had he felt so helpless, such a longing to be smothered by a bottom and a longing to be a true servant to a woman. Right then and there his real life no longer existed. His wife and daughter were no where in his heart or mind. All he cared about was this looming mass of ass flesh that seemed to block out not only the rooms surroundings but even his ability to think.

Somehow two hours had gone by. Mistress Betty interupted Alans hypnotic gaze and attention on her ass. She stood up and walked away to the other side of the room, leaving him to the mercy of Linda and Connie. As she sat back in the chair, Alan felt the girls pull him to his feet,which proved a difficult task as Alan s legs had grown numb from the prolonged kneeling before his Goddess. Somehow Connie and Linda managed to roughly pull Alan up and into the center of the bed. As before, they restrained his arms, but not his legs this time. Mistress Betty appeard into Alan s view. She leaned close to his face and quietly told him that the girls were going to smother him again and that he had better last much longer than two minuets without air. Linda started to lower herself down even before Mistress Betty had finished her speach. Alan found that he had just enough time to fill his lungs with air. In an instant he saw Lind s sweet and very naked ass cover him in its flesh. Then a warm darkness enveloped his entire face and for now at least he felt excited and happy. He held onto the stale oxygen in his burning lungs for as long as he could, but as with all humanbeings, the natural instinct for survival and need to breath took over. He started to struggle beneath Linda s sweetly shaped bottom. In desperation, Alan even tried turning his head to one side. But Connie suddenly prevented him from getting free, not even for a second. It wasn t like the last time Linda face sat him. Linda didn t release his hot sweaty face even once. No her wonderful bottom remained fully seated and unmercyful of Alan s desperate muffled cries for air. In fact she seemed to lean back onto his helpless face adding painful pressure on his nose and mouth. Her little back-button had somehow managed to swollow up Alan s nose and her seeping pussy started to work its way over and into his mouth. It proved to be a perfect seal and Alan knew what would soon happen. The seconds slowly ticked by and as if to add insult to injury, Alan heard Mistress Betty slowly counting out the time to him, daring him to pass out before 3 minutes. Then all went silent and dark. Linda felt her seat go limp beneath her sweaty ass. She signaled to Mistress Betty and Connie that her victim had passed out. Then all three ladies burst out laughing.
Linda stayed fully peached on her soft throne for a few seconds more…just to be certain, then she climbed off. Alan looked quite peaceful…to bad they were going to wake him.

He was startled back into conciousness by Connie who was slapping his face. Alan was lost to confusion. It didn t help matters that all the ladies were yelling at him. Still his eyes started to focus just in time to see Connie s silky bottom lowering down. Then much like before, Alan was lost to a sensual darkness where breathing was a privilage. He panicked almost right away, which only seemed to amuse Mistress Betty all the more. But it was abvious that there would be no chance of escape or getting air. Perhaps because he was already exhausted from Linda s previous smothering, Alan gave up and accepted his fate. He didn t struggle or attempt to obtain air. No he just laid there crushed and suffocated beneath the exotic young lady s bottom. This truly pleased his Goddess. So much so, that she cast a reward Alan s way, she instructed Linda to lovingly suck his cock as Connie put him to sleep. He felt her electrifying tongue caress his straining length, her hot wet mouth gently suck him right down to his aching blue ball. It would have been pure heaven if it weren t for the fact that Connie was suffocating him with her ample ass. Finally, while lost to so many mixed emotions of pleasure and hell, Alan passed out just mere seconds after he felt his steamy seed flood into Linda s hot sucking lips.

Again Alan woke up alone. He thought that he was in the motel room, but it took him no time to realize that he was in unfamiliar suroundings. He was fully restrained to a wooden table in a barely lit and threatening room. There was a mirror overhead and to Alan s horror he saw his reflection. Some one had shaved his entire body. There wasn t a single hair from head to toe. Alan was truly lost to thought, How was he ever going to explain this to his wife when he left this place?

Part 4

Alan was left in the unoccupied room for quite some time to podner his predicument and realize what he had done. Then Linda and Connie come into the room smilling at him asking if he had a nice sleep. Alan started to protest, but Connie shut him up in an instant by threatening to sit on his face and suffocate him again. So he laid there watching the girls busy themselves with attacthing something to his manhood. Once satisfied that his cock was properly inserted inside this strange tool she turned it on. God it felt good much like a blow job, like soft sucking lips swollowing up his hardening shaft. Linda smilled at him and said… have fun Al . Then she and Connie left the room. It didn t take too long for Alan to realize that the more he became excited the harder and larger his cock grew. The problem here was that this contraption was solid and would not alow his cock to swell to full erection. Eventually he was in lust filled agony. It kept on sucking him, teasing him relentlessly into a painful delerium. In no time Alan was reduced to crying for some one to turn it off.begging that it hurt too much and that he would do anything if they would stop it.

Just when Alan feared that he just couldn t take it anymore Mistress Betty apeared. Even in his painful state of mind he still found her irresistable. She stood beside the table and spoke to her lost servant. She produced a pice of paper and instructed Alan to sign it. With a smirk on her beautiful face she read it out loud to him. This has got to be some kind of joke , Alan thought. You see Mistress Betty wanted Alan to sign a contract of slavery, it clearly stated that he would become her soul property to do with or even dispose of as she felt filt for the rest of his life. Even in his present state of mind Alan somehow managed the strength to refuse her demand. Seemingly frustrated with her captive male, Mistress Betty angrilly told him that if he didn t sign it she would release him…send him home! Alan s imidiate releife at obtaining escape soone change when he heard Mistress Betty mention something. She told Alan to take another long look in the mirror….would his sweet wife at home understand his hairless condition? How would he explain his being out of the house a whole night? To add insult to injury, Mistress Betty went on to inform him that he would leave her domain as he had come…completely naked! Would he be able to make it home this way? Then she asked him if he could go on in life knowing what she can give him, adding that he would not find a woman who could seduce and torture him as she and her little ladies could. It was so hard for Alan to think especailly with the constant sucking machine working on his poor hurt manhood.

As Alan struggled with decission, Mistress Betty slowly positioned her magnificent bottom above her straining face. Sure he was in considerable pain because of the cock sucking contraption swolloing his cock, but he could not deny his desire for her bottom. AS it loomed above his straining face Alan came to realize that it owned him, both body and soul. Mistress Betty added to her seductive delight by informing her now lost servant that if he singed her contract she would lovingly smother him with her silky ass. Now wouldn t he like that? Linda and Connie had come into the room. They each gently caressed Alan s shaking body, teasing him all the more, coaxing him to accept his fate and become Mistress Betty s property. But Alan remained defiant of Mistress Betty s wishes.

Mistress Betty grew tired of his indicisiveness and left him to ponder his fate. Of course she didn t leave him alone. No Linda and Connie continued with their exquisite torture techniques. They teased him with their bottoms hovering them just inches from his eager face. They sucked on his trembling flesh making him yearn so for release. Finally with his nose and mouth sinking into Linda s muscy void he proclaimed his destiny and begged the ladies to let him sign away his life to slavery.

Connie release his right arm from the restraints so he could pen the inncocent looking pice of paper. Once signed she immediately buckled him back up. Mistress Betty came back into the room soon afterwards to congratulate Alan on is decision. She then said that he would receive a just reward for his faith and loyalty to her. She shooed Linda and Connie out of the room then seductively displayed her backside for Alan s lust filled eyes. As he gazed lost to the deep unbelieveable crevas and ass cheeks Mistress Betty release his sore cock from the mechanical sucker, saying that he would be alowed to come this sweet day.

She climed up onto the pedistle hovering her wonderous large behind obove Alans lost stare. She caressed his aching and oh so sore cock for a moment. Then Mistress Betty gently lowered herself down onto Alan s awaiting face in a perfect reverse sit. He saw her hands reach back ever so slowly and pull those perfect globes of flesh apart, revealing the darkest crease he d ever seen. Then she settled down onto her slaves lost face and started to lovingly smother him into delerium. Mistress Betty was such a skilled face sitter. Her hands constantly toyed with Alan s manhood bringing it so close to the point of no return only to pinch it to cause an instant delfation. Her bottom always easily sealed Alan s airpassages to the point where he believed that he would pass out. She told him to probe her tiny matted back button with his tongue. Like a helpless zombie Alan did her bidding, tasting her sour musc, savouring it like his very life were dependant on it. His efforst paid off several time as he felt his powerful Goddess orgasm onto his sweat soaked air starved face. It all tasted so sweet and yet so pungently vile. But Alan was lost to it all. He felt beyong himself beneath Misrtess Betty s bottom.

Her sweet smothering torture went on and on until she felt that her new property could withstand no more. At that point Mistress Betty coaxed the steamy sead from her slaves cock with her gentle hands, making it shoot out and spill all over his heaving belly. AS the wavers of pleasurable orgasm sweapt through her servant s body she felt him go quietly limp between her heavenly cheeks. She remained seated just for a few moments more to savour the moment of success. Mistress Betty smiled at her sleeping property. He will be more than adequate for their next show….more than adequate indeed!

Part 5

Life was a blur for Alan now. His Mistress was insatiable in using him as a personal seat, and not only for her own pleasure either. No Mistress Betty s freinds would often come by for a visit. Once there, he would always be brought out of his pen to be strapped on his back and to await a face sitting by these strange ladies. Sometimes this proved fairly pleasureable for Alan when the lady friend of his Goddess was a beautiful young lady, but there were times when the whole ordeal was purely distasteful and almost unbearalbe as some of the Misrtess friends where obese, or old women. When Alan wasn t being used as a human seat for a woman, he would be kept busy cleaning his Mistress home. sleep was also a challenge because if he wasn t at the foot of Mistress Betty s bed on the hard floor, he would be restrained in his wire dog cage. Alan s poor cock was perpetually sore from always being fondled by so many women and constantly being kept fully erect. And there weretimes when Alan had diffculties with keeping an erection. When this occured, besides being severely punished by Mistress Betty, she would remedy the problem by coldly injecting something into his pathetic cock. The effect was an instant erection that would clearly last for hours. He felt that he no longer had his own will. He just reacted to his suroundings fearful of his Mistress. The meaning of his life was to constatly struggle to please his stern and frightening Mistress. This was becoming increasingly more difficult with every passing day, as his limitations for holding his breath were always tested and often surpassed. For example, Alan could now go well over two minutes without a breath. Mistress Betty informed him that he had gone almost three during a recent sitting session, but he doesn t recall the orderal too well because he passed out before his Mistress would let him breath. Passing out under a woman s bottom was becoming something of the norm for Alan. He was often put to sleep at night by being suffocated beneath them, lost to fear, warmth and darkness. Still even though it was a repetative torture that Alan was often subgected to, he still couldn t get use to it. His natural instinct for survival and to breath always caused him to struggle and panic during the last few moments of a hot sweaty sitting, but his foolish and helpless reaction only seemed to please his Mistresses all the more.

He had been with Mistress Betty for the best part of three weeks when she mentioned that Alan would be part of an audiance to another slave s final offering to a personal Mistress. Alan had no idea what his Goddess was speaking about, but he didn t have to wait too long to find out. One evening, quite late, Alan was rushed out of his cage blindfoled and restrained. Linda and Connnie litterally dragged him outside and forced him into the trunk of a car. After what seemed like an endless bumpy hot journey, the car stopped and Alan s body was quickly removed. From there, he was lead down into the basement of a building and restrained to a virticle board. He heard other voices in the room, but could not recognize any of them. After what seemed like an eternity, Alan s blindfold was removed. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the extremely bright lites, but when they did, Alan felt truly afraid. There were many women sitting around the room wearing little medevil masks to hide their identity. And there was a familiar pedistle in the middle of the room, an object that Alan recognized from Mistress Betty s video. There was a drone in the room as all of the ladies talked to eachother as if they were waiting for a movie to start in a theater. Then an unfamiliar lady walked into the middle of the room and signaled quiet . There was an instant hush in the room and all attention was aimed at the center where this strange tall Goddess stood. She signaled to her maidens and they disapeared only to return a few seconds later with a naked, hairless man. He was obviously in distress as the young ladies forced him onto the pedistle and restrained him to it. His body glistened with sweat and his eyes were wide with such fear.

There was no sound in the room except nittle moans from the helpless male. The tall Goddess circled the man looking down at him as if to examine him for the first time. She smiled at him, obviously amused with his fear and trembling. Then she turned he back to the slave and addressed the croud of ladies in waiting. She introduced her slave to them as servant Bruno . The went on to describe his training as her seat, his abilities at holding on to conciousness. Then she produced a pice of paper and read it aloud. Alan froze as he heard the familiar words. It was the exact contract that he had signed for Mistress Betty. The mystery Goddess proclaimed the helpless man as her property and deemed that this night would be his final test of loyalty to her behind. She slowly climbed up onto the pedistle and it began to turn offering all of the anxcious spectators every angle to view. She stood defiantly above her slave s fearful face, knowing what he was seeing. Then just like in the video, she gazed into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Without breaking her eye contact on her slave, the Goddess started to lower herself downward, bringing her massive haunches closer and closer to his face. Tears started to roll down the man s cheeks and he quietly begged his Mistress to spare him this ordeal. There was no response from her.

Eventually she sat fully on the helpless man. The audiance could clearly see that her fleshy bottom cheeks completly enveloped the victim s entire head. As the pedistle slowly turned and turned the Goddess began to gently rock and sway her bottom as if trying sucking her lost victim deeper and deeper into her ample ass. A few moments later, the poor helpless man began to squirm as his air obviously began to grow stale in his heaving lungs. He thrashed against his restraints, testing their strength against his, but they remined true to their worth preventing any possible escape. As all of this went on before Alan s fearful eyes he began to realize that every one of the women spectators were using vibrators on themselves, bringing their sex to a boil with thier personal vibrating tools as they eagerly wittnessed a poor man s ruthless torment.

Gradually the crushed fellow s struggles began to grow weak and eventually stopped all together. Once this was accomplished the Goddess Queening his lost face lifted up a little. The room became filled with sounds of the slave desperately sucking air into his burning lungs. He managed to get a few screems out before his Mistress settled her big bum back down onto her sweaty throne. The little air breaks continued for well over an hour, obviously his tormentor just wanted to keep him concious long enough to make the show worth while for her audiance. Eventually the poor halpless man became simply too worn out to struggle or protest. When this point in the show was reached, the face sitting Goddess signaled her audiance that the end of the show was near. She gently and deliberately tucked her slender feet under the back of the sleve s head, emphasizing every movement, forcing his nose and mouth even deeper into her dark ass crevase. Then she quietlt settled back onto his face, as if to try and suck it into her bowels. The Death Seal was obtained and the execution was painstakingly carried out. Alan froze in awe and deep fear as he saw the helpless man die beneath such a powerful and perfect ass. He wittnessed the lifeless body violently twitch as the end was deathly close. The Goddess slowly leaned forward and gently grasped the man s cock in her hands. She teased the purple head and coaxed the swollen blue balls until a thick seed erupted and spewed into the air landing on his heaving chest. Then Alan saw the man go calm and limp as conciousness was lost. The Goddess remined fulled seated for at least 10 full minutes more. It was here that Alan came to realize that this was not an act, not a staged show, that this poor man really did expire before his very eyes. Alan now fully understood his role as Mistress Betty s devote slave. How long would it be before it was his turn on the pedistle? How long?

The room was deathly quiet when the Goddess slowly lifted up off her lifeless throne. Alan saw the mangled expression on the deceased s face, an obvious sign that it was a calm uneventful death during the those final moments of life. The pedistle stopped turning and the executionaer quietly walked away leaving the body behind for others to clean up and dispose of. Moments later, four naked male servants arrived and unbuckled the restraints that held the body still. once released from their grips, he was picked up and carried away.

Alan s exit from the evenings show was identicle to how he had arrived. He was blindfolded and thrown into the trunk of a car. Once back at Mistress Betty s home he was put into his dog cage for the night. He didn t sleep a single wink that night. Alan s mind raced over the snuffing of the helpless man. He saw the Giant ass swollowing up the man s face and sucking out his very life. Alan knew that it would be his turn soon enough and he found himself wondering about his life at home. Why had he ventured on this foolish quest? He was satisfied with his lovely wife. She took care of him in every loving way. Look at his life now. He was a prisonner that was sentenced to death row, to be executed by suffocation. Again he reflected on the evening s event and despite it all his cock betrayed his frightened thoughts and stiffened. How would he react when his turn came? Thoughts of escape came to mind, but how could he possibly get away? Now naked and fully shaved, caged in a room, controlled by ruthless women.

Part 6

Mistress Betty paid close attention to Alan over the next few weeks. She concentrated on his oxygen depravation skills, pushing his limits with every sitting, using his face so often that she was amazed that she hadn t flattened it or caused it to obtain the exact shape of her bottom. And she used her perfect globes of flesh to seduce Alan into longing for a face sit. Alan would frequently be required to cleans Mistress Betty s ass before every sitting. The blemish free skin felt so soft against his hands, almost like smooth silk. Her seductive treatment paid off as it always did, as Alan soon found that the dreamt of Mistress Betty s cheeks almost every night in the cage. He would wake up hard and filled with hunger for her to sit on him every morning. Alan s foolish cock always failed him when confronted with these globes of torment. All Mistress Betty needed to do was show it to Alan and he would instantly grow hard, find it impossible to concentrate as his helpless conditioned mind went numb. Times when Mistress Betty wasn t using Alan s face would be occupied by Linda and Connie. They were such deviant females that possessed endless imagination to torture and arousal for a conditioned male. Often times Alan would find himself squatted on by either lady with his tongue pushed far up inside her back button, her sweet ass cheeks covering his eager face. The lust was undeniable for these ladies. And often times the ladies would be reintroduced to that fearful metal cock sucker to torment his helpless mind into such a longing, such fulfilled submission. She also had her favorite female dentist come for a visit to remove all of Alan s teath. Slaves had been known to severely bite their Mistress during their final suffocation. With all of his teath removed, all Alan would be able to do was gum her ass, not at all threatening.

Mistress Betty finally felt that her loyal servant had reached her desired goal of slavery. She truly believed that he could not be pushed any futher, that his training as her devote subject of her ass was certainlly complete. Late one evening, she sealed Alan s fate with a short phone call. The group of mystery ladies would meet again with their huming vibrators and insatiable lust for wittnessing the surreal. Next Saturday eveing at midnight would be the time of Alan s ultimate test of loyalty to serve his Mistress. Next Saturday.

Mistress Betty anounced that the day of his reconning had been picked. Just 5 more days away. Surely this can t be real Alan thought. But deep down inside he knew it was and he felt mixed emotions about it. His cock certainly craved a good face sit by his Mistress these days, but his heart longed to just go home to return to a life that was once so normal. The last few days were spent preparing for Saturday night. He was subjected to prolonged facesits that caused him to black out countless times. His cock would be painfully tease by the ladies, but it was never alowed the luxury or release. Still with all of the lust runing through his body, the longing deep inside his very soul, Alan could not deny the reality of the soon to arrive Saturday evening. He was lost to fear and longed for this judgement to pass him by.

Saturday arrived to find Alan tired and trembling with fear. Linda and Connie gave him a nice warm bath later that eveing and they teased him a little by sucking gently on his aching manhood. At 9pm he was served a delicious meal, much like a man on death row would receive before he faced his final judgement. At 10pm Alan was escorted out to a car, but unlike the last trip, was placed in the back seat with Linda and Connie. Alan guessed that there wasn t really any nead to keep the location a secret when he wouldn t be alive to tell anyone by the end of the eve. He looked out of the window as the car made its way down several lonely country roads. The place of choice was definately isolated. Alan figured this way if a slave were to escape he would have quite a hike to make before running into any civilization, which meant that the women would have plenty of time to track him down. The meeting place turned out to be a gothic looking mansion on top of a huge hill.

Once they arrived, Linda and Connie took Alan into the basement of the huge home, placed shakles on his wrists and anckles and left him alone in a cold room to ponder his last thoughts. There was little he could do when fully shackled to a heavy wooden chair in the middle of the room. There were the odd noises enemating from outside, but Alan chose not to ponder what they might be, fearing that any close sounding noises would be the ladies coming to take him to his death. After what seemed like an eternity the door to his room opened. He was certainly startled by what he saw.

It was his wife accompanied by Mistress Betty. Loosing control of himself Alan loudly asked her what was she doing there. Then he slowly began to notice the synical smile on her face. His wife spoke and Alan simply froze. You see, once he had foolishly hooked up with Mistress Betty she discovered his messages on their computer. So, she decided contact Mistress Betty. At first she was beyond herself with hurt and so furious with Alan, but Mistress Betty gradually told her of Alan s fateful future. This honestly changed things for Alan s wife. Alan had forgotten about a life insurance policy that they had taken out on him a few years ago. Ten million dollars would more than enough compensate his wife for his ruthless demise. Well she had her say turned around and started to leave the room, but just before she exited Alan s wife turned around and clearly told him that she planned to watch the show….. Alan screemed to her as the door closed and locked behind them.

Linda and Connie came for Alan a little while later. They wore the familiar medevil masks to clearly hide their identity and black very shiny latex dresses which clung to their healthy bodies. After unhooking his shakles from the chair, the ladies gently directed Alan down a hallway into a brightly lit room. He immediately noticed the familiar pedistle in the center of the room. And there were multitudes of masked ladies sitting around it eagerly anticipating the main event of the evening. Alan tried to struggle against the ladies, but the shakles made movement very difficult indeed. With a little effort, Linda and Connie placed Alan on the pedistle and locked his arms and legs to D rings with the attached shakeles. Then Linda put a stainless steel cock ring around the base of his shaft. This was to prolong his excitement and perhaps prevent his ejaculation. Alan searched the crowd in hopes of recognizing his wife, but this proved to be impossible as all of the evil women wore masks.

Moments laster Mistress Betty apeared wearing a shiny skin tightly fitted latex dress that barely covered her perfect bottom. She wore thigh high black boots which Alan had cleaned with his mouth hours before. And finally Mistress Betty wore a mask to hide her face. Alan lost control of his emotions. I cried to her begging her to spare him this terrible ordeal. Tears ran down his face and he violently shook against his metal restraints. Mistress Betty was obviously quite upset with her so called loyal servant s behaviour, she angrily signaled to Linda to place a three legged toilet seat like stool over Alans head. Once satisfied with the positioning of her very own personal QUEENING STOOL Mistress Betty climbed up onto the pedistle and signaled some one to start it rotating. The room slowly began to go round and round and Alan went silent now and gazed up at his Mistress with the utmost fear in his eyes…..

Part 7

He found that he coundn t turn his head from side to side because something on the queening stool trapped his face in an upright position. Mistress Betty stood above Alan s head and gazed down at him. There seemed to me no emotion in her eyes now as the looked down at Alan. Then she looked back at the audiance, hiked up her latex skirt and started to Lower herself down. Alan went bezerk with fear. His chest violently heaved as he struggled to fill his lungs with air. He began to beg her not to do it, to please set him free. His whole body trembled uncontrolably as his Mistress bottom loomed ever closer to his face. In the final inches of sitting down, Mistress Betty quietly reached back and gently pulled her mamouth cheeks apart. Then Alan s world went completely dark. He found that his breathing was severely restricted, but if he sucked hard he could get a little air into his lungs. But that air was filled with Mistress Betty s sour musc, that enamated from the depths of her deep ass crack. His nose was severely wedged against her tiny back button and her pussy lips seemed to overflow his mouth. A few minutes later, the crowed saw Mistress Betty stretch out her legs which put more pressure on the victim s lost face. Alan couldn t breath at all now. Ass flesh was everywhere, choking off his air supply, filling his nose and lips. The pressure was unbearable as she bore down on his face, pressing the back of his head against the hard rotating wooden platform. Alan was lost to the moment, there was nothing that he could do to escape the ass flesh that was slowly crushing him. He tried to screem but all sounds were effectively muffled by Mistress Betty beafy ass.

Panick soon filled the victim s soul as the reality of what was happening sank into his terrified brain. Mistress Betty smiled as she felt her lost slave s face tremble and try to twist beneath her powerful bottom. Like a skilled profseional, she effectively timed the breathing perfectly, noting the signs of the man beneath her growing limp. Then with a simple shift of her bottom, he would be able to breath again, with difficulty mind you, but he would get a quick breath. The queening stool offered comfort to the powerful Mistress Betty. Unlike the other suffocation executions, she would not need to stand to stretch her tired legs. No, she could stretch out and enjoy her ride, savour the growing heat below and bask in her pure a****l dominance over her helpless victim. True it did little for comfort of her his smushed face, but in the end when all was accounted for, it really didn t matter what they felt. For they all surely passed away beneath her ardurous, face consuming ass flesh.

Despite his loud and verble protests at the start of the event, Mistress Betty was proud of Alan. He was displaying such stamina and resiliance for his hopeful survival. She beemed with pride in front of her lusty audiance and wittnessed their pulsating vibrators seeking their wet and heated targets. Eventually Mistress Betty s bottom and Alan s face became completely soaked with mutual sweat as it constantly pressed and moulded itself against him. This only added to her personal pleasure for now she would slip and slide on his face with greater ease. Of course it did not add to Alan s comfort, in fact the salty mixed sweat sent piercing stings into his eyes and created a better air seal over his probing nose and mouth. Alan was totally lost to a sea of ass. He was entombed in heat and wet drakness, with no possible escape in sight.

At times, just for fun, Mistress Betty would knowingly open up her muscy button and let it suck Alan s nose deep inside its muscy chamber. She cherished his quivering as her back muscle closed on the nose and squeezed it tightly in its grip. And from time to time, Mistress Betty would casually play with her slaves pulsating purple cock. She used her shiny thigh high boots to squeeze and prod it in such a painful manner, or she might roll it between those threatening heels. She knew it must have hurt her slave, but either way, his cock responded beautifully with every touch. And there were times where it apeared that Alan s cock would shoot forth its creamy sead, but the shiny cock ring held true to its task and quelled such an event from taking place.

The smothering face sitting went on and on and with every passing minute Alan felt his strength slowly ebbing away. Mistress Betty s dominant bottom seemed everywhere, it forced itself on him and imposed itself on his slowly dissapearing world. At times Alan thought that her flesh consumed his lost face as her bottom cheeks truly engulfed his entire head. As Alan felt so lost in his desperate need to survive, he found himself remembering what took place that last time with another slave who was suffocated by his Mistress. In his mind he recollected the rountine that he had wittnessed and realized that once he offered no more resistance the end would come swiftly. Alan s lungs hurt so much with such a burning need to suck fresh oxygen into them. His arms ached from being held in one position for a prolonged period of time. And his face began to feel raw from the constant mashing of Mistress Betty s ass. Her relentless curshing and smothering made thought and desire to struggle almost an impossiblity. Eventualy Alan began to resign himself to his final demise. He knew that it was impossible to escape or resist this hopeless fate. Finally he gave up, wishing his Mistress to consume him swiftly.

Mistress Betty recognised the emotional change in her seat, the struggles no longer had the bite or zest that they once had, sure Alan s chest still heaved and faught to catch a glimps of air, but his heart was obviously finished, his will resigned to defeat. Feeling quite elated, she confidently looked out over the croud and gave her signal. Then as Mistress Betty reached back and parted her massive globes for the last time on Alan s face she said her goodbyes to her lost servant, she motioned to Alan s wife to come and take her place. Mistress Betty eagerly pressed her perfect bottom down on Alan s face with all of her might now and smiled at his wife as she straddled his pulsating purple shaft. Alan began to see stars in his eyes despite the enveloping darkness that surrounded him. He tried to screem one last screem for mercy, but nothing escaped his poor chaffed lips. His arms strained one last time against the heavy metal shakles and defiantly trembled. His chest tried to rise and get that cool air which it knew was so close by, but failed in all attempts. Finally Alan felt like he was falling down a spiralling tunned of heat and muscy darkness. The only part of his body that showed signs of life was his manhood which was deeply embeded inside his wife s sex. All three bodies glistened under the bright lights in the room as sweat poured from every inch of exposed skin. Mistress Betty smilled into the eyes of her devote servant s wife as passion took over her heaving chest. As Alan s wife lost herself to orgasm, she felt her dying husband explode inside. Alan came and came like no other time in his life. So much seed flowed from the timy slit in the tip of his cockhead, flooding the warm cavern of his dear wife s sex. Mistress Betty felt tiny vibrations against the underside of her bottom, casued by Alan s trembling lips. AS she did, she wondered if her servant might still concious enough to feel this final pleasure she had bestowed him. She hoped so. Finally the last drops of cum oozed out of Alan s cock. Then all went still and quiet. His wife dismounted his manhood and went back into the crowd.

Mistress Betty felt her loyal servant s body relax. She waited for the natural violent spasms to come as the unconcious body s gave its last attempt for survival. It came and lasted all but a few seconds. Then all went frightfully still. She remined seated triumphantly atop of her royal throne queening the last bit of life from Alan s crushed body. The audiance was lost to the sight of the moment and their own private esctacy as vibrators plunged into the depths of their sex over and over again glistening with their sweet juices. Each achieved countless orgasms as the star of the show quietly passed away.

Satisfied that Alan had gone, Mistress Betty finally stood up from her queening stool. She had been seated upon it for well over and hour and felt the need for a stretch. She gave the husk of Alan s body a casual look, then quietly walked away. As with the last suffocation execution, four frightened and naked slaves arrived to clean up and remove the lifeless form. Each was extrememly efficient with his duities desperately fearing the reprecusions not meeting the grade and becoming the next victim for for suffocation beneath an ass……

The End!

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