CARL, road trip

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CARL, road trip
When we resumed our lumber delivery trip, I thought about Carl fucking Baxter. Would his ass take all of Carl’s cock? Would Carl like to fuck some ass?
I wondered how I’d get them together. 
I asked Carl, “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?”
“No. If I got my cock in her cunt, I was happy with that.”
“Did you fuck a lot of girls.”
“Why are you asking?”
“I am just curious. In my youth, it was hard to find a girl who would let you fuck them. They were all saving their cherry for marriage or they were afraid of getting pregnant. Condoms were hidden behind the counter at the d**gstore. You had to ask the d**ggist for them. Most guys were too shy to do that. Today, even the grocery stores have them on display. Anything you tell me or anything I tell you, is just between us, ok?”
“That is fine with me. We already have a big secret.”
“So, with the availability of condoms these days, you must have fucked plenty of girls.”
“Not really. A couple of them wouldn’t let me get in all the way. I was too big and they stopped me after getting just the head in. I did fuck four girls though with full penetration.”
“Was your dad hung as big as you?”
“I have no idea. I never saw his cock. We never got along. When he died, mom got the house and his truck and Sandra got his Mustang. I got fuck all!”
“That is too bad. Sad too.”
“Yep. I didn’t like him and he didn’t like me. I still miss him though.”
Several moments passed. There was a sign up ahead that indicated we are nearing a bumpy section so I slowed down. 
Out of the blue, I ask him, “Would you fuck a guy in the ass?”
“No. That is really gay.”
“Carl. Carl. Carl. As I said before, guys sucking and fucking is only really gay if you are exclusively doing that to the exclusion of fucking girls.”
“I see.”
“If you like having sex with guys and girls, them you’re bisexual, not gay.”
“Good to know, thanks oldtimer.”
“So, if you were horny and a guy was willing, would you fuck him in the ass?”
“I don’t know. I never really thought about it!”
“How many of your girl friends gave you head?”
“Jeez, I am not comfortable talking about this stuff!”
“Do you think I am too nosy?”
“No, I just like to keep my sex life private.”
His hands were in his lap and I commented, “Yet, here you are sitting with another boner!”
He blushed beat red again and stammered, “How can you tell? I thought my hands covered it up.”
“It’s a sixth sense I have. Plus, I saw you were getting a stiffie before you dropped your hands into your lap.”
“Can’t hide anything from you I guess.”
I laughed and asked again, “So, how many of your girlfriends gave you head?”
“Oh boy. Alright I’ll tell you. This is just between us though!”
“Three of them sucked my cock. One of them was one that would only let me get the head in her cunt”
“Did they give you good head?”
“It was alright but they could only manage about three or four inches.”
“Did they swallow your cum?”
“No, they didn’t. I only came in a girl’s mouth once and she puked it out.”
“That must have been awkward.”
“Yep, made a hell of a mess in my car.”
“Instead of just kneading and squeezing your boner, why don’t you haul it out and jerk off?”
He blushed beat red again and stammered,  “What are you, omnipotent or all-seeing?”
I laughed. “I’ve been around a long time. Nothing much gets by me.”
He was squirming and really uncomfortable sitting there with an erection painfully squashed inside his jeans.
“Go ahead. Unzip and get your cock out. I want to see it again anyway.”
He gave me a funny look. Reluctantly he said,  “I better before I go off in my jeans.”
He undid his belt, unzipped, rose up off the seat and lowered his jeans. His erection sprang up, hard as a crowbar. He cupped his balls in his left hand, wrapped his right hand around his cock and started stroking.
I enjoyed this immensely but I got a sore neck from switching my eyes from the road to his cock and then back again. It’s almost like watching tennis. Even though we are on a grid road with very little traffic and I’m only doing about twenty miles per hour, I didn’t want to wind up in the ditch. 
I steered with my left hand and reached over with my right hand and grasped his cock. He was a little surprised but didn’t resist. His cock felt awesome. Hard and hot yet silky smooth. My fingers barely met as I grasped his thick cock. I gave his cock full strokes up and down. He was breathing hard and his hips thrust up and down off the seat. He gasped and ejaculated.  His first burst of cum shot straight up and splattered on the roof of the truck. The rest landed on his belly and chest. And my hand got its fill too!
I stroked him a bit more. When his cock softened, I let go and wiped my fingers on his jeans. 
Good thing about jeans, they hide lots of cummings.
“You better clean up. Reach into the back for the roll of paper towels. Do the roof too.”
As we pulled into the farmer’s yard, nosy me asked again “Would you fuck a guy in the ass?”

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