Chapter 13 Chrissie gets spunked

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Chapter 13 Chrissie gets spunked
Chapter 13
Chrissie gets spunked

As mommy and I walked down the street, arm in arm, on a sunny August
Saturday afternoon in London I felt happier than I had been in years. I
was 30 years old, had a pair of tits to rival my mother and we were both
dressed to kill; in above the knee skirts, heels and silk blouses.
Underneath we had matching bras and panties and natural coloured hold
ups. We caught the glances of virtually every alpha male on the streets.

Mommy is 55 and looks a decade younger and is every young man s fantasy
of a hot mature woman. I look more like her younger sister than her sissy
son. I m have a Taylor Swift kind of look and mommy looks like a slightly
younger and naughtier Ulrika Jonsson. We both have tight little bodies
and are quite petite. This was our first weekend together after spending
a week working in Derek s upscale brothel in Mayfair. I had started
Monday and mommy had started Wednesday, having worked as a receptionist
there beforehand. Even the meeting we had with Tracie, the nurse who
worked in the clinic where I had begun my transition from a frustrated
cuckolded husband to a chemically castrated and soon to be feminised
sissy didn t affect our mood. Nor did the little incident in the
restaurant s toilet ruin the day; after all what difference did it make
that I was paid £100 to suck off Tracie s friend Luke? Just like mommy,
I m now a happy hooker and going down on my knees and taking a big cock
down my throat just comes with the territory.

My sexuality is a myriad of contradictions. I don t consider myself a
faggot and actually am a bit revolted by gay culture, but I was born a
boy who has grown up to be a sissy. The fact that when I was younger I
was slight and always a bit too skinny set me off from the other males of
my generation. It s not like I played with dolls in my youth, but growing
up with a beautiful and very naughty mother warped me. It s not my
mommy s fault. I was fascinated with her femininity and, even at a young
age, I sensed her sexuality. The fact is I was sexually attracted to her
at a very young age, but not in the way that most boys would be. When
puberty hit I was filled with hormones and, like any young 12 year old, I
did play with myself and fantasised about sex. Most k**s think about
other women or girls their age, when they touch their young cocks. Not
me: I thought about mommy.

The thing is I never thought about actually having sex with her. That was
not what got me off when I touched my prick. I thought about adoring her
and doing things for her no man would ever consider doing. My father was
a bit effeminate and I just sensed that he didn t give mommy what she
really desired and, although I didn t actually know it, I sensed that she
had needs that were fulfilled by other men. It didn t come as a surprise
when I first saw her through a crack in a partially closed bedroom door
having that need fulfilled by one of my daddy s brothers. At the age of
13 I witnessed mommy and my uncle having the kind of sex I inherently
knew my father could never have with my mother. I watched with envy as he
put his large cock in her and heard her tell him to fuck her hard. He did
fuck her with a vengeance that I knew I would never be capable of and I
couldn t stop myself from looking, even after she had spied me and waved
me away.

Mommy had to make me a partner to her crime of adultery and it didn t
come as a surprise to me when she came into my room and led me by the
hand to her bed after my uncle had finished with her. She took off my
clothes and we climbed into bed together and held each other. I guess she
expected I would do what any young boy would do and enjoy sloppy seconds,
but that wasn t what I had fantasised about during all the years I had
lusted over her. She tried to stop me at first, although she had little
leverage as she knew I could reveal her infidelity to my father and ruin
their marriage. I could see the look of distaste on her face when I told
her what I wanted to do. I didn t relent, though. I knew exactly what I
wanted to do with mommy. That look of revulsion finally changed to one of
resignation as she simply nodded her consent and I lowered my head
between her thighs and licked her pussy clean of my uncle s spunk and
then listened to her instructions as I licked her tiny clit to the point
where she had a powerful orgasm.

That was the start of my sex life, and the beginning of an i****tuous
relationship that lasted 12 years and became more twisted than one can
imagine, although it brought tremendous happiness to us both. My mother
continued to cuckold my father until the day he died and I became
complicit in that. When we were alone and I was 18 we finally did have
sex together. I appreciated her honesty when she told me I would never
measure up to her other lovers and I would never grow up to be the sort
of alpha males she and other women craved. That was a knowledge that I
had sensed from an early age and that s when my feminisation really

If we had known then what we know now, that s when I should have begun my
oestrogen treatment: I could have grown natural breasts instead of having
to have implants. But we were a bit naive. Since we were the same shoe
and clothes size, I could wear mommy s skirts and blouses in the house
but, frustratingly, had to wear men s clothes when I ventured outside,
although I always put on panties underneath. Mommy continued to have
lovers and grew to love the sight of me going down on her after she had
been with them. She began to enjoy giving me a glass of her golden nectar
in the morning and licking her rosebud clean each and every day. She even
got into whipping my ass with the riding crop until red welts popped up.
That act bought her into a sort of sexual frenzy that only my tongue
could quell.

Throughout our 12 year relationship I never once dreamed of sucking a
man s cock and having his jism shoot in my mouth but I must have tasted
and swallowed pints of semen from my mommy s pussy. I didn t long to be
taken by an alpha male. I wanted to be feminine and to serve the woman I
adored. From the age of 18 until 25 I didn t allow mommy to lift a
finger. I became the perfect housewife and did everything domestically.
We were confidants too. She told me of the frustrations she had with the
alpha males in her life and I told her of my sexual confusion. My
submissive side seemed to bring out the dominant woman in mommy and she
began to become more demanding with her lovers. No longer was she happy
to be the bit on the side my uncles enjoyed whilst their prim and proper
wives stayed at home doing the housework.

I went through a bit of an identity crisis at the age of 25 and set off
for a job in Africa trying to reclaim my masculinity. That failed
experience was brief. I met and married a blonde South African woman who
was in a different league than me and had the foresight to know I would
never be man enough to satisfy her. In keeping with that she cuckolded me
on day one of our marriage. When we moved back to London and I began to
bridle against her frequent infidelities she took me to her friend and
doctor, Helen, who resolved that matter in short order. Within ten
minutes of my first examination with her I was bent over her desk and two
hypodermic needles were plunged into my ass: the first to chemically
castrate me and the second to begin the process of feminisation. Knowing
what I know now, I wasn t the first husband that Helen did that to, but I
became her first experiment in full feminisation and submission.

Three years after my treatment began I was entirely sissified and had the
breast implants to prove it. My wife had eventually discarded me without
a thought after one of her alpha lovers planted his seed in her and she
became pregnant with his c***d. I was entirely docile and accepted that
Helen had to take over my control and I was more than happy to agree to
be the first t-girl in her friend s brothel and now wear his initials
which are tattooed on my ass. I did that in the knowledge that Helen
would solely benefit from my employment.

Mommy and I were reunited when she helped me recover from the breast
implant operation and she strangely fell under Helen s spell as well and
started working as a mature hooker in the same brothel as me even though
she is now married to a younger husband who awaits her in Sydney, where
she moved after I went to Africa. She also has Derek s initials inked on
her ass in the exact same design as mine and every other woman who works
for him.

Things took a serious twist today when Tracie, the nurse who works in
Helen s clinic, informed us that she had enough evidence of serious
medical malpractice against Helen to make her take an unpaid leave from
the clinic and to abruptly go on a long holiday abroad. Furthermore, she
has evidence of my relationship with mommy that could be used against her
to charge her with c***dhood abuse. We had no choice but to accept that
Tracie is now our new owner .

Nevertheless, it is a benevolent sort of ownership and, although we will
continue to work at Derek s brothel and our earnings will go directly
into Tracie s bank account, we will retain a lot of our freedom and can
live happily together again. We make more than enough money in tips to
have a great life. Today that brief blow job I gave Luke will allow us to
have a £100 lunch.

Mommy had a naughty glint in her eye when she suggested we get a cab to
Soho and explore around. That little district in London used to be full
of sleaze which never appealed to me because I was never the sort of
alpha male who had a sex drive that would impel him to venture down the
narrow streets of the neighbourhood. Soho isn t that sleazy now, but
there are remnants of it around and mommy was dead set on seeing the
underside of life today.

It really turned me on to see you giving head to Luke, mommy whispered
to me as we rode in the taxi towards Soho. I love to see your submissive
side and the way he tucked those two £50 notes behind your ear and the
way he commanded you down on your knees on that dirty bathroom floor was
so dominant. Luke really turns me on. I would definitely fuck him for
free if Derek would let me. He s my favourite client and really knows how
to drive me wild. I can t believe he fucked you right before he came up
and fucked me. That is so dirty.

The truth is I could still taste Luke s jism in my mouth and it was not
an unpleasant sensation. Every alpha male that got his kinks out of me in
the past week insisted on taking me anally and I haven t been able to get
any of them fully off orally. I got them hard with my lips and tongue but
they all flipped me over and fucked me hard until they shot their cum
inside me. I really liked giving head to alpha males but I could never do
it to a gay guy. The thought of that really turned me off. The whole gay
culture thing is an anathema to me which is strange because I was born a
male and consider it the most natural thing in the world to be submissive
to the more dominant of my gender and to use my body to bring them
pleasure. But I would never have sex with a man who was attracted to
other men, nor would I ever consider playing with another sissy.

I put my hand on mommy s thigh and rubbed her leg around her stocking
top. I could tell she was hell bent on doing something naughty today and
I would have to be the one to restrain her impulses so she didn t get
herself into real trouble.

Why do you want to go to Soho? I asked. It s full of yuppies now. It s
not the same cesspit it was 20 years ago. It s all trendy restaurants and

That s not entirely true, mommy whispered, turning to me with a smile.
There are still a few dominant mistresses that work there and I wouldn t
be averse to seeing my sissy son get a little discipline today. Let s use
the money that Luke paid you to suck his big cock to hire a mistress who
will teach me how to punish you for being such a bad little boy.

That s how we ended up in Mistress Hourglass s den of inequity ten
minutes later. It was ironic that she is South African just like my
promiscuous wife, but hails from Cape Town instead of Durban. A stunning
strawberry blonde with a magnificent figure, she actually laughed when
mommy offered her the £100 I was paid by Luke for blowing him for a
couple of hours of sordid fun. I had to reach into my handbag and pull
out a further £300 until her smirk turned into a smile.

I was quickly stripped and made to sit on the floor while mommy confided
with the mistress about my c***dhood, my submissiveness and the life we
were now leading, whilst they sat on the sofa in front of me. She did it
with a wicked joy somehow sensing that our tale was electrifying the
corners of the mistress s erotic mind. She wasn t a fake. I could tell
she was truly what she claimed to be: a very dominant woman who took joy
in punishing her subservient men and women. With every revelation my
mother told her I could see her flush with excitement. I blushed with
embarrassment when the mistress interrupted mommy s tale to come over and
inspect my tiny cock and balls, which she lifted with her gloved
fingertips, noting the little trickle of sissy juice my tiny prick was

It can t get hard anymore? Mistress Hourglass asked mommy, referring to
what was once my manhood as if it was now an inanimate object. Do you
think there is anything alive in the spunk he s leaking?

He was never a real man, mommy said with a giggle. Even when he could
get hard he could never satisfy a woman. He tried with me and failed
miserably but he did turn into a nice sissy. I don t think there s
anything alive in his sissy juice.

Have you properly toilet trained him? Mistress Hourglass asked.

Of course I have, mommy replied, turning and smiling at me. He s been
trained both ways. Do you want me to show you?

Mommy unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it and pulled down her
panties which she kicked off with her heel and then instructed me to lie
on my back on the cold floor. She shamelessly straddled my face with her
thighs tight against my ears and began to pee directly into my open
mouth. It was a fast and hot stream of liquid and I struggled to swallow
it quickly enough so that it didn t run out of my mouth. When she was
done I licked the remnants of golden dew from her before she rose above

That s pretty hot, said the mistress, who was now also standing and
taking her g-string off. Let me fill his tummy with another dose. I ve
been dying to pee for a while.

The mistress did exactly as my mommy had done and straddled my face and
let her pee rush out of her directly into my mouth. It was the first time
I had tasted anyone else s piss beside mommy s and I felt a little funny
about it but the sheer humiliation and degradation I felt by being used
as a human toilet by two beautiful dominant women triggered my first
hormonal rush of the day. When she had emptied her bladder the mistress
turned around and offered her rosebud to me which I kissed and licked
clean just like I did with mommy every day.

My tummy was literally full of the two women s pee and my mouth tasted of
the Mistress s musty scent, which had flushed out the creamy taste of
Luke s cum. Mommy could sense that I was in the throes of a powerful rush
of hormones and actually giggled a bit when she looked at me.

Look at him, mommy said to the mistress. He loves being our urinal so
much he s triggered a rush of girl juice in his sissy body. See how his
chest has flushed as those hormones go through him. He s so addicted to
them he sells his body to any man with a t-girl kink just to have some
cheap slut shoot more girl juice in him. His ass is so full of jism at
the end of each day that he has to wear a sanitary pad in his knickers to
soak them up.

He sucked off a stud in a dirty toilet earlier today right in front of
me, mommy added. He went down on his knees as if it was second nature
to him and worshipped a real man s cock and swallowed all his gooey cum.
What should we do to teach my sissy boy a lesson today? Bear in mind,
he s the property of a pimp now so we can t mark him.

I know just what he needs, said Mistress Hourglass to mommy. This is
going to be fun.

I was ordered to stand up and get dressed. I put my clothes on conscious
that there pints of female pee sloshing around in my stomach. Mommy and
the mistress also put their clothes on and we left the mistress s
chambers and made our way down the street to an establishment that
advertised a number of video booths catering to all sexual tastes. I was
embarrassed as the owner of the shop conferred with the mistress and
mommy out of my earshot and I could feel his gaze on me as he nodded
consent to the mistress s request. He led us to a back room, unlocked the
door and allowed us to enter and went back to his perch by the entrance.
It was a circular room and there were six holes in the wall at the height
of a man s waist and, as if on cue, they began to fill up with men s
semi-hard cocks.

I recognised it for what it was immediately: a glory hole where men just
stuck their cocks into a hole and expected them to be sucked. Word must
have travelled through the streets quickly that three attractive women
were inside the room.

You know what you have to do, said the mistress pointing to the first
cock she wanted me to service as she and mommy perched themselves on two
stools so they could watch. Now fill your tummy with spunk and make
those men happy.

I don t know how many cocks I sucked that afternoon. After one man shot
his load the mistress pointed to the next one she wanted me to service.
It went on and on and on. New ones reappeared moments after I had
satisfied everyone. I lost track of time and by the end of it I felt like
I had been sprayed with the jism of half the men in London. My blouse had
cum stains on it and it was dried in my blonde hair. My jaw grew sore and
my chin was covered in flaky white bits of dried cum. Mommy s eyes burned
with desire as she watched me degrade myself, whilst my body experienced
wave after wave of hormonal rushes which soaked me in perspiration. My
knees were sore. I felt like an altar boy must feel after he has kneeled
through two entire church services.

After about two hours the owner came in and told us to clear off before
the coppers came by. He took one look at me, noting my nylons, which were
torn at the knees, and my hair that was tangled by dried shots of cum and
my chin which was caked with white flakes. I averted my gaze as I began
to collect myself and gather my handbag but he obviously had other ideas.

Not so fast, honey, he said in an east end accent to me. I reckon I ll
have some of that before you go.

Considering he was a foot taller than me and twice as wide, it was futile
to resist. So I just went to my knees, unzipped his trousers, pulled his
meat out and went to work on him. I could feel the gazes of the two women
in the room on the back of my head as the man began to grunt each time I
took him in the back of the throat. He came fairly quickly, shooting
another stream of jism in my belly.

I rose up and joined mommy while the mistress talked to the man. I could
see money exchanging hands as he counted out a stack of £5 notes and
whispered in her ear.

What was that about? mommy asked the mistress once all three of us were
out on the street. Of course they both looked immaculate whereas I looked
like I had just pulled a rather long train. I was desperate to get home
and take another hot shower and wash all the cum off me. I promised
myself I would wear something white this evening to try to recapture
something of a virginal feeling.

It seems like your sissy was a big hit today, the mistress replied. He
charged the punters £10 a pop and made over £250. I got half of that.
He d love it to happen again next Saturday. He says he could double the
amount we made.

I ll have to consider that, mommy replied with a laugh. It depends on
whether Chrissie is good sissy this week.

The two women said goodbye to each and I could see that they exchanged
numbers. Then mommy grabbed my arm and walked me to the corner where we
caught a cab home. Once we had slammed the door shut she snuggled up to
me and whispered in my ear.

God, that was nasty, she said with more than a hint of passion in her
voice. You are such a nasty little cocksucker. I feel like I am on

I just want to go home and hop in the shower, I said. All I can taste
is cum and when I burp it all seems to come up again. I feel like my
tummy is full of it.

Just think of all that nasty spunk swimming around inside you, she
whispered. And two beautiful women put their piss in there too and I can
tell that girly juice that Tracie pumped inside you is working its magic
already. You probably don t even realise you were moaning like you were
having one continual orgasm the whole time you were giving head to all
those strange men. I know all the right buttons to push with you and it
is such a turn on to see you degrade yourself in front of me like that,
but that s how it has always been, hasn t it?

There s no shower for you until you use that filthy tongue of yours to
make mommy happy again, she whispered to me. When mommy is satisfied
then you can go clean up.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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