Chrissie goes to Camp Pt 2

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Chrissie goes to Camp Pt 2
Chrissie Goes To Camp Part 2
I dealt the cards and after each guy took his draw and discarded they threw in there cards and Brady had won the
first hand with a pair of eights. I leaned back in my chair and extended my right leg upon the table top. Brady
unbuckled the strap of my sandal and slipped it off my foot. before I could retract my leg he wrapped his fingers
around my ankle and proceeded to suck each of my toes in turn. The rest of the guys let out whistles and catcalls
and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Brady said That s just a sample of what I m going to do
to Chrissie when I win this game. Everyone laughed.
The next hand was also won by Brady, this time with a pair of jacks. I again leaned back and extended my
left leg upon the table. Brady deftly removed my left sandal and repeated his toe sucking routine, this time on
my left foot. I dealt the cards for the third hand and this time Sean and Phil each had a pair of sevens. Sean
also held an ace high so he had won the honor of removing my next garment. I stood up and walked around the
table to stand next to his chair. he took his time and slowly undid the buttons of my blouse. He carefully
slipped the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms. He handed me the blouse and I returned to my chair
clad in my frilly push-up blue bra, jeans and panties.

When the guys revealed their cards for the fourth hand no one was holding so much as a pair. Brady and Phil each held a single king.
I reshuffled the deck and the two of them each drew one card. Brady flipped his over and showed a ten.
Phil then flipped his card over and revealed a jack. I stood up and faced Phil. He unbuttoned my skin tight
jeans and eased the zipper down. Taking hold of the waistband of my jeans he began to tugged them down
over my hips and butt, sliding them down my thighs, past my knees and to the floor. I stepped out of them
and took three steps backward. I raised both my arms over my head and struck a sexy pose for the guys
wearing just a my bra and a pair of skimpy blue bikini panties. The panties clung tightly to my sexy little fanny and the lacy
adornment on the front of the panty easily concealed my clitty . One advantage of a small penis-clitty is that
it s easy to tuck it into a skimpy bikini panty. The push-up style bra caused my lush 36b cup breasts to spill
out over top of their encasement offering an inviting sneak peek of what was contained within.
Brady suggested that I remain standing so that the guys could get a better look at the stakes they were
playing for. I ve never been afraid to show off my body, especially among friends, so I decided to stroll around
the table during the next hand. The guys, to a man, felt the need pat my ass as I made my way round the table.

Phil figured that he d won the next hand since he was holding a pair of kings but when Brady drew a nine to
go with two nines he was already holding the fifth hand went to him. I continued my circling of the table
until I stood next to Brady. He had me sit on his lap while he reached behind my back to unhook the clasp
of my bra. The lacy fabric slide down my arms and I let it tumble to the floor. All eyes were now firmly
glued to my breasts.
Damn! You ve got some sweet tits there Chrissie. Phil said.
Fucking gorgeous Honey! added Sean.
Why thank you boys I said with a smile.
Now we play for all the marbles gents. Brady said and you guys know the house always has the
best odds right?
Phil gave Brady a smug smile and said Fuck you, just deal.
It didn t really matter to me who won the next hand considering I d fucked them all before but i was kind of subconsciously pulling for Jeff since he hadn t won single hand so far. The fact he was the youngest and easily
the best looking didn t hurt matters either.
The guys dealt the cards for the last hand amid great fanfare. You d of thought it was the World Series of Poker or
When all the cards were ultimately revealed Jeff came up with pair of queens.
YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! he hollered as he leaped up out of his chair.
He reached out and grabbed me, pulling me against his hard chiseled body and kissing me.
He placed one hand on my ass and began to push me toward my room. Just as we got to the door of
my room he stopped me and said Chrissie, take off your panties and give them to me.
I paused momentarily and then hooking my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my panties I slid them
off and handed them to Jeff. He turned and tossed them in the air and they
landed smack in the middle of the poker table. He said I ll see you guys in the morning. Chrissie and I
have got some serious fucking to take care of.
He lay my petite little 5 foot 4 body down on the bed and for the next 5 minutes rimmed the entrance to my
pussy with his tongue. Once i was good and wet and aching for his cock he slammed his long hard
shaft deep in my waiting cunt. I was in heaven as his 6 foot 4 well muscled body pounded my poor pussy .
I eagerly accepted every driving thrust of his cock and anxiously awaited the warm sweet cum I knew was
soon going to fill my honey hole. I didn t have to wait long before his cream flooded my cunt and then oozed
out to drip down my thighs. I dozed off in his arms only to wake up in the middle of the night to receive a
second glorious fuck session.

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