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If you were to have told me that hours after I got home from my first year of college, that I would be on the precipice, ready to jump over the ledge into the arms of my mother, free falling into deviant sexual behavior, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here I was, staring at my mother through a crack in a door, as I used too, with a message received, loud and clear. If I had ever had a chance it was now.

I pushed open the door, my heart beating out of my chest with nervousness and excitement. I could feel my hands shaking, as I walked toward her. Her eyes were closed as she was obviously fantasizing sexual relations with her son…me. She continued rubbing herself to climax as I watched right next to her, I waited, pondering to myself what to say. Then I said it, the corniest thing I probably could’ve said: “Need a hand?” My mother jumped up reflexively, closing the flaps of her robe around her body, a mild shriek leaving her lips.
“What are you doing?!” She said to me nervously, knowing she had been caught with her pants down, literally.

I looked at her, with a slight smirk rising across my face. “Well Mother, I was walking down the hallway to the bathroom, when I happened to her some commotion coming from your room, I was worried something was wrong, so I had to check on you.” She slinked towards her glass of wine on her night stand, nervously. “Did… you hear me?” I let her query hang for a moment, as I formulated my thoughts into a coherent response, something better than “need a hand?”

I took a few steps toward the bed, sat myself down next to her. “Yes. I heard you.” She looked down at her glass for a second, a slight shade of red perched itself across her face in embarrassment, like a cardinal in a window. “I bet you think I’m a hypocrite now, don’t you?” I smiled at her, shaking my head no. “No, mom. No, I don’t.

Then I subtly laid my hand on her thigh right above the knee. “You know how I feel, I love you. I know you’re lonely and I just want to help you.” She smiled back at me. “You’re so thoughtful….you know, the only reason I was doing this, was because I saw you after your shower. Your penis dangling about as our bodies collided…” She took another sip from her glass. “…and then your dinner time reveal had all kinds of images and ideas pop into my head. As I was touching myself thinking about you, I felt naughty….and it felt good!” Her face reddened further with her revelation.

I could tell she was nervous coming out with the truth, that she got excited thinking about her son. I asked: “what were you thinking about? What was I doing to you?” She took a long sigh, and another draw from her glass of wine, and with a nervous smile she responded.

“Why…don’t I show you.” She removed her robe and inched her way toward me. I became nervous again, this was it. The culmination of my fantasies was about to become reality.

She laid her lips on mine, a passionate, deep, loving kiss, she slid her tongue in my mouth. Our mouths in a vacuum, our tongues entwined with each other’s. My brain was exploding. She started removing her robe, while still kissing me deeply, oh so deeply. She pulled my shirt up off my body, and made her way towards my neck, she started sucking on my neck, sliding her tongue up to my earlobe and grabbed it with her mouth. She was driving me wild and I was already rock hard.

She told me to stand up, I listened. She stood up next to me and helped me remove my sleepwear, as she did, she brushed her hands across my bare cheeks. Then she smiled. “Didn’t think I noticed did you? I did, but didn’t think anything of you caressing my ass until after your naughty revelation at dinner, then I put two and two together.”

She giggled lightly, must be the wine I thought to myself. She told me to lay down on the bed. Again I listened. “My god you got a big cock.” I was on my back and I was at full attention, she grabbed it with her hand, shaking it lightly. I throbbed with excitement and her eyes widened when she felt the pulse of my pecker.

I couldn’t believe this. It was happening. All inhibitions have left the building. Bent over at the foot of the bed, she inched closer towards my dick and I could feel her warm breathe enveloping my Johnson. With a slightly devilish grin, she tickled my tip with a light slather of her warm, wet, tongue. She then slid her mouth up and down my shaft as if she was a professional harmonica player, she hit every note from my balls to my tip before swallowing my engorged penis, almost down to the base, lightly gagging on my cock as she did, her convulsing throat on my member turning me on even further.

She started bobbing her head up and down my rod, while staring at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. I could tell she was excited, you could see her smile through a mouthful of cock. She was glowing. She loved doing this, making her lover feel good. I wanted to reciprocate.

I asked her if she wanted to 69. And without removing my dick from her mouth she rotated across the bed until her legs straddled my head, and there it was. Her beautiful vagina. My birthplace, I was about to slide my tongue into the hole I came out of. It was the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. I grabbed her beautiful buttocks, squeezed them, smacked them. She responded with some muffled moans, she didn’t want to let go of my cock.

She released purchase of my rod to say the sexiest thing I ever heard her say: “be a good boy and eat mommy’s pussy, go back home, darling.” I pulled her pussy lips apart, it glistened in the lamplight. I stared at it’s magnificence. I noticed her butthole winking at me in anticipation, so wasted no more time and I slid my tongue onto my mother’s vagina. It was amazing. She tasted so good. She pushed her pussy into my face, as I slid my tongue from her clit to her hole and back. I could tell she loved it.

I sucked on her labia, inhaled her clit, slid my tongue under her hood. Her moans were getting louder and louder, she slid her body lower, her asshole inching closer to my tongue. I knew what she wanted, so I went for it, and. I rimmed my mother. I didn’t know she was so freaky. Through all this she never let go of my dick, she pounded away on it with her mouth.

I loved licking my mom’s ass, I circled her butthole as I squeezed and spread her ass cheeks. I widened the gap, stretching her ass apart, and dove into her butthole. I forced my tongue down as far as it would go, popping my tongue in and out of her anus. She responded going deep down on my cock again. I was on the verge of exploding, and mother knew it.

She raised her head off my unit, stopping just in time. She turned around toward me. “I’m going to ask you three questions, you are to answer “yes.” To all of them. She smiled at me slobber still hanging from her lips and plastered around her mouth. She started her survey.
“Are you ready, my love?”
I responded “yes.”
“Are you ready to fuck your mother?”
Again I made the appropriate answer. “Yes.”
“Are you going to cum in me?” She queried with a grin.
I paused, and shook my head in agreement. I was shocked
She shook her head no. “Uh uh. Say it.”
“Yes. I Replied.

I had awoken a sexual b**st, my mother’s fervor was unrelenting now, and I was fully and completely excited. She sat above me, staring down with a hunger, her perfect breasts sat dormant, the calm before the storm. I had a flashback at that moment, to the time I saw her breasts bouncing that night with my father. Here I was in his place, about to slide my cock inside my own mother, everything I had waited for, the culmination of my every sexual thought was here, a coalescence beginning.

She took my member, and guided me in.

She was so wet, I slid in with ease.

I was inside her.

The mood changed, from a****listic sex…to compassionate love.

Her face grew softer, as if she was washed away from negativity. We sat there for a moment in acquiescence, she looked at me longingly, I looked back at her, lost in her eyes. She was angelic. She smirked lightly at me and slowly slid her vagina up my shaft and back down. She bent over and wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered: “I love you, my son.” Before I could respond, she slides up and down my member again.

I’m on cloud nine. She continues the embrace as she bounces up and down, slowly gaining speed, like a train leaving the station. I find the rhythm, and thrust, for deep impact. She continues the acceleration, I thrust harder.

She sits up and the vision of my dreams has become reality.

As she begins to fervently bounce on my cock, her breasts start to bounce rhythmically with with each push. I can envision my father fucking my mom, me walking in on them. Her breasts jiggling. That started my infatuation with my mother.

And now here I am, dreams to fruition, watching my mother’s breast jiggling in front of me while she rides me to completion. She starts moaning. “Oh son,oooooh son. I love you. I want you to come, come inside mommy.”

As if I was Pavlov’s dog hearing the bell, awaiting my meal, drooling everywhere, hearing my mom saying this hit a switch inside. As if I was conditioned for it…

I climax, on the spot, as if she willed it.

I came in my mother.

She bounces us both into ecstasy. I quiver and shake, i moan and thrust. I cant control my body. I’m lost in sexual limbo. She moans and falls on top of me, breathing heavy, shaking her hips. “I can feel it inside, you came for mommy didn’t you?” She says happily exhausted.

I shake my head yes, still out of breath. I lay there sweaty, out of breath, and proud of our union. She flops down next to me, her nude perfect body sparkling in the lamplight. She has a genuine smile on her face, not the hurt fake smiles she gave earlier that day. She had got what she needed. I tell her thank you. She responds. “No my love, my son…Thank you. That was amazing, and I needed it, I just didn’t know it.”

She had me all summer, we made love countless times, had countless other adventures, but it all had to end eventually, it came time to head back to college. I asked if she wanted me to stay with her, she said it was out of the question, I was to finish my higher learning. Regretfully, I listened to her. I left for school, and talked and texted everyday. Sometimes even sexted, but not often, she wanted me to focus on my studies.

She started dating again, while I was away. At first I was hurt, I thought we were together, you know…”forever”. But as we were apart she needed a connection to someone. For a time it was my father, then me, and now she had moved on. It’s better than being cooped up, I guess. I just thought we had something special. I stopped calling her, it hurt being reminded that someone was possibly fucking my mom. She slowly stopped messaging me, giving me space. After about a month, I got an email from her.

“Dear son,
I know what I did hurt you. But I had to try, I had to try living a normal life again. I need someone I’m able to go outside with, go to restaurants, dancing, the movies. I needed someone to fill the void, I need you to finish your education. Right now we can’t be together. That’s the hard truth. Things will be tough. I need companionship, and I found it…or so I thought I did.

But the truth is…

I need you. Every guy I went out with was good for awhile, but it seemed like each of them was only trying to get into my pants. There was no connection, it seemed as though they were only half listening to me. Waiting to get me naked.

I never let any of them see me. Now I sit here in this quandary, I have no one to please, and no one to please me. Then I thought to myself, I do…I have you, my darling. If you’ll have me of course.

So I write this letter with a compromise in hand. You work hard and study in school, and you come home to mama on your breaks and during summer. I have been spoiled by your unwavering dedication to me, the attention you showed me all summer, and the love only a son can show their mother. I have never felt this way about anyone, even your Father. It’s a bond that was created the moment I conceived you. Stronger than any bond on the planet, a mother…and her son.

So there it is, there’s my deal. You work hard pass your classes, come home into my loving embrace when you can. I’ll keep sending naughty texts, naughty pics, for motivation. You can if you want, maybe we’ll even FaceTime ;p.

So my darling there it is. Write me back and let me know… or don’t, I will understand either way.

I love you.


I sat there for a moment, once again in shock. I opened up a reply and started to compose my response. My phone dinged, I picked it up, it was a message from Mom. I opened it to find a pic of my beautiful mother, wrapped in Large Christmas bows, covering her breasts and hips, with a Santa hat on, cheesy grin on her face holding a piece of paper with two words written on it “Christmas Break?”

I began typing, ear to ear smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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