Coed Jill Learns to Masturbate

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Coed Jill Learns to Masturbate
It was early morning; the dawn pre-light was just starting to show through our curtains. I could just make-out the outline of my roommate, Susan, on her bed, silhouetted against the window. I didn’t know why I had awakened, but I could vaguely see Susan moving. The bed seemed to be shaking and she was moaning. Thinking she was in pain, or having a bad dream, I called out to her, “Susan, are you okay?”
Silence. She stopped moving.

Then she must have decided to answer me, “I’m Jillin’ over here. Can’t a girl get some private time?” Then she giggled.

Uncertain, I joked, “Jilling? What is that?” You see, my name is Jill. I’m a Freshman and Susan is a Junior. She always tells me how innocent and naïve I am. I think we are roommates in name only. She usually stays the night with her boyfriend. She keeps the dorm room to satisfy her parents, and to occasionally use it, like she did last night.
“You silly girl!” Susan laughed. “Guys jack-off, and us girls, we jill-off…if you know what I mean.”
I was about to admit that I didn’t know what she meant, and then in hit me. Susan had been masturbating! “Oh…” I exclaimed a little embarrassed now.

“Don’t tell me you don’t do this,” she said boldly, “when you thought I was asleep, I’ve heard you over there breathing heavily and shaking the bed…”

Now, I was embarrassed. I had discovered my female body quite by accident. One night, when Susan and her boyfriend were here due to issues at his place, I heard them having sex for what seemed like hours. I’ve dated guys before, but I am sexually inexperienced. I tried not to listen to them, but the sounds I heard: sighing, moaning, grunting, kissing, slurping, bed banging…well, I could just imagine what they were doing across the small dorm room! When their antics had un-expectantly caused a stirring in my loins, without thinking, I found pleasure by sliding one hand down to rub my pussy under my nightie panties and the other to pinch my tiny nipples under my sheer baby doll nightie top. I had discovered masturbation, or what Susan called “Jillin’”.

We agreed not to talk about it now, and we went back to sleep.
When I woke up again, Susan was up and puttering around. Like she does, she only had on a pair of pink string bikini panties. She was proud of her firm breasts. I on the only hand, being petite and small breasted, usually slept in a little nightie. Last night, I had chosen my sheer, lacy yellow one. It had a tight bodice with padded cups, so I didn’t feel so inadequate.

“You’re up!” Susan exclaimed when she noticed me. “You look so cute and sexy in that little yellow thing,” she purred, “it shows off your red hair.” She smiled at me. “Sorry for being so graphic this earlier this morning. You kind of caught me off-guard, if you know what I mean.

“You do know what masturbation is, don’t you, sweetie?” She looked at me expectantly and waited for my reply.

Embarrassed, I looked at the floor, and nodded my head,
“It’s nothing to be ashamed about,” Susan added coming to sit on the corner of my bed, still just in her pink panties and bare breasts. “I do it all the time, particularly when I haven’t been with David in a while. Anyway, you let me know if you ever have questions on sex or anything. Being a Junior, with a boyfriend, has given me many opportunities to learn about things.”

I looked up at her and smiled. She was like a big sister to me and was always helpful. Finally I spoke, “thanks, you’re a great friend. Could I ask you one thing?” She nodded and I continued. “Okay, I know you and David, well, do-it a lot, even when you are here. I can’t help but notice.” Susan just smiled. “What is it you do? You said I could ask you anything.”

I waited as she gathered her thoughts. “Okay, you do know what intercourse it, right?” I nodded but was unconvincing. Susan sighed, stood up, and walked to her dresser. She did have a nice body, not that I’m into girls or anything. She removed something from her underwear drawer, and returned with it in her hand.
“Okay, Jill, I’ll give you the basics. This,” she said holding-up a what I guessed to be a replica rubber man’s penis. It was huge, “is pretty much what a man’s penis looks like when it gets hard.” Seeing my perplexed look, she sighed again, “when he gets sexually excited.”

I was stunned, but was looking and listening. It was early on a Saturday morning and we had plenty of time. Susan continued, “This particular object is called a vibrator, or dildo. Women use it for masturbation. I’m just going to use it for demonstration. Now, prop yourself up on your pillows on your bed.” I did as I was told, arranging the sheer yellow nightie around my body.

“Okay, now then, when a guy and a girl love each other and their bodies tell them to have sex, much of it just comes naturally. You kiss, you hug, you explore each other’s bodies sexually…and then, you may decide to have intercourse. Number 1 – don’t rush into it, but it’s no big deal, either. Number 2 – you will get pregnant if you are not prepared, meaning on the pill or he’s wearing a condom. When a man climaxes, he ejaculates a lot of semen… sperm, cum, seed. One drop of that, even a drop of his liquid before he fully climaxes contains millions of little sperm just aching to find one of your eggs. Protect yourself, don’t get pregnant until you are ready. You following me so far?”
Susan paused, and I nodded. I had heard some of this in my high school health class, but they didn’t give you any details about the intercourse thing. Susan took the rubber penis, and opened her legs. Touching the tip of the penis to her panty covered crotch, she said, “after David and I have made-out for a while, we are both ready…hungry…for sex. He inserts his erect penis into my vagina.” Noticing the stricken look on my face, “Sweetie, when you are sexually excited, your body lubricates your hardware. The guy’s erect penis will definitely slide right in, even with your petite, little body. Trust me. Then, the guy starts humping away and the girl gets into it, and they make love. Easy”
“Are you on the pill? I ask softly.

“Yep, or I would be soooo pregnant.”

“So, all that moaning and groaning and moving around that I hear when you and David are together is…making love?” I asked.

“You got it, Jill. End of today’s lesson. Oh, one more thing.” Susan turned a knob on the rubber penis and it started humming and vibrating. “A vibrator, like this or one of the hundreds of styles, can be a girl’s best friend. It feels great during those times you feel the need to “Jill”. Just turn it on, and place in carefully on your privates…” She demonstrated by touching the humming rubber penis to her panty covered pussy, “Like this. The rest will come naturally to you. Feel free to borrow mine…when I’m not using it, of course, and just rinse it off when you’re done.

Next lesson will be to take sweet, innocent little Jill to an adult book store. More on that later.”

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