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Come on, Dad, let s just go, Kate pleaded.

But, Honey, I just want to talk to her!

She s not coming down, now let s just GO!

Reluctantly, I backed out of my former driveway, knowing my ex was at one of the many windows, watching, enjoying this. Anything she could do to make my life miserable, she would, and seeing Katie and I argue would really be a treat.

We drove in silence, then I apologized again.

Daddy, you just have to get over her and move on, find someone else.

I AM over her, Baby, but at functions like this, you should have both your parents. We shouldn t let our problems affect your life.

Kate patted my hand on the stick shift, as you would to comfort a small c***d. Okay, well, let s just forget about her and enjoy ourselves. I can t wait for you to meet my friends! A lot of their parents are single, too. Maybe you ll meet someone! Becca s mom is real sweet, but a little too hefty for your liking.

I looked over at my young college student, and smiled. She was so different from that bitch who carried her. So sweet and considerate, and bright! And look at her, curly brown hair, stuffed under a beat-up Yankee hat, no make-up, rumbled sweatshirt, jeans. And she still looked gorgeous! But, of course, I m prejudiced.

How do you know my likings . We barely ever see each other.

Oh, I see what you look at when we go to dinner. And they look back, Dad. You re a catch!

I smiled. Yeah, like an old rubber boot!

She punched my arm, playfully. Don t be saying anything bad about my Dad! Them s fightin words!

We both laughed, and I quickly forgot about the bitch. She went on excitedly about the Spring family Get Together and Barbecue. At the conclusion of freshman year, students could move out of dorms and into their own apartments, a real coming-of-age thing, which I equated to being told by my dad that it was time to get a life, job, and place to live.

The hour s drive went quickly, the cool air blowing through the latest solution to a mid-life crisis, a Fire Engine Red 1968 Olds 442 with white convertible top, fully restored, and worth every penny of the twenty grand I paid for it. A classic, and Katie loved to ride in it, people gawking at the rumble the exhaust made.

The air was clean and refreshing, and I felt good for the first time in a month. I guess Kate was right, I wasn t in too bad a shape for forty-five, fairly trim from a steady diet of basketball, racquetball, softball, and an occasional dip in the pool. I m just under six feet and weigh 175, not skinny but hardly fat. a flat stomach and well-defined features, I had even done some modeling before it got too gay for me. With just a touch of gray and a trim goatee, I guess I was presentable.

Katie rambled of names like Becca, and Josh, and Tiara, and Monie, and I just smiled, not knowing if some were even male or female.

Since the dorms were closed, we arrived at the hotel just off campus, grabbed our bags, and made our way to Reception.

I m sorry, sir, all I have is one-bedrooms, the pimply, squinting, clerk whined.

But I made the reservation two months ago.

I see that, sir, but there was a mix-up.

Kate could see my famous temper beginning to show and interceded. We ll take two singles, then.

No we won t , I growled, and the clerk was clearly taken aback. You give us the room we reserved, or I come across this counter!

Sir, please…


An older man, distinguished, in his seventies at least strode up, Elliott, what s the problem?

Elliott explained the mix-up and the older man turned to us. I m very sorry for the inconvenience. Elliott, give these fine folks the Honeymoon Suite, at no charge.

Back to us, he said, It s still only a one bedroom but the living area folds out to a Queen, there s separate entries, for privacy, and the view is spectacular. I will send the maid up to arrange things. I hope this will suffice. Once again, my apologies. He smiled,turned and left.

Okay now, Daddy?

To Elliott I said, Is he the manager?

Oh, no Sir, that s Rudolph Hesch. He owns this and all 5 others in this chain.

Wow, I ve heard of him! That man has serious bucks.

Elliott smiled, You could say that, yes, Sir.

Word spread quickly, and the entire staff was at our beck and call. They insisted on carrying our over-night bags, with Elliott showing us the room personally.

It was huge, with large flat screen cable TV in both bedroom and living area. A basket of fruit and bucket of champagne arrived, courtesy of Mr. Hesch.

Katie showered first, then me, and as I tried to defog the mirror to shave by opening the door, I caught a glimpse of her, in skimpy bra and panties, and I marveled. Gone was the baby fat of her teens. She was 5 5, too thin, I thought, but shapely, with pert breasts, so much like her mother back in the day.

I looked away, finished shaving, and went out in my boxers.

Who s that hunk in my room? Oh, Daddy, it s just you! she laughed.

Yeah, just your poor old man, I mumbled, trudging past her.

You are neither poor nor old! But you can be a real stick in the mud!

By now she was in a floral sun dress, cut above the knees, and half off her shoulders. Just the right accent of makeup made her look like those models for teen magazines, even though she was 18, herself.

I dressed, and the barbecue was in full swing when they arrived. Katie dragged me around by the arm, introducing me to friends, their families, and faculty. Each face were a blur and the names were worse. The many bars had a nice variety of cocktails, and I had a few to relax.

As the party began to wane, I was propped at one bar, holding a scotch for dear life as one mother, after telling me what a sweetheart Kate was, slipped me a note, with her cell number. Call me, she whispered as she moved away, going back to her husband.

Not a chance , I thought, noting I had no intention of getting involved with a married woman and besides, had no clue of her name.

Kate came up hurriedly, dragging, someone. Daddy, this is Becca. Becca, my dad.

Becca was stunning, close to my height, built like a porn star, heels, low-cut top. She was black, her smooth skin like fine chocolate. She had sleepy sad eyes, that said, I know you want me.

And I did! I was embarrassed at once, and felt she could see right through me.

Hello, Mr Orwell, it s so nice to finally meet you, I ve heard so much about you from Kate.

Isn t he a hunk, Beck? We gotta set him up with a real babe. And call him Harry.

We shook hands and I felt a rush I haven t felt in a while.

I see Jenna, I ll be back! and Kate was gone, with us still holding hands. You have strong hands , she finally said, breaking the silence.

I realized my grip was a bit strong. Oh, sorry, I didn t mean to hurt you.

What a smile, sultry, exotic, reminding me of some tropical island. That s okay, I m a big girl, I can take it.

I bet you could, I thought.

Kate says you live in the city. I visit my mom there quite a bit. Maybe we can get together and you can show me the sights.

My God, I thought, she s hitting on me!

Oh, sure, you and Kate come in and I ll take you both to someplace nice for dinner.

Oh , she looked around not making eye contact. I like to try new things, see places, on my own, you know?

She s smooth! Oh, well, we can get together for lunch one day, if you re available. Manhattan is great on weekdays.

Now she looked right at me, her dark eyes barely concealing the fire kept deep inside. Harry, if you re afraid of Kate finding out, I m very good at secrets. Of course, if you re just not interested, I will understand.

Kate was back now, just in time. Everybody s going back to our hotel, they have a lounge there, with a bar and band. Can we go too, Daddy?

Yeah, sure, honey, still stunned by Becca s straight-forward approach.

At the lounge, none of the k**s were proofed and they took advantage of it, most staying here anyway, not concerned with driving. The party continued.

I got to meet Becca s mom, a big woman, like Becca, with an additional thirty pounds. Still an attractive woman, very stylish, but definitely booty-liscious. Becca made sure to stay close, and when she caught me alone at the bar, Becca found an angle so no one could see and put her hand on my chest, caressing my nipple through my cotton shirt. It was hard, and so was I.

So, still nervous? Or a little curious?

Becca…I m flattered, but…

Shhhhh! Here s my cell number. I ll be with Mom all next week. Give me a call. We ll have a nice quiet lunch, and if you want, we ll just talk and I ll be on my way. You really intrigue me, Harry. Kate brags about you all the time.

With that, she kissed me, quickly, and no one seemed to notice. Her hand was down low and I felt her brush against the front panel of my slacks and I realized I was hard, and so did she.

Hmm, Kate was right! With that, she stepped back and was off to her college friends, blending right into the crowd.

What did she mean by that? Kate was right? About what? She said that after touching my cock!

Drink after drink went down, Kate came and went, as did many of the Moms and Dads, bragging about their k** s grades, the school, etc.

The band finished for the night, and half the crowd left with them, then others drifted off, including Becca who waved as she left, nonchalant, as if saying goodbye to the mailman.

Kate was back beside me. The k**s are going to another place, but I had enough, Dad, and I think you did, too. Besides, somebody has to drive and no way I was getting in a car with a drunk!

Smart k**, I thought, as I took care of the bartenders.They had been extra nice to us because of Mr. Hersch, and were appreciative.

She grabbed my arm, guiding me out into the lobby, to the elevators. Choruses of Good Nights echoed from the staff. I put my arms around her shoulder, trying not to seem drunk, but she was pretty much leading the way, and she knew it.

In the suite, the couch had been opened to a Queen-sized bed and the covers were turned down.

I had planned on sleeping there anyway, giving Kate her own room, but especially now, because it was closer.

She was busy talking as I sat there, thinking about the night, and especially about Becca, the Nubian high priestess. I wondered what delights she possessed, the special way she looked through me, seeing deep inside that I wanted her.

I snapped out of my revelry to see Kate pulling my shirt over my head.

Wha…? What are you doing?

Relax, Daddy, you can t sleep in your clothes. Now help me get your pants off.

You leave my pants alone! I can undress myself just fine! I barked.

I know, you big dope, but you re falling asleep sitting up, I got your shoes and socks off and you didn t even notice.

I wiggled my toes, seeing she was right.

You should sleep in the big bed anyway. I m tiny, she argued.

Nope, you get the bed, you re the princess and this is your day. I the humble servant, don t even deserve the floor!

She laughed, Alright, suit yourself, I ll go undress, but if I come out here and you still have those pants on, you re in trouble, Mister.

She was gone in a flash, and I tried to obey. I stood, shakily and opened the belt, unzipped and slid down the slacks. Unfortunately, along went my boxers. I fell back onto the bed, fumbling to pull the boxers up, and the room was spinning. I hate when this happens, I thought.

I held onto the mattress and closed my eyes, knowing in a few seconds the spinning would stop. And it did.

My eyes opened and it was dark. Where was I? Of yeah, that s right. Hotel, in the suite. How long had I been out? I felt the mattress move, and searched for the cause.

Crawling up from the bottom, the shadow got closer but I couldn t see her, only her scent.

What was going on here? Becca? Where was Katie? Was Kate in on this, somehow? She must have let Becca in.

Her body slid up against me, as if trying not to wake me, so soft and warm. I lay motionless, feeling her flesh slide up my now naked body.

I was aware of my erection, it throbbed, and when she slowly brushed against it,I was afraid I might cry out.

She became bolder, apparently thinking I was deep in sleep. Her hand wrapped around the shaft, and slowly worked me up and down.

I could feel her hot breath against my ear, and I wanted so to touch her body but not wanting to break the moment.

Her leg wrapped over my thigh, and I felt her wetness against my skin. My cock throbbed with each stroke, and I heard her purr. This bitch was so hot! Becca had made it known she wanted me and she was gonna get me, and I wasn t gonna take it lying down, so to speak.

Shadows moved and her dark hair hovered over me, and like Texas Hold em, I went all in. With one hand I grabbed that clump of hair and brought her down slowly onto my cock. She seemed to hesitate, sightly, I assumed because she hadn t realized I was awake. But ,she opened those sexy wide lips I remembered, and I glided my six inches into her hot, wet, mouth.

Hmmmmm, she moaned.

Shhhh! I whispered, not wanting Kate to hear, and she got quiet, her tongue moving against my head, swirling around it as she moved, changing her position.

She was now curled up next to me, her lower half within my reach, so I did, feeling her spread for me and my fingers slid easily into her wetness.

She squirmed and stifled a sound, as I tugged her hips to me, pulling her up over my face, inhaling the female juices that flowed from her. I spread her wide and slid my tongue up, finding she was shaved smooth, like many k**s, now. My tongue was rough on her clit, biting and sucking.

Oh, Harry, she cried out, in a high pitch.

She s gonna hear us! I growled.



But, Daddy…

What? Who? I was confused beyond comparison.

Daddy?… It s me!

I pushed her off me, moved away to the lamp, flicked it.

There, on my bed, squatting, holding sheets as covers, cowered my daughter! Kate! the one I changed diapers for, long ago. The one who spit up on my brand new suit, and I laughed! Now, I wanted to spit up.

Please, Daddy, don t be mad…

I was stunned, couldn t think of what to say. I stood there naked, my once hard cock now shriveling like a garden slug soaked in beer.

I can explain, really.

I looked around, saw the mini bar and grabbed the two small scotch bottles, emptying one quickly, gulping hard as I sat in the chair. Explain?

She couldn t make eye-contact. The harsh light made her look so vulnerable. I lied.


Yeah, I told Becca what a stud you are.

Talk about a bad-handed compliment! I was hurt: I thought I was a stud, but she didn t know that.

She seemed so impressed that we were so open. I told her I had seen your… you know, your thing. I bragged about how big it is, and she seemed to think I was pretty cool, like her.

Go on.

Anyway, we were drinking and telling stories and she told me how she always liked older men and asked if I did, too. Trying to be cool, I said sure!

She looked up and said, Becca told me her first man was her mom s friend, a guy who was 35 years old!

I cracked the other bottle, and drained that too, grabbing a bottle of water as a chaser.

When she asked how old my old guy was, I said your age. She thought that was great, then asked who. I just couldn t think Daddy, and I started describing the man, and as I went on, I realized I was describing you!

She kept asking who he was and I didn t want to say, but finally I said, My Dad , and she was like, so impressed! I couldn t turn around then and say I was lying, so I had to make up this whole story where I snuck into bed with you and you didn t even know it. Like tonight.

Kate was crying now. She kept asking details and I made them up, she asked about your thing, I said it was bigger than anything I ever saw, and her eyes lit up.

That explains a lot, I mumbled, meaning the comment, she was right.


Never mind, go on.

Then tonight I saw her talking to you and I know how she manipulates guys and it made me so mad.

If she s that bad, why are you friends?

She s like the coolest girl on campus. We can get into the best Frat house if she thinks I m cool enough. They already asked her to pledge.

Oh I see, but I didn t.

She came on to you, didn t she?

You could say that.

I knew it, that s why I was drinking so much too, not as much as you, but a lot! And the more times I told Beck the story, the more real it became. And then it actually started happening!

But, Honey, I m your Dad.

Dad, now who s being naive? In our class on Human Sexuality, we learned that in many cultures, the young girl learns from a man in the family, often her father. And boys learn from their mothers.

Human Sexuality? That s really a class? With credits?

Freud says that all men secretly want their mothers but are afraid their fathers will whack off their wieners.

He didn t have a mom like yours, I joked.

And women look for their father s traits in the men they pursue.


I came back out to make sure you got under the covers, and you were just laying there, like I told Becca, in my fantasy. You were…hard, and I had way too much to drink, and so did you, I never thought you d wake up, I was just gonna lie with you, but then…


Mom s a bitch, and I hate her for ruining our family and I love you so much, and I know you need a release.

Honey, the divorce was my fault as much as hers , I lied. And as far as me needing a woman that bad, I do just fine, thanks, I just don t like to brag, I lied again.

Well, You were there, and I was there, and I don t know what I was thinking but I knew I didn t want Becca getting you before I did.

I smiled, in spite of myself.

Can you forgive me? Please?

Of course, Baby.

She stood and ran to me, abandoning the sheets, racing into my arms and I held her, for a long minute, maybe too long. Oh, Daddy, I ll tell her tomorrow, I made the whole thing up, she should leave you alone. I know she s gorgeous compared to me, but she s a hussy and I don t care about Frat houses!

Baby, it s okay. Hmm, and what do you mean compared to you? Look at you, you re awesome! You ve grown so much, I couldn t believe your body before…, realizing I said more than I should have.

You were looking at my body? When? Smiling up at me.

When I got out of the shower, I opened the door to let out the steam.


You had clothes! A bra and panties, but I haven t seen you like that in years and well, you looked pretty great.

Yeah? Better than Becca?

Who? I smiled.

She was still pressed against me, both still nude, and me back to as drunk as before.

Daddy! Okay, tell me this, if I wasn t your daughter, would you do me?

How do you answer that question. I threw caution to the wind.

I d do you until you begged me to stop.

I d never do that, Daddy… I mean beg you to stop.

With that, she kissed me, not a father/daughter kiss either, and although I knew it was wrong, I didn t push her away.

She snuggled closer in my arms as our lips pressed and her hand was on my thigh for support. Her other hand went behind my head, holding me in place as she slid her tongue through my lips, meeting mine, and playing with it.

I thought of Sexual Guidance, or whatever it was called, and wondered why this wasn t allowed in our culture, as my arm slipped around her thin waist, her warm flesh pressed against me, her boobs firm against my chest.

Our breathing became shallow from the kisses and she took my hand and drew me back to the bed. She laid back and spread her milky white thighs. Please, Daddy, just for a second just put the tip in.

I knew that wasn t gonna work at all, but having tasted her already, my togue itched for her. I knelt btween her thighs and trailed my fingers, up around her nipples as I marveled at her beauty. She moaned softly as I tweaked each nipple, enjoying her slight shifts from my touches.

Oh Harry, that feel so good.

I liked her calling me Harry. It didn t seem so weird, even though it still was. My body slid up hers and I bit and sucked her nipples, and her cries got louder. My God, she s a moaner, I thought.

Her belly was smooth as I trailed kisses over it, and she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her pussy.

Please, Harry, eat me like you did before, please!

And I did, my tongue probing, feeling her squirm and cry out, urging me on.

She held me firmly in place, seeming to be trying to insert my whole head inside her, humping my face, my nose pressed hard against her clit as she grea louder and louder.


I felt a wave of cum eject from her, so much cum from a girl so young. Her pussy seemed to twitch as she shouted out that she was cumming and she clapped her thighs around my head, pinning me while she moved with each wave, each spasm.

She lay silent, breathing heavily, for a long moment after releasing me from her clutches. I was gasping for air, too, wondering if there was another scotch in the bar.

I got up and went, found another one and opened it.

Give me some of that.

Kate took a gulp, swirling it like mouth wash, winking at me. I gulped the rest greedily and she was on her knees, my still hard cock in her mouth, the scotch tingling my head as it numbed it slightly. After a second, she was back up.

That will make you last longer , she whispered in my ear as she pulled me over to bed again.

She pushed me down and climbed over me, holding my shaft in her fingers as she climbe unto the saddle.

She was no virgin, but oh so tight. When she took the tip inside her hot hole, I knew it wouldn t just be th etip.

Kate, leaned forward, her lips close to my ear. Harry, I want you to know, if this is only once, that s fine, but I just wanna say I love you, and I have to do this. For me.

I slid in easily and she bit my neck, crying out. She settled there, then lazily moved her hips, like a washing machine.

I liked her taking her time, seemingly in no rush.

We kissed again, and my cock caught fire, the scotch had done it s job. I began thrusting into her as she arched her hips, riding me like a cowboy. Her head was shakng.She cried and barked, her hair everwhere.

Slap, Slap, Slap, our hips slammed together, the urgency continuing. Her eyes were on fire, lust seething there as she said Fuck me, Harry, Fuck me now ,Harry, harder! Harder!

I knew that I couldn t cum inside her. Pregnancy was out of the question, so I resolved that I had to pull out, and as I drew nearer the edge,I told her, I m almost there, baby, almost!

Yes Daddy! cum for me, cum Daddy, cum!!

I slammed away, holding her hips thrusting harder and harder and finally,as I was about to release, I withdrew and rolled her over, kneeling over her and letting go, my white hot cum shooting onto her lovely face and breasts.

She seemed surprised but excited none the less, and grabbed my cock and jerked it, watching me shoot onto her, then licking me dry.

i looked down at my full-grown daughter, covered in my sperm, and wondered what the bitch would think if she could see us now. That made me smile again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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