Cuckold Teen

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Cuckold Teen
He got in touch with me and asked me to help him with a fantasy that he had. I replied back and explained that I was straight, but asked him to explain the fantasy, I mean why would a 19 year old lad contact a 40 year old straight guy?
The next message explains it, he is in a relationship with a young pretty 19 year old girl, but he has this fantasy of being cuckolded.
He explained that he wanted me to take his girlfriend, tie her down, punish her physically, or hurt her emotionally by teasing her about how pathetic he was.
Make her desperate, then reward her with pleasure, pleasure he could never give her. Keep her overnight, fuck her until she screams my name, make her cum more times in one night than He has the entire time He had known her.
Then when it was all said and done, send her back home to him so he could piece back together her fragile emotional state with all his love and affection.
Now it made sense. I told him I would help him to fulfil his fantasy but he had to be sure, as I would make him feel pathetic, and he had to be sure he could handle it. He replied back that he could.
I told him to book me a room for the following Friday at a nice hotel, he was to work hard all week to pay for it, then once I was checked in I would tell him to bring her to me, then I would tell him to leave and come back on the Sunday to collect her well fucked body. He was also to shave her and oil her body for me.
The week went pretty quick, the guy messaged me on Thursday, to advise the hotel was booked and ready. He also explained she was shaved and ready for me……
I checked in the next day, it must have cost him a fortune for this hotel. I got into the room and showered, I then dialled his number.
Hello, Stuart, you can bring your girlfriend to me now so she can well and truly fucked by a real man
About 20 mins later there was a knock on the door, Stuart was stood there with a brunette girl. This is Tasha Stuart says.
Tasha was about 5 6 she was wearing an off the shoulder stretch dress, which showed off her wonderful cleavage and breasts, I estimated they were a 36D.
I invited them in, and asked them to take a seat. We sat and spoke for ten or fifteen minutes, Tasha quickly came out her shy nervous state, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I listened to them chatting…
He looks nice, I think he is safe enough i heard her say.
Well if your sure your happy enough he replied
Im sure, you promise though that after this weekend we go back to normal, you dont hold this against me no matter how hurt you feel she says.
I promise, I need this he replies.
Know that I knew they were ready I stripped naked, and walked back into the room.
Right you little prick, fuck off I have to feed your pretty girlfriends mouth with this, as I held up my 8.5inch dick.
Oh babe, his cocks twice the size of your little maggot cock she says to him, reaching out to hold my dick. Stuart stands and walks towards the door.
Keep your phone on maggot dick I says to him, I want you to watch and listen to your girlfriend as she becomes a real mans little cum bucket… With that I hear the door close behind him.

I look at Tasha, you sure your up for this offering her a get out. Oh Im sure she says with a naughty glint in her eye. You can use me as you see fit, make him see how pathetic he is, give me the best sex of my life she says
With that I ram my cock into her mouth, as she is sucking on it I tell her my plans for the weekend, I tell her Im going to make her gag, im going to fuck her mouth pussy and ass, Im going to cum inside all three as well as over her young body. I can tell she likes the sound of this as her cock sucking gets faster and deeper. I continue by telling her I plan on taking photos and videos of us fucking, we are going to call her boyfriend at points and she is going to tell him in graphic detail what we are doing, she is to also humiliate him. Again she is sucking harder. I tell her that if she is really good then I will reward her with a surprise on the Sunday morning before her boyfriend comes to collect her.
I pull my cock out, she is breathing heavy. She then says that she has never done anal before, but she will do it. I ask her to strip for me as I lie down on the bed, she performs a sexy striptease for me, never taking her eyes off me, I record every bit of it on my phone, then she slides her naked body up the bed and starts to again suck on my cock.
I stop her after a few minutes, and stand up lifting her body before lying her down on the bed, i push her legs apart, looking at her shaven pussy, i use my fingers to rub gently at her slit, she is soaking wet and my finger slides in easy, she groans, so i slip in a second finger and start to lick and tease her clit with my tongue. As I finger her tight young cunt, i move back up the bed and kiss her gently, her tongue slides in my mouth and explores me. I break out and tell her that she will be my personal cum bucket, she nods and whispers that she is my slut. I stand up and move towards a bag in the corner of the room, i take out straps that go under the bed, she giggles as I tie first her left hand then the right one. I then take out an ankle spreader bar that I have modified to go round each knee, this will ensure she cannot close her legs, then finally i strap her ankles down, she is in the starfish position with no chance of moving.
I take photos of her naked spreadeagled body then turn on the video recorder. Tasha, look into the camera and tell Stuart what you are and what I am going to do to you this weekend I command.
Tasha looks directly into the camera and says hello micro dick, I m his slut, his personal cum bucket, he is going to fuck me hard all weekend till my tight little pussy is sore, its not going to be tight when he is finished with me, he is going to fuck my mouth till I gag, and you know how you wanted to try and fuck my ass but I wouldn t let you, well he is going to fuck it with his big cock and he is gonna cum inside it, your skinny little dick wont even touch the sides after he has finished with me, so you sit there and wank your pathetic little cock at porn, dreaming of being a real man whilst I get the fucking of my life, oh and theres no sex for at least a week, I ll be lucky to walk this week never mind let you try and fuck me
I stop the recording and press send. I then ask Tasha for Stuarts best mates phone number, then send the video to him…he asked me to humiliate him, thats what I will do…

Tasha looks at me, I see lust in her eyes. So are you going to fuck me? She asks. I approach the bed, tracing my tongue up over her spreadeagled legs, missing her pussy which I see is still soaking, over her stomach, leaving gentle kisses, up over her firm tits, stopping to suck and gently bite her nipples, then gently biting and nuzzling her neck, my hard cock pressed against her young pussy, i stare into her eyes you do know I m not going to be gentle don t you? She nods and says I want you to treat me rough, I m not a princess, I m not precious, your going to teach me how I should act with my pathetic boyfriend . I smile as I manoeuvre my cock into position, the head resting at the entrance to her tight cunt. OK, slut, you want it hard and rough your gonna get it hard and rough as I slam my cock deep inside her, the gasping moan from her tells me it has taken her breath away. I start to pound her pussy hard, she starts moaning, i keep going harder and Deeper, her eyes widen, I can tell she has never been fucked this hard before, in fact she had never had a cock this big before, i continue pounding YES she screams, still moaning, I feel her orgasm building, my hand goes gently round her throat, mmmmmm she moans, my cock now fucking her hard and fast, fuck me, i going to cum she shouts, and at that my hand grips her throat harder as I fuck her even harder, i know I have pressed on her windpipe, and it has the expected reaction when she cums, harder than she has ever came before, I keep fucking her hard, then i jump off, i start rubbing her clit, two fingers in then a third, my other hand rubbing her clit hard oh oh ooohhh she screams as she starts cumming again, my fingers crook into a come here action behind her clit and theres the money shot, Tasha starts to squirt.
I untie her and release her knees, she curls up and has a face of joy, she is half crying and laughing OH MY FUCKING GOD she screams, that was the best and most intense orgasm I have EVER had, and the first time anyone has made me squirt, that was amazing She says.
Well your not finished Tasha I say, I pick up a pair of handcuffs and tell her to stand up, I cuff her hands behind her back and move her onto her knees. I told you all three holes will be in action, its time you gagged. Tasha explained that although she has given blow jobs, she had never managed to deep throat anyone, not even Stuart with his little cock. I placed my cock in her face and her tongue darted up and down the shaft, over the head before she took the full head in her warm moist mouth.
Now Tasha, I have to ask, do you trust me she looks and nods, good because Im going to break the limits you previously had, it will be tough but I wont hurt you, but your going to know how to deep throat a cock, with that I. Slowly pushed my cock into her mouth.
Keep your eyes on my eyes Tasha, I want to see you when I fuck your face I pushed in further watching her eyes widen, before pulling back, I pulled out and told her to spit on my cock, before putting it back in, building up a rhythm. I sensed she was ready and built the rhythm up, stopping every now and then to let her breathe, then I pushed down her throat harder, deeper, her eyes began watering, I could see her throat contracting, I paused to let her get used to it, then pushed in again right to the base, her eyes screaming at me to pull out…..
I pulled out and allowed her to get her bresth before going back in snd again ball deep, her mascara was running as my cock pulled out then back in, untill Zi was fucking her mouth….
Evetually I pulled fully, wanking my cock covered in saliva from her throat, using my free hand I pull her head back using her hair, i can feel myself getting ready to cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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