Cum drenched Mom in the middle – BBBBTS

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Cum drenched Mom in the middle – BBBBTS
Buck s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….BBBBTS

I woke around 1pm. It was the first day of my summer vacation. My parents had left early in the morning. They left some money on the kitchen table, the night before.. They were leaving for three weeks. I could not get time off from my part time job. I worked about 4hrs every Sunday at a gas station. I told them I might pick up more hours now that school was done. My parents were happy. I only took the part time job, so I would not have to go to church with them on Sunday’s.

They were kind of religious. They forbid me to do just about everything. They would be mad if they knew I lost my virginity last year to my Mom’s best friend or I was banging a few older ladies in the neighborhood. I even drank when I could get my hands on some alcohol.

I walked upstairs in my underwear to see if they left me a note on the fridge. I just shook my head when I read the note. My parents had met a couple at church. The Whiteman’s family. They had volunteered me to come over to there place tonight. They had a son my age and he had very few friends. They asked if I could come over to play video games with him. My parents were more than to happy to say I would be delighted to come over. While growing up, my parents loved to set me up on play dates. It had been a few years since the last one.

I laid around the house till 6pm. I took a quick shower and shaved a few small hairs on my body. I looked in the mirror. My athletic 6ft 4 frame was in pretty good shape. I start training in a few weeks for football again. I put on some tan cargo pants and a tight dark blue polo shirt. I put one some tight white boxer briefs. I slipped in some black sandals, as I reached down to pick up my gym bag. My parents told the Whiteman’s I had no life and could stay over night and come home in the morning. I just shook my head as I punched there address into my phone.

It took me about thirty minutes to get to the Whiteman. I saw a few mini vans and cars lined up and down there street. There were three cars in the drive way. I pull down a few houses before getting out and walking back to there house. It was a two story brick house, in a very nice neighborhood. My hands were sweaty as I knocked on the door. It took a few minutes before the door opened.

“Hello young man. You must be Buck Kelly. I’m Mr. Whiteman. Welcome!” he said. Mr. Whiteman was about 5ft 5. He had a little pot belly to go with the reseeding hair line. I smiled as I walked inside his house. “Tim!!! Come down here..” he yelled. I quickly looked around. I could see people drifting in and out of rooms. “Hey!” said a k** coming down the stairs. He was about 5ft 2 and had short black hair. He kind of looked like his Dad. “Tim, this is Buck. They boy we were telling you about. Me and your Mother met his parents at church a few times. I’m sure your parents are having fun on there vacation.” Said Mr. Whiteman

“I’ll leave you two alone. Need to get back to our guests. Thanks again for coming over.” Said Mr. Whiteman. “Thanks!” was all I could say. I defiantly did not want to be there after meeting Tim Whiteman, but I was already there. I guess I could make the most of it. “Nice house. Our your parents throwing some kind of party?” I said. “Yeah! It’s my Mom’s birthday. Kind of an adult party. No k**s allowed. I got some video games upstairs in my room. You like to come up stairs with me?” he said. I just nodded my head yes, and followed Tim upstairs to his room.

His room was kind of small. It had two small twin beds and a big TV on the wall. He had about every video game known to man kind in his room. I tossed my gym bag on the empty twin bed close to a big window. He jumped in his bed and picked up his game controller and finished a level before I jumped in and we played for about an hour. “Are you getting hungry?” said Tim. “Yeah! Could go for a bite.” I said. “If were quick. I’m sure we can score some food down stairs.” Said Tim.

I followed behind Tim as we walked down stairs. My head was going in circles as I saw a few sexy ladies walk behind us. All of them had short dresses or skirts on. Almost all of the them were wearing hot pumps or heals. They waved to Tim and smiled at me. “Dude! We should stay down here. Fuck! There some hot MILF’s in your house.” I said. “There all married. There husbands are out back with my Dad.” Said Tim.

I started to fix a plate of food when my mouth dropped opened. “Hi sweetie. How’s my little man.” Said a gorgeous woman in the door way, in front of us. “Hi Mom. Just getting some food.” Said Tim. Fuck she was hot. Tim’s Mom was all curves and a little waist. She had long dark hair down her to her shoulders. She was wearing a super tight white sweater. That barely covered her huge breast I could just make out her hard nipples and soft pale skin under her huge juggs. Her small hands sat on her wide hips. Just above the curviest ass I had ever seen.. She was wearing 6inch high heals and had her nails painted dark red to match her fiery red lips. Mr. Whiteman was a lucky man. If I was her son, I spend the day figuring out how to spy on her voluptuous body.

“You must be Buck? Nice to meet you. I hope you and Tim are having fun upstairs. I know how much he loves video games.” Said Mrs. Whiteman. “Yes.. We are having fun. Happy Birthday! Than you for inviting me Mrs. Whiteman. “I said. She smiled “Thank you for the birthday wishes. Call me Rebecca. Mrs. Whiteman sounds old fashion. It was nice to meet you. You boys have fun. Catch you later.” She said as she strutted outside toward to party.

When Tim was fixing his plate of food. I took a few cold beers at the end of the food table. I placed them in my front pockets and started to walk into his living room. My head turned when I heard another lady stop Tim. “Hey nephew. How’s it hanging.?” She said. “Hey auntie Tia. I’m good.” Said Tim. “Who’s this big young man?” said Auntie Tia as she pointed toward me. “That’s Buck. My new friend.” Said Tim. I smiled. Fuck his Aunt was hot. She was defiantly all slutted up for the night. She had some massive black heels on. She was wearing a small yellow cocktail dress that showed off her massive curves. She was not as big as Tim’s Mom in the boobs department but her chest was not small. She was maybe a cup size smaller and her ass was maybe just bigger than her sister. Her dirty blonde hair was long. Her makeup made her look like a whore working a corner for sex.

I just shook my head as we met more people. Nobody compared to Tim’s Aunt or his Mom but there were some hot MILF’s introducing themselves to me. There was a hot Asian chick with a smoking hot little body and a tall woman with the perfect long legs. I kind of towered over all of them. We finally made it to Tim’s room. I showed him the beers I snuck up. He smiled as we drank them and ate the food.

I took a look out the back window when I heard some cheering downstairs. I could see Tim’s Mom blowing out some candles on a big cake. I finally saw all the husband’s gathered around the birthday girl. All of them gave her hugs and a few gave her a kiss on her lips. I could feel my cock getting bigger in my pants. I saw Tim’s Aunt start dirty dancing with a few husbands. Then Tim’s Mom started to do some dirty dancing. Everyone was grinding on everyone. Mr. Whiteman was dancing with the Asian hottie. Her tight black leather dress left nothing to the imagination. I then heard Tim turn off his game.

“Buck! It’s eleven. We have to go to bed know. I’m not allowed to stay up after eleven. I don’t want to get into trouble.” Said Tim. “What? I don’t think your going to get into trouble tonight. Looks like your parents are having fun in the back yard. We should go down there.” I said. He looked around. “No! My parents set a strict curfew for us tonight. Not to stay up after eleven and that we were suppose to stay in my room till morning.” Said Tim. “Man!! There so many hot MILF’s down there. Ever get lucky with any of them?” I said. Tim just shook his head no. “I would be so embarrassed. There my parents friends.” Said Tim.

“Not even one of them. I can’t believe it. I’m sure your Aunt would give you a hand.” I said as I moved my hand in the air simulating a hand job to Tim. He closed his eyes. “No! I’ve never thought of my Aunt in that way. I start summer camp in two weeks. I hate to get into trouble and not go.” Said Tim. “It’s cool. I can hear them coming inside the house. I bet the party is over.” I said. I then heard some car door slam outside.

I quickly put on some white shorts over my bulging white boxer briefs. I put on a loose fitting white wife beater shirt. Tim had gone down the hall to change. He came back a few minutes later dressed in over sized sweat pants and a baggy black shirt. We both hopped on our separate beds. He turned off the lights. It was pretty much pitch black in the room. I could see Tim moving his hand under his sheets. Maybe he was thinking of his Aunt in that way now. My heart was racing. My cock was making my boxer briefs tighter.

Tim had given up playing with himself or he came in his hand quickly. I was still looking up at the ceiling thinking of his Aunt and Mom…… A half hour passed before I heard it … “8……9……10….11….12…. GO GO GO …..13…..Wow!” said all these voices downstairs. There was a long pause a few minutes passed before “14…..15…….16…..17.. Go Go Go Fuck yeah…. There was more cheering and hollering downstairs.

“Tim was going on downstairs?” I said. “What? What are you talking about?” said Tim in a low whisper. “18…….19……20….” more cheering from downstairs. ‘That noise.” I said. “I don’t know…” said Tim. “It sounds fun what ever there doing. We should go downstairs.” I said. “No we can’t. Were not allowed to go downstairs.” Said Tim.

I never heard the door open but I recognized the voice. It was Tim Aunt. “Wake up! Wake up boys. Time to get up. The birthday girl needs your help. Move it! Move your little asses.” I almost fell out of the twin bed. Tim turned on the lights to his room. I looked in the doorway. Tim’s Aunt was only wearing a small black thong. Her huge breast were all exposed, her big nipples were fully erect. She walked over the Tim bed and ripped off his covers. His underwear was around his ankles. His small cock was all shriveled up. “Let’s move it little Timmy. Buck you too. Don’t want the birthday girl to be mad at us.” Said Tim’s Aunt.

I quickly got out of bed. Tim’s Aunt had his right hand and was dragging him down the hallway. He was only wearing his baggy black shirt. His lower half was naked. I was still in my white wife beater and small white shorts, and tight boxer briefs underneath. What was going on downstairs? Why was Tim’s Aunt almost naked? My mouth dropped farther open as we made it into the living room.

Someone had pushed all the furniture around making the room much bigger. In the middle of the room, was Tim’s Mom. She was kneeling on a clear plastic sheet. It stretched from one side of the room to other. She was completely naked, except for her white high heels on her feet. She had her hair tied back, held with a rubber band. Her huge breasted were glistening from sweat, cum and salvia. Surrounding her from left to right, forming a circle were the married couples from the party. Each husband would walk in front of Tim’s mother and orgasm on her. Then there wife’s would make them hard again. Each would use there mouth, hand of breast to get them hard. All the wife’s were still wearing there thongs or underwear except for Tim’s Mom was fully naked.

Some of the women moved to get there hands on someone else’s husband. But each time the man was close to Cumming. He would shoot his load on the birthday girl. Tim’s mother eyes got big as she saw us coming closer to the circle jerk/orgy. “That’s my boy…” said Mr. Whiteman. He saw his son’s little cock was hard. He was just smaller than Mr. Whiteman. Both had to be under 3 inches. I looked around each guy was in a different sates of arousal. I quickly noticed maybe the biggest cock was about 6 ½ inches. The tall blonde lady was gagging on his cock.

Tim’s Aunt ripped off his baggy shirt. She tossed in to another room as she dragged him toward his naked Mom. She smiled as he walked in front of her. “Its Ok, sweetie. I only do this on special occasions. Ever since you Mom and Dad got married.” She said. Tim’s Aunt reached down to jack his small cock. Her whore makeup was running a little on her face as she got a good grip on his small hairy balls. It took him 5 quick strokes before he tensed up and shot a small load on his Mom’s chin. She ran her long red nail, pushing the small load onto the clear plastic underneath her knees.

“21!!!” everyone screamed. “Alright who’s next.” Said Mr. Whiteman in loud happy voice. “Buck!!! You next sweetie.” Said Mrs. Whiteman. I smiled. I felt the small Asian woman next to me struggle to lift my white wife beater over my head. She stood on the edge of her black leather 6inch heels. Her small naked breast rubbed my tight abs. She then tried to pull down my white shorts. She barely got them off , when I felt another pair of hands on my boxer briefs. An older lady with saggy boobs and a huge fat ass helped the Asian lady remove my final layer of clothing.

There was hush in the room. I heard the tall blonde woman spit out her husband cock. All eyes were now on my hard cock. All 9 ¾ inches was sticking straight out toward the birthday girl. The older lady fell back on her huge ass. The small Asian lady tried to wrap her fingers around my hard cock. She had to use both hands to get a grip. Tim’s Aunt groaned very loud in the room. “Fuck! Look at the size of that cock. A big whopper of one.” Said Mr. Whiteman. I saw Tim staring at my erect cock. His Aunt licked her lips. “He shaved his big balls. Look at the size of them.” said the tall blonde.

I slowly walked toward Tim’s Mom. Her eyes never left my erect cock as I got closer. I saw Tim’s Aunt standing right behind her. She smiled as she watched her sister try to jack my cock. Mrs. Whiteman grabbed the base of cock and started to jack my cock in long strokes. I reached down to grab the back of her head. I felt her hot mouth as her fiery red lips slowly moved around the tip of my cock. “Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” everyone cheered. I inched closer with my hips. My hard naked ass clinched a few times as Tim’s Mom gave me a nice blow job. I leaned over to look down Mrs. Whiteman bare back at her huge ass. Tim’s Aunt grabbed my head to show me she had taken off her black thong. A second later she grabbed her nephew. Tim face was now jammed in his Aunt big naked ass.

I don’t think Tim knew what he was doing. He was being suffocated by his aunt. He was trying to use his small hands to open her big ass, but it was no use. Tim’s aunt was breathing heavy. I could feel her eyes on my cock as her sister sucked my cock like a pro. I slowly inched forward feeding more of my cock into Mrs. Whiteman’s hungry mouth. She was making a lot of noise. Salvia was falling off my hard cock onto her big chest. I could feel her small hands on my hard ass. She was manhandling my small ass as I fucked her beautiful hot mouth.

It felt like forever but it was probably twenty minutes . I could feel all eyes on my cock inside the birthday girls mouth. I had a big smile as I arched my back one last time. I then reached to grab my cock. I quickly pulled my cock out of Mrs. Whiteman mouth. There was a big trail of salivia from the tip of my cock, to her red lips and falling on her huge breast. I stroked my cock one time before I shot the biggest load of cum, I had ever shot before. “Fuck!!!” I screamed. The first load splattered across her left breast. It now covered her right breast. I shot some more on her face, chin and she closed her eyes before I coated them.

“Fuck…Get my wife a towel. Tia go in the bathroom and get your sister a towel.” Said Mr. Whiteman. My cock spurted one last time, as I slowly moved back from the now cum drenched Mrs. Whiteman. I watched as Tia cleaned off her sister’s eyes and face. Each sister took a big scoop of my cum and licked there tiny fingers. Tim was still on the floor. His mouth was opened. He mumbled something. “Twenty fucking two!!!!” everyone shouted. “That was so hot….My turn!!” a few people said.

I then watched two husbands come over in front of Mrs. Whiteman. They started to smash there hard cock on the birthday girls face. She was licking there cocks. A second later. “23!…24!!! followed by “25 and then 26. Tia reached down to wipe more cum off her sisters face. I turned my head when I felt the Asian lady hot mouth on my cock. She was licking my cock clean. I then focused on Tim’s aunt. She dropped the cum soaked towel on Mrs. Whiteman’s foot as she walked around the group in the living room.

Tim finally got off the floor, he was watching his Dad try to cum on his mother. She was stroking his cock very fast. Tim walked next to his Dad. They both put there hands on each other bare ass. His Mother was now sucking his small cock and jacking his Dad’s small cock. I turned my head when I felt the Asian woman stop sucking my now hard cock. She crawled toward her husband who had just shot his small load on the cum drenched Mom in the middle.

“I want your young hard cock.” Said Tim’s aunt into my right ear. She reached down to stroke my hard cock. Her huge breast rubbed against my side. I reached down with my right hand to tough her big ass. It was so soft. She motion for me to sit on the ground. She then stepped over me and pushed her ass in my face. I used my big hands to spread her ass cheeks. I then quickly found her wet pussy. I was eating her pussy fast. Her big breast fell around my cock as she started to lick the tip of my cock. I gave her a big slap on the left butt cheek. She then orgasm into my mouth.

“Arrrgggggghhhhhh…..Fuck!!!” The room went silent. I could tell everyone eyes were back on me. I felt Tim’s aunt hesitate. “What??? You never seen a girl orgasm before.” Said Tim’s aunt. She went right back to sucking my cock. I eased one finger, then two into her gapping wet pussy. She finally fell forward right onto my cock. I grunted as she tried to force more of my cock inside her. I reached around to play with her big breast as she rode my hard cock.

“27…28…” the room erupted again. I barely heard any noise over Tim’s aunt screams of joy. After her second orgasm from my cock she let the tall blonde lady on my cock. She was followed by the tight Asian lady. She then fell off to let the saggy breast lady take a turn. Now all the wives lined up to ride on my cock.

I could see most of the husbands watch there wives ride my hard cock. Each orgasm louder than the last wife. They let me get up to cum on the birthday girl. I shot two more big loads on her face and huge breast. I saw Tim leave after him and his Dad came on his Mom. He slowly went upstairs. It was close to 3am when the party ended. I was not sure what to do or say. I quietly walked upstairs. I watched everyone clean up the Tim’s Mom before the party finally ended.

I gently opened Tim’s bedroom door. He was laying under his sheets. The light from the hallway showed me a small tent under the cotton sheets. I flopped on top of my sheets. My wet cock was half erect and stuck to the inside of my thigh. I closed my eyes.

I could hear some voices and small talk in the hallway. I forgot to shut Tim’s door. “You beat my record. Forty!! I can’t believe you got to 42 before the party ended. Did you like your birthday party?” said Tim’s aunt. “Fuck yeah she liked.” Said Tim’s Dad. “That was so fun. I’ve never been covered by so much man seed in all my life. That Buck was the best. His cock just exploded each time. The first time, I thought I might drown.” Said Tim’s Mom.

There was a long pause. I could tell all of them where in the door frame. “Where’s Larry? Said Tim’s Mom. “He got a ride from the Barrett’s. He has to work in a few hours. He did tell me to stay and have some more fun.” Said Tim’s Aunt. “Maybe we should all take a long shower together before call it a night.” Said Tim’s Mom. The all giggled as I heard them walk into the bathroom upstairs.

I felt the steam come down the hall from there shower. I knew they left the door open on purpose. I saw Tim roll over in his bed. His eyes were wide open. We both turned when we heard six wet footsteps coming down the hall toward us.

“Happy Birthday!” Said Tim’s Dad. He patted his wife on her big ass. She slowly moved toward my bed. I saw Tim’s aunt slowly block the hallway light as she walked toward Tim’s bed. She ripped of his sheet and jumped on his face with her big ass again. He wiggled underneath her body as she slapped his lifeless little cock. It would never get hard for the next hour.

“Hi Buck! Hope you still have a little left for little old me.” Said Tim’s Mom. I smiled as she crawled into my bed. She shoved her left breast into my mouth as she laid next me on her side. She used her left hand to gently stroke my cock. I was already hard and had a little pre-cum on the tip. She moaned into my ear as I sucked on her huge nipple. She swung her leg over my thigh. I could feel the heat of her wet pussy on my skin.

She put her hands on my shoulders as I laid flat on the bed. She then lowered her tight pussy on my hard cock. I reached up to manhandled her big breast. I was licking them and beating her big nipples with my tongue. She was riding my cock very fast and hard. Her whole body shook as she orgasm on my cock. I heard her sister moan. She was looking at both of us, about 4feet away. Tim was still gasping from air underneath his Aunt.

I then quickly rolled Tim’s Mom over. She spread her legs as I fucked her with all my might. My huge naked balls slapped under her wet pussy. She screamed into the air. Her ankles were around the back of my neck. I finally pushed all my cock into her tight pussy. She had another very intense orgasm before I shot a huge load into her dripping wet pussy.

I orgasm twice more in different positions in the bed using Tim’s Mother for my enjoyment. It was after noon when I woke up. I felt two huge breast on either side of me. I was being sandwiched by two hot and horny sisters. Tim had left a few hours earlier. His aunt had peed in his bed from being so wet and exhausted. She made him lick her clean before she jumped into my bed. She then slid my hard cock into her tight ass. I grabbed her breast and erupted deep in her anal cavity before we fell asleep.

I spent the whole weekend fucking Tim’s hot Mom and Aunt in every hole, and every part of the house. Mr. Whiteman filmed most of the action. He wanted to have something to jack off to when not watching his wife fuck me. Plus he enjoyed watching poor Tim get FEMDOM by his over sexed Aunt.

My parents get back next week. I’ve spent the whole time at the Whiteman’s house, while they have been away. I’m getting dressed to go downstairs. Seems today is Aunt Tia birthday. She wants to beat her sisters record. There a group of married people waiting for me. There three new couples who heard about the last party. There wives want to ride my cock.




Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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